Sitting up by my self browsing around online I come across a site saying free Goth fetish porn, being curios I decide to click on it. I giggle to myself because normally I’m not the type that looks at internet porn.

I come across a pale, green eyed, gorgeous girl on the site. As I start to look her up and down I notice that I’m starting to get wet. Maybe it was the fact of being a bad girl looking at porn or maybe it was her hour glass figure, pale white face, green eyes, and that corset that hugged her body and made her tits just bust out or maybe it was both but either way I was starting to get more turned on then ever. I could feel my pussy just throbbing and soaking thru my silk panties. I went in the other room to check and see if my boy-friend was awake so that I could get some action but he was asleep.

I couldn’t take it anymore I was fucking horny as hell and I couldn’t do anything about it. I started rummaging thru the house looking for that vibrator that I put away a few years back. Luckily I found it and believe it or not it still had a battery in it that worked. I checked again to make sure that he was asleep then I closed my blinds and crept back to the computer. I slowly took my panties off reveling just how wet my soaked pussy was. Then I laid back on the chair spread my legs, and started stroking myself slowly with the vibrator. I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter as my head went back and I arched my back in the chair. I let out a loud moan but at this time it was feeling way to fucking good to care if anyone heard me. I turned the vibrator all the way up and started throbbing as my leg muscles tightened and started to flinch. I screamed louder and louder and held on to my tits as I played with myself. Suddenly I was beyond orgasm when I felt myself spray my juices from my pussy all over the computer screen. I laid my head back in pleasure not being able to move and just sighed to myself Damn.

– The End –