I know that this story is going to sound fantastic and impossible, but I swear everything is true.

I was in a bit of a slump, sexually speaking. My live-in lover of 5 years had returned to school to get her Masters degree and I was without female company for the first time in many years.

I decided to go to a local club to hear a ska band I’d read nice things about. Having not been single for some time and being out of the club and music scene, I managed to arrive at the club a couple of hours too early.

Not wanting to hang out in an empty, smelly bar, I started back across the parking lot. It was just barely dark and a pleasant early summer evening.

As I unlocked my car, a female voice came from across the parking lot.

“Hey, are you going anywhere near Stamford?”

I looked up to see a gorgeous young woman approaching me. She was a little disheveled but very lovely. Tall, tan, wearing tiny shorts and sneakers and carrying several gym bags.

“My ex-boyfriend just threw me out of his car and stranded me here.”

“Well, I wasn’t going that way,” but looking at this luscious girl I knew I’d probably drive her anywhere she liked – sucker that I am for damsels in distress!

“OK, Let’s go somewhere and have some cocktails. I’m not in much of a mood to go home anyway.”

She was young. 21 or 22. I’m 40 although I don’t look it. This could be trouble, I thought.

“We could do that,” I said, unlocking her door.

“Good. I really need a drink.” She held out her hand. “Hi, I’m Candy” Nice manicure, red nails.

You certainly are, I thought.

As she sat down in the passenger seat, she started pulling off her top and then her bra.

“Don’t mind me. I work as a dancer. This isn’t bothering you, is it?”

” No, beautiful women introduce themselves to me and immediately take off their clothes all the time!”

“Sorry. I just didn’t want to go out looking like this. Can I steal your mirror to do my makeup for a minute?” She said turning the mirror toward her.

“Sure” I muttered, unable to stop her.

“They should anyway, girls I mean. You’re a handsome guy” Shimmying into a little halter-top. Working on eyelashes and lips.

“Thanks.” Trouble. Big trouble.

We had a couple of drinks at a neighborhood/sleazy pub nearby. She looked better up close, young, tart, maybe a little too much mileage but I’m a kinky older guy and I liked her slutty look.

She loosened up even more and told me about her life, ex-husband, abusive boyfriend, and lesbian affairs with other dancers.

After a couple of cocktails we were necking on our barstools, making a bit of a scene.

“Where do you live?” She asked, the point of the question never in doubt, her hand rubbing the front of my slacks. “Do you have some champagne there?” I did. We were there in minutes.

I poured us some bubbly and lit some candles. Nine-Inch Nails on the CD.

She undressed to her G-string. Red.

“I love him, Kent Reznor. He’s so kinky.”

I kissed her again. Her skin was smooth and firm. Her breasts, tummy and her nipples were hard.

“What are those for?” She asked smiling and gesturing toward the bed.

Amy and I had done some kinky things, bondage not the least of them. There were the black steel loops at each corner of the mahogany bed I had built 3 years ago.

Honesty, I thought, is the best policy here.

“They’re for tying women up.”

“I thought so,” she said, sinuously wrapping her arms and legs around me.

“What else do you do to these women?” she whispered in my ear.

Oh boy. I paused. Gulped. Out loud.

She went on.

“I mean, do you have more toys? Cuffs? Whips? Vibrators? Dildos?” Laughing.

“Yes. All of the above” I admitted.

“Goody!” she giggled. “Show me. Tie me to your bed. Do stuff to me!” She smiled. I hardened. She pulled off her panties and lay back, spread-eagled on my black sheets.

How does this kind of thing happen to a man? How could I refuse?

I cuffed her arms and legs to the bed with the black leather sheepskin-lined cuffs.

Diving between her legs, I licked her sopping wet pussy and swollen clit. Her first orgasm took only a minute or two.

“Fuck me. Please fuck me.” she pleaded and I was only too happy to oblige her.

She was very wet and very tight. Our pelvises ground together and I knew it was good for her too. Her second come was on her before we knew it.

I was staring at her face as I fucked her and the face of her orgasm almost scared me. Her eyes would roll back in her head in a swoon and her features took on a feral look. Then it would pass and she would kiss my face encouraging me to fuck her harder. Deeper. Her 3rd and 4th orgasms followed quickly and were just as strong.

As she surfaced again, she shocked me asking me to fuck her ass.

“Are you sure, sweet thing?” I asked

“Oh yeah, I love ass fucking. It’s plenty wet down there. Hook my ankle cuffs to my wrists and put a pillow under me. I want you to fuck my ass and shoot your hot cum up there. Ooh!”

I slid in easily. This was not her first time. Her ass was tight but just as wet as her pussy, as if she naturally lubricated back there, too.

I tried to hold back but as yet another orgasmic spasm shuddered through her, I lost it, spilling what felt like a quart of cum up her hot, slippery ass.

But as my cock deflated and began to slide out of her rectum, she began moving and vibrating again, grinding her soaking wet pelvis against mine and moaning softly.

“More, please.” Her eyes were starting to roll back in her head again.

“This boy needs a rest, darlin’.” Tell you what. I’ll let you have a free hand to rub your clit with and I’ll get a big toy and work you over. OK?”

