As I sat behind my hard wooden desk I wondered if my nightmare had just ended or…….just began. As I recalled the day’s events my pussy quivered as my feminine dew coated the back of my skirt. The sun was starting to drop on this warm Autumn day.

My mind recalled the moment when his large black cock filled my mouth… “Oh God,” I thought. How can I be thinking of this fourteen year old kid when I should be heading home to my husband and our perfect little life. The seconds ticked on. “I should leave….I should leave….but…….”

“I must tell him that I will report him if he shows up..I must remove him from thoughts.” However as my mind reasoned what I should do I heard the knob start to turn. My heart started racing. My mind suddenly went blank and I felt the slickness between my thighs as I pulled my legs together.

Jerome casually walked to the front of the desk. I could not look up….. I continued to stare at the desk; I could not look Jerome in the face. I felt myself start shivering…but my sex was still leaking it’s sticky creme.

“It’s time to go, but first I want your bra. Your tits are so small you shouldn’t even need it. No one will notice…will they?” his comments cut.

I hesitated…I couldn’t start shivering but I couldn’t answer the fourteen year old standing before me.

“Mrs. Jones. You are starting off on the wrong foot again. When I tell you to do something ……..YOU DO IT. You do not ignore me.. DO YOU UNDERSTAND ?” came the stern question.

I didn’t want to answer. How could I answer. A thirty five year old teacher; married. The department head of the Jr. High School. I wish I had been stronger, but I have not ever been very strong. I haven’t been able to stand up to anyone with authority…even a fourteen year old black student.

I had not looked up but I could tell Jerome was becoming impatient by the way he was shifting his weight back and forth in front of my desk. I tried to look up and plead with him to leave me alone…..

I couldn’t face the boy who had fingered me to climax only three hours previously. I could not face the boy (man?) who forced me to suck his long black cock and squeeze his balls until he shot his scalding hot cum down my throat. I could not face the black boy who forced me to give him my panties and he had so dominated me during lunch hour.

He started to speak again but I had already reached for the buttons on my blouse. My blue blazer was already unbuttoned and I found the buttons easily. My fingers trembled as I tried to dislodge the buttons. I still could not look up. At long last the blouse was unbuttoned. It was still tucked into my skirt.

“Pull the blouse apart…. I want to see your little titties. I want to see the little nubs of your nipples. They felt real hard when I was playing with them this afternoon,” Jerome casually ordered.

Trembling, I pulled the sides of the blouse apart. I still could not face my tormentor. I looked down and saw the small goosebumps cover my breasts. My nipples hardened….and my pussy continued to flow. I was afraid that the woman creme would stain my skirt.

“Take your bra off. You won’t need it any more tonight. I already have a plan; for you, Jim and I .”

The mention of my husband’s name caught me off guard. It was the first mention of my husband; how did this boy know of him. I felt a twinge of guilt as I sat half naked before this black boy who wanted me to give him my bra.

I finally looked up…”Jim must never know about today. Promise me you won’t tell him…Please,” I begged.

“The Bra…NOW,” was his only response.

I was unsteady as I unhooked the front clasp. I then pulled the straps through the sleeves of my blouse. My eyes were downcast as I held my most intimate undergarment to the smiling black boy.

“Come with me. You need a new wardrobe. Tonight you are going to be my date…”

I slowly got up and followed the arrogant teenager to the door. I carefully rebuttoned my blouse. Quietly I followed the teenage boy down the long hallway. We exited the school building and I meekly followed behind the black stud. When we arrived at my station wagon he slid in the passenger side and patiently waited until I slid behind the wheel.

“Downtown,” was the short order.

Uncertain of the black teenager’s attention I slowly followed his directions. I was very apprehensive about the destination of our journey but…….

When we reached the downtown he had me pull into the parking lot of Victoria’s Secret. My heart froze…I had never bought anything from this chain…..I had never even ventured in.

When we entered the young sales clerk sort of snickered. She came up to us; a thirty five year old math teacher and a young muscular black student. “The more conservative section of the store is over this way Ma’am,” she softly smiled.

“My woman don’t need any more conservative clothing. She has all the conservative clothing she needs for the rest of her life. My woman needs something that will make my dick hard,” Jerome countered.

I stood mortified with my eyes downcast as the smile evaporated from the young saleslady. It took her several moments for her to regain her composure before she softly spoke, “Please come this way. I believe there is something that may be of interest you in this department.”

