It had been a long and frustrating day at my stand in the vast exhibition hall, lots of enquiries but not one firm order!

I’d counted at least fourteen invitations to dinner, twelve requests for a drink that evening and at least two blatant, “come with me and I’ll show you a good time” offers.

I’d responded to the second one from a middle aged man with a paunch that looked like he was pregnant by asking politely, “Why, is there someone else coming?”

Jenny, the girl on the next stand to mine let out a most unladylike guffaw and promptly lost a sale!

“Hell” she laughed, “It was well worth it, what a creep!”

Slipping off my jacket, I poured myself a gin and tonic from the mini bar and that’s when I saw the card offering an in-house pedicure and manicure for foot weary business ladies

Well that was me all right, my feet were talking to me!

I rang the number and was greeted by a very well spoken woman called Sandra, she gave me a price scale and giggled when I said, “Just come and stop my feet from abusing me, to hell with the cost”

Another gin and tonic eased my frustrations somewhat and I was just about to draw a bath when I heard a gentle knock on the door.

“Hi” she said brightly, “I’m from the anti feet abusing society!”

That made me laugh and I like her immediately,

“Well you’d better come in “I smiled, “But I wasn’t expecting you right away, I’ll just be a minute, help yourself to a drink while you’re waiting”

“Thank you, maybe afterwards” she smiled showing a beautiful set of gleaming white teeth, “But you don’t need to go anywhere, our service is expensive as you know, but we do everything for you, absolutely everything!”

If that had been a man speaking, I’d have said he was coming onto me, but this was a beautiful and sexy young woman who surely had men dropping at her feet all the time! No I must have misinterpreted her meaning!

“That sounds good to me” I said and hoped I didn’t sound too nervous!

“Where do you want me?”

“Anywhere you feel comfortable” she replied, “Here let me refill your drink”

Sitting in a comfortable looking chair I watched as she walked to the bar, the white nylon overall fitted her perfectly, clinging very sexily to her curves and highlighting the sensuous swellings of her bottom, she was I decided, a walking wet dream!

“There you go” she handed me my drink and squatted down at my feet unwittingly drawing my attention to the way her breasts seemed to be rather well displayed thanks to the top two or three buttons of her tunic being unfastened!

Before I realised what was happening she smoothed my skirt up over my thighs and smiled when she saw I wore stockings!

“Oh that’s nice Madam, I always wear stockings too, they’re so much cooler than tights and sexier too don’t you think?

I could only nod and wonder what I’d let myself in for as expertly, she unfastened each suspender strap in turn and rolled the stockings down over my legs.

“You’ve got beautiful legs Madam” she smiled, “But those feet look awfully tired”

“They are” I sighed, “Believe me Sandra they are”

She giggled as she got up to fill a bowl from the bathroom, “Sandra was the lady you spoke to, the boss, I’m Melissa and I’m just a minion”

Again I was treated to her lovely little bottom swaying sexily beneath the clinging as she walked into the bathroom.

“You’re a very pretty minion Melissa”

I didn’t think she heard me but she did and her smile was even wider as she returned and squatted down again.

“Thank you Madam, what a lovely thing to say, especially coming from a beautiful women like you!”

Gently she lifted my feet and placed them in the warm water, bliss, absolute heaven!

“Now let them soak for a few minutes to soften your skin up and we’ll see if we can make you feel better”

She was very brisk and professional, perhaps I had got it wrong after all!

“Can I get you another drink Madam”

“Yes please, that would be lovely”

“As you’re my last client of the day, I think I’ll join you after all”

“Be my guest”

Squatting down again, she took one foot out of the water and began to massage it gently, every inch, every single millimetre was touched, teased, eased and caressed by her fingers. We chatted and I found myself telling her about my failed marriage and how I was wary of getting into another relationship with a man

“I think we’re very much alike Madam” she said rather wistfully.

“Oh I’m sorry Melissa, I didn’t mean to bring up any bad memories for you”

I reached down and squeezed her hand gently, but she smiled,

“No, no, you weren’t to know Madam, I think we all have memories though don’t we?”

She finished with my foot and placed it carefully to one side, my knees had to part slightly and I caught her glancing up between my thighs as she reached for the other foot. She looked up at me and smiled again,

“Was it that hot in the hall?”

