It has been three months since I shared the story about my wife and our encounter called back to black. My wife and I fulfilled our fantasies of seeing her get stroked royally by a big black dick. We found a guy who lived in the next town over; in the same town as where my wife commuted to work. He was good looking, 6’2″ tall, had a very good body and was very confident. His name is Edward and we had a great time. He was perfect–his ebony skin and her milky white body.

Since that time, we found out that my wife is pregnant– about three months and she is beginning to show. She looks beautiful with her wonderful white complexion and blonde hair. Her belly is no longer flat and her belly button ring is beginning to look very different especially with certain jewelry. We still don’t know who the father is but we have decided to keep it none-the-less. I had often wondered if she was still seeing our black friend Edward because on occasion she has been getting home from work late, with a strange smell and what appeared to be love bites on her tits. It may have been nothing and I never really approached her about it.

One Friday afternoon, my wife called me from work and said that she wanted to go to happy hour with her girl friend Marge. Marge’s Husband was out of town on business and she did not want to be home all alone. We had gotten together casually with Marge and her husband many times before, they were always happy, so what harm could it be. My wife was dressed very conservatively when she left for work as she always does. She assured me that she would not be drinking and would not come home too late–she seldom goes out with the girls so I thought that is would be great for her just to get out. However, I got a little suspicious when she told me that she was going to a Jazz/R&B place near her work, but still I thought no problem, we have no secrets.

The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to find out if something was up. I decided to take a drive over to the club but could not get there until after 8:30 that evening. When I went in, it was very smokey and there were many people chatting, some dancing, mostly blacks dancing with black women but I could see that there were others too–a mixed crowd. I scanned the room but did not see my wife or her friend at first. Then back in a larger circular booth I noticed my wife sitting in the middle of three black guys.

She had her head resting on the back of the booth with her arms winged out on each side of the men, and Marge was sitting on the outside seat of the booth. My wife had obviously changed because she now had on a white short skirt, with a blue blazer jacket and a very loose fitting low cut blouse that opened just above the navel–it showed off her breasts, and the “with child” look. Not to over react, I ordered a beer and watched for a while from a distance. I couldn’t make out who she was with but it seemed that they were having a good time.

I finished my beer and approached the booth, it was Edward and two of his friends. They did not see me at first until I sat on the other endseat of the booth. They introduced themselves as Hayward and Tyree. Edward said he was glad to see me, we shook hands and he poured me a glass of beer from the pictures on the table. Marge looked untouched but was openly flirting Tyree. My wife looked disheveled and had a sort of far away glassy eyed look. I suspected that she had been getting finger fucked under the table by Edward.

She regained her composure, and the girls quickly excused themselves to go to the rest room. I made small talk for with the guys and after a short time the girls returned looking preppie again. My wife sat next to me as she scooted in to the booth between Edward and me. He sat there with his arms spread on the back of the booth with his beer in one hand and his other back behind my wife. She looked at me for approval and I said that I wanted to talk outside. She said sure baby and we departed to the parking lot.

I asked her what was going on and she got pretty touchy. She said that they were only having some fun and that Edward had called her and asked her to show up to celebrate his friend’s birthday. She hugged and kissed me and said that she loved me. She said that she wanted to give me a blowjob to remember in the mini-van.

Her kiss became very passionate and our tongues were probing each others mouth. I pulled her close by her backside feeling up under her skirt–she had no panties. We jumped in the back seat and she pulled out my Johnson and lowered her head to lick, stroke and suck me until I was about to blow. It was a great blowjob and I shot a huge load into her mouth–what a release. She swallowed it all, then she hugged me and suggested that we go. She said we could go home now but she needed to get Marge, or that if I wanted, she would love to dance a little. On the way back into the club, she said that she would make it with the other guys, if I wanted her too. She also said that she told Marge about our prior encounter and that Marge got really excited. She told me that Marge had never cheated before and that she had never had sex with a blackman. I said lets dance and we will play it by ear.

Everyone was a little edgy so I broke the ice by asking Marge onto the dance floor. We danced a bit and I noticed my wife talking to the others. After we returned, Edward asked if he could dance with my wife and Tyree grabbed Marge by the arm. Tyree was really coming on to Marge feeling her up on the dance floor. And, she looked like she loved it. He was kissing her neck and they were doing some heavy petting on the dance floor. We drank and danced until about 11:00 PM and I suggested that we drive to our place for a night cap and whatever…. Everyone nodded in agreement, even Marge. On the way home I told my wife that I wanted to see her get gang banged by these studs and she said, “It is all for you honey.”

We entered the house and the my wife went to the kitchen to get us some drinks, while I took the others to the living room. My mind was working overtime now that we had Marge too and that it was her first time. It did not take long before Marge and Tyree were doing some heavy groping. Everyone said, “Hey, Get A Room.” Tyree grabbed Marge by the hand and pulled her into the guest room. My wife returned to the living room and sat on the floor between us–Edward was sitting on the couch, Hayward was on the love seat and I sat in the chair. They had their shoes off and were relaxing. My wife began to get amorous and crawled over to Edward and began rubbing on him. She raised up between his spread legs and began kissing him.

Their kisses became passionate tonguing deep into each others mouth. He moved to kiss and suck her neck while she began rubbing his crotch and feeling his hard-on. He grabbed her ass while she struggled to get his cock out of his pants. She pulled out his ebony monster and began licking and sucking. He became “diamond cutter” hard in a minute. My wife gives the best head and I could tell he was enjoying her hot moist mouth and tongue. She cupped his balls and deep throated him trying to get it all in. She was doing a great job licking and sucking his cock. Edward was playing with her pussy without every removing her skirt. Hayward quickly pulled out his dick–it was 10″ long, black and as round as my wrist. He moved up behind her, pushed Edward’s hand out of the way and began to rub the head of his black dick around her pussy lips. His precome and her juices made her very wet and excited. She began pushing back trying to impale herself with his huge black cock. He pushed it a little ways and she pushed back to get it fully in. He was pounding deep into her from behind and her tits were bouncing back and forth with ever thrust.

