I was a typical 41 year old guy, unmarried, reasonably well off, with the sexual drive that goes with being in pretty good health. I had met an older man, a widower of 65, through an acquaintance. He had come over to my house to check out some furniture I was getting rid of. Unfortunately, he stopped by about an hour earlier than we had planned – while I was right in the middle of a session of internet porn and jacking off. To make matters worse, I was at the computer near the front of the house, so I suspected that he had heard the sounds of sex from inside when he came to the front door.

I hurriedly pulled my pants on and closed the window on the computer. After composing myself and getting a shirt on, I answered the door.

He was an average looking guy with grey hair, and about 15 extra pounds around the midsection. We chatted, and looked over the furniture. When I asked him how much he thought it was worth, he suggested we check some things out on the internet for comparison. I didn’t see a problem, until, that is, he accidentally clicked on the history menu. Busted! There were all the sites I had been on.

“I like the first two myself, but that last one doesn’t do anything for me”, he smirked. I stammered a little at first, but then reluctantly agreed with his judgment. The last one was one of those cheesy commercial sites with lame actors and no “soul”. The first two were amateur swap sites.

“Mind if I check one out?”, he asked. “I haven’t been on for this kinda stuff in a couple weeks.”

“Sure – knock yourself out”.

Well, it was probably to be expected at that point that we would end up both lying in the bean bag chairs, watching blowjob videos and jacking off. I wasn’t a complete newbie to this, but it had been very infrequent. The sight of eachother’s growing penises turned us each on, and I for one was stroking pretty furiously.

We took turns choosing the video, but I noticed that he liked deepthroat videos as much as I did, along with videos of some nice wife on her knees in front of her standing man, long hardon nicely sliding in and out of her soft wet mouth, until, of course, he pulled his tool out and covered her adoring, smiling face with copious amounts of seed.

“It’s been years since someone has done that for me,” he almost gasped as his breathing got heavy. “How ’bout you?”

“Even longer, but I was never as much into getting oral with my wife as in giving it.”

“A giver, huh…boy I would love it if….” his voice trailed off, not wanting to cross any lines or ruin the great time we were having.

I thought about what he meant. I had sucked dick once before, but had basically enjoyed it. And besides, his penis was a nice, average, clean one with a squishy mushroom head and a big, round tight sack tucked below it. I had been watching him pleasure himself for almost 20 minutes now, and I was as horny as could be.

“Would you like me to break your dry spell?” I asked, almost amazed to hear my own voice saying it.

“Would you really? I can’t TELL you how bad I want it!” He stood up.

“OK” – In an instant, I was the “loving wife”, on my knees in front of him, caressing his tool. It looked so much bigger from this distance, and it smelled wonderful. Once I popped it in my mouth, there was no turning back. I lost myself in the pleasure of making this nice older gentlemen feel the ultimate pleasure. Soon, I was moaning, slurping, pumping, caressing and licking. His lovely penis was so hard in my mouth, and the head felt so good as it filled up the back of my throat. I would hold it back there and reach my tongue out to lick his scrotum and the base of his cock. Then I would draw my lips tightly against the shaft and slowly pull it out, then just as slowly slide it back in.

“Start just bobbing on it, a little faster, I’m getting really close. Watch out, I think this is going to be a realy big load.” I did as I was told.

“Rub under my balls and take the cock all the way in…”

“Now just suck really hard … oh,…there it is…keep it in your mouth…I really want you take my sperm…oh, oh..” and then I felt his hand gently on the back of my head, easing my mouth even deeper. I have never been so sexually thrilled in my life – I could feel his heart beating in the throbbing of his cock head against the back of my throat, and then the warmth and salty taste as his sperm rushed all around my mouth, tongue and out over my lips and chin.

With his softening tool still gently resting in my lips, I look up to see an expression of such appreciation and joy. I understood then why so many women love giving head…

We had almost weekly sessions after that, until I had to move away.