I blushed knowing she’d seen I wasn’t wearing panties, then I giggled,

“It was unbearable, they were sticking to me, so I took them off”

She was silent for a moment as she worked miracles on my foot, then she said softly,

“I couldn’t help noticing that you shave, if you like I’ll do it for you”

I giggled, probably because of the gin,

“Melissa, I can’t believe you said that!”

“I’m sorry Madam, I’ll leave if you’re offended and I’ll waive the charge, I’ll just tell them in the office that you changed your mind”

She wiped both feet and stood up stiffly, she’d been on her knees for quite a while and as she rose I caught a glimpse of flesh above stocking tops, no wonder she’d commented on mine!

“Melissa” I stood up and took her hand,

“I’m not offended, not in the slightest, in fact I find the idea rather appealing, but if you’re going to do it, I want a bath first”

She smiled again and said, “May I have another drink Madam, I thought I was about to lose my job for a moment there!”

I squeezed her hand gently, “You did say you’d finished for the day didn’t you?”

“Yes Madam”

I handed her my empty glass, “In that case Melissa, my name’s Jackie and I’ll have one as well”

“Thank you Mad- – – – Jackie”

“Half way to the bathroom I stopped and turned round, “Oh Melissa?”

She looked questioningly at me, “Yes?”

“Aren’t you a little bit sticky as well?”

“Yes, I think I am Jackie!”

She arrived with our drinks just as I was about to unclip my bra, apart from the suspender belt it was all I had on.

“Let me” she said and unfastened my bra deftly, letting it drop to the floor.

Her lips touched my neck in a soft kiss and her hands cupped my breasts,

“Beautiful Jackie” she said softly, “Just beautiful”

Turning round I kissed her, her lips parted and I slipped my tongue between her teeth,

“How did you know?”

“I didn’t but I thought you were gorgeous as soon as I walked into the room”

Her tunic unzipped from top to bottom, exposing her beautiful breasts bulging out almost over the top of her bra, a pair of sheer white panties only partially concealed a shaven mound and white hold up stockings completed the ensemble.

“You’re the gorgeous one round here” I whispered as I eased a breast out from the lacy cup and touched my lips to the rapidly hardening little nipple.

Kneeling down to roll the stockings off, I touched my lips to the front of her panties and she gasped, trying to pull away from me!

“No Jackie, I’m hot and sweaty like you said”

“I know” I said softly and stood up.

Taking hold of both her hands I lifted them up above her head,

“You not hot and sweaty, you’re a woman, you smell like a woman and I bet you taste like a woman”

I think she came as I licked the sweat from her armpit!


Chapter 2

My tongue left a wet trail across her throat as I sought out the hollow of her other armpit, she shivered with pleasure as I sucked at the tangy flesh I found there.

“Oh God Jackie” she gasped and leaned back against the wall. I slavered my tongue wetly down to her breasts and sucked at each swollen nipple in turn before carrying on down over her stomach.

Her panties were moist, clinging to the contours of her slit, the heady aroma of her juices filled my nostrils as I ran my tongue down to where the delicate material caressed her legs, easing them apart I kissed each inner thigh, running my tongue lightly across her groin from one leg to the other, before worming a finger beneath the damp nylon and into her cloying wetness

“Jackie” was all she could manage before a gasp caught in her throat and she shook as another orgasm gripped her!

“No, no more Jackie, let me”

Giggling she pushed me away and stepped out of her panties,

“Come down here and let me taste you” she said as she lay on her back, arms outstretched to me.

Squatting down above her face, I held myself just a few millimetres away from her so she had to flick her tongue out, it was like an electric shock going through me as it touched my clitoris and I sank all the way down onto her mouth!

She ate me like she would a gourmet meal, her tongue first of all savoured the juices dripping from me, then she began the main course, taking each morsel of my labia in between her lips and worshipping them tenderly before delving into the steaming cauldron that was my cunt!

I felt the tips of her beautifully manicured finger nails scraping lightly across the flesh of my buttocks as she feasted, slowly the nails scraped lower down into the crease between my cheeks,

“Melissa” I moaned, “Oh God Melissa!” and I ground myself sensuously against her mouth. I felt her tongue inside me licking all around the fleshy innards of my cunt, a fingertip touched my anus and prodded, opening me carefully but insistently.

Another shock wave hit me as I felt her tongue licking against the tip of her finger, separated only by the thin membrane of skin between them, I spasmed, every nerve in my body seemed to explode, I feared I’d smother her but I was out of control, completely unable to stop myself from cumming again and again!

