The end of Chapter 22

“Oh boy! Is she hot, so hot she sizzzzzzles and I want some more and soon.” Joseph gloated.

“I know it must be tempting and I would screw the hell out of her myself, if I was single, but try to control yourself. You are supposed to be a professional now.”

Yes but what kind of professional — thought Joseph.

Chapter 23

After Joseph left her apartment, Dina got dressed and quickly prepared two packages. She took one package to the post office and mailed it to her agent and the other being smaller she placed in her handbag and then she took a cab to the consulate. Upon arrival she asked to see Mr. Hassan Segour and was shown into his office.

“Well? You have news for me? Is he or isn’t he?” Hassan asked.

“He most decidedly is not gay.” Dina said smiling. “I would stake my reputation on it. Now if you will give me the $1000 you promised me, I can get out of here and get back to work. I have told them that I had something to attend to at the consulate, but that I would be on time. I have a performance to give this evening and they like me to be on time.”

“Come now, why should I believe you? How do I know you are telling me the truth?”

“Now why should I lie to you?” Dina said. “If I was foolish enough to tell you a story, in time you would find out the truth and have me killed.”

“Yes, that is true but you might just be foolish enough to think that I might be swayed by your female attributes enough to forgive you.” He said reaching out for her and pulling her body to his. Lowering his hands to her ass he pulled her lower body to his groin and rubbed his growing cock against her womanhood. “And who knows? I might just forgive you!”

Summoning up her considerable strength she pushed him away. “Listen, you rotten pig, aside from the fact that you and your friend forced me to do this, there were only two reasons why I took this challenge on; the first was for the money. The second was of a more personal reason. I just wanted to see if I could pull it off. I wanted to see if I could entice a gay man into my bed. You don’t think I would make any of this up without having some solid proof, do you?”

“Proof, what proof?”

“Proof in living color!” she said holding up the small package, “a nice long Videotape of the two of us in bed. Plus there are about 20 still shots. Believe me that soldier is not Gay. The tape shows in vivid detail that it was he who was the aggressor. He was the macho one, not one bit feminine. If he is gay as you think he might be, then I have been wrong about gay men all my life. But I’m sure I have not been wrong. This guy is just a great horny lover, who knows what a woman wants and gives it to her in spades. If this is what you call a homosexual then I just wish there were many more men like him.”

“Let me see the tape.” Hassan said his mouth almost drooling as he made an unsuccessful attempt to grab it from her.

“Not so fast. Just who do you think you are fooling around with? Dina shouted.

“You, my dear, are a stupid whore!”

“I may be a whore, but I’m not stupid. I have only a small part of the tape with me. The rest of it plus the stills as well as a note to the FBI and another tape of your visit to my apartment are deposited in a safe place and will be released if something should happen to me. What is shown on this tape is enough for you to see that he is interested in women. Here put it on and see for yourself. Once you see this segment I’m sure that you will want the entire tape and it will cost you dearly: double for the entire tape and triple if you want the entire package including the stills. Three thousand US dollars, total. And you can believe me that it is worth every cent of it.”

“I should have you killed! Better yet, perhaps a little time spent with me in our basement recreation room here in the consulate would convince you to cooperate better?”

“You could do all that, but why bother, you still won’t get the full tape. Don’t be a stupid ass. Play the tape for your boss and see what he has to say.

Hassan took the tape and both he and Dina went into Alli’s office. “We have part of a tape you should see. May we use your machine?”

“Yes you may, in fact I was just about to call you into my office Hassan I have some news.”

“Can it wait? I think you will like to see this.” Hassan said then gave Alli the tape.

They sat around his machine and played the tape. The tape showed the unclothed Joseph in her apartment standing at her bedside making love to her while in the process of striping her. Then the tape went blank.

“And I assume that the rest of it goes into more detail.” Said Alli.

“You bet it does, lots more and infinite detail. The whole thing makes most porn films look like Mary Poppins and like I told your disgusting friend here, it proves Joseph not only likes women, but he is one hell of a lover and as far as I’m concerned, he is not gay! So, do you live up to your part of the bargain? Do I get my money or not?”

“I have seen enough, pay her anything she wants and get her out of here.” He ordered Hassan. “This is not important anymore. We now have other problems that need our attention.”

“But this is not really proof.” Hassan protested.

