My friend Pete and I were hanging out one night watching the tube. Rita, my wife, had just come in with new beers for us, and asked us if we wanted anything else. Jokingly, Pete said “How about a blow job?” Rita smiled and left the room. When she returned, she was completely naked, and came over and sat between us on the couch. She put one leg on each of our laps, and sat there with her thighs spread wide. Noticing how hard her nipples were, I knew she was hot and ready to fuck. She took each of our hands and placed them on her big firm tits. I squeezed the one I had in my hand, and began to play with her nipple. Pete lowered his head and licked the other nipple.

Rita sighed a sigh of contentment, and reached down and began rubbing our cocks. Pete moved his hand to her upper thigh, and began to lightly rub it, moving slightly higher as he went on. She twitched as his finger made contact with her clit, and I felt her move her hips forward to meet his hand. I leaned over and kissed her full lips, my tongue battling with hers as I moved it into her mouth. She sucked on my tongue as Pete slowly inserted a finger in her pussy. Then he moved to between her legs and started to lightly lick her clit. She sucked harder on my tongue as he applied more force and then started to suck her clit while finger fucking her. She had her legs over his shoulders and drew him in as closely as she could.

Before long, Rita was moaning and writhing there on the couch, signaling us that her orgasm was near. Pete then inserted another finger alongside the first and Rita went nuts. Her body shook as Pete brought her to a powerful orgasm. She came, covering his fingers and mouth with her cum. Rita broke her kiss with me and then knelt in front of Pete. She undid his pants, and pulled out his cock which was about twelve inches long, and extremely fat. She took it in her hands, and began to stroke it to it’s full length. Then she lowered her head to his big dick, and I watched as her lips made contact with the head, and then part to take it into her mouth. Her soft lips wrapped around his cock, and she began to take in inch after inch. She stopped as the head of his dick bumped the back of her throat, and she moved upwards, her cheeks becoming a hollow as she sucked her way back up. Then she went back down, this time swallowing his dick as it made contact with her throat. She had about seven inches in her mouth, and she again began to suck back up to the tip of this big dick.

It was such a thrill to watch as her mouth became filled with this rock hard cock. She took his balls into her hand and gently squeezed them as she went back down. This time, she took almost the entire length of his cock into her throat, and began to bob her head up and down. Pete moaned out “God, you’re so good!” as she continued to blow him. I then got behind her, and started to eat her juicy cunt from behind. My fingers were pinching her clit as my tongue darted into first her pussy, then her asshole. It was funny, but I felt no jealousy at all, and was getting more and more turned on by her actions. Pete told her that he was going to cum, and she sucked real hard as he pumped his cum into her sperm hungry mouth.

Rita loves the taste of sperm, and she hungrily sucked it all out and swallowed his load. She then turned to face me, and wrapped her arms around me, drawing me close and then kissed me. I tasted the last of the cum that was still in her mouth, and my dick became as hard as stone. She then went down on me, and took my eight inches right down to the root. Rita is an expert cock sucker, and tonight she was even better. As she went down on me, she took my balls into her mouth along with my prick and began to suck on them as well.

Pete’s cock was hard and ready again, and he got behind her, and rubbed his huge dick around her pussy. Rita stopped sucking me for a second, and said “Oh yeah, fill my cunt with your big cock! Fuck me!!” With that, Pete slammed his dick into her pussy. Being four plus inches bigger than me, Pete found a depth that I was never able to fill. Rita went nuts as Pete took her fully, fucking that big dick into her innermost recesses. She was beginning to make gurgling moaning sounds as he fucked her tight cunt. At the same time, Pete was saying “Oh yeah baby, wrap those cunt muscles around my cock. Yeah, fuck me right back baby!” She thrust her hips backwards as he slammed into her from behind. By now, she had swallowed the entire length of my dick and was sucking it so hard that I soon lost control and blasted my own hot load of sperm into her mouth.

She didn’t stop at this however, and continued to suck my deflating dick back to it’s full hardness once again. In no time, she was cumming, screaming out “Oh yeah!! Fuck me! Faster, harder! Oh yesssssss! Make me cummmmmm!” With that, she exploded into a frenzy, thrashing around, and fucking his dick as hard as she could. When she had subsided, Pete withdrew his cock from her cunt, and then placed it at her tight asshole. Only when she’s super horny does she allow me to fuck her there, and tonight she was on fire and told Pete “Yes baby, Fill my ass with your hot meat! Make it hurt!” He then slowly entered her, not wanting to hurt her even though she was begging for it. With the sucking she gave my dick and balls, I was soon ready to shoot off into her mouth. I could only moan out my passion as her expert mouth sucked the cum from my balls. I could feel it surging through my cock and then explode into her waiting mouth.

