Beth and I were fooling around one night and she asked me what my favorite fantasy was. “You, your sister, and me in bed for a week!” I replied. “Why Alex?” she asked. “Because she is almost as sexy as you are, and you’re the best babe!” I correctly responded. Alex just turned 18 and what a fox she is. She’s almost Beth’s twin, both of them about 5’7″ tall, identical figures of 38 (D) – 26 – 34, both have long blonde hair (though Alex insists on using something that makes her hair look tinted green), and both have the deepest blue eyes you ever feel into. Beth is four years older than her, and we’ve been married now for three years.

We were going to go on vacation to Florida and Alex was begging to go. I told Beth that if she went, I’d go nuts with frustration, but if she wanted her to go with us, it was OK with me. The first night we stopped, we got a motel with two beds in it. I was beat, and I fell asleep hearing the two of them whispering and giggling. I wasn’t asleep too long when I sensed the lights go out and felt the bed move, with Beth sliding in beside me. Before long, she was sucking on my cock and it felt great! I didn’t last too long before I shot my load down her throat. She then raised up and kissed me. That’s when I realized it wasn’t Beth, but Alex who had just swallowed my load of sperm! I was in Heaven as we kissed, my hands working their way all over her body, her tongue and mouth tasting of cum. I reached down and felt her wet pussy only to discover that she had no pubic hair. She shaved! I worked my finger into her wet tunnel and slide in easily. I inserted a second finger along side the first, and felt her cunt muscles grasp them hard. My cock soon got hard again, and she begged “Please Tim, fuck me! I want to feel that cock in my cunt now! Please give it to me!” What could I do but grant her wish?! I wanted to fuck her every bit as much as she wanted me to. I looked over at Beth and she was naked on the next bed, smiling and rubbing her cunt.

I swung up on top of Alex and buried my cock into her depths in one thrust. The incredible pressure on my dick was unreal. It felt like she was squeezing it as if with her hand. I lay still, buried in her depths, and her cunt began to milk my cock, squeezing it, fucking it. She reached an incredible orgasm by doing this, and I knew that if I moved an inch, I’d flood her young cunt with my cum. Finally, after her orgasms had subsided, she relaxed. I was able to move in and out of her without immediately cumming in her velvet like pussy. I moved my lips to her fully erect nipples, sucking each of them into my mouth. Then Beth got up off the other bed and moved to ours. She straddled her sister’s face, rubbing her cunt along Alex’s mouth. Beth told me “Fuck her hard Tim, fuck this little cunt eating slut!” I never heard my wife talk like this, but I sure wasn’t complaining! She continued “Oh yes little sister! Eat me, oh God, yes! Stick your hot tongue up my cunt you little slut! Oh God! Yes, like that! Oh I love you Alex! Yes, eat me!” My wife was on fire, bouncing her tight little ass off her sister’s face. It was more than I could handle, and I burst into Alex’s tight cunt just as she and Beth were cumming.

We all lay there catching our breaths, and then Beth got between Alex’s widely spread legs. She started licking up my cum, sucking it out of her sister’s tight cunt. I got behind Beth and began to rub my cock against her asshole. “Ram it in me Tim! Fuck my ass! Yes, I want you buried up my ass baby!” She screamed. Before long, I had my eight inches buried up her ass, plugging her good. Soon, she and Alex were both cumming again. Alex was moaning incoherently, telling Beth she was enjoying the attention her tongue was giving her. Too soon, I began to pump my cum into my wife’s grasping asshole. She screamed out when I rammed it in, and began to cum, though whether she screamed out of pain or ecstasy, I’m not sure.

We all fell asleep after that, wrapped in each other’s arms and legs. We awoke the next morning, ate breakfast and headed out on the road. Alex sat in front with me as Beth napped in the back seat. Before long, her head was in my lap and she had my cock in her mouth. We drove down the road this way, and when I came, she didn’t stop. She swallowed all of my cum, and continued as if she was just starting. Finally, after several orgasms, I had to pull her off. I couldn’t handle it any longer. Beth awoke and smiled as I looked at her in the mirror. “Have fun darling?” she asked. “God, Alex just can’t get enough sperm in her stomach! I had to make her stop!” I replied. Alex piped up “You seemed to enjoy it!”

We stopped again at a motel that night, and after we freshened up, we went out for dinner. I noticed that Beth had on one of the shortest miniskirts she owns and a see through blouse. Her dark nipples showed through with no problem. When she sat, her cunt was easily seen. Alex had on spandex pants and shirt, and I think it was a size too small for her. Everything looked great. It appeared as though her clothes were sprayed on her. We sat at a table, Beth taking the chair that faced the inside of the restaurant. I notice a group of men sitting directly opposite her staring at her. Then I realized, they were staring at her wide spread cunt. I looked down at it and saw that she was dripping. She was turned on flashing these guys, and I knew she was incredibly horny. After we ate, we got up to leave, and one of the men asked us to join them for drinks at a nearby club. We all agreed and soon were slamming rum and coke’s. I noticed that after Beth left for the rest room, one o f the guys headed off in that direction. I was barely able to see them, but I did see him take her in his arms and kiss her. She wasn’t putting up a struggle, and they disappeared into a dark corner. My cock felt like it was going to explode. Here was my wife with a complete stranger kissing her, and God knows what else now that she was in the dark alone with him. I got up and went to the men’s room, and when I came out, I peeked around the corner.

