I was exhausted, bruised, sore and covered with a flaky combination of dried sweat, saliva and semen. My body bore the marks of the whip, cane, clamps, bonds and vigorous sex. My hair hung lank and there were dark circles under my normally bright green eyes. My ass and sex were sore from use and I ached, ached all over. But I was happy, happy because I had served my Mistress and served her well. I had obeyed. I had performed, and I had given her the gift of my submission once again.

That evening had begun when I came home from work. There was a note from Mistress. Shower, shave, halter and cut-offs only. We’re going to a party. That was it. I did as directed, showered, shaved my pubis so it was smooth as Mistress liked it and put on a skimpy halter with Daisy Mae’s. I waited for Mistress in the living room, bare footed, head bowed, legs and lips parted, eyes down. “Perfect” she said, “Just perfect. Barbara you do know how to follow orders. Are you ready for the party?” “Yes Mistress.” was on my lips without even thinking about it. She smiled at me, lifted my chin in her hand and kissed me, a woman’s kiss, long, slow, wet. My labia swelled inside my cut-offs, my nipples hardened.

“Go out to the car. Put the roof down and wait for me, I want to grab a bite to eat before we go.” “Yes Mistress” I responded automatically and did as she said. It was warm outside, the night promised to be pleasant but there was still two hours of daylight left. I sat in the car with the roof down for a while then Mistress walked out, got in the car and we drove off. Mistress did not speak and I sat in silence as she drove, my eyes on the horse logo inside the car. We got on the interstate and Mistress drove. Miles and miles. I knew where she was heading, to the home of Master S who had a regular Tuesday night party. I wondered if I was going to serve or to be part of the entertainment. Mistress drove on. Last party at Master S’s was when the two gorgeous subs were made to wrestle, and the winner got to sodomize the loser. I sometimes think he lost on purpose.

Ten minutes to our exit Mistress pulled into a rest area. She got out of the car and walked to the ladies room. “Follow.” she commanded and I did, padding bare footed behind her. We entered the rest room. “Strip.” I complied, my halter and shorts handed over to Mistress. She handed me a collar. I placed it on my neck as I thought to myself, “Entertainment is what you are tonight girl.” She turned to leave, “Follow.” she commanded again and naked save for the collar and my contact lenses I did. She opened my door for me and I sat in the car, my hands at my sides, my nipples erect from excitement and exposure. She drove the last ten miles very fast but would slow as we passed trucks, run along side them and match their pace ’till the driver noticed me then speed off to the next one. As we passed one her hand left the gear shift and she busied herself with my crotch. I licked her fingers as the truckers horn sounded then she downshifted and off we went.

Master S’s home is set back from the road in a copse of pine trees. The ground is strewn with soft pine needles, very pleasant to walk over in bare feet. “Kneel Barbara.” Mistress told me as she looked around. She handed me a leash and I clipped it to my collar. I stayed on my knees at her feet and she placed leather cuffs on my wrists and clipped them together behind my back. We waited. The dusk gathered and we waited, me on my knees, Mistress standing, her hand stroking my neck as the sun settled behind the mountains to the west. Master S came out of the house. “All is ready and the others are gathered in the dungeon.” Mistress thanked him, handed my leash over to him and she entered the house.

“Stand Barbara, you are to walk behind me and stay silent. Your Mistress wishes that you not be gagged for this evening but bear whatever the night holds in silent acceptance. She will be displeased if you must be gagged.” Oh my, I thought, this is going to be heavy. What has Mistress plotted for me? “When we walk in you are to kneel down, kiss what is before you and above all remain silent.” I nodded my understanding and with a slight tug on my leash fell into step behind Master S.

