He found her place easily enough, it was out of the way and hidden but one of her ‘friends’ had told him exactly where to find it. He jimmied the lock and let himself inside. He retained his human form so as not to frighten her or put her on the defensive. From what he knew and read about she-devils he knew at the first glimpse of his true form without warning she would shift and be ready to fight. The she-devils rep. was a ferocious one and he knew she was quite capable of hurting him seriously in a fight. She couldn’t kill him nor him her but he knew she was quite capable of hurting him bad enough to send him back to hell. He slipped silently into her bedroom and stood there watching her sleep, amazed by her beauty and sensuality, still not believing that he found the oft heard of creature. He heard her moan and whimper softly in her sleep then turn onto her back, one leg thrust out from under the covers. Her brow furrowed as if sensing something was wrong.

He watched her for quite a while, licking his lips, feeling both his members stir in his pants. He spent the last couple weeks since their encounter trying to learn as much as he could about this mysterious creature. What he learned by making himself “dim” and sitting in a deep dark corner of a bar frequented by other she-devils was that she was the oldest of her kind around and the most powerful anywhere, maybe the most powerful ever. Also that she was a ferocious fighter and could easily kill any dark creature there ever was. Even other of her kind feared her. He knew he was going to have t proceed with extreme caution while dealing with her.

He watched her for a few more minutes then as quietly as he could, withdrew some chains. He hoped he could get them on her before she woke up. These weren’t any ordinary chains; they were forged in hell and meant to hold the likes of him so he knew they would hold her. He needed her confined while he talked to her not to go into hand to hand combat. He quietly stepped to the bed and as carefully as he could got her chained, praying to his powers that bed not to let her awaken while he was doing it.

At last he finished and stepped back to the foot of the bed. He knew once she woke up she would be mad as hell and ready for a fight. He licked his lips again and watched her closely. He wanted her badly and in a way he had never wanted any human woman before. The first night they were together, it was a one night stand on both their parts he had no illusions on that score, the sex had been spectacular, nothing like he had ever experienced before with a human female. He knew now that was partially her doing. Something a she-devil was quite capable of. He wanted more. He wanted this creature for his own.

He moved to a chair at the foot of the bed and sat down, steepling his fingers and watched her, eyes glowing slightly, both his members growing, waiting for her to awaken. He was trying to formulate the best way to handle the whole situation. He knew that she would be angry and upset but more to the point she would be ready to fight. That was something he didn’t want.

Gradually, she started stirring on the bed, moaning softly. He knew she was slowly starting to awaken. He watched her closely, trying to figure out the best way to handle it. She moved around, slowly swimming out of the depths of sleep. She pulled her arms towards her chest and when she couldn’t get them there she awoke with a start. She looked at the chains, growling long and loud. Then she looked towards the foot of the bed. She saw him and growled a warning, sitting up the best she could, glaring at him.

He knew instantly tying her up had not been a wise move. She was really pissed. He sat back in his chair and smiled, “Hello Danyealla. We meet again.”

She snarled at him, “What do you want? More to the point, what in the hell are you doing in my house? And, it would be in your best interests to get these chains off me.”

He looked her directly in the eyes, his smile growing wider. He leaned back in the chair, steepling his fingers once again. He was trying to think of the best way to proceed and calm her down. The fire he saw in her eyes was turning him on. “I’m not going to let you loose at this point; I think that would be hazardous to my health. Now, if you calm down and listen to what I have to say then we’ll see about letting you loose. But, alas, we both know you’re far too dangerous for me to let loose in the state you are in.”

She tried to put on her most innocent expression and to muster a helpless female look then said, “What makes you think ‘lil ole’ me is dangerous?”

He chuckled and grinned at her, “Don’t go there, I know how dangerous you are. You’re a she-devil. And I know those are among the deadliest of the dark creatures.”

He chuckled and grinned at her, “Don’t go there, I know how dangerous you are. You’re a she-devil. And I know those are among the deadliest of the dark creatures.”