My dick became soft after I emptied a load into her mouth, but she didn’t stop and soon my cock was as hard as before. We moved around so that Pete was on his back, and she lay on top of him with his meat still buried in her ass. I got between her fully spread legs, and thrust my dick into her cunt. I could feel Pete’s big dick through the thin skin that separated our cocks. Rita was acting like a cock starved whore, begging us to fuck her.

We were more than willing to accommodate her wishes and continued to fuck her hard and fast. Before too long, she was building towards another orgasm, and as she came, Pete also emptied his cum up her ass. After he slipped out of her, I felt how big her cunt had swollen. She was as big as a cave, but was still tightly wrapped around my dick. I soon started cumming and emptied my load into her.

After we caught our breath, I made us all a drink and we sat there sipping them down. Rita told us how exciting that was for her, and asked if we could still get it up and fuck her some more. Pete went to the bathroom, and Rita asked if I was OK with what had happened. I told her I thought it was the most exciting fuck I ever experienced, and that I loved her.

We then went to the bedroom so we could be more comfortable. She asked Pete to eat her, and he lay on his back while she straddled his face in a 69 position. I watched as the cum ran out of her cunt and ass, and was surprised to see Pete lap it all up. Meanwhile, Rita began to suck on his dick again, and I watched as it grew hard under her attentive ministrations. Watching this made my cock hard again, and I got behind her and entered her asshole while Pete ate her pussy. Even though it was still tight, her asshole was stretched out enough so that my entry was not difficult. I slid the length of my cock into her and enjoyed the spasms that began in her as Pete brought her closer to cumming again.

When she began to cum, I started to really drive my cock into her faster and harder. I found it too difficult to try to hold off cumming, and I shot my cum up her ass as she came. After this, I lay back and watched the two of them going at it with each other. Pete rolled her off of him , and grabbed her ankles and held them high and spread wide. He entered her dripping cunt, and fucked her furiously. Rita went into multiple orgasms, and lay there fucking him and twitching all over the bed underneath him. She was screaming now, demanding him to fuck her harder. Finally, with a grunt, Pete emptied another load into her waiting cunt. They both came with such intensity that Pete finally rolled off of her, and Rita passed out for a minute.

I crawled between her legs and stuck my tongue into her well fucked pussy. I licked out all of the cum in her and she came one last time for the night. Afterwards, we all fell asleep in our king sized bed.

The following morning, I was awakened with the bed shaking, and I opened my eyes to see Pete once again on top of Rita, fucking her hard. My cock grew hard again, and I had them move so that Rita was on her hands and knees while Pete fucked her from behind. I got in front of her, and told her to fuck my cock with her tits. She took her 40DD tits in her hands, and wrapped them around my raging cock. The force of Pete’s big dick thrusting into her made her rock back and forth fucking my dick. Rita started cumming again, and she kept on having multiple orgasms for what seemed like a half an hour. Finally, my own cum began to well up inside my balls, and I wrapped my hand around my cock, and jerked it off ’til it shot off all over her face. Pete emptied his balls into her about the same time. We then all showered in our large shower stall, and Pete said he had to go to meet some people.

Later on that day, Rita, embarrassed, began to talk about what had happened. She said she was just so horny last night that she had to have us both repeatedly. I told her I understood, and that I still loved her as much as ever and that I had no problem with what we had done. I was there, and if it bothered me, I could have stopped it at any point. She was relieved about this and told me that she wanted more of being fucked by two or more guys at the same time. My mind began to work and I asked her if she would consider getting laid by a black man. She said she would try it if I really wanted to, and then let me know that this was one of her fantasies. I asked her if she had anyone in mind, and she said she thought she may know someone who would go along with it.