“Pay her and that’s a direct order.” Then turning to Dina he handed the dancer her tape and said, “Thank you for you help. You have lived up to your part of the deal, but we now find that the soldier’s homosexuality or heterosexuality is no longer a factor or of any value to us. You can if you want send me the entire tape and anything else you might have or you can keep all of it yourself. I don’t care and our government no longer cares. We no longer have any need for it. Now take your money and please leave.” Alli said and turning to Hassan he continued, “Pay her off and escort her from the building, arrange for her to get home or anywhere she wants to go safely, then come back here. We have some work to do. We have wasted too much time on this silly matter.”

After paying Dina off and seeing her out, the enraged Hassan stormed back into Alli’s office and started shouting and yelling at him, “Why did you order me to pay that bitch off? We wasted thousands of dollars and not only did we not get the full tape and still photos, but the bitch took the preview tape with her! What are you doing? What’s going on here?”

“Fazzi demanded that we stop investigating Joseph.” His boss said.

“Demanded? Demanded? What right has he to demand that we do anything, and since when do we listen to anything that pervert has to say? How does he know what we were doing?”

“Remember I told you not to underestimate that viper. Let me enlighten you and bring you up to date. It seems that his daughter must have inherited some of her father’s shrewdness. She must have spotted that sloppy agent of yours, your Don Juan, and she must have thought that her father had sent him to check up on her. In any event she called her daddy and she must have tore into him thinking it was he that sent lover boy to make sure that she was ‘keeping herself Pure’ so to speak. And ‘that pervert’, as you call him, became incensed. So he called a few of his friends in Damascus and they called here and were told that you and I started this investigation. Like I told you before, the snake has important friends and it appears that from now on we are to report to Fazzi directly on what we are doing and also we will get our orders from him. The powers that be have placed him in charge of our entire network of agents in the USA. The home office is more impressed by his new money scheme than they are about his love life. I made the mistake of asking for conformation of that in writing and never in my life have I seen the government move so fast. Here read this. It came in a while ago. Note who it came from and therefore we have no choice but to obey.”

Hassan read the decoded secret cable with growing fear in his eyes and heart. “Have they gone crazy? This means that that depraved idiot is now our boss. He has been chosen to be the leader of all operations in the western hemisphere. His word is now law! And he is the judge, the jury and the executioner of that law.”

“Yes and our new boss is extremely angry! Just after I got this cable about an hour ago and just before you came into my office with that dancer, I got a call from Fazzi and he is not at all pleased. He demanded that we report to him tomorrow afternoon, at his home. He was, however, kind enough to tell me to be ready to explain why we felt it necessary to run another check on his future son-in-law. I tried to explain, but he was livid on the subject. No one but no one is to investigate or interfere with Sgt. Benson or the Worthington family ever again without his written permission. Joseph, in particular is to be treated as his adopted son, which he intends to do as soon as he converts to Islam.”

“I’ll bet he even knows about Dina.” Hassan said.

“We must assume that he knows everything and if we don’t want our families to be sent to martyr training school – we had better have some good answers for him.”

“Why didn’t you let me get the rest of the tape Dina had? If the pervert and Joseph are lovers, we could have used it to perhaps bribe or black mail Joseph.” Hassan inquired. “I bet it is a real hot tape. ”

“It most likely is extremely hot. But using it to blackmail Joseph? I don’t think so! Not as a single young male in the army! He would most likely want to order copies to sell or give to all his Army buddies. It might serve as proof that he was not gay, if the army ever were to charge him as such. He would make sure that everyone saw it. It would add another notch to his pistol. Even more likely he would find a way of using it in one those damn classes of his on Arab culture and/or Arab sexual practices!” Alli jested. “Forget that fucking tape. There is a more important thing that I have to do first. A bad blunder that I made must be corrected as soon as possible. I have to debug his damn car. All that bastard Fazzi needs to find out is that I’ve been bugging his son and I’ll be back in that small village where I was born digging vegetables out of the ground with my bare hands, if I’m lucky.”

“You bugged him????”

“Yes damn it. I thought it would be useful to be able to find out where and with whom he met in the next few days.” Alli said. “I know where he will be parking his car tonight and I will remove it myself tonight. I realize now that it was not a good idea to place a bug on the car in the first place.”

“Why is that?”

“Monday morning, or whenever he returns to base, he might have had to pass through their security and they would have discovered it anyway.” Alli said. “That would have been a disaster. They would start asking too many questions and who knows what they would have come up with. This might have brought in the FBI and then Fazzi-might have been compromised. Anyway I will remove it tonight.”

“Why not have a technician do it?”

“Because I want to make sure it has been done and I don’t trust them to do it right.” Allie said. “Now let’s figure out what we are going to tell Fazzi tomorrow.”

