Over the past few months, my wife and I have been discussing ways to keep our sex exciting. We are middle aged and still enjoy screwing, but after this many years you kind of run out of new things to do to each other. We’ve tried toys and porno flicks, etc, but they too can get a little old after a while. Finally the topic of fantasies came up. Even though we felt uneasy at first, we found out that learning each others hidden desires was a big turn on. I also learned that you can be surprised by someone you thought you knew well. My wife is one of those women who is real hot in bed and will do anything to please her man and herself. In mixed company, however, she has a tendency to be a little shy, when the talk turns to sex. With that in mind, I can’t explain how things got to this point. Only that they had.

Now I sat there, watching, as the results of our many talks unfold before my eyes. And yes, a fantasy turned reality, also seems to be a major turn on. I can only speak for myself, but I’m pretty sure my wife would agree.

She was on her hands and knees at the edge of the bed, legs spread wide. Behind her was a young stud named Joe, half her age, hands holding her hips, ramming his big cock in her pussy. Her tits were flopping wildly as he plunged his rod home and she was grunting and screaming, “fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!” I could see her ass ripple every time his pelvis and balls slammed into her.

She was wild with desire. I had never seen her like this before. I walked over and brushed her hair from her face. She gave me a lusty smile. I gave her a deep loving kiss while at the same time rubbing her tits. It was a funny feeling having her tongue in my mouth, swirling around excitedly, knowing that her passion was being fueled by a young studs cock in her pussy. As the pace got furious, I went back and sat down to get a better view of everything that was going on. I know my wife already came at least twice. It was Joe’s turn now. As he reached his climax, he grunted and pulled out just in time. The initial squirt from his huge load shot up onto her back. He grabbed his cock and continued pumping it, causing the remaining squirts to splatter all over her ass, shooting some in her crack so it ended up dripping from her asshole to her pussy. My wife moaned from the feel of his hot cum on her body. Her moaning grew louder as he took his cock and slid its swollen head up and down the crack of her butt collecting cum along the way. He then began to rotate it around her asshole driving her wild. Not knowing what he was going to do next added to our excitement. My wife had never been fucked in the ass, but I know she would have let him do what ever he wanted. Joe and I knew it too. After teasing her for awhile, he slid his cock back down to her pussy. Slippery from cum, he shoved it deep inside her. He then grabbed her by the hair, pulling her towards him and started fucking the shit out of her again.

She was still on her hands and knees moaning with pleasure when he finally slid from her cunt. He took his cock and began rubbing it around her ass collecting the come he had shot there earlier. When the head of his dick was covered, he grabbed her arm and flipped her over on her back. With her legs spread, hanging over the edge of the bed, he knelt next to her head. His one hand reached down and started finger fucking her cunt, while his other hand held his cock over her face. Just as a wad of cum was about to drop from the head of his dick, she opened her mouth and sensually caught it on the tip of her tongue. I watched, unbelieving as it slid slowly down into her throat. My wife then cleaned the rest of the cum from his knob with her eager tongue. He then took his partially erect dick and started rubbing her entire face and tits, occasionally slapping her gently with it. I sat there in shock and watched.

I was naked by now stroking my dick. This little episode was fulfilling both own fantasies and I was as excited as I could be. I never imagined me or my wife getting so turned on. She was getting finger fucked pretty good and I could tell she was a little disappointed when he removed his fingers from her pussy. Joe repositioned himself so he was now perched over the top of her head looking down the length of her body. He was kneeling on one knee with his balls swaying over her face as he reached for her tits. My wife still had her legs spread wide at the edge of the bed. Her used, gleaming pussy looked inviting. I went over and knelt between her thighs looking up the length of her. Joe and I were facing each other. While he was squeezing her tits and nipples, I went down on her. She let out a loud gasp as my tongue worked her over. I was able to get my mouth and tongue in deep. Her cunt was still stretched out from being pounded by Joe’s big dick. She moaned, loud and long, as she had another orgasm almost immediately. Later she would tell me that having my mouth on her pussy, that was just fucked by a big young cock, drove her wild. It drove me wild too.

After my wife came, I raised my head and watched as she began licking and mouthing the underside of Joe’s crotch. I had a great view as she rotated her open mouth and tongue around his dangling balls, sliding it back to tickle his asshole, then return to his balls again. She did this over and over again, coaxing him back to a full erection. Joe was ready again and wasted no time. He grabbed both my wife’s hands and held them down on the bed above her head. Seeing my wife in this helpless position, knowing what was to come, put me over the edge. I stood up, grabbed her by both ankles raising her legs up high and wide. As Joe held her wrists with his one hand he balanced himself with the other so he could hover his large dick over her face. As my wife opened her mouth and he slid his cock past her lips, I shoved mine in her pussy. I rammed deep on the first thrust. She was so hot and wet, I glided in and out easily. I was slamming her hard, thrusting as deep as I could, my pelvis and balls banging her ass, causing her tits to bounce back and forth. I knew I wouldn’t last long as I witnessed her with a fat cock deep in her throat. What a sight this was. Her on the bed, flat on her back, at our mercy. A young dude’s cock in her mouth and mine in her cunt.

All she could do was moan, with Joe pumping his cock in and out of her mouth. He was really fucking her face. I wasn’t concerned. Her body language indicted to me that she was in ecstacy. She seemed in a daze. Lost in pleasure. I never would have believed it, if it wasn’t actually happening. Her hips were thrusting against me, matching the pounding I was giving her. Joe suddenly pulled his cock from her mouth and stroked it rapidly. My wife looked up at him. As Joe let out a loud groan, she shamelessly opened her mouth. He guided the first massive shot of warm cum onto her tongue and down her throat. While she gobbled it down, he splattered the remaining squirts all over her face.

Once Joe had completely drained his cock, he slumped back on the bed still holding her hands. My wife shouted out to me, “fuck me, fuck me baby, I want to feel you come in me.” I needed no persuading. She was like an animal. She couldn’t get enough. I rammed one last thrust deep inside her and held it there as my cock exploded. After dumping a huge wad in her I began pumping again. I could feel the warmth of my cum as it continued to flood her pussy.

We were all exhausted. I sat back and observed my wife. She looked very content, her eyes were closed as she rested. She had Joe’s cum all over her face and probably still had the taste of him in her mouth. As my cum still dripped from her pussy, I started to contemplate what we had just done. My wife had just been totally fucked , among other things, by a young stud. And once I joined in, she had willingly taken two guys at once. I never would have dreamed it. She seemed to enjoy it very much, which was an added turn on for me. Wow!

We both agreed. That night was a great experience for both of us. It has actually brought us closer, in a way. Where do we go from here? I’m not sure. It still turns us on when we talk about it. We should have enough horny memories to keep us going, for now, that is.

– The End –