Shorty Anderson was dying. Shorty had known that he was dying for several weeks and had kept it well hidden from all except his wife. He expected that his secret must be revealed soon as his deteriorating physical condition would betray his secret. He had given a great deal of thought to his situation and was accepting of his fate. . . .

What concerned Shorty more than his death was what he d leave behind. His legacy was still very much in doubt. . . . .

There was his wife, Brenda, that concerned him most. He dearly loved Brenda. She had been the queen of the countryside when he met her. . . intelligent, beautiful, tall, gracious, and sought after by most of the males in the area; yet, she had chosen him. Shorty had often wondered what she saw in a simple cowboy, two-inches shorter than her, and awkward in social situations.

Brenda was indeed all the things that Shorty had seen in her. Shorty understood the cattle business and Brenda understood financing. . . . Shortly after they had married, they bought their first ranch. . . .600 acres and a cabin without electricity or running water.

Within a year, they had prospered and expanded their holdings. Then, within the ten years they were married, they had expanded their holdings to 170,000 acres and 7,000 head of cattle, bison and pigs. Their holdings now included a dude ranch; a guide service; several hundred acres of row crops and various ancillary activities. . .

Shorty and Brenda had moved to a comfortable five bedroom, ranch style home and lived comfortably as they worked as a team to improve their status. . . . They looked with pride on what they had created. . . . It was then that Shorty found out the news that he was dying. . . .

He thought about Brenda and the ranch and realized that their success had been as a team and that the ranch needed both of their input to survive. He wanted the ranch to stay intact. . . . .he wanted an heir to carry on. . . . . Then, slowly, he began to develop a plan. He would have to work quickly . . . . . . . . .

Sam Dooley was a big man, six feet, four-inch tall, 220 pounds of well toned muscle who moved with the grace of a cat. He had never married although his name was linked to a number of eligible women. He had worked as a foreman and superintended for several cattle companies and watched as the management of the companies took them into bankruptcy. Sam knew the cattle business, second only to Shorty himself.

Before Brenda and Shorty had married, Sam Dooley had courted her and all bets at the time was that he would marry her which, of course, never happened. Sam and Shorty had never been close. . . .they had been rivals for Brenda’s hand and Shorty could never quite forget.

Then, as he contemplated the future, the plan had developed. Sam was currently between jobs and had nothing to preclude his coming to work at Shorty and Brenda’s S~A ranch.

Next he took explained his plan to Brenda who never spoke as he outlined his plan and only when it was fully developed for her did she say, Perhaps you should talk to Sam first.

Next day, Shorty called Sam and asked him if he was interested in managing the S~A and Sam responded that he was. It was arranged that he come to the ranch the following day for discussion.

Next morning, Sam arrived at the appointed time and was met by Brenda who took him to Shorty who was sitting at his desk as they arrived. Sam noted the changes in Shorty immediately. . . his pale greenish pallor which had replaced his former robust picture of health. “Morning Sam,” Shorty said as he rose to greet him. “Morning Shorty, ” Sam replied. Shorty motioned for Brenda and Sam to be seated. . . .

Then, when all were comfortable, he spoke. “What I m about to say her and what transpires here must remain confidential between us. I’m dying and I’m trying to set things in order for my posterity. I have told Brenda of my plan . . . .”

Sam broke in, “Damn Shorty, I’m sorry to hear that. ” And Shorty replied, ” It’s all right Sam. . .we’ve never been particularly good friends. . .! But now, things have changed. You’re the only one I know who could work with Brenda to keep the ranch productive and I want it that way. I need you Sam! ”

Sam responded, “I’m sure we could work something out. The job sounds like it s right up my alley.” Shorty continued, “That’s not all Sam! Here s the rest of the plan, I need an heir. . . . .someone to leave the ranch to! Someone to plant the seed in Brenda that I never could. It’d have to be before my death so that the off-spring would bear my name.”

Sam was astounded. “Are you saying what I think you’re saying? How does Brenda feel about this?” Shorty replied, “We’ve talked it over and she s willing . . ” Then, Brenda broke in, “Sam, that s not what I said. I said, What will Sam say about this?”

Sam played for time as he considered. . . . “Brenda, you’re a beautiful woman and I’d be honored. . . . but, this is most unusual! ” Sam broke in again, “This must start soon if I’m to have the heir before I die, there s simply not time for the usual feelings. . . ”

Brenda spoke again, this time barely above a whisper, “I love Shorty more than anything in the world and if he wants an heir, I’ll do all that I can to give one to him.” Shorty broke out into a smile. . . . “There’s more,” he said!

“I expect that you’ll stay around and raise the child as your own. I want you to replace me in Brenda s bed and marry her.” This time, Sam was simply overwhelmed. . . .”You want me to take your place. . . . Isn’t that a rather large assumption that we’ll even hit it off?” “You will!” Shorty replied and tears formed in his eyes. . . . .

