Rose stood in the kitchen, a smile on her lips, as she listened to Ian
and Nick argue in the living room.

“Bullshit!” Ian said, his voice dripping with mock scorn. “Dude, we’ve
played high school football together. I’ve seen your cock in the
showers. There’s no fucking way that you can cum more’n me!”

“Fuck you!” Nick said. “Just ’cause your dick’s bigger – by a little-”

“By a lot!”

“A little! It doesn’t mean that you can cum more.”

“Yeah. It does.”



Rose listened to their bickering, then glanced over at her reflection
in the glass of the door. She was wearing a pale yellow,
spaghetti-strap sundress that hugged the curves of her petite body. She
smiled at her reflection and tucked her long, auburn hair behind her
ear, a plan forming in her mind as she listened to her two friends
argue. Leaving the tray of sandwiches on the kitchen counter, she
returned, empty-handed, to the living room.

“Dude,” Ian was saying, “When I cum, it’s a fucking flood. Alright?
Women gag when I cum in their mouths!”

Nick nodded. “Yeah. ‘Cause you taste so nasty!”

“Fuck you, asshole.”

Nick laughed. “Man, I’m a volcano when I cum. I erupt everywhere. I’ve
never met the girl yet who could drink it all.”

“Boys, please!” Rose pleaded.

Nick looked up at her. “Where’s the food?”

“Later,” she said. “First things first. Okay?”

Uncertain looks on their faces, both boys nodded.

“Okay,” she continued. “Let’s settle this once and for all. Ian, you
claim you shoot the biggest wad when you cum. Nick, you claim the same
about yourself. Why don’t the both of you just do your best right here
and now and let me be the judge.”

The boys glanced at each other, both with mingled expressions of wonder
and confusion. Finally Ian turned to her.

“Are you saying you want us to jerk off in front of you?”


Ian smiled uncertainly. “Here?”


Pushing his shaggy hair out of his face, Nick asked, “Why?”

Rose smiled. “Most of all, because it’ll be a lot of fun. But also
because it’ll stop you two from fighting.”

They both hesitated.

“Well?” she said. “Get to it! Strip naked and show me what you’ve got.”

They still didn’t move or speak.

She smiled. “Or have the both of you got such tiny dicks that you’re
embarrassed to show them to me?”

Ian responded with a humorless laugh and stood up. “Rose, brace
yourself. You’re about to see the eighth wonder of the world!”

Nodding, Nick stood. “Yeah. It’s a wonder how small his wiener is!”

“Shut the fuck up!” Ian shouted.

“Boys,” Rose said calmly. “The whole point of this, well, part of the
point of this, is to make you two stop arguing. You’ve each got fifteen
seconds to be totally naked or else we won’t even do this. And, just to
help motivate you and since I figure you’ll both perform better if
you’ve got something nice to look at ” As she trailed off, Rose grabbed
the hem of her sundress, pulled the filmy garment up over her head,
tossed it aside, then hooked her thumbs into the elastic waistband of
her panties and slid them down. As the garment didn’t allow for a bra,
unless she wanted the straps visible to everyone, she hadn’t put one
on. Kicking her discarded clothing aside, she stood nude before the
boys, lightly caressing her pert, petite breasts and pinching her
already hardening nipples.

Jaws dropping, Ian and Nick quickly stripped in a flurry of motion that
left them both nude and the living room strewn with discarded clothing.
Rose smiled, having timed them mentally. They were both naked with
several seconds left to spare.

Turning slowly, letting them look at her from all angles, Rose moved to
an overstuffed easy chair that faced the couch and sat, sliding down,
spreading her legs wide open. Still toying with her flushed breasts,
Rose smiled at them.

“Sit,” she purred to them. “Show me what you’ve got. I don’t care which
of you cums first. It’s whichever of you shoots the biggest load of
jizz that wins the contest. And a prize from me. Okay?”

Staring at her, already sitting and stroking his cock, Nick asked,
“What’s the prize?”

“You’ll find out in a few minutes. Now get to work mixing up a batch of
man mustard for me.”

Ian sat next to Nick, gaze fixed firmly on Rose’s flushed, nude body as
he slowly stroked his erection.

Rose grinned. “Good boys! I want both of you to give it your best.
Okay? I’m going to assume that whichever of you shoots the biggest wad
here and now is likely to always do so. Okay? So this isn’t just about
now. This is about settling all future arguments on the topic between
you two.” As she spoke, she softly caressed her small breasts, toying
with her rock-hard nipples. “So, do you two think I look good naked?”

“Yes!” said Ian instantly.

Nick nodded, then said, “You look gorgeous, Rose. I’ve always thought

She smiled. “Thank you, Nick. But flattery will get you nowhere as far
as this contest is concerned. Though it very may well get me into bed
with you some other time.” Her smile grew broader as she saw his hard
cock twitch at her words. “Now, no more talking, boys. Get busy
stroking those fuck-poles for me!”

