I’m a 2nd year college student and I admit that I’m a sex addict. I’m currently involved in a relationship with a sweet, gentle guy. We make love daily and its great. But I find myself having urges to cheat with other guys. That’s part of my addiction. It’s not just the orgasms I’m after. I like to be the center of attention, I like knowing that men want me. Since I don’t want to blow this relationship I’ve decided to express myself by writng stories about my previous sexual exploits.

I started being sexual at an early age. I discovered masturbation in 8th grade and I couldn’t get enough. I would masturbate myself to sleep, set my alarm to give me 10 minutes of time in the morning before breakfast, I would sneak off at lunch, do it after school. I went to a private all girl’s school until the end of freshman year so I didn’t know any guy’s who I could have help me explore my desires.

I switched to a private coed school private for my sophomore year. Being around guys daily was a big change. I wasn’t allowed to date yet, so my contacts with guys consisted mostly of harmless flirting. Plenty of guys did flirt with me.

I’m pretty. No doubt about it. I’m blond with hazel eyes and I’m told I look like a cross between Cameron Diaz and Charlize Theron except I’m not as tall as either of them. I’m 5 foot 3. My figure is slim but not as shapely as I would like. I’m 102 lbs so I’m slim, but my measurements of 32-26-31 aren’t the ideal hourglass. I wish my waist was 2 inches smaller and my hips 2 or 3 inches full, then I wouldn’t be so “boyish”. Even so, I don’t look bad in a bikini. My breasts are only A sized, but they have a nice shape and I have small, delicate nipples and one inch areolas that suit my breast size. My best features are my legs and ass. I have long, beautifully shaped legs that are athletic but smooth looking. My legs are what attracted my first sex partner to me.

It was the last day of sophomore year and school let out early. One of my girl friends told me she could get us into a party with a bunch of older kids. I was pretty sure my parents wouldn’t approve but they wouldn’t have any way of knowing, so I went.

The party was just down the street from my friend’s house, that’s how she knew about it. We stopped at her house to change out of our school uniforms. I chose a cute pair of shorts and a short cropped knit shirt.

We got to the party and I was helping myself to a soda when a guy named Justin started to talk to me. He came up behind and said “Whoa Kelli, how long have you had those gorgeous legs?” I giggled nervously and I felt flattered. One thing led to another and he asked me if I wanted to go out to grab a bite to eat. I told my friend I was leaving and that I would either see her a little later at the party or meet her at her house.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I left with Justin. I wondered if he would try to get me to make out, and I knew he wouldn’t have to try very hard. He was cute.

We grabbed a couple of sub sandwiches then went to a lake to have a impromptu picnic. He told me I’m really cute and he kissed me. I was glad I ordered no onions.

He took me by the hand and led me back to his van. It was a mini-van with no back seats. He said he took them out because he helps his dad sometimes by making deliveries for his dad’s printing business. That gave him a lot of convenient space for other things like making out.

We were soon lying in the back of the van making out. His hands were wandering all over and I didn’t protest. When he started to lift my shirt off, I just raised my arms to let him. My bra came off and I felt my little brown nipple being sucked for the first time. I apologized for my small breast size but he said they were perfect. He kissed my neck, my shoulders and my stomach. Then he started to kiss my thighs telling me how beautiful and long my legs are. His finger found its way into my shorts and I felt his finger tip brush my vagina’s lips. I gasped and sort of whimpered. He said its alright, he wasn’t going to make me do anything I didn’t want to do.

The thing was that I wanted more. I didn’t want to go all the way, but I really wanted to have an orgasm. It had been hours since I had masturbated and I didn’t get to do it during lunch.

He asked if I would let him take my shorts off and soon I was naked in front of a guy for the first time. He gently spread my legs so he could look at my pussy. It was exciting and embarressing at the same time to have a guy looking at it. Beautiful is what he called it. I have small light brown lips that are evenly shaped. He said I look so small and tight.

I then watched him undress and I got my first look at an erect penis. It looked huge and I told him that. He said it was eight inches long and that made it well above average.

He told me I could touch it and I found myself caressing it and squeezing it like I couldn’t believe it was real.

Next thing I knew he was going down on me. The sensation was electric, it felt so good. He stopped just before I was able to cum. He was teasing me, making me want more.

He told me it was my turn to use my mouth to make him feel good. I took the huge purplish head into my mouth and he encouraged me to take a little more, and a little more. I couldn’t handle more than the head and about 2 inches of shaft.