I was still tingling with tiny little aftershocks as I collapsed beside her, our lips found each other’s and we tasted ourselves.

She giggled suddenly and I found myself joining in,

“What?” I asked and licked at a bead of my own moisture on her chin.

“Well on my way here, I was wondering what I was going to eat tonight” she laughed, “I never thought it would be the best meal I’ve had in my life before!”

“Hey!” I smiled, “That was only the first course, we can make it a feast if you like!” And we kissed again!

We spent another hour bathing each other in between kissing and fondling in an orgy of mutual admiration. I felt deliciously wanton as I sat on the end of the bath, legs wide apart drinking gin and tonic while she wet shaved my pubes and tested for smoothness with her eager tongue!

When doing the same to her, I saw her clitoris properly for the first time, I teased it out gently from beneath it’s protective hood and told her it was the most beautiful little cock I’d ever seen.

She sighed with pleasure when I puckered my lips and took the nub between like I was giving head to a miniature penis.

“Jackie tell me you don’t have to leave tomorrow please”

I used my tongue to part the folds of her sweet little cunt and lapped at the juices I found in there.

“I don’t have to go home tomorrow”

I slavered my tongue down to the beautiful little rosebud where her juices had collected in a tiny pool on the warm ceramic

“As a matter of fact”

I licked at the nectar that had so recently been inside her body,

“I think I might open a branch here”

She leaned back against the mirrored wall and moaned as I lifted her legs onto my shoulders.

“Do you know anyone who might be interested in managing it for me?”

The lovely little rosebud opened under the gentle pressure of my tongue,

“You’ll make me cum again” she gasped and she did as I folded my tongue and pushed forward into her sweet, yielding little cavern!

The restaurant was almost empty as the waitress showed us to our table, smiling as she noticed our fingers entwined with each other’s. Whether by accident or design, it was situated in a dimly lit corner and I smiled my thanks to her.

“You’re very welcome Ladies” she smiled in return and left us with the menu, returning a few seconds later with a wine list.

“Take your time choosing and when you’re ready if you just raise your hand, I’ll see you and come immediately!”

We smiled at the none too subtle nuance and I said we’d settle for the house white,

“Is that ok with you Melissa, I’m not too choosey about wine?”

“Yes, that’s fine with me” she replied, “I’m not choosey either”

“It’s actually rather nice” the waitress said and then added softly, “But if you’ll allow me to say so, I think you’re both very choosey and with excellent taste too!

“How can people tell?” Melissa whispered as the girl went for our wine.

I squeezed her hand beneath the table and smiled,

“That’s probably my fault” I said, “You see I was going to ask you to spend the night with me”

“You know I will” she said softly and raising our hands up, touched her lips to my fingers. “But I still don’t know what you mean!”

“Well I’d hoped you’d say yes and I was thinking about being in bed with you”

She looked even more puzzled at me.

“The thought of it has made me wet and – – -,”

I touched my lips to her ear, “She can obviously smell my cunt!”

“JACKIE!” she squealed and we giggled together like a couple of silly schoolgirls!

I think both of us were too excited to eat a full meal so we settled for a salmon salad each, along with another bottle of the house white, which was quite delicious as the waitress had said. She had borrowed a little print dress of mine and like me, had opted not to wear a bra, her breasts being bigger than mine jiggled delightfully with every movement and when she laughed, the view was quite spectacular, the stockings and panties were mine too, but she’d refused my offer to take her pick of the half dozen or so I’d brought with me. Instead she’d picked mine up off the floor, the one’s I’d been wearing all day at the exhibition and locked her eyes onto mine as she drew them up over her hips.

“This way I’ll be able to have you between my legs all the time” she said and kissed me gently on the lips!

Of course after that little show of blatant eroticism, I’d stepped into hers and found just the thought of her moisture between my legs better than any aphrodisiac I’d ever heard of!

Throughout the meal (such as it was) we would touch each other, I found her nearness intoxicating, she had a way of looking at me from under her eyelashes that made my nipples rise with anticipation. Several times she would lean into me to whisper a little obscenity into my ear whilst slipping a hand onto my thigh beneath my dress, I’d feel the pressure of a breast against my arm and I’d make a conscious effort not to squeeze my thighs together in case I climaxed at the table!

The waitress was surprised and delighted when I settled the bill. Instead of putting it against my room number, I paid cash and I think I must have practically doubled her weekly wage with the tip!

