Note: The names are changed to protect identities.

When I started college last fall I wouldn’t have suspected that I’m bisexual. I had been sexually active for nearly three years – since I was fifteen – and each of my six partners were guys. There were times when I found myself admiring other girls in their cute summer outfits, or bikinis, or even in the gym showers, but I convinced myself that there was nothing sexual involved. I mean, we all like to look at attractive people don’t we? Then I met my college roommate and realized I could have strong sexual feelings toward another female.

Her name is Kelli and she and I hit it off right away. Both of us had arrived on campus on Saturday, a day earlier than necessary. Classes didn’t start until Monday but we both wanted an extra day to explore campus. I was enchanted with her from the moment we first met. I had waved goodbye to my parents and returned to my room when she walked in loaded with suitcases. She dropped her bags to shake my hand and gave me a huge, friendly smile. What struck me instantly is that she is beautiful, with big green eyes, a Reese Witherspoon nose, a sparkling smile and a sweet, almost melodic voice. Her personality is genuinely friendly and she has that un-definable charisma that causes people to like her instantly.

The first thing she said was that she was so happy to finally meet me. She had practically memorized my bio. We had all submitted personal profiles in advance to the school housing department so that if we were interested, we could learn something about our future roommates before actually meeting them. I had just sort of glanced at hers, but she had studied mine thoroughly. She knew my taste in music, clothes, books, TV, movies and food. She said she was so eager to meet me because she felt we had so much in common. I guess if I had bothered to read her bio I would have reached the same conclusions. I wasn’t sure if her enthusiasm over meeting me was real or just a front, but after a few minutes I decided that she was as nice as she seemed.

I also noticed that we shared more than just common interests. She was wearing a cute pair of shorts and a snug, sleeveless T shirt. What I saw was a pair of smooth, pretty legs and a hot athletic figure. We are the same height and have the same body types. I found out soon after that we have the same measurements too. We’re both just barely five feet tall, weigh about 102 pounds, and have identical 33B-23-34 body measurements. We’re both brunettes although her hair is somewhat lighter than mine. Hers are green and mine are dark brown, but we both have big “Bambi” eyes and long pretty eye lashes. Like her, I have a young, innocent looking baby face although it’s narrower than hers. Although I’m not a charismatic as she is, people tell me that I’m cute.

So that evening we walked around campus with a map to get our bearings, then went off campus to look around the neighborhood. We found a sushi bar and discovered that we share a fondness for it. She treated me to dinner for the first of many times. I’m on a tight budget but she has a generous spending allowance and she’s so willing to share it. At first I felt guilty about letting her pay but she says there is no point in having money if you can’t use it to do something nice for other people. We talked and laughed like a couple of long time friends and I felt like I had been matched with the perfect room mate. It didn’t take long for our friendship to become physically affectionate.

As we were getting ready to use the showers down the hall we saw each other in our underwear for the first time. Like I said, we have the same body types. “Cute figure” she said. I thanked her and said “Yours is too.” She smiled and we continued to size each other up for a moment. We both have fairly long legs for girls of our height, with flat tummies, tiny waists, smooth swelling hips, and firm, nicely shaped butts. It was getting a little awkward with the two of us standing there staring at each other so I said “let’s go find out if the showers have enough hot water”. We slipped into our robes and headed down the hall. Although there are a few stalls for girls who need privacy, they were in use so we just slipped out of our robes and underwear and went to use the showers in the open area.

Although I tried not to be too obvious I admit that I was trying to get a look at her nude body. I already knew she had a nice figure and pretty legs from our “underwear” moment back in our room, but now I got to see the rest of her. Her breasts are so perfectly shaped, they’re firm, perky, milky white globes with pale pink, quarter sized areola and nipples the size of a small blueberry. My breasts are roughly the same size as hers but not as perfectly round; they have a slightly oblong shape and my nipples tilt upward and outward a bit. Even so, guys seem to like them. I have light brown eraser sized nipples with hardly any areolas at all; they are barely the size of a dime in diameter. We both have scant “young girl” pubic patches that rarely need to be trimmed or thinned. Even her pubic hair intriguing to look at, it’s more straight than curly and it sweeps inward toward the middle of her tummy forming a thick, wispy crest in the middle. If I didn’t know better I would think it had been stylized at some salon. I just have a sparse patch of unruly but soft curly hair that is only about three inches across.

