Blonde in Black Leather

I’m a 21-year old college student who had the single wildest night of my life last year…and it wasn’t by choice.

I was playing pool with some guys I met at a club in downtown Chicago in December. My then-girlfriend Krissy was with me. First, I have to tell you that Krissy is the hottest lady around my area. She is close to six-feet tall, has long blonde hair, blue eyes, and an incredible figure that no 18-year old should have. On this particular night she had on a complete leather ensamble: a short black jacket and black pants that had to mark the world’s record for the tightest fit. Every time she moved, the pants would stretch across her long legs and tight ass, giving everyone (men and women) a cheap thrill.

Well, since my fragile ego as at stake, I made a sucker’s bet for $200. Well, I missed the two shots I needed to make to break even. Now, here’s the teriffic part: I had a mere $20. on me. I offered to come back with the money in twenty minutes after taking it out of the cash station. The two white guys said no way, and I thought I was going to end up with my ass kicked all over the place. Then the black guy said, “Hey man, I know a way we can break even and you can walk out of here without an ambulance.”

Hell, I was all for that! “How?” I asked. With that, he looked at Krissy and said, “It’s been a long-ass time since I had a good blowjob.” The other guys laughed and looked Krissy up and down. Now I was scared! Krissy stood up from the stool and said, “C’mon guys. Can’t we just forget all of this shit?” “Look, there’s three possible options here,” one of the white guys said. “He comes up with $200, we break some vital bones, or you suck Darren’s dick. What’s it gonna be?” I fully expected her to leave me there to take my ass-beating. I deserved it! Krissy glared at the three of them and said, “How about if he stays here and I go and get the money? Then we’ll all be happy.” Darren smiled and said, “See, it’s, what would you call it, a cash-and- carry service in here. Have the cash or get carried out.” Krissy glared at me with a look of total and complete anger, then said in a hushed tone, “How about if I jerk you off?” “No, that’s only good up to $100.,” the other guy said. “It’s because he’s black, ain’t it?”

Great! Now we were really deep into the shit. “Look man,” I said, hoping to get them to see reason, “she’s got nothing to do with this. Just let me give you the money and we’ll be even, okay?” Darren ignored me completely and walked up to Krissy. “You’ve never sucked a black man’s dick, have you?” “No,” she replied. “Well, let me tell you, once you go black, you don’t turn back.” Krissy looked a little nervous. In fact, she looked a lot nervous! She stared at Darren and said, “Is this an everyday thing for you guys?” Oh God, don’t let her get us both killed! “Nope. This is a first for me,” he replied. Just then, his two cronies inched towards me and smiled. Then I got pissed! “Fuck it, Kris. If they want to fight, I’m ready,” I said. Then Krissy said, “If you think I’m gonna blow you in here, you’re outta your mind.”

“There’s dark alley out back,” Darren replied. “What’s it gonna be?” “I only have to suck your dick, right?” “That’s it. Now that’s not that hard, is it?” “Let’s get this over with,” she said. Daren took Krissy by the arm and smiled at the rest of us. “We won’t be long.” I watched Krissy leave with her black guy, then looked at the other two idiots and said, “You guys are a bunch of pussies, you know that?” Suddenly, the one guy (Ted) said, “Look man, it’s a fair trade. You lost the bet, you’re just trading off on it.” “Well I didn’t think the stakes were that fuckin’ high,” I replied. “Jesus Christ,” the third guy, Ray, said, “it’s not like he’s gonna steal your woman or nothing. He slips his dick in her mouth for a few minutes, drops a little moo juice, end of story.”

I failed to see it that simply. Still, something inside of my stomach was actually curious to se what was happening. Before I could continue my mental picture, the third guy added, “Besides, when you bring your girlfriend in here dressed like that, she’s bound to get some attention.” “What do you mean,” I asked. “All black leather?” he said smiling. “There’s a lot of horny guys in here after seeing her, myself included.” I couldn’t believe what was happening: My cock was hardening in my pants. “How old is your lady, bro?” Ted asked. “23, 24?” “18,” I replied. “Holy shit! She’s only 18? Man, oh man,” Ray said. “Hey, can we sneak a peek, man?” I asked. “Shit yeah,” Ted said. We walked out and started for the back of the building when two girls walked by us saying, “Did you see that?” “No, what?” the other said. “Some bitch in all leather is sucking some black guy’s dick back there.” “Fuckin’ whore,” the other girl replied. We walked quietly to the corner and peered around to see Krissy on her knees sucking off a gigantic chocolate prick. The only way I can accurately describe the size is by mentioning that both of Krissy’s hands fit around it and she was rubbing his shaft very methodically. Darren made no secret of his pleasure; he was groaning and moaning, “Oh baby!” and “That’s it, suck it.” Ted and Ray giggled like school kids before walking over to the two of them.