Her expression changed slightly, “Me? A she-devil?” She felt her heart start to pound in her chest.

He chuckled. “A saw your true form when you changed to fee off of me. The trick you use with mortals doesn’t work with me.”

She sat up the best she could, the sheets slipping down over her chest, revealing she was nude under the covers. His eyes raked up and down her nude flesh then he looked back into her face.

He settled back in his chair, chuckling and smiling at her, “You and I are a lot alike you know that?”

She snarled, “We are not alike! I was human and am still more human than you ever thought of being.”

He chuckled again, the mirth showing in his eyes. “Ahh, details. No, I am not human and never have been. But you aren’t human either. You once were but that is now gone.”

She rolled her eyes, “Fine, whatever. Tell me, why are you here?”

He leaned forward and looked at her more intently, “You intrigue me.”

She snorted and grinned, shifting to a more comfortable position. “A demon, intrigued by lil’ ole’ me? I don’t think so. From what I know about demons they aren’t intrigued by anything for very long.”

He smiled and shifted around in the chair, still looking at her. “True but I am not your stereotypical demon. I feed off lust, really not that much different than what you do. And yes, you intrigue me.”

She snorted and rolled her eyes again. “What do you want with me?”

He smiled at her, “You, my intriguing little kitty cat. I want to be with you and have wanted that since the night we were together. You have no idea what it took for me to find you or this place.”

She snarled at him, “Well, you don’t intrigue me. As a matter of fact I don’t want you here. Didn’t you think there was a reason I never got in touch with you after that night?”

He smiled and chuckled then got up and moved towards the bed.

She growled a warning at him and backed up further against the headboard.

He leaned down and looked deeply into her eyes. She growled long and low. He chuckled again. “You need me more than you know. Yes, you were once human and that allows you to live among them easily. You know what their nature is, allowing you to exploit what they are for your own needs. You and I are more alike than what you think we are.” He stood up and traced one finger, lightly, down the inside of her thigh.

She growled a warning at him, fangs slowly starting to descend into view, eyes flashing. “DO NOT compare the two of us! We may share SOME things in common but we are NOT alike. Whatever needs I may have a human or a werewolf would suffice to satisfy.”

He chuckled, “That is so cute Danyealla. You can deceiver yourself or think what you want but we are more alike than you wish t admit. I can do for you what no other dark creature could dream of doing. I can give you whatever your need is in a way none of the others can.” He leaned down and looked into her eyes. “I’m the man you need whether you’ll admit that to yourself or not.”

She snarled at him, fangs bared, her eyes changing to the greenish-golden eyes of a cat. “You are NOT a man and never have been. You’re a denizen of hell.”

He chucked and stood up, looking down at her, “Dani, Dani, Daniā€¦, that is so cute, you are so cute. There is a need in you that I can sense but I’m not sure what it is. I’ll find out though, that I assure you. There’s a pain in you that I can sense, a longing that is yet unfulfilled. I will find it and give you what you so desire in a way that no moral can do for you.”

She leaned back against the headboard. “There’s unrequited need and want in everyone. They don’t need a demon to fulfill anything for me and I don’t need one to do it for me now.”

He stroked the side of her face and chuckled when she yanked her head away and glared at him. He then walked away and sat back down, a smile playing at the corners of his mouth. “You’re so in control of yourself. You need to let that go pretty one. In lust and passion there should be no control. It’s infinitely more pleasurable that way. I can teach you to give that up and submit to the pure act of pleasure.”

“Many have tried to make me loose control but all have failed. OF all things I’ve lost over the centuries my self control isn’t one of them. And I don’t need you to teach me how to lose that. I don’t need you to teach me anything!”

“I met one of your play toys in hell once. Two days after your encounter he committed suicide. He decided he couldn’t live without you and when you rejected him he killed himself rather than live without you.”

She snorted again, “A weak human male is all, t’was my mistake to tangle with him in the first place, nothing more, nothing less.”

He chuckled watching her closely, “By the way, love what you did with the Marquis De Sade. I doubt even he could’ve handled you pretty one.”