The dungeon lighting was subdued. Masters and Mistresses mingled in small groups talking, slaves at their feet or scurrying about for drinks and hors d’oeuvres. There was a low platform at one end of the dungeon, a steel rod upright in its center, a dildo attached to the top of the rod. There were thirty or so folding chairs facing the platform in three rows with an aisle down the middle. A slave stood on the platform and when she saw us in the doorway she sounded a gong set to the side. “Will everyone please be seated?” she announced with a clear, light voice and the Masters and Mistresses all sat while slaves scurried to their feet and knelt on the floor. Master S lead me by the leash from the doorway through the room and up onto the platform. He walked in slow measured strides and I matched his pace, head bowed, hands behind me. He stopped before the rod and remembering his instructions I knelt down and prostrated myself before it. I kissed the base of the rod. It was cool on my lips.

“Mistress Diane wishes her slave Barbara’s submission tested. We have three test for the evening. After each Barbara will be on display for your inspection. The first test is a whipping.”

I cringed inside as I heard that, knowing that I was not going to be gagged and had to stay silent.

“Stand Barbara.” I complied. I stood there on the platform. The rod and dildo to my side. My hands bound behind me, my breasts and sex exposed to everyone. Master S turned me around slowly so everyone could see all of me. He turned me around three times and stopped with me facing one side, my profile to the audience. He motioned his slave and she hit a switch in the wall. The lights went off in the dungeon then a spot and three kliegs came on and Master S and I were in a circle of light. He motioned again and chains descended from a winch in the ceiling. His slave came out onto the platform with us. She wore bracelets on her wrist and ankles. A leather g-string covered her sex. Her nipples were pierced and sported silver rings. She carried ankle cuffs. Her ass had been caned recently and she had several rows of welts on her cheeks. She knelt down behind me and placed the ankle cuffs on me. She unhooked the cuffs on my wrist and my hands dropped to my sides.

“Barbara, do you consent to the testing your Mistress wishes without knowing what form it will take?”

“Yes” was said before I could think.

“Why do you do this?”

“Because I love her and I wish to please her.” I knew it was true as I spoke it and that made me flush as I stood there and realized just how much I loved Mistress, just how much I wanted to please her, just how much I wanted to be the best slave I could be for her.

“You do this of your own free will?”


“You do this out of love for her?”


“Then lift you arms up.”

I did as told and the slave behind me rose, fastened the chains to my wrist cuffs and went back to the controls. The slack in the chain was taken up. My arms felt a strain on them. I was lifted. My arms and shoulders ached. Master S guided me over the rod, my sex and ass inches above it. His slave crawled out with a tube of KY jelly. She covered the dildo with it. She crawled back to the controls. I was lowered, impaled, the balls of my feet barely on the ground, my weight still partly on my wrists. The dildo was out of sight, only its balls showing. I was filled, my ass was filled with cool KY, cool dildo. My sex dripped as my arms ached. I moaned. Master S circled me, a cat with wide leather tails in his hand. He shifted it from hand to hand as he walked around me. He paused to my right, the cat shifting from hand to hand.

He’s going to whip me now I thought. Master S is going to whip me from where he stands to my right. I never realized he was left handed raced through my mind, why hadn’t I realized he was left handed before? He has whipped me before, funny I did not note he was left handed. CRACK. Pain exploded through my breasts. CRACK. The cat landed again. My mind raced. You idiot he’s not left handed, it’s a breast whipping! CRACK. I bit my lip to keep from crying out. CRACK. Oh my breasts hurt. I arched my back, offering my breasts to the whip. CRACK it fell on them again, the tails warping around my breasts, caressing them, covering them then exposing them. Pain bit into my arm pit, the tails finding that tender spot. Heat was building in me.

Master S circled me again. CRACK. My ass felt the pain. CRACK. The heat grew. CRACK. CRACK. A steady rain of blows. About one every 10 seconds. An eternity between blows, my excitement growing. Master S continued to circle me. Continued to whip me. CRACK. I felt the lashes on my thighs. CRACK. I felt the lashes on my back. CRACK. I felt the lashes on my calves. CRACK. I felt the lashes on my belly. Each blow hurting and exciting, pain turning to pleasure.