When we came to the leather goods department I looked around red faced. Jerome, my fourteen year black student, casually walked around the displays. Picking up what he thought was my size he held out his large black hands. “Try these on. I’ll tell you if they fit the agenda,” he arrogantly stated.

Shamefaced I took the offered garments and hurried to the dressing room. Once in the privacy of the room I tried to regain my composure as I leaned against the dressing room door. After several minutes I heard his large fist beat on the door wanting me to appear.

I finally looked down at the clothing that Jerome had picked out. My heart again fluttered, and my mind raced. I slowly unbuttoned my blouse once more; and slid my navy blue skirt to the floor. Once I had put on the selected items I quietly opened the door and stepped out. I watched Jerome’s reaction and was pleased by his broad smile. I felt good about the reaction and lifted my face to see the sales clerk who had a cocky smirk on her face. She knew, like I, that the clothing selected could only mean one thing. My nipples hardened and I felt my swishy lower lips again produce their feminine dew. The tight leather pushed against my sensitive clit. “Yes………..I had passed my Master’s inspection…and I would receive my reward,” I thought.

The sales clerk turned to the cock black teenager and asked if everything was satisfactory.

Jerome, his white teeth gleaming simply stated, “Yes my mousy little teacher caused my black bone to get real, real hard. Mrs. Jones, you best go pay for your new purchases….”

I was glad to return to the dressing room and place my new purchases in the appropriate bags. As I slipped the nylons over my legs I noticed the stains at the top of the hose but the far more noticeable stain was that on my navy blue skirt. Jerome’s sticky cum had coated not only the front but the back of the skirt. I tried to scrape the crusty discharge off but it wouldn’t come off. As I slipped my cum coated white blouse on I felt nasty when it rubbed against my bare nipples. Jerome had retained not only my panties but my half bra and it made me feel more naked that if I had nothing on. Pulling on my flats I reached for the door handle.

Jerome was impatient to go so I hurried behind him out the door with my many purchases in my overloaded arms.

When we reached the car he immediately wanted to drive to my house. I quickly checked my watch. Jim, my husband would be home within the next hour. “Please couldn’t I drop you somewhere,” I meekly pleaded.

I felt his warm hand rest on my right knee. It then started sliding towards my upper thigh. “Please…..I’m trying to drive. I’m afraid that..that….” The warm hand continued it’s journey. Upward….upward until it reached the top of my nylons. I nearly passed out when the hand reached my bare skin above my nylons. The fingers played with the garter clasp and occasionally ventured towards my leaking pussy folds. My cum coated skirt was nearly bunched around my hips. My mind tried to focus on the fast moving traffic when I felt the warm hand retreat. I allowed my mind one moment of relief…..and then I felt the long strong fingers clasp the top button on my blouse.

“Please….Not while I’m driving. Everyone will see,” I pleaded.

“Exactly…I like to show off my woman,” stated the arrogant black teenager.

My eyes burned ahead as the car sped on it’s journey. I dared not look at the traffic on either side of me in the four lanes of traffic. After what seemed an eternity the blouse was completely unbuttoned. I was nearly lifted off the seat as Jerome pulled the tail of the shirt from my skirt. When the tail was completely pulled out he carefully separated the two sides of the tight blouse. My small but firm breasts were then available for the world to see. As we sped down the freeway I glanced down to see my hardened red tipped nipples totally exposed and my blue skirt bunched up to my waist. I could have died from humiliation and dread but thankfully my exit was at hand.

I was glad the sun had set as I drove the last several blocks to Mr. and Mrs. Jim Jones upper middle class home in the suburbs. My one piece of good fortune was that there were no neighbors visible in the deserted streets. My disheveled appearance coupled with a black teen age boy at my side would have caused many of my nosy neighbors to take note.

The car was quickly parked in the garage and the door hurriedly closed. I then turned to Jerome, “My husband Jim will be home within the next fifteen minutes. Please have mercy and leave. I’m afraid that……” I sobbed on, not knowing what to say.

“I am glad that your husband will be home shortly. There is something that he and I will have to discuss. From now on I will be the only one fucking you. He will have to come to grips with his new status,” he arrogantly stated.

I felt a twinge of fear. “How could my thirty five year old husband accept such a brash statement from a fourteen year old black youth ?” my mind questioned.

