Lexi knelt totally naked in the middle of the room, her knees apart her shapely ass held off her heels, her back straight, her head bowed, her large tits hanging slightly down onto her heaving rib cage, her hands on the knees palms upwards. A total picture of sub servitude in sweet Mistress Debbie’s eyes. Her nipples already standing out hard and puckered tingling slightly, the heat in her belly rising with each passing second as she knelt there feeling Her Mistresses eyes moving across her hot naked flesh. That single thought making the fire between her spread thighs grow in its intensity.

She knelt there slave and slut belonging to her new Mistress, awaiting the feel on her slender neck of her Mistresses collar. Her heart pounding in her chest the blood rushing in her ears, her head spinning slightly, looking out from under her dark lashes watching her new Mistresses stiletto clad, hose encased feet as she slowly circled her looking at her firm but ripe body. Lexi’s mind whirling hoping that her Mistress found her worthy enough to accept the gift she was willing offered her. The gift of Lexi’s body, mind and soul, oh how she had longed and dreamed for this moment to feel the carpet beneath her knees. Her whole body tingling. The feel of the leather on her neck would signal that acceptance.

Mistress Debbie walked slowly round looking at her new slave, pleased with what she saw she enjoyed the feel of being fully clothed, dressed immaculately as her new slut was made to kneel naked before her exhibiting her worthless body for her inspection. She watched with amusement as she spied a slender trail of moisture hang from her sluts already heated pussy hanging for a second then drop softly onto the carpet. She moved behind her, Mistress Debbie’s fingers lightly touching her sluts hair, felt her tense slightly under her soft touch, then heard her groan as she entwined her fingers into her sweet sluts hair pulling her head back. ‘So what do you offer Me slut’ she whispered softly into her ear. ‘I offer you my worthless body my mind, and my soul My Mistress’ Lexi replied her voice trembling with her excitement. Her nipples throbbing aching to be touched, the fire between her spread thighs intensifying with each passing second.

Her eyes closing in pure ecstasy, as her Mistress uttered just two words, ‘I accept’. Releasing Lexi’s hair she placed her collar round Lexi’s neck. Lexi her head spinning her heart near leaping out of the confines of her chest moved her hands upwards towards her symbol of acceptance as Mistress Debbie fastened it tight round her neck. ‘who told you could move slut !’ Mistress Debbie hissed in her ear. Lexi’s hands falling quickly back to her knees, but it was too late she had displeased Mistress Debbie and she would be made to pay for her digressions no matter how minor. She knelt there feeling proud to be owned at long last, her eyes blurred by her tears of joy her chest heaving as she tried not to sob out loud, biting down on her freshly painted upper lip fighting with her soaring emotions.

She hadn’t seen or heard Mistress Debbie move, but jumped as she heard her say ‘give me your hands you disobedient bitch’. Lexi lifted her hands up to her new Mistress, her chest heaving as she did so, Mistress Debbie attaching both wrists into leather cuffs, then pulling Lexi’s hands behind her back secured them together. ‘I’ll teach you to move without my expressed permission you whore of mine’. She attached a chain to the wrist cuffs, kicking the other end between Lexi’s spread thighs, then walking round in front of her, she pulled the chain tight between Lexi’s peach like ass cheeks, then hard between her already spread pussy lips, the cold metal of the chain on her molten hot pussy making Lexi gasp, the feel of the chain dragging against her already throbbing clit almost sending her over the edge. Pulling the chain taught Mistress Debbie then attached it to the D ring at the front of Lexi’s new collar. Lexi fighting the small explosions going off in her mind finding it hard to concentrate, knowing she mustn’t come without Mistress Debbie’s permission the cold hard chain sending wave after wave of pleasure coursing through her body. She’d never felt so alive before in her entire life. This she knew was what she wanted, no needed she corrected herself as she fought her urge to cum until told to by her Mistress.

She watched, her head bowed now not from choice, but because of the taught chain dragging on her wrists and neck. She watched the soft sway of Mistress Debbie’s womanly hips as she glided across the room towards the bathroom door, Lexi’s eyes drinking in her Mistresses every last detail, the elegant calves, the pinched waist, her back, and her flowing golden blonde hair. The chain warming between her soaking wet lips as her arousal increased to fever pitch. As Mistress Debbie got to the door she stopped momentarily looking over her shoulder her beautiful face illuminated by the light from behind making her look angelic in the eyes of Lexi just for a second making her heart skip a beat. She smiled her pearly white teeth framed by her bright ruby red full lips, the called out ‘heel slut’ then her heels echoing on the tiled floor she moved from Lexi’s sight.