“How is she?” Ray asked rubbing his own crotch. Darren looked at all of us and said, “Brother, you’ve got one hell of a woman here. No black woman I’ve ever met can give head like this.” Krissy looked up at me and winked! She winked at me! My cock was so fucking hard, I was ready to pull it out and start jerking off. Krissy sucked his monster-meat so good that we were all panting with Darren. He ran his hands through her blond hair and started to move his hips towards her mouth. Suddenly, Darren’s head tilted back and he said, “Oh my God, here it…oooohhh!” Not bothering to pull it out, he pumped an ocean of hot sperm into Krissy’s mouth. Krissy still sucked on Darren’s rod for a few more seconds, then stood up and wiped her mouth on her jacket sleeve. Darren slipped his dwindling cock back into his pants and said, “Thanks, sweetie. We’ll see you guys later.” With that, they walked back to the club. “I’m so sorry,” I said to her. “I am so sorry, Kris.”

I expected her reaction to be either slapping me across the face or just walking away and leaving me forever. Imagine my surprise when she looked at me, smiled and said, “A black guy’s cum tastes different than a white guy’s.” “Are you serious?” I asked, half-shocked, half-excited. “Yeah, it wasn’t too bad,” she replied. “Actually, it was a learning experience. In high school all of my friends wondered what it was like to suck a black guy off. Now I know.” “Would you do it again?” I asked. “I might. Probably,” she said. “Are you mad at me?” “Hell no,” I replied. “I thought you’d be pissed at me.” “I was,” she said, “but it was kind of fun being a black man’s slut.” I thought long and hard (ten seconds) about my next question, then decided to ask her for the hell of it. “Want me to go get them again?” Krissy smiled and said, “Yeah, why not?” “The other guys love your suit.” “Well, nothing says ‘slut’ like tight black leather,” she laughed. “I’ll go in and get them.” “I’ll go with you.”

We walked in and looked around for the three, but didn’t see them at first. The two girls that witnessed Krissy’s suckfest gave her dirty looks, but she didn’t care. We walked around a bit, then I spotted Ted at the bar. Krissy and I went up to him and he seemed quite surprised to see us. “Hey, I thought you two left,” he said. “Well,” Krissy began, “I was thinking how rude it was of me to give your friend a blowjob and not offer you one.” Just then, a guy of about 50 walked up to Krissy and said, “You know, black leather gets me very horny.” Krissy smiled and said, “Well, I’m sorry to hear that.” Taking the hint, he walked off, but Darren came up and put his arm around me. “Man, she gives awesome head,” he whispered. “I hope you don’t mind, but I let a couple of guys in on our little transaction.” “Why don’t you two come back to my place,” Ted said. “I live about twenty minutes from here. We could have a couple of drinks there.” Krissy said she’d love it, and off we went.

We went back to Ted’s apartment and the four of us sat down and had beers. Krissy was the center of attention, sitting there in leather from head to toe. She slipped her boots off and smiled at Darren. He looked at Ted and smiled, then said, “So, what’s going on for tonight?” “What do you have in mind?” Krissy asked. “Do you have a curfew?” Ted joked. Actually, she did have a 12:30 curfew, but seeing as it was already 11:30, and knowing full-well what was going to happen, we had all but abandoned it. “No, I’ll get there when I get there,” she replied. “What do you want to do?”

My stomach did flip-flops waiting for one of them to make a move on her. Finally, Darren said, “See, I told you, once you go black, you never go back.” Then he stood up and patted me on the back. “You don’t mind that a black man has his cock in your lady’s mouth?” I shook my head. I wanted to see the two of them go at it more than he did. Then he stood directly in front of Krissy and looked down at her. “You wanna suck it again?”

Krissy looked up at him with the single sexiest look I’ve ever seen and smiled. “Sure, why not?” With that, Darren pulled out his rapidly-hardening dick and stroked it while Krissy positioned herself in the chair. She took hold of it and began kissing it and nibbling on the deep purple head. I saw Ted unzip his pants and squeeze his own dick to hardness. He carried quite a weapon as well, but not as long as Darren’s. Darren lovingly slid his penis into Krissy’s mouth, and she answered by wrapping her hands around it and rubbing it slowly as she sucked the enormous tip. She made slurpping sounds and licked him up and down, leaving a sheer coat of spit along his shaft. Ted was furiously pulling on his prick, slowing down every so often, careful not to come too fast. Suddenly, Krissy slipped out of the chair and onto her knees in front of him. He ran his fingers through her hair again and moaned while she began a quick, even pace on him.

