I sat there, moaning into the phone as my fingers lightly played with my clit and then dove deep inside my warm, wet pussy. I could hear Mike on the other end telling me how good it would feel to fuck my pussy and my ass, how he’d like to taste my sweet juices. His words sent my mind reeling! He knew exactly how to get to me, knew exactly how to get whatever he wanted out of me, and there was no doubt in my mind what he wanted. I too, had not been able to get my prior experience with Sara out of my mind. The feeling of her fist buried deep inside my pussy was unlike anything I’d ever felt before. I wanted more of it. I called Sara over to me again. It had only been a few short hours since our previous encounter, and yet I was hungry for more of her. I wanted her then and there, and I knew that both she and Mike wanted it to.

Her mouth immediately found it’s way to my pussy and she began to fuck my pussy with her fingers, slowly adding a finger with each thrust until she once again had buried her fist inside of me. Oh yes, fuck my pussy with your fist! I cried out. Listening to the soft moans of pleasure coming from Mike was almost too much to bear. He was driving me crazy, and he knew it! I felt Sara’s tongue brush against my clit, sucking it into her mouth and then releasing it, only to lap at it with her tongue again. The feeling was electric! I felt a wave of excitement course through my body as her tongue worked it s magic on my clit, her fist furiously fucking my dripping hole!

I felt her slide a finger to my ass again. First one finger, then two, and then three. What’s she doing baby? Mike asked.

She’s fucking my pussy with her fist and fucking my ass with her fingers! I replied.

How many fingers does she have in your ass?

Mmmmmmmm three! was all I could manage.

Does it feel good baby?

Oh yeah! It feels so fucking good!

You want more, don’t you baby? Tell her you want more.

I found myself nearly screaming out, begging her for more. I wanted to feel all of her inside of me! I wanted to feel her fist in my ass like the one in my pussy. Oh god! Yes! Fuck me harder! Put your fist in my ass and fuck it hard! I Want you to fist fuck my pussy and my ass!

Mmmmmmmmmmmhmmmmmmmmm I heard Mike mumble through the phone! He loved hearing me beg and the fact that I was being a complete slut for him, I knew was driving him wild!

I felt Sara add a fourth finger to my ass. She fucked my ass with four fingers for a short while, giving me time to get used to this new stretch before adding her thumb. I felt her thumb slide inside and she bagan to fuck my ass faster and harder, then she curled up her fingers and slid her fist inside. I screamed out and bucked at the pain. It hurt, but it also sent waves of pleasure through my entire body! Oh yeah baby! Mike’s voice came through the phone. She’s got her fist inside you now, doesn’t she?

Oh yeah! She’s fucking my pussy and my ass with her fists. Mmmmmmmmmmm Oh my god! Yes! Fuck me harder! I begged her for more, desperately wanting to cum all over that hand that was buried so deep inside of me. Sara hungrily lapped at my clit while she continued to fuck both my holes. I wanted to return the pleasure! I wanted to lick and suck her, to shove my fist deep inside of her pussy and fuck her until she came, but she was desperate to please me this time! This time, she wanted to be all about me!

I could hear Mike through the phone moaning softly and I knew he was cumming. This drove me over the edge and I felt my body tightening and Sara began to fuck me faster and harder than before. Her fists were alternating rhythms. One would enter my ass and then the other would enter my pussy! It was more than I could bear. I screamed out begging her to fuck me as I came all over her fist. She continued her assault on my pussy and ass, all the while still hungrily licking and sucking at my clit. I tried to back away but soon found the wall. I was helpless to do anything other than buck my hips and scream out as wave after wave of the most intense orgasm I’d ever experienced hit me. She was merciless, fucking my pussy and ass licking and sucking at my clit, until I was screaming and having back to back orgasms, one right after the other. Wave after wave hit my body as she finally released and slowly walked away, leaving me panting and gasping for air.

Was that good baby? Mike’s voice came through the phone again.

I giggled slightly while trying to catch my breath. You couldn’t tell?

Mike Laughed, Yeah. But I Wanted to hear you say it.

It felt so good! I replied. I wondered in the back of my mind if there would be more of this and as I was thinking it, I heard Mike ask if next time he could listen to me fuck her like she fucked me. I was looking forward to it! Maybe if we could get the web cam working he could watch. We’d have to see.

– The End –