About the same time as Dina was in the Consulate and after Bill had left, Joseph went up to Rich’s apartment and got ready for Rich’s return. He took a shower and after that he ordered a pizza for supper. He was lying around in Rich’s bathrobe when he decided to place a call to Fazzi.

“Hello Fazzi here.”

“Good evening Habibi. I miss you and I felt the need to speak with you. I hear you have good news for me,” Joseph said. “Dina told me the great news and I’m really happy about it. Did she tell you how and why she decided to do it?”

“Well not in so many words or the details. You naughty boy! Why didn’t you tell me you were going to the Cafe last night.”

“Because I did not know I was going. It was really a last minute decision and Sarah suggested it and everyone just almost forced me to go.” He laughed.

“I’ll just bet they forced you.” Fazzi smiled into the phone.

“Anyway, the Worthingtons and myself bombarded her with requests for her to appear and she finally said she would call her agent and see what could be done. She asked me to meet her for lunch this afternoon and she told me the good news.” Joseph relayed to him.

“So you had lunch with her – anything else?” he asked warily.

“You know I don’t like to lie to you, Habibi. Do you really want to know the truthful answer?”

After a few seconds of thoughtful reflection Fazzi said, “Do you still love me Yussef?”

Trying to evade the question, he said, “You know that whatever I did-I did it for you. I thought I had to show my appreciation for her making you so happy.” And then he continued, “Look, I could lie to you and tell you that my thoughts were of you all the time, but you would never believe it. Would you care to hear all the details or will you just accept my apology?”

“You know, Habibi, I have never had a lover like you. You prostituted yourself out to others for my sake and then you ask me to forgive you.Darling it is I that should be asking your forgiveness. I should beg you to forgive me for making you feel that you even had to do this for me. Yussef, I love you more than ever, if that is possible, but I will not have you feeling that you have to do things like this to prove your love for me. No, not that, not now, not ever again! There is only one thing that I want from you. You know that it has been my dream and fantasy to have you beside me forever as my life partner. I know that within your culture and even to some extent my culture this is impossible without marriage. I am working out another way to have that become reality, but there is one thing more you must do to make it happen.”

“What is that lover?”

“I want to adopt you as my son, but to do that you must be a Moslem.”

“You know I could never do that, I am what I am and so far I can see no reason to change, yet.”

“Yes I know that, but I keep praying you will and I think that in time you may come around. All I ask is that you keep an open mind and please consider it! That would make me the happiest man alive.” Fazzi begged. “Then you and I will then be able to be together. Our lives will be entwined both legally and physically and you will become a full true partner and you will inherit all my estate, just like if we were married. No one would question our relationship after that.”

“Even though I do not think I will ever change my mind, for now and for your sake, I will consider it. But if I do decide to convert, it will be for my sake, not yours and not because of the inheritance. Perhaps as I learn more – you never can tell. I wish you were here now, habibi. I really miss you.” He lied.

Fazzi was extremely pleased with Joseph’s replies. The fact that the soldier prostituted himself out to buy something that he thought would make him happy really delighted Fazzi. And now here was his lover leaving the door open to conversion. What more could he ask for? He would truly rather have Joseph choose to convert out of conviction, than any other reason. So he happily changed the subject and continued in a lighter vain.

“You say you miss me and say it even after your bedroom gymnastics this afternoon?” he asked.

“Yes and let’s never bring that up again. I don’t know what devil came into my body and possessed it, but that will never happen again. I wish it never happened. Can you forgive me?”

“I know in my heart that you are lying to me now, however in spite of this you are still my true love – always pure – my Christian Knight on the White Charger.”

“Now stop that or I’ll forget about the party they are giving me this evening and run to your bed instead..”

“I must be confused but I thought the party was last night.”

“No last night was just a family get together, tonight is the real thing. Rich and I are going to meet an old friend for dinner and a few drinks. AND we will not be going see any belly dancers-unless it is to see that male dancer we saw last night.” Joseph jested.

“In that case I should insist that you come home right after the party late tonight.” Fazzi said in jest also. “But like I told you I’m going to be away at meetings and not even home tonight and most of Sunday. You are always welcome to come here even when I’m not here. The housekeeping staff has been informed that they are to serve you like they do myself. That is why you have your own key. Perhaps you will see fit to come on Sunday evening..”

The downstairs buzzer began to sound. “I’ll see, but someone is at the door and I must get going if I’m to be ready. It’s getting late. Bye now.” Joseph said and hung up the phone as he ran to answer the buzzer.