I was rubbing my own dick outside my pants, but my horniness turned to terror when I saw a woman come out from the back and go into the bathroom. She was a decent-looking woman who was obviously awakened. I looked over at Ted and said, “Who’s that?”

“My lady. Don’t worry about it, she’s cool,” he said. I was quite apprehensive about his girlfriend seing Krissy give Darren a blowjob, but when she came out of the bathroom and went back into the bedroom without a word, I felt a little better. Krissy sucked his massive member for what seemed like an hour, but I was loving every minute of it. Then Krissy stopped sucking him off and looked up at him with those gorgeous eyes and said, “Do you have any condoms?”

Darren looked at Ted and said, “Do we?” Ted got up and went into the back room. Krissy stroked Darren’s long black shaft until Ted came back and tossed him one. She stood up and smiled at me. As Darren slipped a rubber on himself, Krissy slipped off her jacket and started to unzip her pants. She tossed the jacket on the chair and left her skin-tight pants on the floor as she laid down and allowed Darren to mount her. The minute he entered her, her eyes clenched shut. He began to pump himself into her at a steady pace and said, “Damn, are you a virgin?” “No, why?” she asked. “Because you have one tight pussy,” he laughed.

The two of them writhed on the floor as he slammed his thick penis into my girlfriend’s body. Krissy’s knees went up and her feet hooked around his back, pulling him deeper into her with every thrust. Her quick gasps and grunts turned to low moans and high squeaks as he pushed himself into her clit. The sweat was starting to form in beads on his back when he said, “Are you gonna give my buddy some?” Krissy nodded and he began to pump wildly into her, making the floor underneath them creak. He picked up such an incredible pace that it was quite obvious he was coming. Right when he issued his second load of the night, Krissy let out a yell and reached her own climax. Darren pulled out, the condom weighted down with sperm at the tip, then slapped Ted’s hand. “You’re up,” he said.

Ted stood up, slipped a rubber on, then took his place on top of Krissy. As he pushed into her, he said, “I love that leather suit.” She thanked him and they began fucking. Then Darren did something that I’m sure has been done a million-and-one times, but it was new to me. He slipped the rubber off and pinched it closed so that no come would spill. Then he told Krissy, “Open wide.” She looked up at him and opened her mouth. He then let all of his thick, warm sperm drip into her mouth. Quite a bit fell on her full lips, but she licked all of it off and said, “God, your come is delicious.” Ted was still slamming his own monster up her crack, but after a couple of heated thrusts he slid out and said, “How about a blowjob?” Krissy stood up and walked with him over to the chair and gently pushed him down. She slid down to her knees and took his cock into her mouth in one quick gulp. She sucked Ted’s dick a little faster than she did Darren’s, but he didn’t seem to mind. Darren finished dressing and sat down next to me, handing me a beer. “Have you two ever done this before?”

“Nope.” “Well, she’s gonna be going after a lot of black dick now, so you better watch her,” he said softly. I watched Krissy suck another guy’s prick, and all I could think of was I wish I had a video camera! I stood up and picked up her leather pants, noticing a thin sperm stain from what she couldn’t keep in her mouth from earlier. Darren looked at them and smiled. “Damn, how does she get into those?” “Don’t ask,” I replied. I always thought the outfit was sexy, but I didn’t like all of the remarks guys would make to her. Now, here I was watching two guys take turns fucking her on the night she wore it. Suddenly, Ted gripped the back of her head and shot his load into her mouth. Come spilled out of the sides of her mouth, but she swallowed what she could, then took a drink of beer.

As we were leaving, Krissy tongue-wrestled with Darren, then slipped him a piece of paper, her phone number I’m sure. Well, imagine my surprise to have a buddy of mine tell me that he was at the same club and saw Krissy there with Darren and two friends on a night when she was supposed to be sick. He said he saw them go outside, so he followed them, only to see Krissy jerking Darren off in a car. I asked him what she was wearing, to which he replied, “A white top and black leather pants.”

I’ll never date a woman who wears leather ever again! Still, it was a pretty good night. And I don’t bet on pool games anymore….