So we showered and returned to our room where she took her robe off and started to rub lotion on herself. As she did she told me to put my hand out and she squeezed a dollop of the lotion into my hand and told me to rub it all over myself. I told her she didn’t have to share her lotion with me but she insisted. She said her mother orders it by the case from Neiman Marcus and I would love the scent My eyes opened wide at the thought buying lotion from Neiman Marcus. I told her that I get my lotion from the dollar store. She told me my lotion must work because I have such beautiful skin. I loved the compliment and the fact that she didn’t look down on me for bargain shopping.

Like I said, over dinner I got the impression that her family is rich since she paid with a platinum credit card that he parents gave her. So I finally just came out and asked if her family was rich. She made sort of a shy grimace and nodded but asked that I not tell everyone. She said she was tired of being treated differently just because her parents were loaded. I didn’t ask how loaded they are but it was obvious they don’t struggle to pay the bills.

Her lack of pretense was so nice. There were kids in my high school who believed that their parent’s wealth gave them license to look down on everyone else. She treats every one with respect and kindness and every one seems to adore her for it. I already adored her for those qualities, and as we stood there naked I was beginning to adore her for her body too.

We continued to gently rub her expensive lotion on ourselves. She turned her around and asked me to rub lotion on her back saying that afterwards she would do the same for me.

Now there was a sight most guys would love to see, two cute naked girls rubbing lotion on each other. I found myself enjoying the situation way too much. I had rubbed suntan lotion on my girl friend’s backs and shoulders before but this was a much different situation. We were both naked and alone. Un-voluntarily, I found myself admiring her delicate neck, the taper of her waist, the swell of her hips and her perfect ass. I felt my nipples start to swell.

As I finished she told me to turn around. I crossed my hands over my breasts to hide my aroused nipples and she gently rubbed the lotion on my back. It felt nice and I sighed in pleasure and she asked me if I wanted a back rub. I nodded so she told me to lie down. As she led me over to my bed her eyes locked onto my puffy nipples. She didn’t say anything but she gave me a sweet smile. There I was, naked, with another naked girl giving me a back rub and loving it.

She rubbed my back, and then she went to work on my legs. She gently rubbed lotion on my upper thighs and then my butt. I kept my legs together to prevent her from seeing my swollen labia. As she rubbed me she told me that I felt tense. I couldn’t tell her that the tension was sexual, and that she was creating it. She continued to massage me and we made small talk and after a few minutes I found myself drifting into a relaxed, almost dreamlike state.

After ten heavenly minutes, she asked if I would be willing to give her a back rub. As we stood up to change places I noticed that her nipples were swollen too. She looked at mine and gently brushed my right nipple with her fingers and said “look at how perky they are your boyfriends must love sucking them.” I told her that I thought her breasts are beautiful and she gave me a smile that was sweet and slightly devilish at the same time.

I rubbed her back and as I did I found myself really admiring her shapely little butt. I asked if she wanted her buns lotioned and she said “Sure, why not?” I had never rubbed another girl’s ass before, but hers was so cute and firm I couldn’t keep myself from enjoying it.

I could easily have gone on admiring her perfect butt but I didn’t want it to became obvious that I was enjoying the moment way too much. I went to work on the back of her legs. Like I said, for short girls we both have relatively long legs, but I think hers are shapelier than mine. Her legs parted slightly and I was able to see her lips. They were so cute, so delicate and pink and pressed tightly together. I have a small pussy and hers looked even smaller than mine. Again, I had to force myself to move my attention to something else. As I worked my way down her calves she asked if I would rub her feet. I had noticed that like me, she has small, pretty feet and I found myself strangely having a desire to rub them. I said “sure” so she rolled over and put her pretty little feet on my lap.

As I rubbed her feet, her legs parted enough for me to get a really good look at her vagina and I tried not to be obvious. She giggled and asked “So, does it pass inspection?”

I looked at her, startled and she said “Soooo .is mine as pretty as yours?”

I knew she had caught me looking and I felt myself blushing. She said “Hey, I was planning to look at yours when I got the chance.” She gave me the sweetest smile and told me that she and her three best girlfriends had compared their pussies. I admitted that I had once compared mine to my cousin’s. We both laughed.

“So let’s see” she said. I shyly positioned myself so that she could get a good look. She commented “Cute, really cute .the guys are gonna love it.” To my surprise she moved closer and gently parted my lips to expose my clit and said “So, so cute.” Then I spent a few moments admiring her pussy.

