My name is Karen, EZ Karen, as I’m known in internet chatrooms. I’m 19, dark blonde, slim, 34b-24-35, and 5’4″ tall. And I’m a slut.

Since I was 17, when I got involved with a 35 year old guy, I’ve been into older men. They’re more experienced, more experimental, often more grateful and often more perverse!

Anyway Mike, my first older man, was all of the above, and turned me from a shy girl to a confident, sex hungry woman. He basically taught me that sex was there to be enjoyed, and it wasn’t just men who could go out looking for it or explore their fantasies.

I had been with Mike for around a month and he’d introduced me to bondage and dirty talk. I found that I loved being tied and helpless while he used me any way he wanted and called me the filthiest names under the sun. I grew to love being called a slut and a whore, and acting like one for him. When I was blindfolded and helpless he often used to tell me he was going to get another guy to come use me like the whore I was, and the idea turned me on.

One day I was tied blindfold and spread-eagled to his bed, sucking on his cock while he worked a dildo into me and told me how good it would be to see another guy fuck me, and as usual I was really getting into it. The doorbell rang and he said he’d get rid of whoever it was. He disappeared for a minute and I was starting to get really frustrated, as the dildo was still inside me but was slowly slipping out and there was nothing I could do about it.

I heard him come back into the room and he rammed the dildo back where it belonged, making me gasp.

“Put your cock back in my mouth,” I moaned.

“Not yet,” he said, teasing. “What were we talking about?” he worked the dildo in and out of me, making me squirm.

“Fucking…other guys…strangers…in front of you…” I moaned. “Being a whore for you….”

“Hmm… that’s right… and you like the idea, don’t you?” He wiped his dick across my lips, teasing me further.

“Yes, I do, I want you too see what a slut I am, with strange men, any men, in my cunt and mouth….”

“That’s right, my little cocksucker,” he said as he slipped his cock back between my lips. “You really want it, don’t you?”

“Mmmm” I groaned.

“That’s good. You’re a good little slut, aren’t you?” He let go of the dildo and pinched both my nipples. I grunted and jerked my hips at him, the dildo was slipping again. Then it was pushed back in, hard, and it took me a moment to realize that he still had both hands on my breasts.

I went rigid for a moment, then I started to cum, hard.

“You know what’s happening, don’t you?” he said after I’d recovered. I nodded, his cock still throbbing between my lips.

“There is a man here who wants to see how much of a whore you are. You don’t know him, and he’ll leave before I take the blindfold off, but I’ve told him he can do anything he wants to you. I’m going to sit back here for a while and enjoy the view.”

He pulled his cock out of my mouth and I heard him move away. The dildo was pulled out and I heard the sounds of a man undressing. I was tingling in anticipation.

Moments later a cock was pushed roughly between my lips and I sucked it greedily into my mouth. It smelt strongly of sweat and tasted vaguely of piss, but that just served to heighten my arousal. I felt two fingers probing at my cunt and I arched my back, trying to push myself onto them. They sank knuckle deep into my wet, receptive hole.

I heard Mike’s voice from the far side of the room. “Like I said, she can’t get enough of it. You want to fuck her, or are you going to cum in her mouth?”

The cock in my mouth was swelling fast, and it was bigger than Mike’s. I couldn’t gauge the length, but it was certainly thicker. I got really excited at the prospect of having this cock inside me.

Mike continued. “She likes to please, you can cum anywhere you want. Personally I like to finish over her face, what about you?”

The stranger grunted and pulled his cock out of my mouth, and climbed on top of me. He was fat and smelled of stale sweat and his weight pinned me down to the bed.

“Oh yes fuck me, fuck me with that fat cock of yours….” I begged him. The smell of sweat was overpowering, making my head spin, I was visualizing some gross old truck driver, someone really rough and disgusting looking, as his knob parted the folds of my cunt. This must be what it feels like to be a real whore, I thought, as he drove his beautiful cock home, and I came again harder than before.

“Oh yes, YES!!!” I wailed as he drove his meat into me, taking my breath away, making me sweat, and smell of his dirty sweat. “Fuck me hard you dirty animal, do me, do my cunt, fill me up!” I was panting in time with his trusts, totally at the mercy of this mysterious cock, and tried to lock my legs around his back to pull him deeper still into me, but he was too fat. Obsessed by the vision of this gross, disgusting, smelly fat beast that was using me like a cheap whore I started a series of orgasms, small at first, each building to a bigger and bigger one until I felt I could take no more…and he stopped. I was almost sobbing with pleasure.

I felt my legs being untied and he rolled me roughly onto my belly. I was loving this, he was just using me for his pleasure, doing whatever he wanted to me, and he hadn’t even said a word to me. Unceremoniously he hauled my ass into the air.

“Mmmm, yes, I love doggy…” I whispered. I heard a low chuckle behind me as two fingers again were pushed into my cunt, then were pulled out again, smothered in my wetness. I was surprised when he wiped them over my asshole, then pushed a finger into my rectum. I squirmed a little, getting it comfortable. He must have looked over at Mike at that point, as I heard Mike say, “Yes, you can fuck her ass, but she’s not had one that big in there before.”

With that I felt the tip of his cock nuzzling against my asshole insistently.

“No, it’s too big….” I protested, but didn’t resist as he increased the pressure, my tight little hole opening up involuntarily for him. I felt the familiar stinging sensation, only more so, as my hole stretched to accommodate the stranger’s fat cock. Then almost with a pop the head was in!

“Ahhh, shit, that hurts so good, fucking hell it hurts….” He took no notice of whether it hurt or not. He continued the pressure, sinking inch after inch into me. When I felt I could take no more, I begged him to stop, and for a moment he did, and withdrew some, but only to thrust again, deeper. He started a fucking motion now, pulling out and then driving a little more into me each time, until I felt his pubic hair against my buttock and I knew it was all inside me. The stinging sensation had eased as I got used to the size, and was replaced with little ripples of pleasure.

“She’s tight, isn’t she?” Mike asked. The stranger grunted. “She only got buttfucked for the first time last month, so she’s not real used to it yet.”

The stranger upped the tempo, fucking my asshole harder and faster, making me grunt in a mixture of pleasure and pain, as he reached round and mauled my tits, pinching my nipples hard. My asshole was on fire and for the first time ever I orgasmed through my ass, the most intense yet, and it was only through him grabbing my hips and pushing even deeper into my slut ass that I didn’t collapse.

As I finished cumming I felt the familiar throb of a cock on the verge of orgasm, but just as I was bracing myself in anticipation of receiving his load, he pulled out and got off the bed. I whimpered, feeling cheated. Then I felt his cock brush my lips again, the smell of sweat replaced by the musty smell of my own asshole. Without thinking about it I opened my mouth and sucked hard on his shitty cock, swallowing hungrily as he emptied his balls into my mouth.

“Ahhh,” Mike moaned appreciatively, closer now. “That was outstanding, I never thought she’d get THAT nasty!”

I felt a movement on the bed and Mike was behind me, his cock now nudging at my battered asshole. It slipped in easily after the monster fucking it had just received, enabling Mike to slam into my ass harder and faster than I’d ever been able to take it before, and came deep in me within a minute. I collapsed contentedly on the bed, soaked in sweat and smelling of the pig who’d just abused me so beautifully.

A few minutes later Mike removed the blindfold, and the stranger was gone. I never did find out who he was, but if he recognizes himself from this story, please email me, I’d like to do it without the blindfold next time.

– The End –