As I sat alone in my room staring up at the wall, I just started to think about the past. I had arrived home for the first time in over four months. My first semester of college had officially come to an end. I hadn’t done quite as well as I had hoped in my classes but, all in all, I felt alright. Well, I felt alright mentally at least. My balls had become somewhat blue during my stay at college. I Had an on off girlfriend, but all we had really done so far was make out. Needless to say, I felt a little unfulfilled.

It was then that my mind drifted to thoughts of Molly. We had dated for almost a year during my junior and senior year of high school, and had been quite serious. My cock couldn’t help but get a little hard as I thought back on all the blowjobs she had given me in her bedroom, with her mom downstairs. Or the time that I had fingered her pussy in an empty movie theater. I remembered the way her body would tense up and she would grab my arm as she came.

That was when I got the idea to call her. We hadn’t really talked all that much since we had broken up. She called me a few times, but it was mostly just awkward, forced conversation. Though I had never really stopped thinking about her. Not so much in an emotional way, but a raw physical lust. I decided that the next day I would call her and just see what happened. In the worst case she would just tell me to go to hell.

It was about nine o clock the next night, as I sat in front of the phone starring at the receiver. How was I going to do this? There was no way this would work. She is just going to think I am an asshole. What the hell. She already thinks I am an asshole probably. I might as well just find out.

So I picked up the phone and dialed her all too familiar cell phone number. I could hear my heart pounding in my throat as it began to ring. After he second ring I began to think she wouldn’t pick up and I could put this off for another day. Then I heard the click and “Hello?”, the soft sound of her voice. “Hey Molly, its Joe”. As the words left my mouth followed by what felt like infinite silence. “How have you been, it s been a while.” I said, trying desperately to keep my voice from shaking. “Yeah, I’m alright”. She said, I couldn t quite tell if I detected a hint of anger in her voice. “How was school?” I said in a feeble attempt to make some small talk. “Not too great, I got C’s in most of my classes”. She said in a depressed tone. “That’s too bad, I didn’t do great either.” “I’ve missed seeing you”. I said it almost before I could even think about it. “What?” She sounded surprised. “I want to see you”. I had now gained a little more confidence in what I was doing “How can you say that, you haven’t called me in forever.” She was getting angry. “I’m sorry, I was just embarrassed. I really need to see you though. I can t stop thinking about you and the times we used to have.” I tried desperately to mollify her anger. “We did have fun”. She said in a weak voice. I could hardy believe it. “You wouldn’t believe how horny I am right now.” I figured I might as well go for it. “Well, I guess we could meet somewhere”. As she said it, my heart leaped. When I thought about calling her I never thought she would actually want to go through with it, this was amazing. My cock already began to stiffen in my pants. “Why don’t you come up here and see me.” She said in a much calmer tone than before. “I don’t know, I always feel so uncomfortable at your house. You mom is so nosey.” I began to think of other options. My house was a no go. My dad was always around. “Where then?” As she said it, it hit me. “We are both eighteen now, what about a hotel?” It was a stroke of genius. “Are you serious?” “Yeah, why not?” “Well, I guess that’s cool.” “Ok then, let’s figure this out. ”

We agreed to meet the next night at the hotel off the freeway about halfway in between our houses. That way it was fair. As I pulled my car into the parking lot, I was overwhelmed with excitement. We had arranged it so that I would go into the hotel alone and get a room by myself. That way no one would think she was a hooker. I would then call her and she would come up to the room. I put the key into the door and turned the knob. I tossed my coat onto one of the beds. I had purchased a litre of vodka to lighten the mood as well, I set it on the counter. I then sat on the bed a dialed her number. The knock on the door caught me half by surprise. I had to keep myself from running right to the door. I turned the knob and swung open the door.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Molly wasn’t the most beautiful girl in the world. But she definitely had her merits. She had long black hair. She was half Ecuadorian, and you could easily tell by looking at her. She had semi-dark skin. Her boobs were pretty small, somewhere between an a and b cup. It was her ass that was truly amazing. It was big, but not in a bad way. It stuck out nicely in the back and had a nice heart shape to it. She stood there in the doorway as I looked her up and down. She had a white sundress and white pumps. She looked very hot. “Come in.” We walked over to the bed. She sat down and took off her shoes. I got us something to drink. I sat next to her on the bed and slowly placed my hand on her hip. I leaned over and kiss her soft lips as I moved my hand slowly upwards. I could feel the heat coming off her tight wet pussy. I remembered that she never wore anything but thongs, and today was no exception. I took my other hand and pushed the other side of her dress up past her waist. Her pussy was now pressing directly against my crotch, separated only by one piece of fabric. I slowly slipped the dress up the rest of the way and completely off. I was pleasantly surprised to see that she wasn’t wearing a bra.

“Let’s have some drinks.” I suggested as I lie on top of her nearly naked body. “Ok” We got up and I went into the bathroom and got two cups. When I came back out she was standing up by the desk. I now got a good look at her small pouty breasts. I could also see that her little red thong had begun to bleed through with the juices from her pussy. We each took about 5 shots from the bottle. I was still feeling ok, a little dizzy but still good. I cold tell she was quite tipsy. “You know, I ve noticed that you are wearing quite a bit more clothes than I am.” She said in a playful voice. “We should do something about that. ” She walked over to me and got onto her knees. She undid the button of my pants and slowly unzipped them. I took off my shirt and threw it across the room. She let my pants fall to the floor and I kicked them off as well. She then proceeded to pull down my boxers and expose my hard throbbing cock. I don t mean to brag at all. I am just being honest, but I happen to have a big dick. The last time I measured it, it came out just over nine inches.