My labia are somewhat thicker than hers and she told me she was a little jealous: Mine, she said, looked more sensual than hers. It was funny, she wants bigger labia but I would love to have lips as delicate and perfectly shaped as hers. She also complimented my legs saying that she wished her thighs were as slim as mine. I had been thinking that I would like my thighs to be as full and shapely and nicely sculpted as hers. It was so funny that we both had features the other wanted.

“Your breasts are so pretty” she told me. “They’re really firm” she said in an admiring tone “and your nipples are so perky” she added as she tested them with her finger tips. I sort of stammered “Yours are nicer.” She smiled and said “You’re so sweet” as she started to caress the underside of my breasts. It felt so good. I’d had them grabbed and squeezed before by sex crazed guys. Her soft, tender touch was so much nicer.

I was trying to decide if I should start fondling and playing with her breasts when she asked “Well, go ahead, you know you’re curious.” I smiled and gently cupped her perfect breasts. I wanted to suck them so badly but I didn’t dare.

She finally asked “Are we just going to go to sleep or should we masturbate first you do masturbate don’t you?”

I nodded and told her I had been doing it since I was thirteen. “Good” she said “because I can’t go to sleep until I’ve made myself cum, even if I’ve had sex with a guy earlier in the evening” We sat on our beds facing each other and we watched each other. Her technique was different from mine. While I prefer to mostly rub the outer parts of my vagina, she likes to insert a finger or two into hers.

She talked to me as she rubbed her clit, telling me about her first time with a guy. She had been sexually active since she was fourteen. I told her about my first time at fifteen. As it turned out, neither of us were in love with the guys who deflowered us, we were just curious and went for it when we had the chance. Despite the lack of emotional attachment to our first partners, we both found it really exciting and fun.

We stopped talking as we felt ourselves getting closer to orgasm. I watched her close her eyes and tilt her head back as her body shuddered. The sight of her having an orgasm was so arousing and I soon had one of my own.

She and I relaxed for a minute. “How was yours?” she asked. I smiled and said it was “really good”. “So was mine, thanks for sharing” she said as she pulled her covers over herself and we both went to sleep in the nude.

In the middle of the night I woke up looked over at her bed. There was enough light coming in through the curtains to allow me to see her lying there on her bed, covers kicked off, beautiful legs spread apart and fingers gently probing her pussy. I could hear her soft, deep breathing and gentle gasping. I was so turned on by that sight.

I whispered “Now I need to do that”

She let out a laughing sigh and said “Now you broke my concentration and I have to start over again.”

“Sorry” I answered.

She turned on the small lamp on her night stand and said “Well, we might as well watch each other”.

She moved over to my bed and we started to masturbate side by side. Her warm, smooth thigh pressed against mine. To my surprise she moved toward me and said “Let me help you get off” I was startled but in no mood to put up any protest. Her gentle fingers probed my pussy and she gently blew a stream of hot air across my exposed clit. Then something I would never have imagined happened. Another girl went down on me. Now like I said, I had only had six partners up until then, all male, and only two had ever done that to me. I hadn’t been laid all that many times, a total of just twenty six times in three years and I had only had been given oral sex five times. Her warm tongue washed over my labia and circled around my clit an it felt so wonderful and I had a mind blowing orgasm.

As I lay there panting, she gave me an expectant look and soon I was exploring her delicate pussy with my tongue. It was so nice. It tasted slightly tangy, and savory and salty at the same time. I circled her clit with my tongue and she arched her back in pleasure. Her pussy lips were so pretty and kissable. It dawned on me that I was kissing her pussy lips but our mouths had never touched. I longed to kiss her sweet mouth but I had to bring her to orgasm first.

When we finished, she crawled under the covers on my bed, cuddling with me. I wondered how I had gone from being a confirmed heterosexual to making love with a girl I had just met less than twelve hours earlier. But that’s the effect she seems to have on people. She is so naturally sensual and she just makes everyone she meets feel warm and comfortable. She doesn’t have sex with every one she meets but I’m sure that a lot of people, male and female wish that she would.

“This doesn’t mean you’ve turned into a lesbian you know” she reassured me. “You and I are going to be having a lot of fun with the cutest guys on campus.” With that, she turned off her light, gave me a long tender kiss. We kissed and caressed and took turns mouthing each other’s breasts for five or ten minutes. Finally she said “Let’s get some sleep.” I said closed my eyes and smiled, happy to be cuddling with her.

– To Be Continued… –