“Thank you Madam” she gasped, “I hope you have an enjoyable evening”

Melissa took my hand and sat back in her chair, smiling at the girl she parted her legs and said softly, “We will thank you” and blew her a cheeky kiss as our entwined fingers slipped into the leg band of her/my panties!


Chapter 3

I could feel myself glowing as we walked hand in hand into the dining room for breakfast and wondered if people knew I’d spent most of the night making love with the beautiful and very self assured young woman on my arm!

I’d woken at first light to find her propped up on one elbow looking at me and smiling.

“Hi” I said softly and touched a hand gently to her cheek, “You’re looking at me”

An obvious statement, but she understood and kissed my hand.

“You’re worth looking at, I’ve been like this for an hour!”

“You’re making me feel guilty” I whispered, “You should have woken me”

She shook her head,

“No, I just wanted to look at you and watch you breathing, you’re beautiful”

I reached for her and we kissed tenderly, she tasted of me as I must have tasted of her.

“Am I allowed to say that I love you?”

“Yes” she came into my arms, “Oh yes, yes please!”

“I love you”

I ran both my hands down over her back onto the curves of her bottom, her cheeks were soft and pliant, her tongue a live thing in my mouth.

“Say it again” she breathed.

“I love you”

Her eyes looked into mine, she believed me, she knew I’d said what I felt.

“I love you Jackie”

A hand crept slowly down over my stomach and onto my mound, I parted my legs and she felt the moisture between them

“You’re wet”

“I’ve been wet ever since you walked into my room last night”

Gently I pulled her buttocks apart and teased her tiny puckered hole, she moaned into my mouth and eased a finger into me as we began to move rhythmically in time to each other’s probing.

“Leave your finger there” she hissed and pulled away from me.

We both giggled as she rotated herself on my finger, but the giggling gave way to sighs of pleasure when our mouths found each other’s wetness.

Even after our excesses of the previous night, she tasted as fresh as she had after stepping out of our bath, her creamy fluids literally dripped into my mouth as I devoured her!

Her own lips were French kissing my cunt lips, her tongue lapping cat like at my juices while I purred with sheer pleasure, licking around the inner walls of her cunt and impaling her further onto my finger.

Using both her hands, she pulled my cheeks apart and wiped her tongue from my clitoris to my anus and back again, my legs began to tremble of their own accord when she took my clitoral nub between her lips and sucked hard.

I arched my back up to her mouth and succumbed to her ministrations as her legs gripped my head, trapping me, grinding herself into orgasm on my eager, receptive mouth!

At a table intended to seat four people, we took up barely two places as we ate the warm croissants and chatted idly about ourselves. At one point she reached across me for the coffee pot and I once again felt the gentle pressure of a breast as it brushed against my arm.

I stiffened and she looked at me worriedly.

“What is it Jackie, what’s wrong?”

“For God’s sake” I whispered as I sat back in my seat and caught my breath.

“What?” she was alarmed until I giggled and felt the redness of embarrassment spreading over my face.

“I’ve just orgasmed!”

“Oh my God, what on earth happened, what were you thinking about?”

“Nothing” I laughed, “Well nothing sexy anyway, I was actually thinking whether I should bother with the exhibition today and then your boob touched my arm!”

“And that’s what did it?” she was incredulous.

“Yes, that’s all it took, I came”

It was her turn to blush then,

“I’ve never had that effect on anyone before” she said quietly and laid a hand on my thigh.

“I’m sorry, I’ve embarrassed you”

“No” she said and looked down at the table, “No it’s not that at all”

“What then, tell me?”

“I’m scared to say it”

“Don’t be scared, be honest, tell me please darling”

She still wouldn’t look at me.

“It’s what you said last night about opening another branch here and me managing it for you”

“Go on” I squeezed her hand encouragingly.

“Well it’s not the money or anything like that, but – – – -,”

“Come on beautiful” I whispered, “Out with it!”

“I don’t want to lose you”

“I might open a branch here” I said, “But if you were to manage it, how would we see each other?”

“Oh!” she shifted uncomfortably.

“But I was going to advertise for a personal assistant in the trade papers when I got back, it would be a live in position of course”

She looked at me and smiled as I continued,

“Do you happen to know anyone who might be interested in the position?

“I might” her smile got wider, “How personal would this assistant have to be?”

“Oh very personal” I said and kissed her on the lips.

– The End –

by Dave Dax