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Antonia had me tied to a chair, naked except for my black Lord & Taylor briefs. My hands were bound with handcuffs behind me and my ankles were securely fastened with leather straps to the legs of the wooden chair. A thick leather strap crossed my chest, holding me tight, too tight. She stood over me, dressed in a conservative business suit, and played with my stiff cock through the thin cotton. “You like this, steven? Isn’t this nice for a change? I’ll be the Mistress and you’ll be the slave,” as she stroked my meat. Letting go of my thick rod, she turned and walked away. “I’ll be right back, lover. Don’t go away,” she giggled.

The door to the bedroom closed and I was left wondering what she had in mind for me, this 40 year old wife, mother and teacher, and usually my slut, my slave, the willing receptacle for my cum. After another torrid night in a nameless motel she wondered aloud what it would be like to switch roles, for her to dominate me, her Master. I told her I would be willing, feeling that a fully realized dominant alpha male should taste the other side, at least once, for it would make him better at his craft.

It seemed like an eternity when the door finally opened. I gasped. There stood my Antonia dressed like a professional Dominatrix. My eyes devoured her form. She was wearing a tight, black leather “merry widow” corset, opera length black leather gloves, black seamed, full fashion stockings affixed to the garters of the corset, thigh high gleaming black leather stiletto heeled boots, and a black leather collar with silver studs around her neck. She was heavily made up as well. Her mischievous eyes glared at me through a ton of eyeliner and mascara, her wicked smile surrounded by dark red bee-stung painted lips. Antonia stood with her hands on her hips, a haughty expression on her face. “Well, slave steven, do you like what you see?”

“Yes, Mistress,” I stammered, my cock pulsing with my arousal. “Mmmmm, steven, I can see you do.” Her heels clicked on the parquet floor as she moved toward me. Standing before me, glaring down at my trussed form, she reached for the opening of my briefs and in one sudden violent move, ripped them from my body. She tossed the remnants aside. Toni then reached down and tightly grasped my cock in her leather fist and started to pump me, my hips straining to meet her ministrations. Quickly, she stopped. “Now, now, steven, Mistress doesn’t want her slaveboy to shoot just yet, she has hours of erotic torture in store for him.” A moan escaped my lips. Toni turned and walked towards the bed, and looking over her shoulder, back at me, laughed, “Doesn’t my ass look great steven, wouldn’t you just love to service your Mistress’ asshole with your tongue?” I groaned again, straining at my bonds “Please, Mistress Antonia, let me pleasure your dark hole with my mouth.” She continued to walk towards the bed, slowly, torturing me with her leather-encased body. “Look at my legs, steven, don’t these boots make them look amazing? Wouldn’t you just love to clean them with your tongue?” My eyes ran up and down the length of the gleaming leather, “Please, Mistress, please let me suck on your high heels, please.” Antonia sat on the edge of the bed. Removing a huge lifelike rubber dildo from under the pillow, she said, “Maybe later, boytoy, but for now you’re going to be forced to watch me fuck my juicy, hungry cunt with this.” As she placed the massive phallus into her mouth, coating it with her spit, her eyes smiled at me.

She reclined on the pillows and opened her legs, digging the heels of her boots into the bed. She slowly started to draw the big dildo up and down her shaved sex, teasing the bloated lips. “Mmmmmmmm, steven, this feels so good. Can you see how wet I am”? My eyes were glued to her cleft, the girl juice almost running from it now, glistening in the light of the room. Antonia took her left hand, pulled part of her cunt open, and placed the head of the big toy at the entrance to her fuck-hole. “Make sure you watch as I put every inch of this inside me, slave,” as she started to ease the rubber phallus into her cunt. She leaned back her head and started to moan as inch after inch disappeared within her. I thought I would explode at the sight of this, my cock twitching in front of me, begging for release.

“Oh, steven, this is such a nice big cock, much bigger than yours, mmmmmmmmmm, finally I’m going to be satisfied, mmmmmmmmmm, God, this feels so fuckin’ good,” as the entire thing disappeared within her, save for the inch that her hand grasped.

“Now watch carefully, darling slaveboy, watch and learn.” And with that she started to pump the fake penis slowly in and out, withdrawing almost the full twelve inches and slowly easing it back in. “Oh, God steven, this feels so good, finally to be fucked by a full size cock. Maybe next time I’ll let you watch me get fucked by a real one, attached to a real man. Would you like that, slave?” I groaned and whispered, “Yes. Mistress.” “What did you say, steven!” she yelled at me, now working that thing in and out of herself at a quicker pace. “I would love to see Mistress serviced by a big-cocked man while I watched, her pleasure is my pleasure.” She was close to cumming I could tell as she gasped, “That’s a good boy steven, God, oh fuck, God… you know all the right answers!” She was using both hands now to fuck herself, thrusting and thrusting, faster and faster, the large tool now just a flesh colored blur. “Oh… oh… shit, fuck… I’m… I’m… watch me steven, watch… I’m cumming… watch me cum… watch me… oh, God!!!!!”