“Who is it?” He asked into the building intercom.

“The Pizza you ordered.”

“Oh yes! Ok I’ll buzz you in.”

After paying off the delivery man and placing the Pizza in the oven, Joseph turned on Rich’s CD Player and chose a record that he knew Rich would like and then sat on the daybed nude and waited for his man to come home. Closing his eyes and listening to the music he soon drifted off. He didn’t know how long he was asleep, but the pressure of warm, wet and hot lips on his cock soon woke him up. Looking down he saw Rich’s smiling eyes looking up at him from his crotch. Rich’s tongue was swirling around and over his cock head.

“Damn what a nice way to wake up.” Joseph said as he stretched his arms and legs out. “How did your class go today?”

“It went well. We did a bit of the ‘Bard’ and some other readings.” Rich said. “How did the meeting with Dina “the snake” go? Is she going to perform? Please note that I did not ask anything else.”

“So noted.” Joseph answered. “She is going to perform. Only one thing you should know. I think the bitch had my car bugged. When I go back here I ran a scan and found a bug. Barns was here and for now we are going to leave it in place.”


“Because it would look funny if I were to remove it right away, besides it is only a directional bug and I have no problem with their knowing where I am at any given moment.”

“I smell Pizza and I’m hungry.” Rich said as he went to the oven and retrieved the warm pie. “Come lets eat and then we can shower together.”

Joseph got up and put on the bathrobe and went over to the refrigerator, took out two cans of beer and opened them and joined Rich at the table. “You know I wish we did not have to go out tonight. I would rather spend it with just the two of us at home.”

“That’s sweet, but it’s a little late for that now. Frank would kill us if we backed out at the last minute.”

“I’m not saying we should or even suggesting it babe. It was just wishful thinking.” He said as both of them silently ate the pizza and drank beer.

Rich took his last sip of beer and seeing that something was on Joseph’s mind finally broke the silence, “You sound like you have something on you mind. Something that I might not want to hear.. Well you are right. I don’t wish to hear it, so keep it to yourself. I told you before that that stuff is ‘Office work’ and I’m not interested in what goes on at the office.”

“I know you did babe, but I feel that I should tell you everything.” Joseph said. “I don’t want there to be any secrets between us.”

“There are none. Joseph let it go! I know what you did! NOW for the last time, LET IT GO!” Rich said. “The only thing I’m interested in is that you are here and that you still love me. And one thing more–that you used a condom! Other than that, if you feel you have to confess something, go see a minister! I forgive you and I love you and I will always understand. I just don’t want to hear about it. The only thing that matters is that you love me and want me! The rest of this crap will end once this fuckin business is over.”

Joseph got up from the table and went over to Rich and took him in his arms and kissed him. “Come let’s take that shower now.” Together they went into the bathroom and Joseph started to strip Rich. When he had taken the last bit of clothing off him and Rich stood nude before him, the soldier let the bathrobe he was wearing fall to the floor. The two nude lovers stood looking at each other for what seemed like an eternity. Joseph finally kneeled down before him and placed his hands on Rich’s hips and pulled the man to him. He buried his face in Rich’s crotch and with tears in his eyes he kissed and licked his lover’s manhood. Through the sobs he kept murmuring over and over, I love you!

Rich placed his hands under Joseph’s armpits and lifted him up and kissed him, His arms pulling the soldier’s body to his own. “Come let’s take that shower.” Rich said reaching over and turning on the shower. “Since you insist on my acting as your father confessor, lets wash away all your sins.”

