You ….tied ,spreadeagled on the bed, legs and arms spread WIDE…Me, lying between your legs, my arms over your thighs , hands resting on your hips, this way I have you locked into a position from which the maximum movement you can make is to raise your shoulders from the bed….My mouth is buried in your pussy, pressed hard enough to spread your pussy lips and elevate your clit to my waiting tongue. My tongue is sliding up and down the length of your clit, light and fast, the very tip of my tongue slides under the clitoral hood and is briefly lodged there. An increase in pressure and I can feel your clit trapped momentarily between the tip of my tongue and my teeth. Little trap, release, little trap..release.. over and over, getting more intense with each increase in pressure and speed,,,your hips want to rise off the bed, you desperately want to be able to move, to ameliorate the intensity of the attention, but I will not let you. Over and over, harder and harder..you are gasping for breath… you have experienced several orgasms, and I still will not let you come down. What I am forcing you into is that never, never, land of aftershocks where the slightest physical contact from me will bring forth another shuddering release. When you are gasping for air, your body weak from the efforts demanded on it I lift my mouth from you and allow you a moment to recover.

My lips trace a lingering path down the inside of your thigh until I am at your bound ankle. I remove the rope from around it and then run my lips over the indentations caused by the rope and your struggles. I am rewarded with another quiver from you which is repeated when I remove the rope from the other. I climb on the bed and kneel between your legs, running my hands from your ankles to your hips and then back down again. I can feel your body tremble a little even with this minimal contact.

My hands grasp an ankle each and raise them to my shoulders, you know what is going to happen and wriggle your hips to facilitate my moves, I slide down until the head of my cock is resting against your wet pussy lips, a slight up and down movement sends delicious chills through your body, I wriggle a little from side to side until my cock is at the eager opening. My hands seek and find your breasts, grasping lightly, but firmly, around them.

I ask if you are ready and receive a little grunt of acceptance from you, with that I thrust forward, as hard as I can until our bodies are crushed together, my cock buried to the hilt, you need no more than this to once again take off and go away to orgasmic heaven, I continue the pressure and feel my own orgasm building, withdrawing and thrusting forward I continue the slow build to my completion, you sense what is happening and encourage me with words and sounds, the pressure has built to a level which I cannot ignore , I come, deep within you, your body reacts and again we are in the throes of that most glorious feeling, both of us are on our own trips, and together at the same time. Following that time out of time, that space where nothing else exists but the sensations in our bodies. I reach forward, untying your wrists to allow your arms to wrap around me. I gently withdraw and move until you are cradled in my arms, secure from all worries and problems. With our breaths mingling we drift of to an untroubled sleep…with love and a sigh….Your Master..

The End