I stole a brief glance at my cock head and was amazed at the amount of pre-cum oozing from the tiny hole as I saw my Mistress explode into orgasm. I watched as her breathing slowly returned to normal, all the while with a mocking smile on her face, her eyes locked on mine. She dipped a leather-sheathed finger into her dripping hole and slowly brought it to her lips. “Mmmmmmmmmm, steven, remember how good I taste, the taste of a woman in heat?”

My mind was reeling. To think that just a few months ago I had the stern Dominatrix that now appeared before me, bound and blindfolded in a hotel room, while I slowly worked my gloved fist into her fuckhole. Now I was being forced to watch her suck her finger, as she teased me, with no hope of release, both from my bounds and from the tension that was building in my loins.

I could almost see a new thought cross her devilish countenance as she reached for the dildo and stood up from the bed. She walked toward me holding the big rubber cock in one hand like a truncheon, tapping it against the palm of her other. She walked slowly, her hips gyrating, click… click… click… In a moment she was once again before me, glaring down at me. She reached out and grabbed the back of my head and pushed the rubber phallus against my lips. “Go ahead, steven, suck, suck like you always make me suck, see what it feels like,” she hissed at me. My lips parted and the dildo entered my mouth, covered with the musky scent of her juices. I savored the fragrance as it wafted to my nose. “Go ahead, slave, take it in your mouth,” as she pushed it in deeper. “Good boy, you’re a good cocksucker, Toni’s cocksucker,” as she reached down and grabbed my shaft.

As she slid her tiny hand up and down my rod, she moved the fake cock in and out of my mouth in the same rhythm. “What do you think’ll cum first, boytoy? The real one or the fake one?” mocking me. She grabbed my rod with two fingers just beneath the head and started to quickly jerk the skin there, my groaning audible around the large rubber toy she held in my mouth. “Wanna cum, steven? Want Mistress to make you cum?” as her hand moved faster. I shook my head in a “yes” gesture, while she almost gagged me with the dildo. “I don’t think so,” as she took her hand from my cockmeat and pulled the fake penis from my mouth. “It’s too soon for you to cum, slave. Mistress wants to torture you some more.” She got on her knees in front of me and placed the dildo right next to my aching cock, supporting the base of the dildo in her two hands. “Watch, steven, learn how a pro sucks cock.” Antonia proceeded to go down on the toy just inches from my flesh and blood staff, forcing me to watch, as my dick twitched helplessly, scant inches from her mouth.

She put on a wanton display of fellatio, even jerking the fake cock with her hand at times, as she held it partially in her mouth. This went on for only a few minutes, but it seemed like hours as I felt the cum in my scrotum roil with the heat of this display.

She stopped her sucking and looked up at me, “Poor baby, does your little cock need a sucking too?” Straining at my bonds, I tried to formulate the correct answer, the correct words that would prompt her to give me relief. “Yes, Mistress. This worthless slave’s little cock needs a sucking, a sucking from the extraordinary mouth of his divine Mistress Antonia.”

“Oh, steven, you have such a way with words.” She placed the rubber phallus on the floor and grabbed the base of my shaft in a vice-like grip. “Look at you steven, you’re dripping in anticipation,” she laughed. It was true. I was so aroused that rivulets of pre-cum had dripped down my shaft. “I can’t put this filthy thing in my mouth,” she giggled as one of her gloved fingers ran up my cock gathering the juice. “Here, clean yourself,” she ordered, holding the sopping leather finger to my lips. I greedily devoured the juice there, slurping loudly, hoping to keep her pleased in anticipation of the chance of release she promised. “There’s more,” once again running her finger up my shaft, coating the black leather in pre-cum. “Eat,” and once again I thoroughly cleaned her gloved finger with my mouth.

“What a good boy Mistress has,” as she again gripped the base of my throbbing cockmeat in her hands.

Antonia slowly stuck out her tongue and ran it up and down the underside of my shaft. I groaned at this incredible torture. “Make one more sound and I stop,” she hissed. She once again returned to teasing my hardness with her tongue, up and down, up and down. She stopped at the most sensitive area, the glans, just beneath the swollen purple head and started to push her tongue against that spot. I squirmed, but I remained noiseless, hoping she would engulf me in her warm mouth, knowing that if she did I would shoot instantaneously. But my diabolical Mistress just continued to press and flick her tongue across that spot until, helpless, a small sigh left my lips.

“You were warned!” she shouted, releasing my shaft and standing up. She crossed the room quickly and once again reaching under the pillows produced a leather cat-o-nine tails. “You’ll have to be punished, steven, for disobeying Mistress,” as she crossed the room back to me… click… click… click.

