He was her Master, her Lord. That had been together two years and in that time she had become a total slut for Him and she knew it; but only a slut for Him. To everyone else she was still prim and proper. Only He knew how well trained she had become, and how she carried his initials tattooed just above her slit where the hair would have been if she hadn’t shaved there regularly.

There was little that he hadn’t used her for or done to her. He used all of her holes regularly, and had systematically stretched her ass so that it accommodated him easily now, as well as the hundred and one toys he used on her there. Both nipples had been pierced as had both labia lips. She kept herself fit and supple with a daily work out at the Gym. She no longer had or needed any other work. She actually enjoyed some of the shocked looks she got in the showers when some of the other members saw her piercings, although she was always a little more careful when she had been particularly viciously whipped for some misdemeanor. She lay on the bed thinking about all of their “fun.” She still hated her mouth being used as a toilet but He wanted it and she complied willingly if without pleasure. In all that time he had never shared her or given her to anyone else and her only dark fantasy not fulfilled was to be taken by two or more men, she just wondered what it would have been like.

Now He had been out of their home all day without saying a word, leaving only instructions that she was to shower, ensure she was freshly shaved and remain naked. No clues to her, but she was a fuck toy and deserved none.

The phone rang. It was Him.

“Be ready in 40 minutes. We’re going out. Put on stockings & suspenders, the white lacy underwear we bought last week, a low-cut white cotton loose blouse, and one of the short black leather skirts. Tarty make-up.”

He hung up. No pleasantries. No conversation. She looked at her watch, 7:42. Plenty of time but she hurried to comply with his instructions anyway. No way was she going to even risk being late.

Twenty-five minutes later the phone rang again. She was already prepared.

“Delayed! Grab a taxi and meet me at Keltos Manor on the Tattershall Road. Tell the security guard you are Sophie and he’ll let you in.” Click.

No further explanation again. She knew Keltos Manor. It was a large stone eighteenth century building on its own grounds. She knew he had some interesting contacts but she didn’t know about this one.

The taxi driver knew the Manor, but then again everyone did. He stopped at the gate and buzzed the entry phone.

“Taxi with, What’s your name?”


“Sophie.” he said to the intercom and the electric gates swung open.

The taxi dropped her in front of the impressive portico and she saw that the main door stood slightly open in the summer warmth. She paid the driver and watched him leave down the drive as she walked up the steps and in through the door. After all, she knew she was expected and just assumed that this was another of those parties.

The entrance lobby was warm and brightly lit but with no one around. She stopped. She could hear voices through a door to her left. She walked across, her heels clapping on the marble floor, and opened the large polished door and walked in confidently. After all, she was expected or they would not have opened the gate!

She looked around as every eye in the room turned towards her. There were no women, just men, maybe ten, maybe fifteen, and she saw that there were more in the adjacent room, which led off at the far end. All were in dinner jackets and ties. The room was luxurious, sofas, tables and pictures on the walls. The fact that there were no women concerned her but more concerning was the fact that she couldn’t see Him.

“Ten minutes late, hmm.” It was an elegant and sophisticated man who appeared to be in the most important seat; an assessment she made when everyone deferred to his comment.

He walked towards her and without any foreplay put his hand straight under her skirt and onto her sex. She stepped back in some surprise but did so straight into another man who grabbed the rounded cheeks of her ass.

“What do you think you are doing?”

The back of a hand slapped her across the face and a voice barked “Shut Up!”

She felt a small trickle of blood from her lip and her training snapped into place as she slipped into Sub mode.

Hands dragged her across to the middle of the room and she saw that there was no way she was going anywhere that these men didn’t allow her to. She saw now that there were more men and also three women coming through from the other room. She guessed the total numbers at maybe thirty. WHERE WAS HE? The panic was turning her stomach into a knotted mess.

“Give us a dance and a strip.”

She didn’t move, but just stared dumbfounded.

Out of nowhere a bullwhip snapped across her back, it tore through her blouse and bit into her skin. She screamed as much out of shock as out of pain, and then it hit her again. No one said anything but she heard some laughter; most noticeably one female voice.

She started to move in the way that she knew He liked. Seductively peeling off her clothes until she was dancing naked except for the stockings and her heels.

“Warm yourself up now; stick a finger up your cunt.” Laughter! The sound of the crack of the whip persuaded her.

She sat backwards onto one of the sofas, lifted her legs high and slipped a finger into herself.

“She looks wet already.” said a voice as another middle-aged man walked over to her and pulled her finger away.

With no further preparation he pushed three fingers up her. She winced in pain; then another and then he was trying to fist her! He had tried this once but decided that he liked her tight and so had given up. Now a total stranger was trying. The pain was intense and as she tried to pull away hands pinioned her down and grabbed at her ankles, pulling her legs painfully apart.

She screamed and felt the hot tears well up in her eyes.

But then she felt the hand withdraw and before the mist cleared from her eyes she knew she was being raped. The man pushed into her, no preparation and not slowly, suddenly, instantly all the way in. She felt him cum and the felt another take his place.