Lexi knowing her place as Mistress Debbie’s worthless piece of cunt started to shuffle forward on her knees as best she could. Her thighs slick with her juices sliding together only increasing the erotic feel of the chain sawing across her over sensitive clit. Sending wave after wave of pleasure to her almost already overloaded brain, the sparks flying round her brain. Biting down hard on her lip fighting with every fibre of her hot sweet body not to cum until allowed by her Mistress she moved slowly closer to the bathroom door. Each inch making beads of perspiration break out over her body as she fought her bodies desire to circum to her own wanton lustful desires. As she reached the threshold to the brightly lit bathroom, her eyes darting about her heart fluttering her mouth dry hoping to catch a glimpse of her Darling Mistress Debbie. The cold hard tiles under her knees not helping her problems as the sweet delicious pain in her knees just added to her rapidly increasing oncoming orgasm. She shuffled painfully across the tiles making her way towards the shower stall towards the rear of the bathroom. As she neared the shower stall she spied her Sweet Mistresses clothes hung neatly on a hanger through her rapidly glazing eyes. Her shoulder brushing against the cool tiled wall which she knew was all that separated her from the Mistress of her dreams the holder of her soul, body and being, she was waiting there naked for her worthless piece of cunt. That final thought was all it took without warning it hit her square between her slick cream covered thighs, washing over her like a huge unstoppable tidal wave, radiating through her body, her whole being trembling as she reached the end of the wall, falling side wards the cry of her orgasm breaking from her distraught lips bouncing of the tiles, echoing in her mind she fell at her Mistresses feet a quivering heap of orgasming worthlessness.

Mistress Debbie looked down at her disdainfully, waited impatiently for her to stop jerking involuntarily against her bonds each movement adding to the continuing orgasm flooding her whole being. As it slowly ebbed away she lay there panting for breath like a stranded fish gulping in air, her heart racing in her chest, the cool tiles under her, she had ended up on her back, her head between her sweet Mistresses feet. Mistress Debbie placed her foot on her face, ‘you useless slut did I tell you that you could cum?’ She hissed at Lexi lying her face covered by her Mistresses foot, unable to gather her mind to speak Lexi opened her mouth her tongue snaking out, and at last she tasted the soft sweet flesh of her Mistress she had longed to touch for so long. As she slowly savoured every little taste she licked Mistress Debbie’s foot, her tongue working between her toes, her lips trying to capture them so she could suck them into her mouth. She cried out as Mistress Debbie pulled her foot away, sneering at her ‘your not fit to lick my feet you useless bitch, but I know some thing you are fit for!’ Her fingers moving to her smoothly shaved pussy, the lips like smooth pink petals from some rare exotic flower delicately she pulled them apart. Lexi lying beneath her eyes glued to her Mistresses sweet delicate pussy, licking her lips in sweet anticipation, then gasping slightly as she saw then felt the first few warm drops of her beautiful Mistresses pee rain down on her from that hole she so longed to lick and suck to please her Mistress. Closing her eyes and opening her mouth extending her tongue as far as she could Lexi lay there her Mistresses warm pee splattering on her upturned face eager to taste any part or thing her Mistress wished her to, her throat moving as she swallowed as her mouth repeated filled with the warm acrid pee given to her by her sweet beautiful generous Mistress. The feeling between her thighs, the chain still taught between her molten hot pussy lips and the warm pee splashing on her face, hair and tits sending her once more perilously close to another onrushing orgasm. She was saved as the final few drips landed on her outstretched tongue, she opened her eyes, looking up into her Darling Mistresses beautiful face she pulled her tongue into her mouth smiled softly into the eyes of her Mistress swallowed opened her mouth wide to show her total obedience then softly said, ‘this worthless slut thanks her kind sweet Mistress for her sweet tasty gift’.

Mistress Debbie bent forward undoing the chain at Lexi’s throat, and yanking on it hard causing Lexi to cry out in sweet exquisite pain as the chain bit hard into her sweet tortured pulsating pussy. Smiling sweetly at her Mistress Debbie said, ‘you haven’t finished yet you worthless bitch on you knees and lick my pee soaked pussy clean’ Lexi eagerly got to her knees and buried her wet face between her Mistresses soft warm welcoming thighs her tongue raking her from back to front as she eager to please her beautiful Mistress lapped and sucked at her sweet tasting pussy. Licking gently and softly, not forgetting to clean the wetness left on her Mistresses soft skin caused by her own wet face she licked and licked till she was satisfied she had due a perfect job of cleaning her Mistress of any trace of pee. Begrudgingly satisfied with Lexi’s cleaning job Mistress Debbie walked from the shower. ‘Think you need a wash you pee stained pussy cleaning slut’ she said as she turned the cold jets on full. Lexi shivered under the hard jets of the shower moving this way and that her chain rattling across the tiles as she reluctantly removed her Mistresses pee, her sweet odour from her face body and hair. The cold water having another effect on her body, causing her bladder to contract, a sudden overwhelming need to pee taking over . She looked at her Mistress utterly helpless to stop the warm golden flow that sudden gushed from her aching hungry pussy. Mistress Debbie sneered at her calling her ‘a filthy bitch’ as she knelt there once more trembling over having displeased her Mistress. Kneeling there shivering as Mistress Debbie switched off the jets her teeth chattering her lips slowly beginning to regain their colour.