“He was an interesting play toy for the time we were together but that’s all it was.”

“I somewhat doubt he had the imagination to come up with what he did all by himself. I imagine what he is most famous for came from you didn’t it?”

She chuckled, “I’m not going to dignify that with a response and let you think what you will.”

He got back up and walked over to the bed. He stroked one finger from her belly button to her chest, poking it painfully. She made no sound, just looked at him. “I don’t want to break your turn you into something you don’t want to be, just to bend you, to expound on something that is already in you, something you seem to want. So, against my better judgment I’m going to let you loose and let the chips fall where they may.” He produced the key and unlocked the shackles.

She was off the bed in a flash, starting to fully shift, glaring at him, rubbing her wrists. She looked him in the eye, “What exactly do you want with me?”

He reached out to stroke her hair but she backed away. “Why, haven’t you figured that out yet? I want you.”

“You are the most arrogant and obnoxious being I’ve ever met. You’re a demon and all those are cold hearted, not something I want to be with.”

He looked her up and down, watching her face change, fascinated. “In other words, the demon equivalent of you Danyealla?”

She growled long and low, eyes flashing, “I don’t want you here.”

He sat back down and chuckled, keeping his eyes on her. “Do you not remember the other night and the question I asked you? You did tell me you wanted me but you also told me that you accepted me, accepted me wholly and for what I am. And in saying that you gave me an open invitation to visit you. All together the sum of the whole equation means thus; that you want me. So, volia’, I’m here.” He spread his hand apart and grinned at her.

She glowered at him and crossed her arms over her chest. “This isn’t as complex as you’re making it out to be. It’s rather simple as a matter of fact. It meant I wanted you that night, no more, no less.”

He grinned from ear to ear, “Are you sure?”

She rolled her eyes, “Am I sure? Yes, I’m sure! Why do you think I left so fast after I found out what you are?”

“You left so fast because you were unwilling to deal with the unknown denominator of me being a demon. That had nothing to do with you not liking what we did and wanting me. Also wanting more because you do.”

Her eyes flashed again and she bared her fangs at him. “No, I do not want you. I want nothing to do with a demon.”

He let out a full throated laugh, eyes twinkling. “You silly kitty you. If you just wanted me that night I wouldn’t have been able to enter your domicile tonight.”

She growled at him again, “You chose a very opportunistic moment to ask me what you needed to. I would have agreed to almost anything and you knew it. You’re very good Darious.”

He chuckled again, “Very true. The thing is this though, and listen very carefully Miss Kitty, you spoke these words true, but more than that, your souls spoke them as well, loud and clear. You’re soul screamed them out.”

“Bullshit! On that score you’re doing nothing but deceiving yourself.”

He watched her closely, steepling his fingers once again, his eyes locked on her. “I’m not here to lie Danyealla. I don’t lie; it’s not in my nature. I may bend the truth slightly but I don’t lie.”

“Bullshit. I don’t want you. You just want a she-devil as a play toy like most of your kind. Our sex drive is the thing legends are made of, thus making us a prize to your kind. All my kind knows that, that’s why we avoid demons.”

“Hmm. That is partially true. My kind does crave to own on of you because of your sacristy. But that’s only partially why I want you. You also intrigue me and you want and need me as well.”

She glowered at him, “I don’t believe you.”

“You’ve bitten me and ingested my blood, contained there in is my nature so somewhere in you you know I don’t lie. But if it makes you feel better to deceive yourself, feel free.

“We have become distracted from the true area of the discussion, my pretty kitty, your wanting and needing me.”

She let out an ear numbing snarl and her eyes flashed a warning, “I do not want or need you. The only things I want and need is for you to get out and leave me alone!”

He chuckled, eyes twinkling, “My, my, my! Such a passionate response pretty one.” He leaned forward in his chair and locked his eyes with hers, his gaze strong and steady. “I can give you what you long for Danyealla, the gift of true, unadulterated passion. Passion every female longs for. The kind of passion that makes you lose self control. I can give you that. All I ask in return is information on your species. Think about it Danyealla, it’s a win-win situation. We both get what we so crave, sexual fulfillment from a creature that’s the only one around that can truly satisfy our sexual appetite. You do need me Danyealla; deep inside yourself you know that. Give in to that need and I will give you pleasure the likes of which you have never known in your long life.”