With the plan before them, the discussion became easier. . . .Brenda seemed accepting of the plan and the more they talked, the more interest that Sam developed in the plan. Sam had often thought of bedding Brenda before she married Shorty and remembered that he had been solidly rebuffed. . . . It was noon when Shorty said, “I’m hungry. . . let s got to the kitchen and get some lunch. . . .”

At lunch, Shorty ate heartily. . . the first time in weeks! Brenda and Sam, barely at all. Shorty spoke, “Then, it’s all set. You’ll be starting this afternoon. . . .! ”

As they left the kitchen, Brenda left to prepare a room for Sam and Shorty addressed Sam, ” Sam, she’s the best in bed. Treat her well and enjoy her. . . . She deserves it. . . make it good for her and get her pregnant as soon as you can. . . Thanks!” and they parted.

It was mid-afternoon when Sam returned with his belongings. Brenda had met him at the door and assisted him as he settled into is room. She had been warm and friendly and Sam wasn’t surprised when she moved close to him. . . On the contrary, he had been expecting it – but not quite so soon. ” Make us a baby.” she said quietly. . . . .

Sam knew what was expected. . .what he had agreed to; yet, he wasn’t aroused by the situation. His mind was resisting and his body unwilling. Perhaps if he kissed her. . . he thought. Then, as he took her in his arms and kissed her, he felt her lips cold and unwilling. . . . . “I’m sorry,” Brenda said.

They looked at each other. . . . remembering the promise; yet, neither of them knowing how to begin. Brenda moved first, departing to the kitchen to fix dinner. Later, at dinner, Shorty seemed exuberant and for the second time that day ate with gusto as Brenda and Sam sat silently toying with their food. “You guys making any headway with our little project? ” Shorty asked and after a painful silence Sam said, “Your asking a lot Scotty. We’ve hardly had a chance yet.” Then, dishes washed, Sam returned to his room. He decided he really wanted to make love to Brenda. . . . .

Sam retired early. In his new quarters, everything was comfortable and he would ordinarily have slept soundly but his mind was occupied. . . . He was awake when he heard the door open and Brenda come into the room.

He lay inert as he tried to control his breathing and feign sleep as he struggled with his next move. Slowly, as Brenda moved into the room, her robe dropped and she stood like an ivory goddess in the moonlight. Sam felt the lust rise up in the manner that he sought.

Then, Brenda moved towards the bed, lifted the covers and crawled up next to Sam. . . Sam reacted as any man, alive would under the circumstances – he became alert and attuned to the warm body next to him! He moved and he reached out to touch her. . . .

As he moved, he felt Brenda stiffen and grow tense. He stopped and moved away from the female form next to him . . . . Brenda was aware of what had happened and that she was the cause even as much as she wanted to consummate the act that would impregnate her. She struggled. She began to sob. . . .

” I can’t go back. Shorty’ll be disappointed that we didn’t do it tonight. . . . “Brenda said and Sam tried his best to comfort her. “Spend the night with me. He need never know! ”

It was daylight when Sam awoke and felt the heat of the body next to him. . . He reached out and gently caressed her breasts and kissed her lips and face and eyes and just about anywhere. At first, Brenda lay passive; then, she began to move involuntarily in response to his ministrations. Finally, she awoke and Sam kissed her on the lips . . .

This time, the lips were soft and warm and responsive. He spread his lips and insinuated his tongue into her mouth where it met with her own . . . .eager and exciting! Soon, he was suckling her nipples and caressing her breasts as she encouraged him with little words of encouragement.

It was when Sam s fingers fell on to Brenda s labia, that she stiffened and Sam withdrew only to feel her grasp his hand and return it to cover her waiting pussy. Then she lay quietly as Sam continued to prepare her for the fucking she wanted and the seed she needed to conceive a baby and fulfill a promise.

Finally, it became apparent that Brenda wasn’t able to invest herself into this most intimate of situations. . . . He said simply, ” I’m trying to make this easy for us. . . I don’t know what else to do.” Brenda replied, “Sam, just put it in and fuck me. . . . I want you to.”

Mechanically, Sam complied and with the aid of a lot of spit and some patience was finally able to complete the penetration. . . . There was no joy in their union. . . . Brenda lay motionless beneath him and looked grim and determined as she tried to encourage Sam towards his completion. “Sam! Do it to me hard and make me a baby. . . .Fuck me Sam!” she said but her conviction was betrayed by her body language. Her eyes spoke of determinations. . . . .still, there was no joy.

It was some time later, as Sam tried vainly to keep his arousal as he went through the coital motions, that he stopped to recoup his strength. When he did so, Brenda spoke with alarm. . . “What’s the matter?” she asked knowing full well the answer.