Later on around 6:30, she put on her workout clothes and told me she was heading to the gym where she worked out. She returned about 9:00 PM, and brought a guy home with her. She introduced him as Greg, and told met hat she had met him at the gym, and that this was the first time they had any physical contact. After assuring him that I had no problem with what she had set up, he agreed to fuck Rita. We had several drinks to loosen up a bit, and then they got up and started to dance with each other. I watched as Greg’s hands moved to her firm asscheeks and began to knead them. She pressed herself into him, and looked up into his face. He kissed her and began to grind his hips into hers. After about fifteen minutes of this, Rita excused herself and headed off to the bedroom.

When she came back out, she had on a sheer negligee’. She then asked if we’d like to move to the bedroom, and we got up and followed her. Greg had a noticeable bulge in his pants, and she undid them, pulling out a very large, very black cock. He told her to suck it, and she almost dove on it, eager to get it in her mouth. Soon, Greg’s cock had become fully hard, and fat and she had some trouble in taking it any further into her mouth. I watched transfixed as her lips parted and she began to suck this new cock into her hungry mouth. Greg felt her cunt and said “Oh yeah babe, your cunt is so wet and hot! Yes, suck my cock you little slut!” This made her pretty hot, and she was soon bobbing her head up and down sucking his massive dick into her mouth.

I sat there in a chair alongside of the bed, watching transfixed as Greg pulled her head off of his cock, and made her lay back. He took one of her large brown nipples into his mouth, sucking and nibbling on them causing them to harden like little bullets. Then he made his way further down her body until his mouth was right at the opening of her wide opened cunt. He licked and sucked at her slit, until she was moaning out “Oh yes, suck my cunt. Make me your whore, fuck my slutty pussy!” I couldn’t believe the sensation of watching them like this. Soon, my own dick stood out like a rock. Then he moved up her body and kissed her as his cock started to bounce around rubbing her pussy.

She began to beg him to fuck her, and I watched as his cock began to enter her. I watched as this big intruder forced her cunt lips apart and then disappear into her, inch by inch. The contrast between their skin, and also their pubic hair was a great turn on for me. He was kissing her, and slamming his big black dick into her pink wet pussy. His hands were full with both of her tits, squeezing and pinching the nipples until she screamed out “Oh God, yessss! Fuck me like I’m a whore!! Use me! Oh yes, fuck me!! Make me cummmmm!”.

With that, she started to cum so hard that I thought she’d pass out. But Greg was nowhere near done with her. He continued to assault her young cunt with his driving cock, bringing himself closer to the point where he would fill her cunt with his sperm. I urged them on, telling them to fuck harder. Soon, Greg pulled out of her cunt, and moved to her face. She wrapped her fist around his big black dick, and began to jerk him off. He soon shot his sperm all over her face, and into her mouth. He rolled off of her, and I quickly dove onto the bed and took her in my arms. I kissed her cum soaked lips and slipped my tongue into her mouth. She then pushed me backwards and hovered over my cock.

She licked it from my balls to the hole where I would be shooting my cum from eventually. I told her “Yeah slut, eat my cock you little whore!”. She took it entirely into her mouth and began to swallow me down her throat. I was so excited that I soon blasted a load into her waiting mouth. By this time, Greg was hard again, and he took her from behind as she sucked all the cum out of my balls. Rita was consumed by the heat that was building into a fire that would be hard to put out. I lay back, watching as Greg continued to fuck her well used cunt. She kept crying out begging us to use her as if she was a whore. Actually, she was just that. A cock starved whore ready to take on all “cummers”.

Greg continued to slam into her cunt from behind until he began to cum. He filled her pussy to overflowing and finally withdrew when he was soft. All throughout his cumming, she kept urging him on, screaming out “Oh God, yes, fill my pussy with the sperm from your huge black cock! Yes, fuck me! Oh God, fill my pussy!”.

After he caught his breath, he told us he had to leave for now. After I came back in the bedroom, Rita was lying there with a contented smile on her face. I lay back down, and she straddled my face. The cum ran out of her cunt, and into my mouth as I sucked her now huge cunt. She was soon thrashing around on my face and cumming. Then I told her I wanted her asshole. Her reply was to get on her knees and reach around to her asscheeks, pulling them wide apart, inviting me to enter her. I got behind her and pushed my cock into her tight asshole. The sensation was great for the both of us and soon, I felt an orgasm well up inside of me, and I came, coating the inside of her ass with my sperm.

Those two nights were the most exciting nights I have ever experienced, and as Rita wants to “experiment” some more, I can see that there will definitely be repeat performances!