Slowly my senses reawakened. I must have passed out for some reason. I tried to shake the cobwebs from my mind. I opened my eyes and it was pitch black. Suddenly I became aware of my pussy being on fire. I could feel something pounding deeply into me. I felt my pussy juices running out of me and down my legs. Someone was fucking me!

Oh God it felt so good. My pussy was stretched bigger than I could ever remember. I could hear groans, grunts and moaning. I could hear and feel the man’s balls slapping against my thighs. I realized that the moaning was from me and the grunts and groans were from the man fucking me.

As my eyes adjusted to the dark I realized that I was on my knees and my stomach was resting on something so that the man was fucking me doggie style. I went to move my hands I found that I couldn’t. They seemed to be fastened to the floor. I arched my back and lifted my head but could only move it a few inches. I could feel something was wrapped around my neck and as I focused my eyes harder, I saw that there was a leash or cord going from my neck to the floor.

Even as I became aware of this I could feel myself thrusting my ass backwards to meet the powerful thrust of the man as he continued to pound his cock into my overflowing pussy. I felt myself approaching an orgasm as I felt his cock stretch and reach deep into my pussy. I whispered, “Harder, harder fuck me harder.” The man responded, “So you are awake again. Do you like my cock Bitch?”

“Yes, oh yes. You’re so fucking huge. Please fuck me harder. I’m so close.” I replied. “You better hurry slut, because I going to fill your cunt any second now.” was his answer. I felt him start to plow faster into me and I met each thrust with a return thrust so hard that I could feel our bones hitting together. This took me over the top and my pussy started to pulse and spasm. I strained and tightened my pussy as tight as I could around his cock.

He yelled out, “Take it you cunt. Take all my cum.” I felt him tense as his cock started to fill my pussy with his hot cum. I tensed my back and tried to raise my head, straining at the leash as I felt my climax start. “Uuurrgg, Ohhhh, Gooddd I’mmm cummmingg.” I yelled.

I felt the heat from his hot cum filling every bit of my pussy, being forced out around his cock. My own cum mixed with his, the mixture dripping from my pussy lips. Splattering onto my legs and coating the floor as I bucked and shook. I felt him collapse onto my back as I came down from my powerful orgasm, still experiencing mini orgasms as his weight crushed down on me and his softening cock slipped from my now well-fucked pussy. Like a dam breaking our combined cum flooded out of me, running down my legs. I shook every few seconds as I savored the overloading sensations I had just experienced.

My head hung down almost to the floor as I panted for air. Sweat ran like a river off of my body. “Did you enjoy that cunt?” the man asked me. “Please you’re crushing me. I can’t breathe.” I answered. “Answer me, BITCH!” he yelled as he reached around and pinched both my nipples hard.

“Yes, I enjoyed it.” I yelled in pain.

He pulled and pinched my nipples more as he laughed. “Of course you did you fucking slut. In a little while you’ll get to feel my cock fuck your ass.” Even as I moaned with pain from his torturing my nipples, I could feel my pussy quiver from both what he was doing to my nipples and the thought of his huge cock invading my ass.

He let go of my nipples. Then I felt him force something into my mouth. It felt like cloth. Before I could spit it out he took some tape and placed it over my mouth. He laughed and said, “Hope you enjoy sucking on your panties. I’ll be back in a while, Bitch!” With that I felt him get off of me. I could once again take full breaths. As I finally caught my breath, I thought that I felt the room move as I heard him move around. Then he walked past me and I could see him open a door. As light filled the room, I realized that I was in a RV of some sort. He shut the door after stepping out and the interior went dark again. I now knew where I was, but I now had to figure how I got here. And when I was going to be fucked again.

The End