When we entered my martial home he brushed me aside and flopped down on our large leather sectional. “Bring me a drink…A Strong Drink !!” he ordered.

I was mentally and physically exhausted. My body made him and I two double scotches and I reached out with his drink. As my arm extended he grabbed my wrist and pulled me to his side on the huge leather sectional. “Enjoy your drink with me. Your husband will be home shortly and we’ll resolve who your fuck partner will be from now on,” Jerome continued.

He placed his right arm around my shoulder and his hand rested on my right breast. He casually teased my sensitive nipple and was enjoying my trepidation.

I was the first to recognize the sound of the garage door opener. I visualized each of my husband’s steps as he approached the kitchen door located directly next to our three car garage. The kitchen door opened; footsteps crossed the kitchen floor and then as I meekly looked up saw my husband’s face as he first gazed on my black lover and me sitting on the leather sectional. I will never forget his stunned face as he focused on the black hand teasing my hardened nipple; my blouse completely open and laid back; my cum coated navy skirt…….and the shocked look on my face.

The next instance I recognized the anger envelop his five foot seven inch 165 pound frame. He was momentarily speechless as his mind digested the scene in front of him.

“What in the Sam Hell is going on here Mary ?” he nearly screamed.

“This is Jerome Washington, Jim. He is one of my students,” I meekly blurted out. As the words left my mouth I realized how completely stupid it must have sounded.

“Black Boy You Had Better Unhand My WIFE or you are in for the beating of your life,” screamed my now irrational husband.

Jerome merely shifted his hand and cupped my overheated breast. He played with it as if it was a bowl of jello. He then bent his head and licked the side of my face with his long coarse tongue.

Turning to Jim he sneered up at my irate husband. “From now on I will be the black bastard fucking your wife. If you want to play macho man you best be doing it now, asshole…”

During the short sequence Jim had taken inventory of the muscular black youth. Although Jim was nearly three times his age he was not nearly as strong; tall; or big. If there was to be a fight it would be short, quick and over, with my husband laying in a bloody heap.

Jim’s mannerism immediately softened. Anger is one thing….Reality is quite another. “I want you to leave..Now !” was Jim’s next more milder approach.

“Get yourself a drink. You can Watch,” Jerome haughtily replied.

Jim moved one step closer until he saw Jerome flinch his hardened body. He then backed up to the wet bar next to the kitchen. He turned, and made a strong triple scotch before returning to the living room. He meekly sat down in an easy chair to the far side of the leather sectional.

When Jim turned Jerome lowered his face to mine and gently probed by trembling lips with his tongue. Unable to comprehend the events of the last several minutes my lips parted and the long wet tongue was dueling with mine. His tongue explored my warm and wet oral cavity and I tried to keep up with it’s delicate probing.

Jerome had placed his empty glass on the cushion next to where he was seated and his left hand returned to my left knee. I pulled back when I felt the warm hand make it’s first contact. I had pulled my skirt down to my knees when I had first sit down but the black hand found the hem and was slowly raising it as the hand snaked it’s way up my thigh. “Please don’t,” I moaned.

My soft rebuke had no effect as I felt the hand slide further and further up my nylon covered leg. I felt the skirt start to rise but was helpless to do anything to prevent the exposure of my upper thigh. Jerome’s right hand was still rubbing the underside of my right breast and his insistent tongue was still causing me great consternation.

I finally pulled my lips away and with both my hands pulled his hand away from my upper thigh. Fearfully I looked towards my husband. His eyes were wide and his mouth hung half open.

Jerome then turned and looked at Jim also.

“Well Jim Boy I guess you and I have to decide who’s going to fuck this little tramp aren’t we ?” Jerome mockingly questioned.

My husbands mind must have went blank. He didn’t say anything….his stare was vacant……..and his manhood stood at attention in his dress trousers.

“I’m going to fuck Mrs. Jones now, Jim. If you are going to be an asshole I’ll ask you to leave. If you behave yourself you may stay….” Jerome continued.

I sat shocked, next to the fourteen year old black youth who had just made the most incredulous statement that I ever heard. I sat begging with my heart that my husband would stand up for me…for our marriage…for his self respect.

Jim finally regained some degree of consciousness. “I want you to leave my home…” he finally muttered.

