Hi everyone. I’m a 19 year old college student and I’m writing my first sex story. The thing is I’m really not a writer so I don’t know if I can make it as exciting as some of the other stories that are posted. Probably the best thing for me to do is to try to follow the same format I see in stories that other girls have sent you.

I’ll begin by telling you something about me.I was kind of a wall flower in high school, I didn’t date much and I didn’t have a serious boyfriend. It’s not because I’m not pretty, I was just kind of shy and usually found nice ways to turn guys down when they asked me out. The other thing was that I suspected that most guys were just trying to get laid. Like at most schools, the guys had a competition going to see who could get laid with the most girls and I didn’t want anything to do with that. After a while I got a reputation for being stuck up and most guys quit asking me out. I didn’t even go to my prom.

Like I said, I’m pretty enough. I’m a cute baby faced brunette with big brown eyes and a button nose, and even though I’m 19 I could pass for 14. I’m 5 feet tall, 103 lbs with 34B-23-33 measurements. My legs are long for a girl my height and they’re smooth and pretty.

In spite of my shyness, I did have sex quite a few times before I while I was in high school. I actually had sex with 6 different guys before I graduated but none of these guys went to my school. I made love for the first time between my freshman and sophomore years with a friend from music camp.

It was my third year at the camp and he and I had become good friends by then. We sneaked off one evening and went for a walk. I was wearing shorts and he told me I have nice legs. We found an empty class room and when we sat he started caressing my thigh. One thing led to another and we made love. Luckily, his penis wasn’t big enough to hurt me much and he pulled out before he came. I sort of instinctively finished him off with a blow job. He then played with me in an attempt to make me climax but my tender clit started to hurt from all the friction and I asked him to stop. Even though I didn’t have an orgasm, I felt like I had reached a milestone in my life by having sex.

A couple weeks later I visited my grandparents and sneaked off to have sex with the college aged guy next door. I wasn’t on the pill yet but he had some contraceptive gel and I got to feel a guy cum in me for the first time. It was so satisfying. This time I did climax and I got the satisfaction of knowing I could use my vagina to satisfy a guy.

I guess being away from home took away a lot of my inhibitions. I won’t go into detail about each guy I had sex with but all of them were guys I knew outside of my school environment. To this day, if asked, most people from my high school would say that I’m probably still a virgin. That’s why this experience I’m writing about is so unusual.

I’m a psych major and this past quarter I took a course in human sexual behavior. We spent two days discussing what the instructor called communal sex in various societies. There is a lot of evidence that it took place often in Polynesian societies and in ancient Greece.

One of the girls joked with me after class that it still goes on in our local “Greek” society, meaning the fraternities. Of course in our society we refer to communal sex with more earthy labels: orgies or gang bangs. I’m going to tell you about how I got involved in my first communal “orgy” just a couple weeks ago.

So I have a really good friend, Jim, from my dorm. We met nearly two years ago as college freshmen and we became fast friends. Jim told me I remind him of his little sister. For a relatively shy person like me, making a friend right away was nice. We were strictly platonic for the first 6 months. He didn’t feel any urge to ask me for anything sexual since he’s hot and very desirable. He’s handsome, tall and athletic and after the first time he hooked up sexually with one of the girls on our dorm floor, word spread that he’s well endowed.

He soon had several tall, hot, shapelier and longer legged girls from our dorm floor vying for his attention. Besides, I reminded him of his sister so like I said, we were just good friends. I came out of my shell a bit and started to have sex with some of the cute guys around school. I had sex with 5 different guys during my first two quarters of college. Jim told me that I’m so cute I could have my pick of guys but I had a hard time believing that.

He grew up here in town so by spring break time I had met his family and the truth is his sister and I are a lot alike. We have similar builds and mannerisms, similar sounding voices, and we look enough alike that we could be long lost cousins. They accepted me like one of the family.

Since neither of us had the money to take off to Mexico or Florida for spring break we decided to drive down to the coast in our home state for a few days. Luckily, his parents have a membership in a resort club and they arranged for us to have 5 days at one of their club’s resorts. The first evening we went hot tubing and I guess seeing me in a bikini for the first time made him see me in a different light. He mentioned that I looked cute In addition to the measurements I listed already, I have a nice flat tummy and a cute rear end and I was flattered that he noticed, especially since he had been enjoying his pick of some of the hottest girls in our dorm.

That night we made love for the first time and it was scary. He was and still is the most well endowed guy I have ever met. His penis is just over 8 inches long and I’m a small girl with a small vagina. He was patient and gentle and didn’t try to force it all the way into me. The deepest I had ever been penetrated before that was about 6 inches so that’s how deep he went the first couple of times we had sex. It felt incredible having something so thick inside of me and I had some of the most intense orgasms of my life. The third time we made love I managed to take him all the way into me. It was painful for a brief moment then the pleasure was overwhelming.

I had decided to let him make love with me without a condom because I really do like feeling that warm spurting sensation. He came so hard and deep in me and the sensation brought me to another orgasm.

We kept on making love with regularity after spring break. Of course he had plenty of other girls around for variety. I had sex with a few other guys but he has been my most frequent partner for the past year.

So after we finished making love a couple about a month ago, we were cuddling and talking and I mentioned the class lectures on communal sex. I asked if he would ever consider being involved in an orgy or help gang bang a girl. He told me something I about himself that he had never shared with me before, that he and some of his friends had gang banged one of their female friends, Emily, a couple of times in high school. I had actually met her and she is beautiful so I could see why guys would want to share her. He knew about my relative shyness so he knew I had never been with multiple partners, but he asked if I could ever envision myself doing it. I told him there was no way. He said “that’s ok, but it would be fun to watch you get it on with somebody else.” I asked if he was serious and he said he actually was. He told me I have such a nice body and beautiful legs, it would be fun to watch me lying on my back with some guy standing between my legs sliding in and out of me. That surprised me and lit a little spark of curiosity in me. We dropped the subject and made love some more before falling asleep in each other’s arms.

