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Looking around there were only a couple of other couples in the balcony section. Reaching over I ran my hand up the wifes leg and and pushed open the wrap around dress she had on. She had on thigh highs and a garter belt and to my surprise no panties. She arted her legs some and I began to play with her already hard clit. The more I played with it the hotter she became. Eventually she had slid down in the seat and her legs were spread wide and her pussy was in full view. Seeing that she was enjoying the movie and the attention I just kept on playing with her. Several times during the movie she would start cumming and at times she would let out a loud moan that I am sure others could hear. Her smooth hairless pussy was glistening with her jucies. After the movie was over we left and walked to the car. Standing next to the car in the parking lot I leaned her against the car and reached through the opening in her dress and played with her pussy some more. At this point she was very hot and very open to whatever I wanted. As I played with her by the car another couple walked by and stopped and watched as we continued to play around. Reaching around behind her I untied the dress and let it fall open exposing her to all to see.

After some time the couple left and we got in the car and headed home. Before we were out of the parking lot good the wifes dress was off and laying on the floor of the car. Reaching around her back I undid her bra and she let it fall off leaving her in only her garter belt and stockings. She streched out on the seat next to me and I reached over and played with her pussy as I drove down the highway. As I drove we came upon a trucker and I eased over in the other lane as I started around him. I asked her if she would like to flash a total stranger and she said yer. Driving slowly along side the truck I put both hands on the wheel and she spread her legs so he would get a good view of her pussy. As we passed she started cumming without even touching herself. She said it was one incredible orgasim.

Once we arrived home and we pulled into the drive way she reminded me of how many times we had made love in the car as teenagers. We began to kiss and fondle but soon decided we should go inside. Without even thinking about it she climbed out of the car wearing nothing but her garter belt and thigh highs and heels and walked to the door. When we walked in the babysittier was asleep on the sofa. I told my wife I would have to take her home and she said to go ahead and she would take a shower and be waiting for me to get home. I woke up the babysitter as the wife went to the bathroom and told her to come on I would take her home. We left and drove to her house to drop her off. The look of that hot teenage girl sitting in the front seat where just a few minutes earlier my wife was naked really made the drive to her house a tough one. After dropping her off I hurriedly drove home. When I walked in the wife was laying back on the sofa using one of her vibrators on herself. Smiling she didn’t even stop. I undressed and stood there watching and stroking myself. The hotter she got the hotter I got. She was talking to me telling me how hot it was watching me stroking and I told her how hot it was watching her masturbate. After several minutes she told me not to cum because she wanted my load inside of her.

Pulling out the dildo she spread her legs and I moved in and slid my hard cock deep inside of her. It wasn’t long before we both were rocking to a mind blowing orgasim with her urging me on to fill her with hot cum.

After that night we repeated that same episode many times. With her loving masturbating in public and letting others see her either masturbating or watching as I masturbated her. Our sex life took on a whole new deminsion and got better each time we played in public like that.