“No, Please!” she begged. “Please Noooo.”

She was turned over and her arms pinned down outspread along the back of the sofa. Her legs were pulled apart again and more hands held them. Another man pummelled into her wet sex, but she felt him pull out before he had cum. Then another and then another. She was crying now. Her sex was already sore and she knew that only six or seven men had used her so far!

A glass was put under her face and a straw forced into her mouth. She sucked expecting a drink but quickly realised it was a glass of cum from the men who hadn’t come in her and some others she guessed. She wanted to throw up and stopped drinking, but the whip smashed across her back and she screamed in pure pain this time, and then the whip again, again she screamed. Quickly she drank the rest of the glass’s contents to the applause and raucous laughter of the audience.

“A Cum Drinking Slut.” That was a damned good description.” More laughter.

For an instant she rested, still pinioned but with no other contact. Her sex felt raw and her back hurt like hell. There was a gentle hubbub and she could hear conversation but not clear enough to have any idea of what was being said. Then she felt her ass cheeks pulled apart and she knew she was going to be raped anally as well. She felt the cold lubricant spread around her small puckered hole, more for their comfort than hers she thought.

No man apart from Him had ever used her anally and she whimpered in shame to know her most private hole was open to all of these people and about to be used whether she wanted it or not. She begged and pleaded for them not to bugger her, for this thing not to happen but the response was only laughter and jeers.

“She’s bloody tight.” said the man trying to sodomize her. He was struggling to get past her tight sphincter, but she knew that a stiff prick will always penetrate a lubricated ass, no matter how tight it was and sure enough she quickly felt him force the head through the tiny opening and pushing its way deep inside her. The rapist pounded her ass viciously and without consideration for the pain she was suffering but luckily, she thought, he came very quickly into her tightness. She knew her ass was tight. He had always told her that and had taught her exercises to keep it that way. She also knew that there would be others, and so there were. Another and then another raped her tiny, unnaturally stretched, hole. Each load of cum dumped into her made the next rapists job easier as her ass became slicker and as each new man entered her she felt their predecessors cum squeezed out and running down her legs.

Now it seemed everyone seemed to want to have anal sex with her, especially as it swiftly became obvious that each fresh penetration was increasingly painful for her. There must have been a dozen men up her by now, up an ass that had previously been used at most once a day. Now she was crying from shame as the pain of her ravaged ass because to turn into a perverse pleasure like when He whipped her. She also knew now that they had torn her ass. She could feel it bleeding and her fear was quickly confirmed when she heard a woman’s voice cry out, with some glee it seemed, that she could see blood.

She felt something else push against her now bloodied ass and from the whiff of perfume guessed that it was a woman behind her. A swift glance confirmed that it was a young woman, no more than eighteen or nineteen with a large strap on; bigger than any real thing. She screamed long and loud as this sadist fucked her once tight ass with this monster. She knew how much she must be ripped now and began to sob loudly but this resulted in little but laughter.

After what seemed like an eternity the woman relented and she felt a man enter her more natural place.

“Suzie’s made her ass much too loose now.” The man raping her joked. There was laughter around the room.

“She certainly wouldn’t have felt you anyway.” jibed back the girl “Anyway maybe I can fist her there later now she’s a bit looser.”

Sophie felt soiled and degraded and both of her lower holes cried out in a continuing pain as the mass rape continued. But in a weird way she had to admit that some part of her was actually enjoying being the center of this much attention and when she felt some lips, a woman’s she guessed from the soft technique, on her lower lips she knew that she would cum very quickly. And she did, very loudly, a pent-up long delayed orgasm that she hadn’t even known was there for most of the evening so far.

As she came back down to earth she felt her hands being cuffed behind her back and straps being fastened around her ankles. She also realised that she was no longer held down and as the hands fastening the straps left her she slipped from the sofa onto the floor where she lay in a foetal position, her eyes closed but aware that she was still surrounded.

Her back stung from the whip. At some point she must have been hit again. Her mouth tasted of cum still. She had never drunk so much. Her ass felt like it was on fire and she could feel the mixture of blood and cum running from it, from a once tight hole that she though would never close again. She whimpered at the thought that she had been torn open and would never be tight for Him again. He loved to sodomize her. It was his favorite place now he might never want her there again. And her sex was sore as though it had been fucked with sandpaper, and leaked more cum than she thought possible. But she also knew that the orgasm had been one of the best and most exhausting she had ever experienced. God, what sort of slut had she become? What was happening to her?

Some minutes later she heard people leaving and slowly opened her eyes. The men had redressed and looked immaculate again but there were still about six or eight of them and one woman although she didn’t look up to see her face.

“Take her downstairs. The night is still young so it’s just as well that she rests a bit.”

Hands lifted her as exhaustion overcame her and she was half guided, half carried down a long winding staircase into the cellars of the Manor.

-To be continued…-