I’ve been carrying around some guilt about a sexual experience I let happen to me about 3 1/2 years ago. I’ve never told anyone about it, the only people who know are the ones who were involved.

What’s inspired me to write about it is that I think it might be therapeutic. I’m a college sophomore and I’m taking a psych class in human sexual behavior. Several lectures focused on so called “deviant” behavior, and the topic of incest came up. In some societies, primarily the pacific islands, sibling incest was accepted, especially among the upper classes. After hearing that I felt like I needed to share my own experience. I’m not ready to come out and discuss it in public, but writing an anonymous story seems like a good way to go.

Like I said, it was about 3 1/2 years ago. My family has a summer cabin at a lake just an hour or so from home. It is close enough for us to spend a lot of time up there each summer. There is a very wealthy family that has a large vacation home a few lots down the shore from us. Their two kids (I’m changing their names to protect their identities) Mork and Mindy had been friends with my brother and me for years. Mork, like my brother is two years older than me, and Mindy is my age.

Mork is a tall, athletic blond. Mindy is a beautiful blond with pretty green eyes, a delicate nose and an infectious smile and laugh. She is the kind of girl who walks into a room and all male heads turn. I don’t consider myself to be bisexual, but I admit that I had been drawn to Mindy since we were about 13. She’s so sweet and gentle and naturally sensual. She’s 5-4, about 2 inches taller than me, with long graceful legs and a killer ass. Her figure is slim, her measurements are 34-24-32. I’m a cute brunette, and my measurements are 33-25-33 so my figure is pretty good too. My legs aren’t as long as Mindy’s, but I know they look nice to a lot of guys.

At 17, we admitted to each other that we masturbate, and we decided to compare techniques. We were both still virgins that summer. We compared our breasts and our vaginas. Her pussy, I thought, was incredibly beautiful. Her opening is small, surrounded by delicate, evenly shaped lips and a cute button of a clit. Every thing is the cutest shade of pink. My lips are more brownish in color, and they aren’t as small or delicate, but I like showing it to guys. The first time we just explored each other visually. By the end of the summer we had engaged in mutual masturbation and we sucked each other’s breasts.

Our breasts are roughly the same size, a smallish B cup. We both have small areola circles, hers are about the size of a nickel, mine are a little bigger. Hers are light pink, mine are pink with a touch of brown. We both have nipples that are about the size of the tips of our smallest finger in width. They get really hard when sucked. Sucking her breasts, kissing her chest, shoulders and flat stomach was fun. I also enjoyed kissing her thighs and hips.

The last time we masturbated together that summer, I was gently finger fucking her when I just had the urge to kiss her down there. I planted a long kiss on her labia, then started moving my tongue up and down against her inner lips. It startled her but she asked me to do it again. I found her clit with my tongue and gave her an orgasm. Then she did the same to me.

The next day, we talked and agreed that we were both glad that we had experienced it, but we weren’t headed for a lesbian lifestyle. It really seemed to make our friendship bond even closer, and we gave each other a long, heart felt hug goodbye.

Her family lived about 2 hours from mine so we didn’t get together much during the school year. But we talked at least once a week on the phone, and I had one sleep over at her house, and she stayed at mine twice. We made love each time. The night of our third sleep over at my house she shared the news with me that she had lost her virginity a few days earlier. I made her describe it to me in every detail. I asked her what would happen if her parents found out, and she said they would probably have a fit. But she had told Mork, in fact he was the first one she told. I was amazed, I didn’t think I could tell my brother if I had done it. But the guy had been one of Mork’s best friends, and Mork had been having sex with this same friend’s cute sister.

After that I wanted to experience it myself. Since I am cute, I had my share of guys hitting on me at school. Some were so blatant, they didn’t ask me on a date, they just asked me if I wanted to put out for them. I didn’t let any of them, instead I went to bed with a college guy who was renting the basement apartment from our neighbor. Without going into a lot of detail, I’ll just say it was great. I called Mindy and told her right away. So at 18, we both became non virgins. I slept with him a half dozen times before I got brave enough try it with another guy. By summer, I had a total of 4 sexual partners, and each new experience would result in a phone call to Mindy. She shared her experiences with me too. She had 7 partners, including a threesome before the school year ended.

When we saw each other that summer, we made love as soon as we could get away to a private place together, then talked in detail about our sex lives. One topic we spent a lot of time on was penis size. Her first partner was big, about 7 inches. But the guys that followed were all small to average, 6 inches or less. I had only had sex with 4 guys, and none were bigger than 6 inches. She wondered if the huge 8 or 9 inch penises we had heard and read about existed. I told her I thought my brother was well endowed.

Not that I had any first hand knowledge, but I had over heard some older girls from his social group talking once and I over heard that he had a 9 inch penis. Mindy’s eyes opened wide, and she said she might have to find out for herself. The idea of Mindy having sex with my brother was too weird and I told her. She laughed and said she wouldn’t stand in the way of my having sex with Mork if I wanted to.