Master S continued to circle me. Heat rose in me. I felt my body glowing from the heat of the whipping. I rocked on the balls of my feet, the dildo pushing into my ass and sliding out a bit. CRACK. The whipping continued. Master S fell into a pattern, ass, belly, back, thighs, breast, calves. I moaned continuously. The whipping continued, the cat caressed me. Then he paused before me. I rocked on the dildo and could sense the audience awaiting what was next as I waited on the edge. Master S held the whip low, his arm extended straight down. He brought it slowly to my lips. I kissed it as excitement built in my clit. Master S held the whip low again, his arm extended straight down. CRACK. The cat bit into my sex before I realized he was lifting it. I screamed. I orgasmed, my back arching, my sex feeling the pressure of the dildo inside my ass. My climax ran through me and I could hear myself scream in release. Then I slumped down, back onto the dildo, my weight again on my wrists.

The Masters and Mistresses all clapped politely. Not a standing ovation like a sporting event but restrained, subdued, appreciative.

Master S pushed the handle of the cat up, into my sex. Then I felt the chains lifting me up, off the dildo, the tails of the cat hanging between my legs, brushing my knees, calves and shins. The rod was removed from the platform and I was lowered again, this time coming to rest on my hands and knees. The suspending chains were removed and I was fastened at wrists, knees and ankles to rings embedded in the platform, my legs spread wide, the whip still in my sex.

“Mistress Diane, does Barbara’s performance in the whipping meet with your approval?” All eyes in the dungeon turned to her. We all waited. She nodded a yes, no emotion on her attractive face, no expression in her cold blue eyes.

“Very well. Barbara will now be on display for one hour. She may be touched and lightly probed but the whip is to stay where it is in her.” The lights came up with Master S’s announcement and Masters and Mistresses started to mill around as when we had first entered the dungeon. They broke into small groups and soon some were around me. My ass was stroked, my labia pinched, my nipples squeezed. One Mistress bent down to me, her face inches from mine. She held my auburn hair and lifted my face. She looked deep into my eyes. She looked so alluring, and her scent filled my nostrils. I found myself wishing she would kiss me. I wanted her to kiss me and I wanted to kiss her back. She just looked into my eyes then released my hair. My head sunk down between my shoulders. I was forlorn. Others examined me. I started to fantasize. I was wishing for cock. A nice cock to suck on or to open me, fill me, take the place of the whip in me. I though of a woman, a woman open before me, my tongue on her.

The hour wore on. I realized I had no idea what the next test would be. The position I was in could be for just about anything. Would I be tortured? Would I be fucked? Sodomized? I hoped it would not be another whipping. I ached through the whole strike zone. I knew my fair skin was bruised already and would show black and blue for the next week. Which meant no dresses to work, no shorts, no light sleeveless blouses and this the middle of a typical Southern summer. Mistress was so cruel sometimes, which is why I love her so.

GONG. Master S’s slave had sounded the gong again. “The viewing hour is over and the next test shall begin.” Everyone went back to their seats and the slave brought the rod out again. The dildo had been repositioned on it so that it was now horizontal and at the level of my mouth. The rod once again went into the platform before me and the dildo filled my mouth. A chain was attached to the rod and to my collar so that I could not take my mouth from it. I could no longer move my head side to side nor look back between my legs. I had to look straight ahead and could not see the audience behind me. I felt the whip being pulled out of my sex. There was a murmur from the audience.

The slave of Master S walked around me. She carried a platter. On it was some chopped meat. She circled around me. I could sense her stop between my legs. I felt the cool meat being rubbed on my sex. I was confused. She left the platform. Master S then circled me. Following him slavishly on a leash was a mastiff. It was the largest mastiff I had ever seen. They circled me three times and each time they passed before me, terror rose in me. I was frightened by the dog. I was afraid of what would come next. I felt shear terror rise in me as I struggled against the bonds that held me to the platform, open and accessible. I moaned around the dildo in my mouth. I felt panic in me. No No Nooooooo! screamed in my brain as they circled me, coming in and out of my field of vision. Noooo I can’t… I can’t be.. I can’t be fucked…fucked by a dog… not… not in front of all these Masters and Mistresses and all … all these slaves too. NO!!!

