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It’s a warm night and Bill, Frank and I are sitting around the table discussing a deal were trying to put together when you come through the door. Ken and Bill turn as you enter and I introduce you to them. Pleasantries are exchanged and you go to the kitchen. Ken, Bill and I finally finish what we are doing as you return to the room and come to my side. A few more pleasantries are exchanged. I ask you to get me a drink but curtly dismiss my wants. I tell you more firmly to go get my drink. You lower your eyes and head off to the kitchen to do as I ask. Ken and Bill ask me how do I get you to do as I ask. I tell them that you are my sex slave and must do as I ask. At first they are shocked by slowly curiosity takes over. They ask me more questions and I tell them all they want to know. You return with my drink and against return to my side. They exchange glances and finally ask you if its true that you are my sex slave and will do anything I ask. You look at me and wait for me to allow you to answer. I nod my approval. They both smile lean back in their chairs an in unison say ya right. You quickly speak and say it is true that you are required to do as I ask no matter what it is and that you have pledge to me your body to do to as I wish. They again voice that no way that you would do as I ask no matter what. Shrugging my shoulders I say Peggy go stand between Ken and Bill.

Yes sir

You move to were you are standing between them. Bill and Ken move there chairs so that they face you lean back and wait for what is next.

Peggy remove your blouse and bra show Ken and Bill what is under those cloths.

Yes sir.

You move your hands and slowly begin to unbutton your blouse, one button at a time. When the last button is undone you shrug your shoulders allowing the material to gently slide to the floor. Exposing your bar covered breast. I can see already that your nipples have grown hard from the excitement you are already beginning to feel. You reach around your back and undo the clasp that secures your bra. Your hands move to the front were you remove your bra exposing your big tits. Your dime size nipples are hard and yearning for pleasure.

Ken and Bill gape at the size of your tits and the hardness of your nipples. At first no one moves or speaks. Finally I ask if someone one is going to touch them. Ken speaks and says you kidding no IM not, she isn’t going to let use touch them. Peggy you are to let bill and Ken touch and play with your tits, you are not to move, do you understand?

Yes sir.


Go ahead gentlemen enjoy.

They hesitate at first as they move to touch your tits. But after what’s seems like an eternity they being to touch you. Slowly at first then as they grow more sure you will not move or say anything they move with more energy and desire.

Feeling more confident Ken takes a hard nipple into his mouth and begins to suck. And lick, Bill follows suit. Both men are now hungrily suck and licking your tits. You stand as told but I can see you are really enjoying this. Your head is back and you seem to be getting weak kneed from the attention your getting and a soft moan escapes your lips every so often.

I stand and move behind you rubbing my hands across your bare back as I approach. I softly speak into your ear and ask if you are enjoying?

Yes master I am is your reply.

I then ask if you are ready for more? You moan a yes.

I ask Ken and Bill if they are ready to go further.

They both nod yes, making sure not to remove their hungry mouths from your soft tits.

I tell you not to move or to say a word as I slide my hands into the band of your pants and panties.

Yes Sir

I push down so that your ass and cunt come into everyone’s view making sure to slowly reveal the hairy cunt you have to their view. I push your cloths down till they are on the floor. I tell you to lift one leg then the other removing the material as you do. You stand before us naked, your big tits being sucked and now they are toying with your cunt. I tell you to part your legs so they can play with your clit and to allow them to finger fuck your wet hole if they wish. At first they are contented to rub your hair covered pussy, Bill becomes brave and slowly starts to slide a finger into your wet cunt hole. You part your legs to allow him to get his fingers deep into your wetness. A moan escapes as a finger parts your cunt lips and slides into you. He is content to use one finger to fuck your hole. Mean while Ken is busy rubbing you tit and sucking it like a mad man. His hands rub your legs and ass. I am still standing behind you watching these guys ravage your ass tits and cunt. I can hear your cunt making sucking sounds as Bill fingers you with now two fingers and Ken sucks your tits. I whisper in your ear that I can’t wait to fuck your tight ass and fill it with hot sticky cum. Again you moan as I tell you this. Bill is now working three finger into your dripping wet cunt hole. You have moved so your leg is now on the chair spreading you hole open so that it can be fucked. You are having trouble standing, weak from pleasure. I ask you if your ready for some more, ready to prove to me that you are truly my cunt, and my sex slave, to do what ever I ask you to do.

Yes master I am your cunt hole. I will do as you ask of me.

Good I answer.

I leave Bill finger fucking your cunt and motion Ken to follow me.

I can hear your moans as we move away towards the bed. I tell him to undress and to lie on the bed. He does and as he lies down I can see he is sporting a raging hard on. I return to you, and when I reach you I take the collar and leash I have picked up and attach it around your neck. I hear a sucking sound as Bill’s fingers slide from your cunt hole. I lead you to the bed. You see Ken lying there cock stiff. I tell you I want you to crawl up onto him and to put his cock up your fucking cunt hole.

Yes master.

You crawl up and straddle his hips. Reaching back you grab his cock and aim it at your hole. Bill and I watch as you slide back, watching the head of Ken’s cock start to disappear up your wet hole. First the head disappears, then the whole then slides up your cunt. You moan as the last bit enters you, making a wet sound and we see cunt cum coming from your wet hole. You start to rock back and forth slowly fucking his cock. I tell Bill to strip and to go stick his cock into your mouth. He rapidly undresses and moves so you can suck him. You open your moth and take him into your hot mouth. Now I watch as you are fucked in the cunt and mouth. Not wanting to be left out I strip and move behind you. I aim my cock at your tight ass hole and prepare to stick it in. I place it against your hole and push. It slowly slides into your ass. I push till it’s all the way in. There you are a cock in your cunt your mouth and your ass. You are moaning like crazy, being fucked in every hole you have. You shudder from one orgasm after another. Finally Bill says he’s cumming and shoots cum into your mouth you swallow his load. Ken says he too is cumming and fills you cunt with cum. I took start to cum and flood your ass. As I pull out I see cum come out of your ass and run down onto your cunt. As Ken pulls free cum comes out and mixes with mine dripping onto the bed.

You move to one side and rest. You say that there is one more surprise and start to rub your cunt. It is not long before you start to cum as we watch you masturbate not once but twice.

We all shower have a little rest then take turns fucking your ass, mouth and cunt the rest of the night.

The end