The light bulb went on, he was cute, I had known him for years, and I liked him a lot. She told me he thought I was really cute, a feeling he had ever since I started to look good in a bikini at 13. But since we had grown up as friends, he had never hit on me. She asked if my brother liked her. We had never discussed it but I had seen him eyeing her.

So within two days, she had made love with my brother, and I had made love with Mork. She described her experience with my brother in detail. His penis was actually more than 9 inches long, it was nearly a half inch longer and big around. Mork was no slouch when it came to penis size, it was nearly 7 inches long. It was a little bit of a challenge taking him into me the first couple of times. Surprisingly, Mindy said she had no trouble taking my brother into her. That surprised me because her vagina looks smaller than mine.

By the end of summer, I had made love with Mork at least 20 times. Mindy and my brother were just as active.

That school year, both of us had learned to drive so we visited each other more often. Part of it was to see each other, but we also took advantage of proximity to have sex with the other’s brother.

That next summer, we resumed our sexual hijinx. By then I had met and fucked a guy with an 8 inch dick. It was uncomfortable and I was led to believe that size is highly over rated. But Mindy seemed to really enjoy monstrous cocks.

One day, the four of us had taken their family’s boat out onto the lake. It was a medium size ski boat. We water skied all morning then decided to pull over into a cove for lunch.

Mindy and I were both wearing cute bikinis. Mindy went and sat on my brother’s lap, so I did the same with Mork. Soon, we were making out. It was the first time my brother and I had ever displayed that sort of affection in each other’s presence.

Mindy took her top off and I was thinking this was taking a strange turn. My brother looked embarrassed and nervous, but Mindy offered her breast to his mouth and he automatically took her nipple. Mork undid my top and my brother got his first look at my perky tits.

The cove was very private so we felt ok about having a make out session.

I soon saw my brother’s penis for the first time. It was huge and I couldn’t stop looking at it. It looked so huge against Mindy’s beautiful face. Soon I was giving Mork a blow job while my brother watched. Mork stopped me, and took my shoulders and had me stand up. He then slipped my bikini bottoms down and I was naked in front of everyone. Mindy slid her briefs off too.

The boat had two long, padded seats. I watched in amazement as Mindy laid back, spread her long beautiful legs and easily took my brother’s huge penis into her.

Mork did the same to me. I was watching my brother fuck one of my best friends while my brother got an eyeful of Mork and me.

Mindy was softly moaning and panting in pleasure and I was making involuntary sounds of pleasure too. The guys were breathing hard, panting and grunting. I came twice, and I think Mindy came at least 3 times before the guys let loose. Both of us were on the pill by then so the guys got to ejaculate inside us.

We just stayed there, Mork on top of me and Mindy under my brother. Any embarrassment had been displaced by the fun of the moment.

I asked Mindy if it hurt at all. I said Mork was almost too big for me, I couldn’t imagine how she could manage my brother. She said this was a perfect time for me to find out.

I though she couldn’t mean…but she did. I protested that he was my brother. But she said it would just be this once and I deserved to know what its like. Mork said if it would make me feel better, he would make love with Mindy. I looked at them in disbelief as did my brother.

Mindy giggled and said the two of them had already done it on a couple of occasions. Mork drew his still stiff penis out of me. By then, my brother had separated himself from Mindy, so Mork just gently entered her and began gently stroking in and out of her.

They encouraged us to just go for it. They knew we both wanted to. I guess deep down I did because I looked at my brother and gave a shy nod. He came toward me, his huge penis was fully erect again and pointing straight at me.

I leaned back and spread my shapely tanned legs for him. The huge head gently burrowed into me. He didn’t try to force it in too quickly. He had enough experience with small pussies to know how to enter one without bruising or tearing anything. He was soon nearly 6 inches deep inside of me. I felt like my canal was being stretched to it’s limit. He went another inch into me and it began to feel uncomfortable. I whimpered like a baby so he stopped pushing. Mindy looked over and told him to just use soft two inch strokes until I got used to it. He did what she said, and I really started to enjoy the sensation.

Soon I was able to take another inch, then another until he was completely inside of me. I looked over at Mindy and she was arching her back with her gorgeous legs wrapped around Mork. Her eyes were closed in pleasure and she gasped. Her brother was making her cum. Soon mine did the same for me.

When my brother came, I wrapped my legs around him and rose up to meet his deepest thrust. His orgasm was long and intense.

We rested for a while, then started having sex again in different position, often switching partners. Then Mindy and I admitted that the two of us had been sexually involved. Soon she was lapping cum from my vagina. I did the same to her. We repeated our foursome several times that summer. My brother and I made love, just the two of us three times. I know Mindy was getting a lot of loving from Mork. It was like the setting robbed us of all inhibitions.

Once the summer ended, my brother and I agreed that we should end our incestuous behavior and we haven’t done it since.

Mindy and her brother no longer make love to each other either. But I get together with Mork when ever I can, and she still sleeps with my brother. Mindy and I go to the same college and are in the same dorm, although we’re not room mates. We make love together about once a week. To this date, she is the only female partner I have ever had and I don’t have any interest in doing it with another woman. I’ve been asked by some really cute girls, but I have no interest.

– The End –