She leveled her gaze with his, “There is no need in me so great that a demon needs to fulfill it. A human or werewolf suffices quite well to quench any passion or need I have. Sorry to disappoint you Darious.”

He stood and walked over, standing over her, looking down into her eyes, ignoring the flash in them and the long, low warning growl. “Allow me to prove it to you pretty one. Prove it in the simplest of forms, a kiss. Allow me to kiss you and it will wipe away all doubts you have about me.”

She looked at him warily, “A kiss?”

“A harmless kiss, that is all.”

“What if I allow you? Then will you leave and leave me alone?”

“Yes. If I cannot give you what I said I could with a single kiss then I’ll leave and won’t come back.”

She was still wary, “Alright. I agree, a single kiss. I don’t know what you think you can prove or give me with a kiss.”

He stepped closer to her, smiling, looking deep into her eyes. He wrapped his arms around her, pulling her flush to him. He pressed tightly to her body, letting her feel his hard, sinewy muscles ripple through his clothes. One hand moved up and grabbed her hair at the base of her skull and pulled her head back. The other hand snaked down her back then grabbed her ass hard, pulling her pelvis onto his firmly so there was no way she couldn’t feel him through the fabric. He looked deep into her eyes for the longest time before he inclined his head and lowered his lips onto hers. He kissed her roughly and passionately, prying her lips apart with his then slipping his tongue into her mouth. He tried to impart in that one passionate kiss what passion and pleasure he could give her. But also he was trying to search her soul for what it is she wanted what it was she craved but to no avail, she was closed to him. So he tried to kiss her in such a way that would shake her very being and make her blood boil.

Then after about five minutes he broke it off, still holding her hair, looking down into her eyes. He growled long and low, a growl he knew would shiver her whole body.

She stood still and looked up at him, a bored look on her face. “Is that all there is?”

He growled loud enough to make the walls shake, his eyes flashing anger and frustration. He grasped her chin between his thumb and forefinger, forcing her to look up into his eyes. He bared his teeth and snarled, “Apparently nice and kind doesn’t work with you does it? I need something more to get you’re attention don’t I?” He lowered his face until he was nose to nose with her, his eyes flashing dangerously. “I will make you beg me to take you.”

She snorted and chuckled, eyes never wavering, “You wish.”

He glared at her, “It’s a fact my pretty one.”

She shook her head slightly, her gaze still locked with his, “Others have tried and failed miserably. You think you can succeed when so many have failed?”

He chuckled wickedly, “I don’t think so little one, I KNOW so.”

She snorted, giggled and shook her head, her eyes dancing, “Excuse me if I don’t believe you.”

He was not amused in the least. He roared long and loud, causing the glass in the panes to shake. He then stepped away from her and glared. “Don’t believe me hmm? I’m going to give you something to think about then.” Showing supernatural speed he shoved her, belly first, over the foot of the bed. He held her down firmly and started to swat her on the ass hard enough to leave welts in the wake of his hand. He kept doing it, hitting over the welts.

There was no reaction from her other than a sharp intake of breath. She looked back at him, her eyes revealing nothing, her tail disappearing.

Quickly, he put the shackles back on her and chained her to the foot of the bed, her feet flat on the floor, spread eagle. He stood back, panting, his eyes flashing. “Like that slut? Bet you do. This is the only thing sluts like you seem to understand.” He stepped back and looked at her, eyes flashing. “You’re my toy now, a little play thing for me to do anything and everything I wish to. A pet if you will.” He took a step back and looked around. He glanced over at her, grinning, then he walked around pulling open drawers and going through their contents, rifling through her things, generally snooping.

She kept a poker face but waves of anger started washing over her at the sight of him invading her personal space. Her anger floated off her in increasing waves, like ripples in a pond.