There was Beth, on her hands and knees with the guy behind her fucking her right there. Another man had joined them also. He was black, and his cock was huge. He knelt at Beth’s face and she began to suck him right down. Soon, the guy from our table began to grunt and he shot off inside my wife’s cunt. I couldn’t believe this was happening, but I didn’t want it to stop. Then the black man moved to behind her and he started rubbing his cock against her dripping slit. She cried out “Oh yes! Fuck me! Come on baby, ram that big black cock into my cunt! Yes, Oh God, you’re soo huge! No one has ever been that deep before! Yes! Oh God, Fuck Meeeee!” With that, he was in her quickly, and he pounded his cock in her very hard, eliciting cries of pleasure from her lips.

I hurried back to the table, and saw one of the guys sitting there. I sat and asked “Where’s Alex?” He just pointed down, and I felt her under the table. She was blowing this guy and soon he began to cum. She then moved to my lap and unzipped my pants, pulling my hardened cock out and sucked it down immediately into her throat. I soon shot my load down her throat, and she came back up and sat down.

She was blushing, but I could tell she was as horny as a bitch in heat. Beth came back with the other guys and said we should all go to our motel room. I figured, what the hell?! and we left. When we entered the room, the black guy named Jim pushed Beth back on the bed and pulled his cock out, thrusting forward into my wife. Beth’s legs came up and her head back as he thrust into her. I stripped Alex and had her get on her hands and knees and I thrust into her cunt from behind. As soon as my she came, coating my cock with her juices, I pulled it out and then pressed into her tiny asshole. The other two guys got in front of the sisters and pushed their cocks into their mouths. I worked my cock into the tightness of Alex’s asshole, with her grunting and moaning the whole time. It wasn’t long before I shot my load up her ass. I lay back to rest and soon the cock Alex was sucking was buried up her asshole. She cried out “Oh God, no! It’s too big! Ahh, fuck, it hurts!” He replied “Come on slut! Take it up your as! You know you love it! Come on now, fuck me!” To alleviate some of her pain, I got under her so were in a ’69 position. I started sucking on her clit while that big dick was reaming her inches above my mouth. My cum was being forced out of her ass from the sheer size of the ravaging cock that had taken my place. Then I heard Beth yell out “Oh God Jim! Yes, Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!! Please! Yes, Oh God, I’m cuming! Oh fuck, you’re so big! Yes, ram that cock into my whore cunt! Yes, fuck me!” She was acting like it was just her and her org asm, and that’s all that mattered, and I suppose, at the time, that was all that mattered. Finally, the guys had enough and left. Beth asked me “Tim, eat me please! I want your mouth on my cunt!” I almost dove between her legs and began to suck her cunt out. Alex took her turn riding Beth’s face, and soon was cumming.

The next day, we arrived at the resort we were staying at. After we checked in, we all showered and ordered room service. We were all beat, and needed to realx a little. Beth soon had Alex eating her cunt again, and told me “Tim, fuck Alex’s tight little asshole. It was a virgin when we started out, until you pooped her cherry. Now give her more!” Alex wriggled her ass at me as she ate Beth’s juicy cunt out. I got in behind her and rubbed some K-Y on my cock, and up her ass. I entered her slowly at first, allowing her to adjust to my cock. Last night, we had basically raped her asshole, tonight I was going to be more tender. That only lasted ’til Beth said “Tim, fuck her harder! The harder you ream her the harder she eats me! I want to cum, so fuck her hard!” I started thrusting my hips forward, faster and harder. Alex was almost screaming into Beth’s cunt, and Beth was urging her on “Yes Alex! Eat my pussy baby sister! Yes, Oh God, your tongue feels soooo goooood! Ye s baby, eat me. I watched as Alex was fingering Beth, and she kept adding fingers ’til she all five of them up her sister’s cunt. “More!” Beth demanded, and Alex began to fist her. This shot Beth over the edge and she screamed out “Oh God Yes! I’m cummmmiiinnnnggggg!” Both Alex and I also came at that exact moment. No one could have held back hearing that orgasm go on.

We had a great vacation, seeing everything we had wanted to, and also having my fantasy become a reality. The three of us fucked like rabbits that two weeks, occasionally one of the girls would find a guy to join us. Now that we’re home, Alex has moved in with us, and shares our bed every night. Some form of sex takes place every night in that bed, no matter who the partners are. Sometimes, Alex brings a guy home to share with her sister. Sometimes, one or two of her girlfriends comes home with her also. All I know, is that I wouldn’t trade this for the world! My wife and sister-in-law are both sluts, and I reap the benefits!