She stood before me once again, this time with a scowl across her heavily painted face. “This’ll hurt me more than it’ll hurt you,” as she brought the whip down across my cock, not hard, but hard enough. “I want this little thing soft, steven, do I make myself clear?” as she began to whip my swollen cock and balls with the flogger. It whistled through the air as time and again she struck my most sensitive area. I counted twenty times and still my cock remained harder than ever. “You’re enjoying this, aren’t you, my toy,” she laughed. “Look at the big strong Master, being aroused by having his cock and balls tortured.” She was right. I was very aroused by this, the moment, the stinging pain, the sight of her.

Soon she grew weary of whipping me. “You think you’re quite the stud, huh? All the cunts and asses and mouths this cock has fucked. All the rancid cream you’ve poured into hundreds of women. We’ll see. Time to suck again, steven.”

Antonia took the handle of the flogger and ran it across my lips. “Mmmmmm, steven, Mistress so loves your mouth and lips. They’ve given me such pleasure, remember?”

“Yes, Mistress, I remember,” I whispered. She started to push the leather- wrapped handle into my mouth. “Take it, steven, take it in your mouth,” as she pushed it through my parting lips. “Take it, steven, just like you’ve made me and all your sluts take your filthy cock in our mouths,” she hissed as she pushed it into me further. “Suck, steven, suck on it. Suck it the way you like me to suck you. Feel what it’s like,” as she held the flogger’s handle deep into my mouth. I started to suck on it, the best I knew how. “That’s it, slaveboy, suck. Just like you make me do to your cock. What a good cocksucker you are, steven! You like when I say that to you? Just like you say it to me when you fuck my mouth,” she giggled. Toni started to move the long handle in and out of my raped mouth now as I strained at the leather strap across my chest holding me to my chair. “That’s it, stevie boy, that’s it, keep sucking,” as she started to rapidly move the leathered rod in and out of me, faster and harder. “Too bad this can’t shoot a hot load, huh, baby? Wouldn’t you just love to drink some boiling, creamy jism, just like you always make me do”? I tried to protest but the handle moving in and out of my mouth choked off my words and the sudden sensation of Mistress’ gloved hand gripping my scrotum.

Toni pulled the whip handle out of my now raped mouth as she squeezed my cum laden balls. “Feel good, darling? You have such nice big ones, don’t you? All filled to bursting with hot creamy cum, huh?” She continued squeezing as she taunted me, the pain building. Just as I thought I would pass out from the pain, she stopped. She turned and walked away, click, click, just a few steps. Antonia bent at the waist and, dropping the flogger, reached behind herself and spread her ass. “Look at this, steven. Isn’t this a great ass?” I was still catching my breath when she yelled, “ANSWER ME WHEN I TALK TO YOU!” “Y,y,,yes, Mistress, it’s an extraordinary ass” “Wouldn’t you just love to fuck it, slaveboy?” Yes, Mistress, please let me fuck your incredible ass,” I stammered in hope. “Not a fuckin’ chance!” as she turned and walked back towards me. Stopping in front of me, hands on hips, she surveyed me with flaming eyes. She reached down and once again grasped my cock in her leather fist. “Wanna cum, steven?” as she started to pump my engorged shaft. “Yes, Mistress, please let me cum,” I begged. She started to pump my shaft faster and harder now and I felt myself growing close. “Wanna cum, boytoy?” she laughed, her hand a blur now. “Yes… please… I…” “Not a fuckin’ chance,” as she released my throbbing shaft, turned on her high heels and walked back to the bed.

Antonia sat on the edge of the bed with her legs spread, her left hand rubbing her clit. “I want to cum, steven, what do you think of that?” she mocked me. “Please let me watch you cum, Mistress,” I begged, hoping she would blindfold me so the visual torture would end. She picked up a small black plastic vibrator with a gold base. Reaching to the bedside table, she took a bottle of baby oil and dripped it onto the toy until it was completely coated. Toni stood and crawled onto the bed, her gorgeous ass now facing me as she positioned herself on her knees. “Watch this, steven,” as she reached behind herself and holding her ass open with one hand slowly and smoothly slid the small vibrator into her tight asshole. “Watch, steven,” looking over her shoulder at me again with that same sneer and fiery eyes. “Watch me fuck my ass, your favorite thing.” As she started to slowly slide the shaft into her tight sphincter she placed her head on the pillows, reached beneath herself with her other hand, and started to rub her clit. Her moaning filled the room. “I love getting my ass fucked, steven… ooooohhhh…” As the vibe disappeared within her bowels she turned it on and started to cum once again, audibly, loudly, torturing me with exquisite agony by making me watch another wanton display. Once my slave, she now owned me, and she knew it.

The end