He flinched slightly as the waves of anger hit him. He turned and looked at her, smiling. “What’s the matter? Don’t like me going through your things? I get to do that now since I own you. What’s yours is now mine toy. So I just want to browse around and see what interesting things you have about.” He heard her growl and chucked then went back to nosing around. He stood and looked over various implements and unguents on her vanity, spying her silver hairbrush set. He grinned widely as he picked up the hairbrush, it was really heavy. He turned and walked back to her, looking at her, grinning from ear to ear, slapping the brush in the palm of his hand.

She looked up at him coolly, showing no reaction.

He looked down at her, chuckling. “This is a very nice brush toy. Nice and heavy. Bet it would be wonderful to use on your ass. Would you like that slut? Me spanking your ass with it? Bet it would make your ass hurt real good wouldn’t it?”

She growled, her eyes flashing and her fangs bared, refusing to reply. She yanked on the chains and tried to get loose but to no avail.

He grinned and chuckled, cocking his head to one side. “You’ll eventually figure out that you can’t get loose and that I’m in charge here. He stepped closer and dropped the brush in front of her. “That definitely has uses. I’ll leave it there until I need it.” He looked down at her and chuckled more. “What’s the matter toy? Not enjoying this?”

She yanked hard at the chains, pulling away from him. She snarled loudly, eyes flashing.

He chuckled again, reaching out and patting her on the head. She yanked her head away and growled. He chuckled louder. “Hmm, a pet that bites. Perhaps I should get a muzzle, yes?” He grinned at her then turned away to go back to nosing around. He walked over to the closet and opened it. He felt her thoughts telling him that there was a hidden compartment in there somewhere and she didn’t want him to find it. He stopped and looked at her. “Don’t want me to find it pet?”

Her face remained a placid facade but inwardly her heart was hammering.

He grinned at her then stepped into the closet and started going through her clothes. He started throwing them out of the closet. He heard her growl and chuckled. He held up a very expensive cocktail dress. “Being my toy you won’t be needing stuff like this anymore.” He tossed it into a heap on the floor, grinning at her look of fury then turned back to the closet. Quickly several more high quality, expensive dresses joined it.

Finally, he stepped out with the final item in her wardrobe, an exquisite silk ball gown. He held it up. He looked at her, one eyebrow arched, grinning at her. “This is unfit for a pet to wear wouldn’t you say? I think, perhaps, a hooker outfit would be more fitting for a slut like you. With a nice studded dog collar to round out the ensemble, to show everyone who cares to look that I and I alone own that cunt of yours from this day forward. That would be appropriate wouldn’t it pet?” He stood there, a small grin playing at the corners of his mouth.

She stared back at him, growling long and low, her eyes flashing an unmistakable warning. Then she gave a mighty yank at the chains, trying to free herself. But to no avail, they held her tight. She saw his smile widen before he turned his back on her. She continued to struggle against the chains, howling loudly.

He chuckled deeply as he stepped back inside. He started tapping and feeling along the walls. He was not only looking for the switch but it also let he know exactly where he was. She stopped howling at once. He chuckled evilly and continued on.

He felt over the area where her shoes were kept. Suddenly an area no bigger than a light switch plate depressed and a small door behind her shoe tree swung open. He chuckled loudly, “My, my, my, what have I found?” He said loud enough for her to hear.

She groaned and murmured a soft, “Oh shit.” Things stored in there were part of her life very few people knew about and a part she definitely didn’t want him knowing about.

He chuckled long and low as he pulled out items that obviously showed that she was enamored and involved with the BDSM lifestyle. He stepped out with an armload, walked over, and dumped them in front of her. He grinned bigger and chuckled, “Well, well, well, a collector! A part of your life you tried to hide, hmm? Ashamed of it?”