“Oh, Goody! Do you have a big one? My little pussy wants a big one.”

I opened my toy bag again and went into the separate compartment where the dildoes resided. I picked the next to largest latex toy and showed it to her.

“Is that the biggest one? I’m so wet. I’m afraid I’ll swallow that one whole.” Her smile was incredibly sexy, almost innocent.

I pulled out my largest toy. A 3″ thick and 12″ long monster.

“There’s this or there’s …” I hesitated at saying the next words.

“Or there’s what?” she asked.

“You’re incredible” I blurted out.

“Or there’s what? She asked again.

“Or there’s my hand” I said not knowing how this beautiful young woman would react to such a lewd suggestion.

“Well, I know I can take that” she said pointing to the dildo “but I don’t know about your hand.”

“That’s ok, baby, I just…”

She cut me off. “Let’s try that rubber monster first and then we’ll see about your hand. Can I play with myself like you said?”


I released her right hand and Candy immediately starting strumming her clit furiously. She was cumming by the time I had the rubber cock fully buried in her perfectly shaven pussy.

Moaning loudly now, she came three times in a row, exhorting me in word and action to pound the big rubber cock into her cunt.

After the third, we slowed down some. Frankly, I was sure her pussy was totally bruised and battered.

As if reading my thoughts, she used her vaginal muscles to push the giant phallus out of her and onto the bed.

It fell to the bed between her outstretched legs and she sighed.

“You okay, lover?” I asked, moving up to kiss her face, her forehead, her nose and finally her lips.

“Can I have a drink?” she asked and I brought the champagne flute to her lips. She drank the glass and asked for more.

“I could unchain you” I started.

“NO! I mean no. I don’t want to stop.”

“Darlin! How much more can you take?” I was incredulous. This was turning out to be one amazing night.

“I want to try it.”

“What?” I asked, innocently, knowing the answer.

“Your hand. Your fist. Have you ever done it? Had your whole hand inside of a woman?”

“Almost” I admitted. Amy loved the big toys, loved being stretched down there “Almost but not quite up to here” I circled my right hand with my left, behind the knuckles but just barely.

Candy started rubbing her clit again. Hard.

“Let’s try,” she said simply. “We can stop if it’s too much. Do you have lots of lube?”

“Of course baby. Are you sure?”

“I’m sure!” She said emphatically. “Let’s do it now before I cool down.”

I excused myself to wash my hands, stopping at the kitchen to grab some strawberries and ice water.

When I got back, Candy was again rolling in the throes of impending orgasm, masturbating furiously.

“Save that!” I commanded as I stepped into the bedroom and the look on her face was pure. Lust and joy.

I knelt back down on the bed between her thighs and lubed my entire hand and watched her masturbate.

2 and then 3 fingers of my hand slid easily into her. I looked into her face and was rewarded with a huge smile.

“Yeah! Oh yeah! Mmmmm”

I tucked my little finger in and she somehow spread her legs just a little wider. My four fingers were buried knuckles deep inside her. I rotated my hand gently back and forth. She moaned.

“More” she said. “Deeper.”

Her cunt did seem ready to swallow my fist, tight as she was. I stroked my hand out, tucked in my thumb and pushed back into her incredibly hot and wet pussy.

Candy looked wild, her blonde hair in sweaty strings, her face a mask of concentration. I thought for a second that she looked like someone giving birth.

I pushed and turned my hand, going deeper already than Amy and I had ever tried.

“God, this looks incredible!”

“I know,” she said looking up at the ceiling mirror then returning to that look of intense concentration.

I kept pushing steadily and rotating my hand a quarter turn each way. I knew we were on the verge of succeeding in our outrageous enterprise. Then suddenly my hand slid all of the way in. Candy froze, arching her back and a high keening cry came from her throat.

“We did it,” I said.

“I know. Give me a minute and then try to close your hand.” Her attitude was astonishing.

“Are you sure? I don’t want to hurt you.”

“I’m this close to getting fist fucked for the first time. Try. Go ahead.” I hesitated. “Go on. I want you to.”

Her cunt was so tight around my wrist that I thought for a minute that I’d lost feeling in my fingers.

I wiggled my fingers gently and moved ever so slightly back and forth.

Candy’s fingers were once again thrashing her swollen clitoris. I tried to close my hand deep inside her cunt.

As I closed my hand and started to stroke in and out of her very slowly, Candy’s orgasm was upon her.

It was huge! It was long and powerful. Candy cried and wailed and thrust her hips at me till I was stroking my fist several inches in and out of her vagina. When it was over, I started to pull my hand slowly out of her body.

It took several minutes to remove my hand. As soon as I had extricated my hand I released her ankles and wrist from their shackles and lay down on the bed next to her.

Candy took my KY covered hand and kissed it.

“Make a fist, Sean” Candy whispered.

I once again made my right hand into a fist.

“Oh my God. I had that inside of me. How deep were you?”

I circled my forearm beyond the wrist bone.

“Oh. My God” Candy sighed.

“That was amazing,” I said.

“That was AMAZING!” Candy repeated. “Thank you, Thank you, Thank you”

“Thank YOU!” I said holding her hard dancers body close to mine.

We slept for a couple of hours and I took her home.

I never saw or heard from her again.

– The End –