Jerome turned to me and softly commanded, “My drink needs a refill. Be quick about it…”

Uncomprehending this totally dreadful play unfolding in front of my husband and me I heavily lifted myself up and walked to the wet bar. As I passed my husband, Jim, I looked down at his manhood standing rigidly at attention. It was the first sustained erection he had had in the last five months. I refilled both Jerome’s glass and mine and demurely walked back to the arrogant black youth.

“I’m going to fuck Mary. If you don’t want to watch you can leave. If you want to stay and watch a Black Man fuck your wife you best not try to interfere. You Got ME…Jimmy ?” he stated.

Jimmy, his head down, meekly pleaded with Jerome, “I can’t let you fuck my wife. I will call the police..”

I was standing timidly in front of Jerome.

“Mary tell your husband what you did this afternoon during your lunch hour ?” Jerome commanded.

I felt my face and body blush. “Please, Jerome, Don’t make me …. please don’t make me…”

Jim had a puzzled look on his drawn face.

Jerome rose from his seated position and placed his large frame directly behind me. I felt him grasp the shoulders of my blouse and gently slide them down my arms. His strong arms then encased my shivering body and his fingers slid down my sides. I felt his finger momentarily fumble with the clasp on my skirt. The relief was only seconds in length as he finally achieved his goal and I felt my skirt fall to my ankles. I had already discarded the flat shoes so I stood before my husband completely naked except for a thin garter belt and hose.

“Look at your husband and tell him what you did to me in your classroom during lunch hour,” Jerome again commanded.

I looked up but had a difficult time looking into my husband’s devastated eyes. “I got on my knees and I sucked Jerome’s cock to orgasm,” I sobbingly reported.

“That’s right JIMBO… Your little meek wife dropped to her knees in front of me and sucked my black cock. When I was close she squeezed my nuts so that I could deposit all my nasty nigger cum in her sweet little mouth… Whatcha think of that JIMBO ?” Jerome mocked.

Looking at my husband I could tell he was completely shattered. He tried to speak but no words came forth.

“Tell JimBo what you gave to me as a gift right before the assistant Principal opened your locked door Mrs. Jones,” the mocking voice continued.

As I looked up at my shattered husband I felt sharp spark flow throughout my tight body. “Jim, I gave Jerome my panties. He made me take my panties off and give them to him. I barely had time to hand him my panties before the assistant Principal had put his key in my door,” I simply stated. I could feel my pussy continue to lubricate. My confession was starting to light my fire… to bring that pleasant and long lasting glow back to my deprived cunt.

“How about after school Mrs. Jones. What gift did you convey to me then ?” Jerome continued.

Jerome’s use of Mrs. before my name was used to deflate my already shattered ego. But it also achieved another purpose. My sloppy pussy was lubricating for the inevitable fucking that was in store for this prim and proper school marm.

“Jim, after school Jerome came to my room. He made me give him my bra. When we got to my car he made me unbutton my blouse so that everyone on the freeway could see my bare titties…Jim He Made Me Do All Those Nasty Things,” I sobbed.

As I looked at my husband all I could find no compassion in his face..But I could see the ever growing and hardening cock, tenting from his trousers. IT looked like it was about to explode.

“You see JIMBO… Your precious little wife committed second degree criminal assault on a poor defenseless fourteen year old abused youth,” Jerome laughed. “Do you still want to call the police. Well Go Ahead…. Let’s see how your precious little cheesecake would fare in the dark, dank, confines of County Lock Up. I bet her teaching career would get a real big boost too, don’t you JIMBO. Maybe you could call the assistant Principal and see what he would have to say about the appearance of the little tramp when he unlocked her locked classroom door. Well JIMBO whatcha have to say now ?” he concluded.

Jim sat silently slumped in the easy chair. A broken man he meekly sipped his now empty drink. His raging hard on twitched as he looked up at his nearly nude timid wife and the large black teen age tough that was mocking both of them.

Jerome turned me around to face him. I kicked the blue skirt away and stared into his dark eyes. “Take my clothes off Mrs. Jones,” he ordered.

I carefully removed his shirt over his broad and muscular shoulders. I let my hands run across his massive pectorals and his rippled stomach. My delicate fingers grasped the large belt buckle and I had to pull hard to disengage the pin. I pulled the belt from the loops and then returned to the button of the jeans. I felt Jerome inhale as I eased the button from the eyelet and then I looked up into his stern face. For a youth of only fourteen his face showed a hardness of a man twice his age. Standing on my tip toes I offered my lips to his…..