Rose spread her legs open wider, giving them what she knew had to be an
absolutely exquisite, unobstructed view of her silky-smooth, hairless
snatch. She was already swollen and damp. Leaving one hand at her
chest, flitting back and forth, pinching and tugging first one hard
nipple, then the other, Rose gradually slid her other hand down her
flat, toned stomach. She stopped just above her dripping sex, letting
her hand rest there for a few moments. The looks on the boys’ faces
told her that they knew what she was about to do. She waiting, making
them wait with her, letting the anticipation build as they stared,
their own hands busily stroking their hard, purple-headed cocks. Nick
was already dripping a little bit of clear pre-cum. Gazing at it, Rose
licked her full, pouting lips and wiggled her hips a bit.

Parting her legs as wide as she comfortably could, Rose dragged the tip
of one long, French-tipped fingernail over her hard clit. The touch
sent a jolt through her naked body, causing her to gasp. Her breathing
was already growing heavy. She knew that there was a very real
possibility that she would cum before either of the guys. Exposing
herself like this to them was something she’d dreamed of many times
since they’d all been friends. It was a fantasy she often entertained
while pleasuring herself. Now that she was living it, she knew she
wouldn’t last long before achieving a mind-numbing orgasm.

Ian and Nick continued to stare at her as they stroked their dicks.
Ian’s satiny purple mushroom was dripping now, too. Nick had a steady
stream of pre-cum oozing from his cock. Both boys kept their lustful
gazes riveted on her as they masturbated.

Rose licked her lips again and slid her finger inside her pussy. Her
back arched with the sensation of her probing digit. A second finger
joined the first. Her other hand plucked at her hard nipples, toying
with them, twisting them lightly, sending waves of sensual pleasure
wafting through her burning flesh.

“Fuck!” Nick screamed, beating his meat faster. “I’m gonna fucking cum!
Rose! Can I cum on you?”

It was just as it always was in her fantasy! Rose nearly reached orgasm
just at the thought of it. Without a word, she simply nodded
frantically, her hands busy taking her breath away.

Nick leap up awkwardly, his hand a blur on his steel-hard erection.
Stepping over to her, Nick stood between her legs he stroked himself a
few more times before bellowing. A massive rope of glistening white cum
jetted from his cock, splattering Rose’s stomach and breasts as she
continued to finger-fuck her sopping pussy. A second wad landing on her
stomach. A third dripped onto the back of her hand as she plunged her
fingers deeper into her love cannel. Spent, Nick gasped for breath as
he looked down at her. Relishing the feel of his radioactively-hot
sperm on her already searingly-hot flesh, Rose smiled up at him. She
took her hand away from her breasts long enough to dip her fingers into
a pool of his spunk. She massaged it into her nipples as she resumed
toying with them.

Ian had moved to the end of the couch to see Rose around Nick. Abruptly
he stood, screaming, “Move your ass, Nick! My turn!”

Nick stepped aside just as Ian took his place between Rose’s splayed
legs. The instant Ian was there he came. A load of molten white sprayed
across her flushed body, dousing her chest and stomach. A bit even
spattered her chin. Smiling, Rose extended her tongue, trying to reach
it. More cum followed, raining down, thick and white and hot. When Ian
finished, he stepped away, standing beside Nick. Both boys were still
stroking their now semi-hard pricks.

Rose looked down at her body, covered in the fresh cum of her two best
friends. One hand was dripping with their hot, sticky offerings as her
fingers plucked at the flesh bullets her nipples had grown into while
her other equally sticky hand fucked her dripping pussy. Rose came, her
back arching, her head lolling backwards, a scream of pure animal
pleasure escaping her.

“Fuck!” Rose said, her breath ragged. “Fuck, that was good! We have got
to have contests like this more often, boys!”

Ian and Nick both nodded agreement, still staring at her cum-covered,
flushed, naked body.

“So which of us won?” Nick asked.

“It looked pretty even to me,” Ian said.

Rose sucked a bit of their mingled cum loads from her fingers and gazed
down at her body, looking at the streaks and pools of thick white that
decorated it. “Mmmm. You boys taste great!” She dipped her fingers into
more cum and licked them clean. “I need to find out how you each taste
individually.” Looking up at them, she grinned and said, “I agree with
Ian. I think you both came about the same. I call it a draw, boys.”

Nick stepped closer to her, still stroking his cock. “So who gets the

Rose slid off the chair, going to her knees on the floor, rubbing their
cooling cum over her body with both hands. “Both of you.”

Ian stepped up beside Nick. “What is the prize, anyway?”

“A blowjob from me,” Rose replied, licking cum from her fingers again.
“Fuck! You two taste divine!” She waved Ian forward, saying, “Nick. You
came first in the contest, so I think it’s only fair that Ian cum first
this time. Soon as he cums in my mouth for me, I’ll see what your cum
alone tastes like. Okay?”

Nick nodded dumbly as Rose cupped Ian’s balls with one delicate hand
and wrapped the fingers of her other hand around his shaft, softly
kissing the dripping head of his cock.

Rose grinned up at Ian as she sucked his cock into her mouth eagerly.
Giving them their prizes was going to as much fun, she thought, as the
actual contest had been.