The wet cold slippery tiles under her knees. Her nipples standing out like hard little puckered bullets. Mistress Debbie left her kneeling naked and cold, slipping on a silken black robe that just covered her sweet peach like ass from her slaves wanton gazes. She bent forward her robe opening slightly, Lexi’s eyes from beneath her tangled dripping wet hair drinking in the smooth milky skin of her Mistresses perfect breasts, how she yearned to pay homage to her Mistresses sweet soft body. That thought once more stoking the fire deep inside her belly. Mistress Debbie picked up the free end of the chain, walking off holding the chain like a leash she spoke softly, ‘cum pet of mine I have ways to warm you’. A delicious shudder ran through Lexi’s body at that thought, as she shuffled painfully across the hard shiny hard tiled floor. He body covered in goose bumps, from the cold or excitement she couldn’t tell she slowly followed the Mistress of her dreams through the main room, to the door of another room.

Mistress Debbie released her grip on the chain letting it rattle softly onto the carpeted floor. Walking behind her new toy, she produced from the pocket of her robe a black silk scarf. Placing it over her slaves eyes and tying it tightly and securely in place. Grabbing hold of the cuffed wrists she yanked Lexi to her feet, then allowed her to walk into the new room. Lexi’s heart beating wildly in her chest, not knowing what plans her Mistress had to ‘warm her’. Her pussy churning wildly her body slowly drying with the exception of her inner thighs once more slick with her own juices from her hot wet dripping pussy. She felt the soft warm carpet under her feet as she was led by her Mistress into the new room.

She felt her wrists being released the aching in her shoulders as her arms dropped to her sides making her gasp softly. Her Mistress positioning her against something smooth and cool against her slowly warming skin just above her smooth freshly shave pubic mound, kicking her feet wide apart then securing them in place. Lexi’s mind travelling at a million miles an hour, feeding her already growing passions, she allowed her body to be moved into whatever position her beautiful Mistress placed it.

Mistress Debbie went about her work getting her new slut into the position she wanted her, mindful not to touch her much, ‘make the bitch wait for my touches’ she thought. Pushing her legs into position, securing them, then attaching her wrist cuffs to ropes and pulling her forward across the leather padded horse. She stepped back admiring her handy work briefly, a slight shudder running though her body, causing the tingling she had been feeling growing deep inside her belly starting to slowly build. She looked at her slave blindfolded, Legs spread wide her hot soaking wet pussy already open, the lips puffy and swollen, slim silver strands of her lust dangling attached to her inner thighs. Her magnificent tits hanging freely for the moment as she was bent over the leather padded horse, her hair a tangled mess. Her knees already red and sore from her crawling across the hard tiles of the bathroom. Mistress Debbie moved under her slave her well practiced hands making swift work of binding her hanging breasts. Lexi biting down on her lower lip at the soft erotic touches she was receiving from her Mistresses practiced fingers as she bound her hanging tits tight. Lexi could feel them rapidly becoming hard and engorged, her nipples standing out hard erect and now highly sensitive. The shock and surprise coupled with the exquisite pain as her darling Mistress attached the nipple clamps making her cry out suddenly. Her hot molten pussy churning faster as the initial searing pain subsided to be replaced by a throbbing pain. She shuddered as she felt the leather covered paddle being gently rubbed across her totally unprotected soft smooth ass cheeks, unable to stifle her soft meowing from deep in her throat, her hips swaying gently as much as she could move them.