My delicate fingers grasped the tab of the zipper and I let him tongue me as the zipper was pulled down. Although I am a tall woman I came to only his chest. When the zipper was pulled down as far as it would go I inserted my hands in the jeans and worked them back over his massive buttocks. The jeans feel easily to the floor once they were pulled over the muscular black ass cheeks.

As the jeans slid down I felt the slimy hard black cock plop against my firm stomach. The pre cum coated my stomach and the hard cock felt as solid as a two by four. I swooned as I felt the man weapon thump against my petite body. His strong hands returned to my breasts and he forcefully manipulated the sensitive tips to his advantage. It took only seconds for the nipples to harden…. It took less time for my pussy to completely engulf itself with my sweet woman lubricant. I had been sloppy from the first moment at lunch…I was now awash with pussy juice flooding my chamber in anticipation of a real man sticking his hard cock deep into my belly.

I felt I couldn’t wait and I dropped to my knees. My eager mouth found the tip of the hard black cock and I eagerly inserted the leaking tube of black flesh into my willing and warm mouth. My tongue caressed the tip…and then traveled the length, or at least what I could suck into my mouth.

Jerome stood above me and was watching my husband’s reaction to my wanton display of lust. “Stroke yourself Jim..After I fuck your wife you can suck her out. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO FUCK HER ANYMORE…….” he ordered.

The words cut deeply but I was not craving words..I was craving hard black cock and nothing was going to derail my needs…not at this point.

My tongue lavished it’s saliva and caresses on the hard black tube. I craved Jerome’s cock. I adored it’s throbbing and twitching veins…..

“On the Couch…” was his simple command.

I instantly obeyed. I scooted around his muscular frame and settled on the edge of the cushion. I hungrily looked up to him; pleading with my eyes. “Please put on a condom…,” I meekly begged.

“Spread yourself ……I want to see that tight little pussy. I could barely get my fingers into your wife’s pussy this afternoon Jim. I could tell that you couldn’t be satisfying your wife if she was so tight…. When I fuck her Jim it will be fucking a Virgin cause you sure in the hell haven’t hurt her little pussy one damn bit..” he mocked my husband.

He slapped my thighs and I stretched my legs further. It hurt to spread my legs so much but I had to….Jerome’s cock was so very large. “Please don’t fuck me without a condom. It’s my fertile period and I am not on any protection,” I continued to beg.

“I told you to spread.. How am I going to stick my black cock into Jim’s wife little cunt hole if she doesn’t spread her Lilly white legs for me ?” questioned Jerome.

I was intently staring at the large black teen age boy as he mocked my husband. He then knee walked between my legs and I scooted further down on the cushions of the sofa so that I could wrap my legs around his muscular thighs.

I felt the tip of the hot poker as it inched it’s way forward. It scraped my upper thighs leaving a trail of ropelike pre cum dripping on the black leather sofa cushions. My mind swirled with need, and also the fear of having his fertile black seed deposit a black bastard deep into my womb….

My husband Jim was slumped down in the easy chair watching as Jerome was preparing my cunt for his huge black cock. His mouth was open and drool dripped from his lips. His hand was frantically stroking his now exposed cock.

I felt the tip finally reach the entrance of my sopping hole and it felt like a huge log. Momentarily I had second thoughts and started to scoot back on the cushions, but Jerome’s strong hands gripped my waist and pulled me back down. My terrified eyes burned into his dark forbidding slits and I felt the tip lodge itself at the outermost opening. My creme lubricated the tip and Jerome inserted the first inch. I heard myself let out a mournful screech. Jerome forced the second inch in and then slowly withdrew. I looked down at the contrast of my pasty white stomach and the dark black cock. The tip was wet from my excretions and I pleaded with Jerome with my eyes to end this ravishment.

He smiled as his hips lurched forward and impaled my stretched love chamber on the end of his black cock. I tried to adjust to the feeling of intense fullness when I felt another lunge…..and another two inches of solid black cock found it’s way deep into my stretched womanhood. He allowed his cock to slip back an inch before he pushed forward again. As he thrust his muscular buttocks forward his strong arms pulled my waist to him.

Sweat was dripping from my face and body. Although it had previously felt cold and damp in my living room the place was now an inferno. I tried to lift my hips to reduce the pressure and as soon as my legs forced my hips up I was filled with another section of black tube. The pressure was intense; I had never been as full as I was at that moment. My poor underendowed husband, even when erect could never fill even half of what this fourteen year Black Boy was managing.