They got into the shower and they soaped each other up and rinsed each other off. Joseph pushed Rich to the side of the shower stall and starting at his shoulders he kissed his way down the chest and belly of the moaning and quaking actor. Rich’s body became one raw nerve. Every place that Joseph’s mouth touched seemed to quiver. Starting at the base of Rich’s cock Joseph using his tongue tip tickled his way up the shaft until it reached the piss slot. There his lips forming a tight perfect ‘O’ as he pressed them against the dripping dick meat, sucking it until just the head was consumed. His lips formed a confining, tight ring clamping down on his circumcision scar while his tongue washed over the cockhead. The actor leaned his head back; breathing heavily, he placed his hands on the sides of Joseph’s head and lightly pulled Joseph’s face onto his cock while he ground his hips forward. The invading meat slowly entered the hot wet mouth until the head was at the opening to Joseph’s throat. The warrior swallowed and felt the cock enter his throat. His nose soon became buried in Rich’s pubic hair. The penis was deep throated and now began to move in and out of his throat. Stifling the urge to gag, he moved his fingers to grab the actors gyrating hips and then the tips of his fingers moved to the soft tissue surrounding the rosebud. One finger pushed and rubbed against the gateway; until it unlocked and let the roaming digit enter the love channel. Like a guided missile it sort and found its target, the hard joy button deep within the bowels. Rich’s eyes closed and his head started to roll from side to side as he started to grunt and moan. The combination of Joseph’s soft lips, his squeezing throat, working together and in concert with his finger, drove Rich crazy. At first Rich tried to avoid the probing fingertip, but soon, very soon, he started to grind his ass against the invading digit. Joseph seeing that the quivering mass before him was about to explode, let the hard cock slip slowly out of his throat until his lips were once again around Rich’s circumcision scar, where Joseph once again let his tongue lap over the cock lips. By this time Rich was no longer able to control himself and he started screaming as he erupted spraying rope after rope of cummmmm into Joseph’s mouth, overflowing onto his lips and over his face. Grabbing the sagging body and trying to hold it erect Joseph rose up and kissed the lips of the moaning panting man. Their mouths opened and their tongues touched and jointly shared the taste of Rich’s sexual release, while the shower water continued to flow over the bodies of the lovers cleansing their bodies and their souls.

Later that evening they got dressed and Frank came over to pick them up. The three of them went down to the village and Frank took them to a little comedy club where they had a few drinks and watched some improvisational group do some comedy routines. It was all very avant-garde and very GAY. They laughed and drank and had a ball. It was a good way to rest and forget about the real world. Both men sandwiched poor Frank between them. Frank didn’t mind at all. He told his two friends that every guy there was jealous that an old fart like him could have a date with two of the handsomest guys in the room.

“They must think I’m your sugar daddy. Bet the next time I come in here looking for a guy I’m going to be mobbed with young cock fighting over who should be my bed companion. I’ll just have to take my time examining the crop.” Frank said as he ran his hands over both their legs and leaned over and kiss each on the cheek. The old guy really enjoyed himself acting the part of the rich cradle snatcher (so to speak). It was all meant in good fun and the two young men were having a ball playing along with the old guy. “You two guys are going to have to excuse me. I have to go to the powder room.”

Frank got up and started to head to the men’s room and as he did Joseph noticed that a young guy at a near-by table got up and followed after him. Frank took a while to return and when he did there was a big smile on his face. Joseph noticed that the young guy from the other table returned to his seat a bit later.

Joseph leaned over and whispered into Frank’s ear, “You old codger, what took you so long? Is that young man, over there, your next bed warmer or did you have him service you right in the stall?”

“You know I don’t kiss and tell. However, he unlike some young soldier I know, was only too glad to both service me and accept my invitation to a night of relaxation later this evening.” Frank said as he smiled and gave a little nod and one of those small Queen Elisabeth finger waves to the young man at the other table who smiled back and ran his tongue over his lips. “The two of you are set for the evening so why should I sleep alone? Like I told you when we first met in the restroom, I’m a fisherman, I cast out my line and wait for a nibble. This time I got a bite and later I will real him in and have a late night snack of fresh fish. Now let’s enjoy the comedy and what’s left of our evening before I have to be serviced by that young stud.”

And that’s what they did until one comedian came on and told some jokes about politics, Moslems and terrorists. Even Joseph was offended and told Frank that he would like to teach the man a lesson or two. Frank called over the waiter, handed him a 10 dollar bill and asked if he would ask the performer if he would care to join them for drinks.

“No, I’m sorry but he usually does not sit at the tables with guests.” The waiter said and offered to return Frank’s money.

“In that case, will you just send my compliments to him and ask him if he would break his rule once and join us for a drink?” Rich said handing him his calling card and then added, “Tell him that Rich Worth would like to make his acquaintance.”

“I’ll ask him, but like I said. Wait a minute not the ‘Rich Worth’?”

“I’m afraid so. Would you do that for us? And please no advertisement or fuss, we would just like to talk with him.” Rich said.

The waiter walked back stage to deliver their invitation.

The men at the table looked questioning at Rich and he turned his palms up and said, “Hell if I can’t use my ‘fame’ once in a while, what the fuck good is it.” And the three of them laughed.

“I’m really glad to see that it has not gone to you head.” Frank kidded him.

“Hello” said the comedian as he approached the table with his hand reaching out. “I’m honored that you asked me to sit with you, Mr. Worth. I have had the pleasure of seeing some of your work and always wanted to meet you. Grant Davis here.”

