My co-worker and I arrived at my girlfriend’s house a bit early. We were going to a work function at a nearby club/restaurant and I invited my girlfriend Summer as a guest. We had been going together pretty seriously for a few years and had a great sex life. She always wanted some and I couldn’t say no. However, she would never swallow. She greeted us at her door in her bathrobe since we were so early and I introduced her to my friend Jeff. Jeff was a bit younger than me and sort of like a little brother at times. Summer was a year older than me in her early 30s and gorgeous. Tall, long, straight blonde hair, blue eyes, 36D breasts. Men were always looking at her. She told us to have a seat while she got dressed. We sat down, but from where we were sitting we could see right into Summer’s bedroom. She let her robe drop to the floor and opened her dresser drawer. She pulled out a pair of black, sheer thigh high stockings and threw them over her shoulder as she looked more.

I thought “she never wore them before, but I do like them.” Summer soon found a black garter belt, panties and bra. I couldn’t believe it. Jeff was pretending that he couldn’t see, but I knew better. She took a seat on her bed and began rolling up the stocking in preparation to pulling them on. Summer slowly pulled the nylon up her long shapely leg all the way up to the garter clasp. As she pulled the second thigh high over her next leg she yelled out in question “So, Jeff how long have you worked with Vin, do you have a girlfriend?” I was a bit jealous of her second question, but he answered red-faced “A year and not really.” Summer now had finished clasping her garter and slipping on her panties. By this time, I was rock hard and wanted to take her right there. She put on her bra and took out her black dress that ended right at the mid thigh. She slipped on some open-toe heels, put on a bit of make up and she came out. She said she was ready to go, but not before she complemented Jeff a few times on how good he looked.

My jealousy and erection grew.

The whole time at the party Summer spoke with some of my co-workers and sat next to Jeff. When she crossed her legs, her stocking top showed and you could see some of her creamy thigh exposed. She drank more than usual and ignored me a bit. She eventually took me aside asked if we could go back to her home has she placed her hand over my crotch. I couldn’t say no. Before I could say bye, she told Jeff we were leaving and asked if he wanted to come back to her place and I would give him a ride home. My anger grew, but was still turned on. He agreed and we left.

We arrived back at Summer’s place and she offered us some drinks and put on some music. She came back and plopped herself right in between Jeff and myself. Her stocking tops exposed and even a garter clasp on one leg. She told Jeff he was a good dancer and had nice hair. He said thanks and jokingly said the same. He said she looked good tonight and she said that she just bought this outfit, as she extended her nylon leg. I excused myself to go the bathroom as she continued to play with his hair. I saw she had now straddled him a bit, exposing her stockings as her dress rode up to her waist. I was angry, but I just didn’t want to stop it. I came back in and saw Summer and Jeff making out on the couch. His hand was sliding up her nylon-clad leg up to her stocking top. She aggressively attacked him and jammed her tongue down his throat while rubbing his obvious erection. I was angry but erect myself and went behind her to start taking off her dress. Jeff knew I was there, but didn’t even stop. I unzipped her dress as she unzipped his pants.

“Oh you’re beautiful” she cried has she gazed at his huge erection. She unclasped her bra has her beautiful D cups were unleashed, slipped off her heels and stood there in just garter belt, panties and sheer black stockings. She wiggled out of her panties and quickly laid on the large couch and started to take Jeff in her mouth. She slowly took him all in as her movements began to grow faster. Quick jerks of her head made him moan and made her straight blonde hair fly back and forth. She moaned too as her wet mouth rode up and down his shaft and touching his young, built chest. During this, I was kissing her stocking legs and garter strapped bottom, I tried to finger her soaking wet crotch, but she seemed to ignore it for the most part. She used her hand to move up and down Jeff’s saliva-soaked hard cock and she smiled at him and pleaded “Honey, you HAVE to fuck me now!” He was more than happy to. He moved her on her back, where her head was now in my erection. She touched it, but to my disappointment and arousal she sexily said to “move back baby.” She got on her back as his huge hard-on entered my girlfriend and she moaned loudly. She quickly yelled “I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum” as she did. Summer’s stocking legs were wrapped around Jeff as he pumped her hard. I was about to burst, so I stood next to the couch by Summer’s hand and she halfway took my cock in her hand and I quickly climaxed all over the couch and a little on her lightly freckled shoulder. She used her hand to push me aside as Jeff fucked her more. She came many times and cried out has she did. Her face was flush as she got on all fours and order him to take her from behind.

He slid his huge dick in my girlfriend from behind and made her gasp and moan. Her head jerked back and forth as I sat there slowly becoming aroused again. Jeff soon removed his hard-on from her and moaned he was about to cum. Just then, Summer turned around on her back slid down to where her stocking legs were wrapped around him again, she grabbed his dick in her mouth and he shot his load into and all over her mouth. I couldn’t believe it. She smiled and wiped his spunk that she didn’t ingest. She quickly kissed him and excused herself and went upstairs. He said he had a good time, quickly got dressed and ran out the door. I had a drink I went upstairs to confront Summer who just got out of the shower. She was getting dressed again! She looked at me while wearing a white garter belt and nothing else and she held a pair of thigh high stockings in each hand and asked “which ones Hon, the beige or the tan?” The night was not over.

– The End –