I pleaded once again, “You mustn’t cum in me. Please…. Oh God Please….”

Jerome, his face strained, merely smirked. “You little pussy is going to have all the little black sperm it can hold. I fuck bareback…I am not a little wimp ass white boy………I hope I knock your white ass up. You’ll have something to talk about with your little white school teachers Mary..” he mocked.

His vision of knocking up his Jr. High Math teacher caused him to become even more excited. He could no longer control himself and he pile drove his black cock to my inner most depth. At the same time the muscular arms grabbed my waist and brutally forced my whole body towards the thrusting black log. At that moment in time I thought that he had split me in full. My entire soul was being impaled on the long thick black cock. I screamed in agony as it felt like my hips were ripped from their sockets and my poor tender white pussy was stuffed with a donkey sized black cock.

As rapidly as the impalement occurred a split second later the black pole was retracted…..and then the pile driving ass loaded my pussy again….. and again….and again… The see sawing action was achieving his goal. The intenseness, the relaxation, was allowing my ravished body to respond to him. To respond to his total conquest of my body and soul.

I could do nothing except lay there and accept the pain….. and the pleasure of his magnificent black cock. He dispensed both with ease. One moment I could hardly breathe from the intense fullness… the next moment I was wrapping my calves around his muscular ass cheeks begging him to impale me…….To IMPALE me on his splendid black manhood. As each second roared by I heard a constant throbbing in my head as I clenched at the man/beast that was rapidly bringing me to total and complete release. I could not stop.. I could not breathe… I could not wait for the magic moment that was so very close.

The first orgasm washed through my entire body. Every nerve..every fiber was totally consumed with the pleasure and mind numbing sensations as the feeling spread throughout my body. Panting to regain my breath I tried to keep up with Jerome. He had not stopped but had actually increased his powerful thrusts.

I looked down at the vortex between my obscenely splayed legs and could see the huge black cock going in and out of my grotesquely stretched cunt. Every time the black tube was thrust forward I could see my lower stomach rise from the insertion. There was nothing that I could do but to grip the magnificent black animal with my legs. I pulled him forward and fought when he tried to pull his cock from between my legs.

The second climax was much more serene that the earthquake of the first. But my second orgasm did not slow down the brutally fucking teenager. I lost count after the fifth multiple orgasm and possibly lost consciousness. Finally at long last I heard a tremendous gasp and felt his muscular body fall across mine. The torrent of black seed seemed to flood the inner recesses of my panting body.

The scalding sperm ricocheted throughout my stuffed pussy and coated not only my thighs but dripped down my cheeks and flooded my wrinkled ass hole. The devastation was complete. It took me several minutes to regain any sense of where I was or what had actually happened.

At long last I looked up to see my husband crouched against the front of the chair he was sitting in. His limp reddened cock was shriveled and the front of his pants showed the rewards of his discharge. His glasses were cock eyed on his face and he had a far away look in his eyes.

Reprieve was to be short lived.

When Jerome had recovered from his nut busting he rolled off my exhausted and depleted body. My body was cum coated and everywhere was a bright red spotlch where my black boy had pinched me during our violet lovemaking journey. His white colored voluminous sperm was continuing to flow from my stretched and hurting pussy folds. It had drenched the hairlined slit and had puddled beneath the cushions where I lay in a half prone position.

“Hey faggott, Get Your Sorry Ass over here,” he shouted at my husband.

The order brought Jim out of her stupor. He wearily shook his head. Jerome rose up and walked over to my slumped over husband. Reaching down he grabbed him by one of his large ears and started pulling Jim back to the sofa with him. Jim struggled with the muscular black youth but could not disengage his firm grip on his ear which was nearly twisted off.

Once Jerome returned to the sofa he fell into it’s deep recesses. “Your wife sucked me clean faggott…Now it’s your turn.”

Jim immediately turned pale and started to turn and crawl away. Jerome raised up and in one brutal slap him my husband across the ears bringing stars to his eyes.. Jim was now totally terrified and again tried to crawl away. The muscular black youth merely grabbed him by the ankle and pulled my struggling husband back to the leather sofa. Once he had him drug back he again slapped him on the side of the head; again the blow landed on Jim’s other ear. Jim brought his hands and arms up and begged, “Please don’t hit me again….Please…”

Jerome relaxed and laid against the back of the sofa. “I told you to suck my cock like your wife. Do it or I’ll give you another dose.”