The following week on Saturday he came knocking on my dorm room door and said that I should grab my bikini, we were going to a small pool party. I told him he was crazy, this is Seattle and there is no way I was going swimming in April after sunset. It is barely warm enough this time of year to go swimming in mid-afternoon. He told me we would be at an indoor pool. One of his high school friends had come home on leave from the air force and he had rented a suite at a hotel with an indoor pool.

It was an Embassy Suites which isn’t a 5 star hotels, but they are nice. Along with Jim and me, there were 5 guys and two girls. I had met two of the guys already, Steve and Tom. The three other guys, Art, Bill and Chris all seemed like nice, average guys. Chris was the one who had rented the suite. One of the girls, Emily, was the one who had been gang banged. The other girl, Teri is a really cute, sweet looking brunette.

So we all got into our bathing suits and went for a swim. We knew the hotel wouldn’t have approved of Chris having 9 guests. We made it a point to avoid getting wild or making a lot of noise.

I noticed that the guys were giving all three of us girls appreciative looks. Emily, like I said is a beautiful blonde. She’s small, not much taller than me but beautifully proportioned with gorgeous legs and a perfect hourglass figure. I guessed her breasts were at least a C cup size. Her face reminds me of the girl who plays Lois Lane on Smallville. Teri is taller, about 5 foot 6 with a dark Mediterranean complexion. She has smaller breasts than me, but her legs are longer and very nice, she has a nice, firm, heart shaped butt. Her face is so pretty, she looks a bit like Shakira.

So after swimming, we went back to Chris’s room. Of all the guys, Jim is the cutest and tallest. The others ranged in height from about 5 foot 4 to 5 foot 11. Two were kind of pudgy, but they all seemed nice.

We were all sitting around talking and snacking, still in our bathing suits when Emily broke the ice by saying “So let’s get this orgy started.” With that, she took off her top and exposed a pair of spectacular, firm, perfectly shaped breasts. Her pink nipples were already erect and the 2 inch areolas were puffy. Teri smiled and said “I’m in” and she slipped off both her top and bottom. Her breasts are A-cup but nicely shaped and perky. She has miniscule areolas that are barely bigger than her eraser sized brown nipples. Her crotch is shaven and I could see that her labia were already swollen. She looked at Jim and said “I’ve been hungry for your big ole cock since that last time.” I had no idea he and Teri had been together up until then.

Jim looked at me and said that I didn’t have to if I didn’t want to, but he guaranteed I would have fun. I watched as the guys all slipped their suits off and the sight of 6 stiff penises, including Jim’s made me so horny. I slipped out of my bikini. As I did, Emily looked at my breasts and said “How cute” and she gently cupped and caressed them. It was the first time another girl had ever touched them.

Tom said “Hey, those are for us guys” and he gently shoved Emily out of the way. She smiled and said “Fine, I’ll amuse myself some other way.” She immediately started to suck Jim’s giant penis.

Tom led me to the couch and sat me down so that he could look at my tiny pussy. Some of the others came over to look too. Teri said “It’s so pretty, I wish mine was that pretty.” Chris said to her “I like yours, I like it a lot” With that, he took her over to the bed and performed oral sex on her. I felt Tom’s tongue enter me and I just closed my eyes to enjoy it.

One by one the guys started to make love with the three girls. Tom entered me first and it felt so good. I looked over to see Emily on her hands and knees as Jim gently made love to her from behind. Teri was on her back with her long beautiful legs wrapped around Chris. Steve, Art and Bill could hardly wait for their turn.

Tom didn’t bring me to an orgasm but it felt so good having him slipping in and out of me. He shot a load of hot cum into me really hard, it kind of jolted into me. As soon as he pulled out Bill entered me. His penis is nearly as big as Jim’s and it felt so good.

Art was making love with Teri. After Jim had pulled out of Emily, Art rolled her onto her back and was making love to her missionary style. As soon as Chris pulled out of Emily, Steve entered her. Waiting for an available vagina had made him impatient and he fucked her hard and fast and came quickly.

I heard Emily say “double vag me” I looked over as Steve and she rolled over so that she was on top and Tom went over and pushed his penis into her pussy.

I couldn’t believe my eyes two penises in her pussy at the same time. Her pussy was just as small as mine and I thought something like that would rip me apart.

I looked over to Teri and saw Jim gently slipping his dick into her in a spooning position. Bill was still inside of me and I was feeling so good because he’s nearly as big as Jim. He had a long intense orgasm in me.

I looked up and saw Tom and Steve standing over us. Tom said “you put yours in first” I realized they were going to give me the same vag stretching treatment they have just given Emily. I just let it happen. Steve got behind me and entered me spooning style, then Tom laid in front of me and entered me from in front. It was a little painful at first but I managed to take it.

Jim and Art did a double penetration on me too. Teri had her vagina double entered twice as well. When Jim and I left my pussy felt tender and very stretched.

We got back to our dorm and kissed each other good night. My room mate was gone for the weekend and about an hour after I crawled into bed there was a knock on the door. It was Jim and he couldn’t sleep so I invited him in. We made sweet, gentle love in my favorite missionary position, slept for a while then made love again.

The next weekend we were all invited over to Teri’s house and we had another orgy. Unfortunately Chris’s leave was over and he had left town but the rest of us had a great time. Emily video taped me making love with Jim and we played it back. In fact we all performed sexually in front of the camera. It was almost as much fun watching it all happen as it was doing the acts. Jim and I made love every night this past week and I’m looking forward to another orgy this weekend.

– The End –

by Sara