She took a sharp intake of breath and bit her bottom lip. Despite the situation she was in the sight of implements of the part of her life she kept from everyone except her closest friends, turned her on. She knew the use for everything that was arrayed before her but more to the point she knew what each of them felt like when used by someone with the proper skill and the exquisite feeling of pain mixed with pleasure that they produced. Despite not wanting to be turned on she felt that surge of adrenaline course through her veins and felt her pussy starting to drip. She tried hard to maintain the look of boredom outwardly but the struggle inside herself, the not wanting to give into this being and the want to totally abandon herself to the feelings she knew BDSM could give her was very strong.

He slowly arranged them on the bed, running his fingers over each one and chuckled evilly, “Aah, I’m extremely familiar with each and every one of these toys and just how to use them.” He looked at her, “Decisions, decisions, which one to use first.” He scanned the items again then picked up the riding crop. He swished it back and forth a couple times; chuckling evilly then stepped behind her. His eyes raked from her ankles, up her calves over her firm thighs to her naked, upturned ass. He could see her pussy peak through her partially spread cheeks, it was wet and the lips parted slightly. He reached out and ran his fingers from the crease where the upper thigh met the cheek up and over her cheek. He felt her tense up slightly and grinned. “I wonder how that ass is going to feel when I get done with it. All hot, stinging, feeling heavy and have that nice rosy red glow to it. The pain afterwards every time you sit down the next few days reminding you of just what I did. The long red welts that hurt every time they are touched for a week afterwards.” He took a couple steps backwards and swung the crop at her ass. It landed dead center across both her cheeks, leaving an angry read welt in its wake.

She jumped and hissed but that was her only outward reaction. Inwardly, she felt her blood surge at the delicious pain. Bolts of electricity surged to her pussy, making it throb and her juices flow more heavily.

He continued using it, trying to cover every inch of her ass, leaning long red welts after each swat. “This is turning you on isn’t it toy? Your hot cunt is getting creamier with each swat isn’t it?” He laid an extra hard stroke across one of the welts. “Answer me or I won’t stop!” He started laying strokes across the fiery red welts.

She looked back at him, eyes devoid of all emotion, not saying a word. She was turned on yes but wasn’t going to let him know it.

He growled and gave her an extra hard swat, “I said speak!”

She looked back at him, not even flinching.

He continued to smack her ass but stepped closer, grasped her hair and pulled her head back. He growled and bared his teeth. “I said answer me! An the answer better contain the word master or sir. Do you understand toy?”

She locked eyes with him, “Answer you?” she yawned and shook her head then faced forward again.

His eyes narrowed and he growled. He pulled her up more by the hair and used the crop across her tits. She flinched slightly but no noise and stared straight ahead.

He started to gradually shift. His eyes started glowing blood red, his razor sharp fangs descended, his horns grew out of his head, claws grew at the tips of each finger, he started growing bigger and his voice deepened dramatically. He continued using the crop on her tits, growling.

She turned and looked at him, a bored look on her face. The sight of him changing into his true form and the smack of the crop were turning her on more and more. A smile lifted one corner of her mouth. “I can play that too Darious, wanna see?” she chuckled, eyes twinkling.

His eyes glowed brighter and he growled deeply. “Answer my question toy! Or I assure you you’ll get no pleasure.”

She rolled her eyes, “What is the question?”

He stopped hitting her and growled deeply again, “What is it you want toy?” He raked one claw down her spine hard, watching a large, bright red welt appear in its wake. “Answer me!” He roared.

He got up as close to her as he could without actually touching her. He leaned down and told her in a deep demanding whisper, “You’re my toy. Mine! That’s who and what you are, my toy.”

She looked back and snorted, “You wish!”

He chuckled deeply, “It’s a fact by now toy. Resign yourself to it.” He pressed up against her, letting her feel his presence surround her. Then he backed up, letting his eyes rake up and down her red, welted ass. He grinned. “Hmm, perhaps now would be the time to look closely at, inspect if you will, the property I now own. I think, perhaps, I need to take a bit of a closer look at my new pussy and ass. What do you think toy? Should I take a closer gander?”

She refused to answer or even look back at him, but hearing her sharp intake of breath and seeing her body start to quiver was all the answer he needed.