My husband didn’t need another dose. He humbly crawled to the edge of the sofa and pulled himself up. He was looking directly at the still semi hard black tube that had just ravished his wife. Jerome grabbed him by the back of the head and pulled him sharply forward.

Jim immediately opened his mouth and was rewarded by the insertion of Jerome’s black cock. He feverishly sucked the black sperm and my womanly coating from the large much used black man weapon. It took my husband nearly five minutes to thoroughly clean the black manhood. Smiling Jerome raised his leg and pulled it back to his chest….”Now Rim me…..”

Jim did not instantly recognize the order but with the black puckered asshole only inches away from his wet shiny face he finally comprehended the dreaded order. He started to shake his head…..but the intense glare from the muscled black teenager finally registered; again. Jerome smiled when he felt my husband’s tongue slide up his chute. His left hand found the back of his head and with his fingers firmly planted in the slick hair he pulled Jim forward until he was totally buried in his black ass. The submission lasted nearly five minutes and finally Jim was kicked away.

I laid totally still as my husband was made to pay for his submissiveness. He had not defended me against my terrible assault and I felt no mercy for him as he labored to lick my student’s pungent asshole. My body ached from my head to my tender stretched pussy hole. Jerome’s seed continued to flow from my swollen lips. I could not comprehend how much sperm had been planted in my heretofore seldom used womanhood. I tried to shift positions but each movement brought pain to my stretched muscles… and my stretched cunt.

When Jim had been kicked away I turned my head and looked at my Jr. High Student. His icy stare confirmed my fears that this would not be the end of my or my husband’s servitude to our new Black Master.

My husband laid at my feet after cleaning my Black Lover’s cock and asshole. I tried to shift my tired body and every muscle seemed to ache. My teen age lover had twisted my body in such angles that each of my muscle groups screamed for relief. My pussy, full of Jerome’s mammoth discharge was still leaking down my thighs and coating my asshole, even after nearly an hour of his brutal lovemaking.

Jerome shifted and slid to the edge of the sofa cushions. “Hey Jimbo, how you going to like a little black baby bastard running around this nice home. In another nine months your wife is going to spread her legs and my black baby will drop out. How you going to like that you limp dicked little faggot ?”

Jim, totally broken looked up at his tormentor and meekly shook his head. “No…..I can’t accept that…,” he quietly murmured.

“Well White Boy, I suggest you suck my sperm out of my new pussy….” Jerome mocked.

My husband, Jim, was totally mesmerized by the black teen age boy that had taken his wife.. He looked around unbelieving the last several hours. He had watched his heretofore meek, mild, mousy wife become a sexual vixen at the end of a fourteen year old black boy. He had witnessed his own decline in masculinity…..being forced to clean the black cock that had totally captivated his wife. Of being forced to suck the seducer’s wrinkled asshole. Of being kicked on the floor like a junk yard dog. And last….of being mocked by the black intruder after he probably impregnated his wife.

This last conscious thought finally brought him to some small sense of reality. He crawled between my legs and gently spread them. Even this gentle movement strained already overworked muscles. I looked down to the man who I had loved; but who I now loathed. He had permitted this fourteen year old youth to savagely fuck me……… Gathering my remaining strength I reached behind his wet scalp and pulled his face towards my tender and stretched slit. The initial contact felt soothing. His soft wet tongue caressed my swollen pussy lips caused me pleasure. I felt the tip of his tongue snake into my chamber searching for Jerome’s seed and spread my legs. I was still wearing my hose and I enjoyed the erotic scene with my doting husband sucking my pussy with my nylon covered legs wrapped around his head.

Jim was a man on a mission. He kept trying to insert his wet tongue deeper and deeper; attempting to secure more of the salty sperm left by my teenage black boy lover. As he scrunched up against my overworked thighs I continually tried to spread my legs further and further to allow him greater and greater access. I was rewarded by his warm tongue as it dove deeper and deeper into my wet recesses. I felt his tongue scoop out the boy’s discharge and I heard him suck it down his throat.

Out of the corner of my eye I seen the teen ager slowly get up and move around to the back of my husband. I watched his face as he put his finger to his lip and motioned for me to keep silent. I obeyed the boy with the long hard black cock.