The dog was behind me. I could feel his breath. Then his warm tongue was on my sex, the cool of his nose pressing my ass. He licked me. His tongue entered me. It felt good. It felt as good as Mistress had said it would all the times we had discussed this. Mistress had wanted to have a dog take me for a long time. We had talked and talked and talked about it. I had agreed several weeks ago but she had done nothing about it. Until now. Now a dog was licking my sex and not just a dog. A mastiff. A large, no a huge mastiff. Licking me like no man or woman had ever licked me, the large tongue working into me, licking my mons, vulva and ass. The tongue penetrating my vagina. The panic I had felt subsided. My training took over, pleasure took over. The dog licked me some more. I was moaning on the dildo in pleasure.

The licking stopped. There was fur pressing my back, large forepaws wrapped around me, pressing the sides of my breast. I could feel the leather used to wrap the paws, Mistress had told me that Master S wrapped his dogs paws to keep from ripping slaves to shreds and feeling the strength of this dog I knew why.

His cock thrust between my legs. It rode in my slit. It jabbed between my legs, pressing my thighs, my mons. It pressed into my ass cheeks. I could feel the excitement building in the dog, excitement and frustration as he jabbed for my sex, his cock rubbing on my skin probing, probing for my opening. Then it was at my opening, sliding into me, filling me, filling me with thick dog cock. I was being fucked, fucked by a dog with a dildo in my mouth. Chained before an audience AND I LOVED IT! My body was a mass of sensations, fur rubbing on whip marks, cock stretching my pussy, the dog on my back, rubber phallus in my mouth. Cock… large cock… large dog cock… filling me… fucking me… taking me! Taking me higher and higher as it slid in and out, over and over, the dog’s cock fucked me, the sensations of being filled by a large thick dog cock causing my excitement to build and build and build. No, no.. I can’t.. I can’t come, can’t come from a dog fucking me, not… not in front of everyone.

I felt his frenzy as his cock throbbed and shuddered inside me, I felt his cum flood into my sex, then his knot swell, locking him inside me. My sex stretched like it never had been before. His weight was on my back, his breath on my ear. He slid off me but our sexes were locked. He turned, his furry ass pressing my smooth one. We stayed like that for twelve, maybe fifteen minutes. Locked together as the audience just watched. It was quiet. I could hear my own labored breathing around the dildo and the dog panting. Then the knot started to subside. It slipped from me and with a rush dog semen ran out my pussy and down my inner thighs. The mastiff was gone. I did not see him again that night.

“Barbara will again be on display for one hour. Then the final test will be given in accord with Mistress Diane’s wishes.” That was all that was said, all that needed to be said. The lights came up again but this time there was no milling around me, no pinching or probing. I was left alone. Me and my dildo in my mouth and my aching jaw and my raw sex and the whip weals on my ass, belly, back, thighs, breast, calves, and sex.

I ached, my knees ached, my wrists ached, my back ached, even my skin ached. Everything ached. And my sex. It was raw. Yet I knew that there was still another test. I dreaded it. Now I did not start to fantasize. I did not wish for cock or a woman. I wished to submit and make Mistress proud. I was past my own pleasure, past my own pain. And I was ready, raw but ready.

GONG. Master S’s slave had sounded the gong for the third time that night. “The viewing hour is over and the next test shall begin. The last test.” The lights went down again and Master S removed the chain that held me to the dildo. He slid my mouth off it and removed the rod. Both were taken away by his slave. She returned with a garden hose. The water was very cold. My body was hosed down with cold water. It shocked me but eased my skin. It hurt when the full force of the water was directed into my sex. But it also started to turn me on again. The water played over me, over all of me. All traces of the dog’s semen washed off and out of me.

Then she attached screw clamps to my nipples. A bowl filled with condoms was placed on my back. My nipples were erect and hurting. My ankles, knees, and wrist were released.

“Barbara’s last test is to please. She is available to any and all.. You may whip her, fuck her, use her. Mistress Diane especially wants her sodomized. The only restrictions are that a condom must be worn when in her and no breaking the skin. Enjoy.”

It was a long night.

– The End –