He chuckled deeply then he dragged a claw down her asscrack, firmly but not too roughly. Then with the other hand he pried her cheeks apart. He tickled her anus lightly with his claw, chuckling as it contracted tightly against his touch. Then none to gently he forced his finger deep into her asshole all the way to the third knuckle.

She hissed loudly, closer her eyes and pulled forward, trying to dislodge his finger.

He ignored her attempt, twisting his finger back and forth then in and out. Finally, he jammed it in, roughly, as far as he could.

She threw her head back and whimpered loudly, starting to quake and shiver all over. Sweat started to trickle down between her tits. She clenched her eyes tightly shut and bit her bottom lip.

He grinned at her reaction, giving his finger a hard turn before yanking it out roughly with an audible pop. He picked up one of her dresses he had tossed on the bed and cleaned his finger off. “Nice and tight still but by no means virgin. But I didn’t expect anything on you to be virgin considering what kind of slut you are.” He gave her a smart slap on the ass, making sure to hit some of the bigger welts. He grinned at her sharp intake of breath then drug his claw over her perineum to the bottom of her pussy leaving a pink welt. He thrust a finger deep into her pussy, reaching down and spreading her lips apart with his other hand. He squatted down to take a closer look.

Her face burned with the embarrassment she was feeling at his close inspection. Yet, as humiliating as it was it was firing her arousal all the more. The part of her that was submissive and so craved male dominance over her was screaming for release. She knew when his finger entered her he had to know how turned on she was but the sheer amount of juice she was producing. Hell, even she could hear the sound of wetness as his digit entered her. She bit her lip harder to keep from moaning out loud but there was nothing she could do about the tremors running through her body.

He chuckled again as he felt her shake. He wiggled his finger around. He heard a loud moan escape her lips as his claw raked over her g-spot. He smiled, knowing despite her bored look from the way juice was flowing and soaking his hand she was incredibly turned on.

He moved his finger in and out then twisted it side to side roughly. He watched as her pussy started to darken in color as the blood flow increased to the area, her lips thickened under his touch. Her clit poked shyly out of its hood, the very tip of it visible, beaded with moisture, quivering slightly. He spread her lips further apart, roughly, then roughly withdrew his finger. He tickled the outside of her hole with his claw then moved it up to her clit.

He flicked it a couple times, eliciting a high pitched squeal and a massive shiver from her. Using two fingers he pushed the hood of it back. He traced a claw lightly over the tip of it causing her to shiver violently. He chuckled then blew on it lightly.

The reaction was instantaneous. She threw her head back and moaned loudly. She felt her flesh goose pimple all the way down to her knees. Every muscle tightened up and quivered then she started to whimper softly.

He grinned then pinched it hard. She tightened up, yanked the chains taut and screeched loudly. There was a gush of juice from her that soaked his hand and ran down his forearm. He chuckled again then started twisting it back and forth. She started shaking violently all over. He saw a single drop of sweat run down her asscrack.

He gave her clit another hard pinch then let go. Letting go of her lips also he then stood up, wiped her juice off onto her ass then gave her a sharp swat before he stepped back a couple paces. He chuckled long and low, “For suck a slut that pussy is still plenty tight.” He stepped closer, pressing his crotch into her ass. Then he ran his fingertips up and down her sides lightly. He nuzzled his face into her hair then put his lips next to her ear. In a deep, demanding whisper he said, “Turned on aren’t you toy?” He reached down and cupped her pussy tightly, “That’s mine now! It’s my cunt. You are my property. My toy, to do with whatever I want. Now, tell me what it is you want.” He stroked her hair softly, breathing heavily in her ear.

When it became obvious she wasn’t going to answer he grabbed her by the hair and yanked her head back, forcing her to look at him. In a hard, cold voice he told her, “You better answer me or I’m going to stop. You won’t feel my touch again. I’ll leave your frustrated.”

She was panting slightly, eyes glazed over but her face remained passive. She just looked at him.