The paddle being removed briefly, then suddenly without warning crashing down onto her soft pale creamy skin of her ass. Her head snapping up, involuntarily shouting ‘ouch’ quickly followed by ‘one, thank you Mistress’ the another blow, and another each blow followed by Lexi counting out the number then thanking her Mistress. Her ass cheeks on fire her nipples throbbing under their sweet torture, each blow making Lexi move slightly increasing the throbbing in her bound tits. The beating continued till Lexi had counted twenty. Her ass stinging from the onslaught of her Mistresses ministrations, she moaned as she felt her Mistresses hands on the fiery red burning round globes of her ass, gently stroking soothing away the stinging pain leaving the hot burning feeling, all adding to the increasing heat deep inside her molten hot aching pussy. Her arousal dripping from her obscenely open aching pussy. The hairs on the back of her stood up suddenly as she felt the smooth thin riding crop being dragged gently down her back. Her mind bracing itself for the forthcoming pain, but a steel determination to show her Mistress that she would withstand all she cared to give her, to please her darling Mistresses demands. Her thighs quivering involuntarily as her Mistress ran the thin crop slowly up them, then dipping the thin slender end inside her gaping pussy. Then sliding it along her molten gash covering it liberally with her own sweet moisture.

A swish, the sudden impact, Lexi’s head snapping back her mouth open wide the scream of pain bursting from her lungs in response to the sudden searing pain across her already hot burning ass. The tears suddenly bursting from her eyes soaking the silky material of her blindfold, fighting back the tears, struggling against the sobs, she softly, counts ‘one, this unworthy slut thanks her Mistress’ another blow and another each one followed by Lexi’s thanks, stopping after five, Lexi her head hanging down her ass marked by burning stinging hot red welts left by her Mistress. Her chest heaving as despite her hardest efforts sobbing softly now, her tear soaked blindfold wet against her eyes. Yelping as she feels the numbing cold of the ice on her hot tender stinging burning ass. Her sobbing slowly subsiding cursing herself for her weakness in the eyes of her cruel beautiful Mistress, tormentor of her soul.

Mistress Debbie gently eased the pain in her slaves tortured welt covered ass, please in the way her slut had handled her punishment. Stopping after a short time allowing the sweet burning to resume, but killing the deep pain. Running her fingers gently along the raised welts, hearing her slave sucking in air through her teeth as the feelings returned. Then Mistress Debbie’s fingers moving slowly between the spread cheeks of her slaves spread ass cheeks her nail teasing her tight virginal puckered ass hole, ‘mmmm maybe another day perhaps’ she mused silently to herself, her fingers tailing down, her slaves hips moving as much as they could in her confined position trying to get her Mistress to touch her hot molten aching pussy. Mistress Debbie chuckling silently to herself, stopping just short of her wanton slaves burning hot molten pussy, gives her ass a gentle swat with her hand and turns and moves away from her. Lexi gasping at the sudden pat on her sweetly tortured ass, her mind screaming ‘please touch me more!!’

Lexi lay there her ears straining listening for her sweet tormenting Mistresses location, her mind a whir wondering what’s next, her tits throbbing more and more the pain in her nipples forgotten under the assault on her now burning ass, making it pale into insignificance, now becoming more and more her major source of sweet delicious torment. Her pussy throbbing aching crying out for attention, she could feel her next orgasm bubbling just below the surface.

Her head lifting suddenly as she feels the smooth hard object rubbing along her gaping pussy lips, her mouth opening in a silent scream as with one deep thrust Mistress Debbie jams the huge strap on dildo deep inside her hungry hot dripping wet molten pussy. Hunched over her back sawing the strap on in and out of her sluts sweet pussy her hips sending deep jolts of pain as they crashed against her hot tortured ass. Lexi’s head spinning, her insides churning fighting a vain battle to quash her rapidly advancing orgasm. Mistress Debbie feeling her sweet sluts advancing orgasm, reached round and pulled the nipple clamps from her tortured nipples, her expert practiced fingers releasing the ties on her slaves tits easily. The sweet pain as the blood rushed back into her nipples pushed Lexi over the edge her head trashing about her whole body quivering she let out a cry of much of desperation as of pleasure as her orgasm hit her hard. Mistress Debbie gabbing handfuls of her sluts still damp hair pulling her head back as she battered her poor slaves pussy with all her might with the huge dildo, driving her to deep depths of pleasure as her orgasm crashed over her wave after crashing wave. Mistress Debbie unstrapped the dildo from around her waist leaving it buried deep inside the twitching pussy of her slave.

Moving round to the front she released Lexi’s arms, which just flopped down together with her body exhausted and sated from her sweet Mistresses administrations. Mistress Debbie grabbed her by the hair lifter her face up, and barked at her, ‘you useless bitch I didn’t tell you to cum did I?’ and spat into her slaves distraught face. Mistress Debbie just let her slaves head drop, and walked out the room smiling gently to herself at the sobs coming from her slut as she hung over the leather covered horse the dildo still buried deep inside her traitorous pussy.

– The End –