When he was directly behind my husband he motioned for me to raise my legs and insert them over my husband’s shoulders. Although I did not immediately realize what he was asking I complied without hesitation. As I interlocked my nylon covered legs over my husband’s shoulder it had the pleasurable effect in driving his face deeper into my steaming crevice. It also accomplished another function……it effectively immobilized him.. He could not dislodge my legs……….

My husband started squirming when he felt Jerome reach around his waist and unbuckle his belt. He kept struggling harder and harder to break free but…… my legs held him firm. His struggling excited me as his face was ground ever deeper into my now aroused clit. I could not see his face…only feel his futile struggles.

Jerome had a large smile as he unbuttoned the dress slacks and started pulling them down over Jim’s lean waist. Each of Jerome’s movements caused my husband greater and greater anxiety. He desperately wanted to be free so that he could resist what we both knew was coming. The black teenager ungraciously ripped the slacks from his thighs and legs; letting his knees hit the hard floor. Jim had only his jockey shorts covering his small treasures now. They were still wet from when he was masturbating after watching me being ravished by my black lover.

My husband started screaming when he felt Jerome’s strong hands grab his shorts and slowly pull them down over his ass cheeks. As the screaming continued I pulled his face brutally forward with my strong legs. The leverage I had; my legs being wrapped around his soft shoulders was complete. Although his legs thrashed around his upper torso was completely at my mercy. I smiled……..My underendowed and under powered husband was about to experience what I had enjoyed in my stretched little cunt.

After he removed the jockey shorts Jerome turned and walked to the bathroom. When he returned he had a sly smile on his face. He carried a tube of K-Y jelly in his hand and again motioned for me to remain silent. A smile appeared on my face as he smeared the clear liquid on his right index finger. I felt my husband flinch as he felt the digit insert itself into his tight unyielding anus. Jerome continued smiling as he sawed in and out of Jim’s ass with his slime coated finger.

My husband continued to thrash around until……. His submission like mine was quick and decisive. His pleasure level however was not like mine. He struggled until my black lover had finished…..and left his seed buried deep within his bowels. As Jerome finished I finally unlocked my legs and allowed my husband to slump to the floor in front of my pussy. His vacant stare told me of his surrender.

Jerome got up and marched off to the bathroom. Shortly I heard the shower running and saw steam flowing from the open door. I let my eyes close and drifted off to a light slumber. I drifted off hearing my husband Jim, sob softly at my nylon covered feet.

When Jerome returned he softly stroked my brow. “Go make our bed.”

I looked up with a puzzled look.

“From now on I will be sleeping in your bed with you. Your husband can sleep on a rug near the door. I want him to hear when I pleasure you. Now Go…”

Jim, his eyes distant, meekly shook his head.

I pulled my weary body off the leather sofa and followed my black teen age lover’s orders. I returned and stood in the door completely naked when I had completed the tasks that he had assigned.

“You can watch if you want. I am sure you will hear when I bust my nut in your wife again tonight…” Jerome told my husband who meekly nodded.

I drifted off to sleep first but was awaken approximately three hours later. Jerome was sucking on my distended breasts. He sucked the hard nipples into his mouth and roughly bit the tips. It brought a sharp pain but it also brought ………arousal. By the time he mounted me I was wet. Even though my pussy was wet and ready his size again intimidated me. The large black cock slipped into my small and sore pussy and after fucking me intensely for nearly thirty minutes he deposited his virile black seed deep in my womb. I seemed to be on a never ending cycle of intense orgasms since this tall muscular black youth walked into my life.

After squeezing his the last of his seed on my tired and exhausted body Jerome rose and walked to the door. “Clean your wife. If you hurry you can suck my cum from her pussy. If you fail your mousy little wife will be carrying my baby….Do IT….Now !!”

My husband timidly pulled himself off the rug where he was asleep and crawled to our martial bed. His tongue found my hole and sucked Jerome’s seed from it’s outer reaches. It then forced it’s way deeper into my chamber. I could tell he was able to retrieve some of the thick fluid. He continued until he had cleaned me thoroughly. Groggily he pulled himself off our bed and returned to his rug.

I felt the springs creak as Jerome laid back down and quickly fell off into slumber.

Jerome took me two more times on this first night of my surrender. Each time my husband Jim was forced to clean my chute of his virile seed. As I drifted off to slumber after my last servicing my thoughts were of the coming day. What more could possibly be in store for my husband and I ?