She looked over to me with a smile and asked me to hold her hand. She returned to sucking Edwards cock. While her black lover fucked her from behind, he reached around and began to play with her clit. He got a great angle on her pussy and was making her clench her teeth. She squeezed my hand lovingly as if to say its ok. He stroked her with deep penetrations that seemed to make her belly bulge out even more. His long black fingers rubbed her clit and she was loving it. She did the best she could to concentrate on Edward but the fucking of her cunt and touching of her clit were making her pant. She was very wet and the look on her face told me that she was about to come, I squeezed her hand in support. She began to moan and pant loudly as she shuttered to a huge climax. She was bucking uncontrollably with several huge spasms. I know Marge heard her cries in the guest room.

After her orgasm, Hayward continued to fuck her until he yelled that he was coming in her pussy. He shot in her pussy and the cum ran down her leg with every back stroke. He pulled out and stroked it on her ass and back. Finally with him done, she could concentrate again on sucking Edward to his climax. He grabbed her head and forced her to swallow every drop. She pulled off and began to kiss him passionately. She moved away for a moment and said “thank you honey, as she gave me a quick squeeze on my crotch, it was the best. There is nothing like the feel of a hard dick in my pussy fucking away. There is nothing like having a big black dick!”

After a short break she said she wanted to clean up and left for the bathroom. The guys said she had a killer body and was a great fuck for a white girl. She went into the bedroom but not before she checked on Marge and motioned for us to look. By this time Marge was in the heat of it. She had her clothes off and was being fucked by her first black dick. She had that far away look and was really enjoying it. Her red hair was a mess and she was saying, “I love the way he is fucking my white pussy, it is delicious.” He was pounding deep into her, doggie style and her tits were bouncing back and forth with ever thrust.

My wife went in and fondled Marge’s tits and began Frenching and kissing her all over. Marge’s head was thrown back just taking it like a bitch in heat–over and over, a steady pounding with her juices and his pre cum dripping down her legs. Marge came hard and her lover stroked her a few more times and then pulled out and slipped his dick into her mouth. She sucked him greedily, cupping his balls and rubbing them. My wife backed away taking in the sights. He groaned that he was about to come but pulled out of her mouth saying that he rarely gets to come in a white pussy. She said, “great give it to me lover, fill my pussy up with your come, you are the best.” After he came deep in her, they collapsed on the bed in each others arms. We left the room and closed their door.

My beautiful blonde wife went into the bedroom and said, “I have something special for all of you, wait here.” She came back to the living room wearing a pink nightie with g string panties that just barely covered her pussy. She grabbed me by the hand and said lets play some more. I began to finger fuck her slipping one then two fingers up her pussy. I pushed them in and out then finally let her taste her pussy as she sucked my fingers. She begged me to fuck her pussy while the other two fucked her face and ass at the same time. She wanted all of holes filled. Edward walked up behind her and began to kiss her back and neck. What a contrast. She turned her head back to French kiss him as he reached around to squeeze her big her tits. In just a few seconds he had moved the string panties aside to get clear access to her ass.

He lubed it up with her pussy juices and cum and had her lay over the sofa. He push the head of his dick into her cunt first and then moved it to her ass. He entered her ass and she grimaced in pain. “Don’t stop!” she gasp. I’ve done it before and I know the worst is getting the head in. She feels the pain and her nails dig into the couch. He pushes relentlessly into her ass and the head penetrates up as far as possible, he is about 2/3rd the way in. He begins pumping rhythmically. The pain soon subsided and she pushed back to meet his ever stroke. He rolled her back and motioned for me to fuck her pussy from the front. It was still wet and sloppy as she had been filled with come earlier. Hayward pulled off his slacks, stroked his dick a few times and stuck it into her mouth. She was getting exactly what she wanted–all of her holes filled at the same time.

I was sucking on her tits and stroking her as hard as I could. I was worried about all the weight on her belly but she said she was loving it and not to stop. I stroked her from the front several more minutes and she began to buck again in several quick spasms of pure enjoyment. Edward was coming in her ass and pushing violently. “Squirt my ass!” she begged so I can feel the hot semen shooting in me. He did just as she begged and I felt it leaking down our cracks.

Marge and her lover heard the cries and enter the room to watch. My wife continued to suck and fuck until we all came. I pulled out and shot on her belly and tits–a pearl necklace, and the Hayward shot in her mouth and on her face. We fell apart totally exhausted. My wife was insatiable and wanted one of us to eat her pussy.

Edward kissed her as she laid there but refused to eat her. Tyree jumped at the chance. He said I never pass up a chance to eat a white pussy cocktail. She was panting and moaning loudly as he grabbed her titties and continued sucking her to climax after climax– she could take it no more and pushed him away. She must have come three times but on the last one Edward said eat that white bitches cunt. “Oh yes, do it too me she shouted, suck my pussy. I feel exquisitely ravaged,” as her last explosion subsided. She was totally exhausted, it was 2:30 AM.

I walked Edward and his friends to the door and let them out. Marge spent the night in the guest bedroom. I could hear her kiss her lover good night and they exchanged phone numbers. Jokingly they asked, “what are we doing tomorrow night.”

– The End –