In her drunkenness she had her head to close to my crotch and when my cock fell out of my boxers it hit her in the forehead with a light slapping noise. “Hehe ooopps” She said with a laugh as she was looking up at me. She then took the head of my cock into her mouth. I remembered the feeling so well. Her hot lips wrapped around my shaft. The feeling of the roof of her mouth as my cock moved in and out. “I have an idea. Are you feeling adventurous?” I asked her with a smirk. “Maybe” She smiled up at me. “Why don t we play a game of truth or dare. But with a more adult spin on it.” “Ok. But I need to go to the bathroom first.” She said getting up from her knees. She walked into the bathroom and shut the door part of the way. I was pretty well in the moment not to mention pretty drunk, so I decided to go visit her. I opened the door slowly and she looked up and smiled at me. “What are you doing in here.” “I didn’t want to go limp in the downtime.” I walked right up to her, grabbed the back of her head and pushed her down onto my cock. She started to suck but then stopped briefly. “Joe I’m peeing.” I ignored her and forced her head back down onto my wet cock. This time I put both of my hands firmly on the back of her head and pushed her head as far down onto my cock as it would go. Once she finished I grabbed her by the arm and we both went back out to the bed. We each took two more shots and lay back on the bed.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“So lets get this started. Truth or dare. I said as I lay beside her.” “Ummm dare.” “Ok I dare you to take two of my fingers in your pussy all the way to the knuckle.” I saw her eyes widen a bit “No problem”, she said as she lay back and spread her legs open exposing her pink eighteen year old pussy. I positioned my fingers at the entrance to her waiting vagina and pressed them slowly in. As I moved them deeper inside of her I felt her hole tightening. I was just barley able to get them all the way in. “See I told you” She said, her face visibly restraining a moan. “Now it your turn, truth or dare?” “Hmmm, dare” “Ok I dare you to lick my pussy.” ” That’s weak” I said and got into a position in front of her I slowly inserted my tongue into her wet waiting vagina. Her juices tasted strong but not bad. I licked her up and down a few times and sat back up. “That was too easy, and now its your turn Truth or Dare.” “Dare. Do your worst.” She said defiantly. “Ok, if you think you can handle it. Same dare as last time, just in your ass.” This time her eyes almost shot out of her head as I said. “No way! Not in my ass.” She folded her arms. “Come on you have to it’s the rules.” I said with a smirk. She slowly let her arms fall to her sides. “Now be a good girl and bend over.” With an unhappy look on her face she bent over in front of me. “Be a dear, and spread those asscheeks of yours would you.” I said just to add insult to injury. She slowly brought her hands back and spread open her ass exposing her pink rosebud of an asshole. I slowly brought my finger up to the entrance of her ass. Boldly going where no man has gone before. “Fuck you” And with that I forced my fingers down deep inside her tight hole. She let out a yelp as I first entered her rectum. And she pleaded with me to pull out as I forced them still deeper. Before long I was knuckle deep inside her tight ass. “Ok now pull out ” “Alright, why don’t you whine some more?” “Its my turn, I choose dare.” “Hmmmm, I can’t think of anything, can I just go again.” “I guess, in fact I just thought of a very good dare, but it will take a little time.” “What is it?” “You have to order a pizza, and when it gets here you answer the door totally nude.” “No way, not going to happen!” “Hey, you agreed already, you have to do it. And Im not done. You answer the door nude and then you have to seduce the pizza man and give him head right in the doorway.” “Oh my god.. NO!” “You have to. Go get the phone book.” “I won’t do it.” “It’s the rules.” “God dammit I hate you.” She then walked over to the phone and flipped through the phone book. I heard her pick up the phone Yes, I’d like to order a large pepperoni pizza please. Umm for delivery. Yes we are at the holiday hotel off of 6. OK thanks. “He said it will be 15-30 minutes.” “Well just be ready” “You re an asshole.” “Hmmm that so, well I decided to make an addendum to my dare. While we are waiting for the pizza, I get to fuck you.” “WHAT” “Yep, Bend over”

Her spirit essentially broken, she did as I said and I walked up behind her and forced my cock deep inside her. We kept this up for a while until we heard a knock on the door. “Looks like he’s here. You better take another shot.” She grabbed the bottle and took a long drink. She then walked over to the door and slowly turned the handle. The portly middle-aged pizza man stood in the doorway and read his receipt. “Hi I have a a a..” He slowly trailed off as he noticed the naked girl in front of him. “Oh my pizza. There’s a small problem. I cant pay for it. But maybe we can disscuss another form of payment.” Before he could say a word she got to her knees and unzipped his pants. I sat watching from the bed as she pulled out his soft small dick and began to suck on it. She bobbed on his cock for a few minutes then I saw his face grimace. “Oh god I m cumming.” Molly had never liked guys to cum in her mouth and she usually told them before hand. So when she pulled his dick out of her mouth suddenly she expected him to point it away from her. But in his surprise he aimed right for her. His streams of cum landing square in her mouth on her face and in her hair. “Oh my god what are you doing.” “Im sorry.” “Just get out!” She slammed the door on him. She walked over to the bed a sat down looking disgusted “Happy. She asked.” “Of course. I have to pee. Then I will fuck you some more.” I walked to the bathroom and closed the door. I thought back over the evening as I took a long piss. When I came back into the room I saw that Molly had passed out on the bed. Not wanting to waste perfectly good pussy I rolled her onto her back and spread her legs. I then proceeded to give her the fucking of a lifetime. After about ten minutes her pussy began to bore me. So I flipped her over and began to go to town on her ass. I came after about ten more minutes deep inside her. I then went to sleep on the other bed. When I awoke the next morning I found her still passed out, so I took the liberty to fuck her one last time. This time I dropped the load all in her tight little snatch.

It s been a while since then, I wonder how she is. I haven t called her since that night.

The end