I had lived here for about a month when I stopped for a few drinks after work with a few of the guys. After leaving the bar I stopped for something to eat. By the time I got home it was late. It was one of those dark, dark nights when you couldn’t see your hand in front of your face. Entering the yard I noticed a light on in the garage and the side door open. Intending to turn out the light and close the door I noticed Marcie was in there with her back to the door. She was digging around in a huge steamer trunk. I started to say something but an idea popped into my head. Marcie liked to play different scenes and this was a perfect situation for a rape scene. I moved into the darkness and unzipped my fly, took out my cock and waited for her. When the light was turned out I was ready. Her back was to me as she pulled the door shut and I pushed her against the side of the garage pinning her there with my body.

“Don’t say a word, Bitch, Not a sound or I’ll hurt you.”

She started to struggle and I put my arm around her neck and held her tightly.

“What??” She started to say something.

“Shut up! Be a nice girlie and I won’t hurt you.”

I pulled her to a nice soft grassy spot and forced her to her knees. Kneeling with her I lifted her blouse and ran my hands over her tits rubbing her nipples till they were firm. She started saying something and once again I stopped her. Trying to make my voice sound threatening I cut her off. “I said shut the fuck up Bitch.” I pushed her forward so she was on her hands and knees and lifted her skirt tossing it on her back. I pulled her panties down and rubbing my cock against her ass I said.

“Feel how hard I am Bitch? You’re going to feel more of it when I drive it in your hot cunt.”

I entered her cunt and plunged deeply into her, my hands on her hips pulling her to me as I did. She was so tight it almost hurt and I stopped to catch my breath. I could feel her breathing hard but she made no other sounds. I started fucking her slowly.

“Damn Marcie you feel good. I just love fucking you.”

Her voice sounded different when she replied and some of the words were not clear but I was not thinking clearly at the time.

“Ohhh Oui .Oui Oui. But I Am ?

I cut her off again. “SHUT UP! Just enjoy Marc. Just enjoy.”

I was driving into her like a wild man She felt so good but I knew I was close and didn’t want to slow down and wait for her. She was grunting and mumbling things I couldn’t understand. She started pushing back at me as I plunged into her depths. My cock seemed to be expanding and her cunt squeezed it tightly as if trying to hold it in her. My cock erupted spraying her womb with jet after jet of cum. When the first shot of cum hit her she squealed and her body jerked wildly as she came with me. I fell over on my side pulling her with me and we lay there joined by my hard cock and felt our climaxes ebbing. When I had caught my breath I kissed her neck and whispered to her.

“You are one great piece of ass, Marcie.”

“Not bad yourself, but the prob ..”

The yard light came on and a voice called, “Liz Liz, are you out there. Are you coming in soon???” Marcie stepped out into the yard. “Oh my god. Opps.. Uh! I’ll be damned.” She started laughing.

I was lost for words and just lay there as Marcie approached us.

‘Well, well Liz, I knew you’d want to know Tom better, but I never dreamed you’d move so fast. Is he as good as I said?” She asked.

As we got up off the grass Liz said. Well Marc. It’s kind of hard to answer that, it was well sort of a different meeting. You know, we’ve never been introduced. I’m Marcie’s sister, Tom, and I’m pleased to meet you. I’ll explain it to you later Marc. Right now I’d like a nice hot shower. We’ll have to get together again soon Tom, and maybe then you can show me how good you are knowing I’m Liz.” With that she turned and left Marcie and me standing there.

“What is that about?” Marcie asked.

I told her all that had happened.

“So, I suppose there’s nothing left for Marcie, huh?”

I grinned at her and realizing I still felt like dominating her, said “You know better then that. Get down on your knees and taste your sister.”

She didn’t hesitate for a second and I moaned with pleasure as she sucked my cock deeper and deeper into her hot wet mouth. It hit the back of her mouth and she swallowed, letting it enter her throat. My throbbing cock was being massaged by her throat muscles each time she swallowed and it seemed to get bigger and bigger and harder and harder. I felt I was losing control and not wanting that I pushed her away from me which sent her sprawling onto her back. Following her I grabbed her ankles. She was wearing a bathrobe which fell open as I raised her legs.

“If you’ve got panties on Marcie I’m going to shove them up into your cunt.”

My hard cock pressed against her bare pussy and I entered her quickly. She was wet and ready when I drove my entire length into her and started fucking her. She was so ready that on my fourth or fifth stroke her body trembled and jerked in climax.

Marcie reached her peek twice more before I filled her love tunnel with my spending. Lying behind her, spoon fashion, with my cock soaking in her pussy, I caressed her tits, tummy and slipping my hand between her legs causing her to shiver.

“Easy Tom, That’s a very sensitive spot right now.”

“Should I stop?”

“I didn’t say that did I? If you get me started again, you better be prepared to stay out here all night.”

I chuckled and said, “You are one hot woman Marcie, and I love it. What would Liz say to that. Is she really your sister?”

“That she is, Tom, and a very dear one at that. We were very close when we were young. She’s 2 years younger then me and we are so much alike that we could be twins. We shared a bedroom at home and also shared many other things. Like clothes, jewelry, secrets and men. I haven’t seen her for years though since she now lives in Paris. If you’re worried about how she feels about you raping her, don’t. She’s probably showering with her hand between her legs hoping you’ll try again.”

Liz spent ten days with Marcie and I did get to know her better, But that’s another story.

– The End –