“Nice to meet you Grant. I would like to introduce my friends, Frank Gordon and even thought he is in civvies Sgt. Joseph Benson, US Army. Come sit down and join us for a drink.” As the young man seated himself Rich took two tickets out of his wallet and offered them to Grant and told him, “I have two tickets for my play, they are open ended. Perhaps the next time you come to see the play, you and your friend will come back stage for a visit? My friends and I think you have a lot of talent, well two of us anyway. Joseph here has a few reservations about your humor.”

“Oh I’m sorry to hear that, but then we can’t please everyone all the time.” Grant said as he signaled the waiter and ordered a beer. Turning to Joseph he stated, “I’m always open to constructive criticisms. What bothers you about my act?”

“Well for one thing, I really do not care for humor at the expense of others. Your presentation of all Moslems and Islam in general as something to be made fun of is hurtful to say the least if not dangerous. I don’t think you have any idea what Islam is about.” Joseph said. “If you did than perhaps you would not make jokes about it.”

“Perhaps you are right about my not knowing about Islam, Joseph, but then not much is written in English about the subject. What is written portrays a barbarity that is almost comic in it’s tragedy. And comedy is my stock and trade. What more is there to learned from a religion that honors the killing of other people?”

“Well we had all better start to learn about it. It is the religion of the vast majority of people on this planet.” Joseph said. “Learning about it does not mean that you have to agree with it. It means that you might just understand how they feel and what they want out of life.”

“Grant, just take your routine and change your references from Muslim to Christian or Jew and Islam to Christianity or Judaism, And your ‘towel heads’ to Dagos, Kikes or Niggers. How would you feel if you had to hear that?” Rich asked. These are hurtful expressions and I think you should learn about what you are making fun of before you get into trouble.

“Are you a Muslim Joseph? If you are then I confess to you my pure lack of knowledge of the religion and to tell you the truth I really don’t care to learn about it.”

“No I’m a Christian, but I do have some knowledge of the religion and customs. I just think that it would be nice if you were to get to know something about the fastest growing religion in the world as well as the third largest religion of the United States.” Joseph said. We have enough politicians running around shooting their mouth off without having you join in.”

“Joseph happens to teach Arabic and Arab customs to the Army personnel at the US Army language school.” Frank said. “He knows what he is talking about.”

“Do you speak Arabic?” Grant asked.

“Yes I do and I read and write it also. Look I’m not telling you to change your routine, just learn about what you are making fun of. Once you do that, I’m sure you will be even funnier.”

“Well thanks for your advice. I’ll try to learn more. Thanks for the drinks and the tickets.” He said as he got up. “Now I have to get ready for the next show.”

“And we have to be leaving also. It was nice meeting you.” Rich said. “And please stop by when you come to see the play again.”

After they left Frank asked if Joseph thought what they said had had an effect on the entertainer.

“Nawwwwww. Why should he be different than our political leaders?”

It was late when they got up to leave and Frank signaled the guy at the other table that he was leaving. Joseph asked him if he would prefer if Rich and he found their way home alone.

“Thank you, but there is no need to do that, I have made arrangements to meet him after I take you home. I always take the dates I came with home before I .. well you know what I mean.”

Frank turned down the offer of a night cap as he dropped them off at the apartment and then watched as they entered the apartment house through the garage. Frank then lifted his cell phone and dialed a number. When the party answered he said, “I’m on my way, pick you up in about 20.” And then he hung up and pulled away from the sidewalk to meet his date.

As Joseph and Rich walked thru the garage Joseph told him he wanted to check the car again. He did and to his astonishment found that there was no bug. He started to question whether or not to call Barns at this late hour, but Bill had always told him to call if anything came up no matter what the time. So as soon as he entered Rich’s place he dialed Barns, and apologized for the lateness of the call then told him about the bug.

“No sweat, I was expecting your call. Yes we know about it being gone. It was removed about one hour ago. We even saw who done it.”

“Who was it???? And how did you find out about it?”

“I have had someone watching your car since this afternoon when we found the bug. It was your friend, Mr. Alli Balbak.”

“And I thought it was Dina! Why would a Syrian diplomat do that? Why would they bug me?”

“Interesting question. Who knows what they will do???? Like the man says this thing is getting curiouser and curiouser. Tis a puzzlement.” Barns said laughing…

“Huh! What man?” Asked Joseph.

“Oh sorry, it was from before your time. It was a quote from Yul Brynner when he played the King of Siam in ‘The King and I’. I think..”

– To Be Continued… –