Then, Sam was taken as she rose up and placed her arms around his head and pulled him to her where her lips touched his. . . her mouth was open and her tongue met his with a fire that kindled the fires of lust. When he pulled back to break their coital union, she felt his mouth on her nipples. . . . Brenda kept her mind and soul focused on a fixed and steady purpose. . . . As she worked to kindle Sam’s lust she ignited her own and with each move they spurred each other on. Don’t think. . .Don’t try to reason, just allow the lust to inflame the passions. . . . she thought.

Sam s passions rose to meet those of Brenda’s. . . .he needed only an indication of her willingness. Sam had always been aware of her beauty. . . of her inherently sensual aura and it served him well. . . . He kissed and fondled and caressed with a wild abandon as he worked to prepare Brenda for real sex play.

In seconds, a minute at most, Sam s passions had exceeded all die bounds and he was ready to deliver his seed. Brenda was also fully prepared and was ready to complete the transaction.

When Sam moved over her, Brenda helped him insert his cock into her waiting vagina. The entry was smooth and Sam reveled in the warm, velvety feeling of her cunt on his man meat. As Brenda s passions rose to peak, Sam knew it was time. . . .he planted his seed deep in her waiting belly!

Then, they lay together as their passions cooled. Sam saw tears in Brenda s eyes and wisely did not press her to talk about the reason. Soon, she wanted to speak. . . “That s the first time I’ve ever done it with anyone but Shorty.” she said. With that, she gathered her bobe and left to go meet the day. . . .

Sam and Shorty spent much of their time together going over ranch affairs and soon had developed a strong admiration for each other. . . They were ranchers. . . .cowboys, business men, politicians, and whatever it took to run the big operation. Each day, Sam assumed more of the responsibility. . . . .

After their first union, Dan and Brenda continued to meet morning and evening for their coupling. Sam s lusty passions were soon augmented with a growing sense of love. Love was a new experience for him and he reacted to Brenda more strongly with each continuing tryst. His admiration grew each day for the woman he was screwing as she grew more beautiful in his eyes; having known her to be comely and gracious but now she was also sensitive, intelligent and capable in his eyes.

Brenda, on the other hand, was a capable lover and welcomed him into her but she gave only sparingly of herself; only sufficient to maintain the steady screwing she was receiving. Otherwise, outside the bedroom she became cold and indifferent. Of course, Sam understood her desire to keep her marriage vows inviolate and suffered his frustration in silence.

On those nights when she did not come to his room, when she was having her period, Sam was lonely and for the first time in his life, needy of female companionship.

It was something over two months when Brenda announced that she was with child. . . They had accomplished their mission! Sam was by then, totally smitten! He suffered the agony of unrequited love in silence.

During those months when Sam and Brenda were making a baby, Sam and Shorty were busy with ranch business. . . Sam was steadily assuming more of the management of the operation and Shorty relinquished his position. The two soon developed an admiration for each other as they found so much in common. . .They were both cowboys at heart; they both knew what it took to run a big ranch; they both loved the same woman. The both left the financial affairs of the ranch in the hands of Brenda who understood such matters. . .

As the baby grew in Brenda s womb, Sam remained absorbed with his unrequited love; he was not a happy man. He compensated by spending long hours on ranch business. Shorty, his illness beginning to sap his strength, took on less and less of the ranch duties and he rejoiced each day over his pending heir.

Then, Wayne, Jr. was born. . . .It was Shorty’s given name. Shorty was delighted. Months passed and life took on new aspects as Shorty’s health continued to decline and Sam took over the management of the ranch. Even as Sam worked with Brenda on the financial affairs of the ranch, they maintained a professional competence.

As the months dragged on, Sam soon became inured to the effects of his unrequited love. He immersed himself in the ranch business and Brenda simply didn’t arouse feelings in him as they had. . . . He began to develop a social life off the ranch. . . albeit, nothing of a permanent nature. Occasionally, Sam remembered Brenda and he allowed himself to hope that when Shorty died she would love him.

Wayne was nearly a year old when Shorty died. . . . It had been a big event on the ranch and traumatic for Brenda.

Then, things returned to normal and Sam allowed his desires to surface again. . .Brenda remained seemingly cold and indifferent as before. Then, Sam gave up any remaining hope and accepted his fate.

The next few weeks, Sam began building a new life style. He moved out of the house and into town. He joined a service club and he began to look at other women. . . . He took no joy in his new life!

It was in February when Brenda said to Sam, Sam,” I’d like you to come to dinner tonight” and Sam accepted the invitation expecting to hear some new proposal for the ranch. Besides it was cold and the roads were icy and he could stay in the bunk house later that night.