He told me he wanted to rub his penis against my beautiful little pussy. Not put it in, just enjoy touching it to me. I laid there on my back with my legs spread wide and he rubbed his head through my sparse blond pubic hair before brushing my outer lips. It felt so warm and soft and good.

He parted my lips and rubbed the tip against my inner lips, then parted them and rubbed the length of his shaft between them. I arched my back to meet him.

He told me to lick his dick to get it wet again. I did, and settled onto my back to enjoy more contact. He parted my lips again, then rubbed the tip just inside of me. I felt my lips parting and spreading more and realized he was entering me. I gasped and pulled away. He said it was ok, he wouldn’t hurt me. It just felt so good to have the head a little ways into me.

I let him put the head in again. Soon he was easing the rest of his shaft into me. He didn’t have to break my hyman, I’d put things into myself before. But his dick was the biggest thing yet. It hurt a little but it wasn’t so awful that I needed to have him stop.

He got all the way in and started to pump in and out. The sensation was incredible. He straightened up so that I could look down and watch his penis moving in and out of me. The vision my little brownish pink lip clinging to his thick, veiny shaft was really exciting. I actually had an orgasm, then another. I say “actually” because I know a lot of girls aren’t able to sum when they first start having sex. He pushed really hard into me and stopped, then I felt his penis throb and a strange sensation of repeated pressure. It was his cum spurting into me. I didn’t care about the possibility of getting pregnant. I loved that being inside of me was giving him so much pleasure.

We cuddled and kissed for a few minutes then decided that it was time to go back to the party. I felt different, kind of proud. I could feel the warm cum running out of me and soaking my underwear. My friend was gone, she must have gone home, or maybe she met a guy too.

I sat for a few minutes alone while Justin mingled. Then he came over and whispered for me to follow him. He took me outside and into the garage. It was set up like a rec room with a couch, reclining chairs and a TV. Nobody was in there because it had been locked, but he seemed to have a key.

He told me he needed to be with me again and asked me to strip for him. He said he wanted to see me naked while I was standing up so he could really admire my whole body. I got naked and loved having him admire me. I turned so he could see my ass and the back of my long legs.

He took me to the couch and had me get into postion for doggie style sex. I felt his big dick entering me for the second time that day. It was nice but I think I liked being on my back better. After a few minutes, he showed me how to fuck in the cowgirl postion. Then he put me on my back with my hips at the edge of the couch. He knelt between my legs and entered me again. He was fucking the daylights out of me when two guys stumbeled in. To this day I’m not sure if he forgot to lock the door, or left it unlocked on purpose.

The two guys were also seniors who I recognized. One of them said something like “Oh man, dude, you struck gold, how did you get your monster dick into that little girl?”

Justin said “She’s so small and tight I wasn’t sure she could take it all but she did, I’m proud of her.” They came closer to look and he pulled out and demonstrated how he could glide all the way in. “Isn’t her pussy beautiful?” he asked “You’ve got to let these guys find out how fantastic it is to be inside of you.”

He had another orgasm inside of me, then pulled out and said “These guys are gonna love being inside you”.

The first dropped his pants and entered me in one stroke. He was quite a bit smaller than Justin and it didn’t take long for him to cum. Funny thing was it didn’t take long for me to cum either. The other guy quickly followed. His dick was a little bigger and it felt good. Another couple of guys came into the garage.

I really like having sex in front of an audience. One of the guys watching commented on how long and sexy my thighs looked spread so wide. I let each new guy that came into the garage fuck me until I had taken 14 loads of cum. I felt wobbly when stood up. There was a big laundry sink in the garage and I went over to try to clean my cum drenched pussy. Justin had come back into the garage and he gently lifted me into the laundry tub and he had me stand with my legs parted as he rinsed me with warm water. He told me to try to squeeze the semen out of me.

I got dressed and he drove me over to my friend’s house. I used my cell phone to call and make sure she was there. She told me to get there fast because she had something to tell me. The big news was that she had made out with a guy, let him play with her pussy and given her first blow job. When I told her what happened to me she just looked at me in stunned disbelief. The next week she made me go with her to a health clinic to get on the pill. Luckily, it wasn’t a case of putting the cart before the horse. Despite the countless sperm cells pumped into me that day, none of them found a home.

That was the start of nearly 4 years of promiscuous behavior. I started to make guys wear condoms after about 6 months of being sexually active. I have never fucked so many guys at once since then, although I had quite a few encounters with 3 or 4 guys, and as many as 10 on two occassions.

– The End –