As Sam arrived at the appointed hour for dinner, he found the house unusually quiet. He knocked at the back door and was met by Brenda. . . . . Where was the cook? he wondered even as he noted that Wayne Jr. was nowhere to be seen. Then, he was stunned as he looked at Brenda for the first time.

Brenda was always beautiful but as she stood in her floor length chiffon gown she had never been more enticing. . . .Sam resisted! Then, Sam gave in. . . . He entered and felt Brenda’s hand on his arm. This was not what he had expected. . . .

“Where is everybody?” Sam asked and Brenda responded, “I gave cook the night off and Wayne Jr. is visiting a friend in town. It’s just you and me. ” This was definitely what Sam had expected as she moved close to him and Sam felt the warmth of her body. Then, she was off preparing dinner. . . .

They talked. . . mostly about ranch business and Sam opened the champagne as Brenda served the dinner at the candle-lit table. It was beginning to dawn on him as Sam sat down to dinner. . . . Why now? What s she up to?. . . . he wondered.

They ate the delicious dinner in polite conversation as Sam felt her eyes on him. He dared not look her in then eye until he understood more. Still, he was slowly aroused by her beauty. . . . . .

Then, after dinner, they cleared the dishes and it seemed like those days long ago. They began to talk more freely. “Sam, I hope I haven’t ruined things between us – that I haven’t waited too long! You see, when we were making Wayne, I had to fight each time we were together to maintain my wedding vows. . . .you would have been so easy to love! Then, while Shorty was alive, I couldn’t . . . . . When he died, we seemed to have grown apart and, well . . . . ! ”

“I understood all that,” Sam said, “. . .but, what I don’t understand is why this conversation was so long in coming. ” Brenda hesitated; then spoke slowly, “I don’t know. After Shorty died, I was depressed and then, things seemed to be going along just fine. By the time I was ready to take up us, you seemed to have moved on. . . . ”

As she continued, Sam saw the dampness in her eyes and for the first time saw deeply into her soul. . . . ., “I decided yesterday that I want to see if we are meant to be together and I’ll do what ever I have to, to make it so. ”

Then, Sam spoke out with authority, “And I suppose you thought you could seduce me and I’d fall for it. . . ?” Brenda looked at him and read his soul as she looked into his eyes as she responded,” . . . .and it worked to, didn’t it?”

” Damn right it did,:” Sam replied. Then, Brenda suggested, “Why don’t you go up to your old room and go to bed like you used to. . .” and so it was that half an hour later, in his old bed. . . having found toothbrush, tooth paste, shaving gear, etc., in the bathroom exactly as he d left it. . . .

After doing his ablutions, he retired to his bed and waited. . . .

What seemed like hours later but was probably only a few minutes, Sam heard the footsteps and the door open as Brenda came into the room. He saw her robe drop as she prepared to enter the bed. It was then that he turned on the light and caught Brenda unclothed. She turned to cover herself with her arms as Sam said, “You’re beautiful, let me look at you?” Brenda remained turned with her arms shielding his view. “No, I’m embarrassed!” She said quietly.

Sam coaxed and soon she turned so that Sam got his view. “Now, model for me. Show me your treasures!” he coaxed and slowly she complied. He kept telling her the truth, i.e., she was beautiful; she was sexy; she was a goddess. . . . . Then, when Sam arose from the bed and took her in his arms, he said, “Dance with me.”

“But, there’s no music. . .” she began; then relaxed in his embrace and they made beautiful music together. . .the kind only they could dance to . . . They touched and embraced and kissed and fondled each other in the most intimate manner. . . . Then, as they parted, each moved to the bed and together they peeled back the cover and exposed the sheets. . . . Having prepared their nest, they moved to fill it and their bodies met again. They spoke no words. . . . None seemed necessary.

Passionately as his body responded to the lusty conditions around hi, Sam felt that Brenda was even more fired than himself and struggled to catch up. . . . The play was short lived and when Sam s fingers entered her pussy he found her well lubricated and ready. . . . .

“Give it to me Sam. . . Do me now!” she said and Sam entered her as he had so many times before. . . . This time it was different. This time he had no need to struggle to keep his arousal. This time there was nothing mechanical! This time was totally new and different as each responded to the other.

In only a couple of minutes it was over; Brenda having peaked and Sam having spent his load into her waiting belly. It had been an epic encounter – so powerful that each had been overcome with the passions of the moment! It had been the culmination of a love affair like no other! The lay together. . . . momentarily spent.

Brenda spoke first, “Did you like it?” she asked and Sam replied, ” No!” hesitated for effect and said,” I loved it.”

After some more cuddling and intimate time, Brenda spoke, ” I don’t have to go tonight. I could stay here and sleep before our morning appointment.” Sam agreed it was a good idea. . . . .

– The End –