He growled softly in her ear then let go of her hair. He stroked one finger down the side of her face then stepped away and thought out loud, “What is it you want toy? What is it I’m missing in the signals you’re sending out?” He stroked his chin thoughtfully, staring at her welted ass. “You’re a painslut that much is obvious. Hence the Marquis De Sade.” He thought back over what he had done so far and what had gotten the biggest reaction. Then it hit him. He chuckled deeply, his eyes twinkling. He leaned back against the wall and just looked at her for a minute or two, grinning. Then he stepped back up behind her. He gave her a hard slap on the ass then rubbed it in. Pressing tightly to her, cheek to cheek once again, “You want me to dominate you don’t you? You crave a man having total power over you. Making you do whatever he wishes to. You want to be someone’s fuck toy. Someone to turn you into his pet. To abandon yourself totally to someone else. To be used. That’s it isn’t it toy? You want someone strong enough to make you bend to his will. To be someone’s slutty little sub.” He grabbed her chin roughly and tilted her head back. “Answer me slut!” He growled in her ear. He ground his crotch into the welts on her ass.

She drew a ragged breath then shivered. She wet her lips then replied in a barely audible whisper, “Yes.”

He stroked her cheek softly with his forefinger, “You want a man that’s strong enough to control you and not give in to you for what your hot cunt can do for them, don’t you?”

“Yes.” She said softly, starting to shiver all over. Her cheeks were flushed red and sweat was beading her forehead and upper lip. She was more turned on than she had been in her entire life. She was going to give into him, yes, that was a certainty at this point but he was going to have to work for it because she wasn’t going to make it easy on him. He was going to have to prove to her he has what it takes to deal with the likes of her.

He let go of her and took a step backwards. He raked his claws roughly down her back then gave her ass a resounding slap. “That’s a good toy. You will from now on call me Master. If you don’t I wills top and leave you like this, getting hornier and hornier with no release.” He reached down between her legs and raked his claws over her pussy roughly to be assured that he had her complete and undivided attention. “You will not feed, touch that hot pussy of yours or get that twat fucked unless I let you. Do you understand me?”

“Yes, Master.” She replied sarcastically.

He stopped and stepped away. “You will answer me respectfully toy.”

“I understand but the word Master is abhorrent to me.”

He thought for a minute, tapping his finger on his chin. He then stepped behind her again. “I can accept that. Now what term of respect shall you use toy? Sir?”

There was no reaction from her.


Again, no reaction.

“Lord?” He heard her sharp intake of breath and chuckled. “Yes, Lord. You will call me Lord, for that is what I am, your Lord. You are just my lowly toy.” He rubbed himself against her ass, starting to grow bigger. “Isn’t that right toy?”

“Yes, Lord.” She replied, softly.

“Good toy.” He spanked her hard. “Say it again toy.”

“Yes, M’Lord.” She said louder, shivering slightly.

“That’s very good toy.” He stroked her inner thighs softly, from her knee upwards then slapped each one three times, causing her to gasp and shiver. He chuckled, “Like that toy? Want more?”

She moaned softly, “Yes M’Lord.”

He swatted her inner thighs some more, leaving angry red handprints. “Such a naughty little slut who likes such nasty things.” He whispered in her ear. He then punched each thigh, roughly, “Like this toy?”

She whimpered, “Yes, I do, M’Lord.”

“How much do you like it?” He smacked each thigh again.

She shivered all over and moaned loudly, “Oh, very much, M’Lord.” She looked back at him, eyes imploring.

He grinned at her and stroked her thighs softly, “Do you now?”

She quivered all over. “Oh yes, M’Lord.” Her eyes begging him to do more.

He pulled his hands away and in a low tone said, “Look straight ahead and don’t look back at me again. You’ve been a bad toy and don’t deserve to look at me. If you disobey I will stop. Do you understand toy?”

She faced forward and shuddered, “I understand M’Lord.” She could feel the insides of her thighs were slick with her juices. She was in an extreme state of sexual excitement.

“If you turn again I’ll leave you just how you are, blindfold you and leave. Do I make myself clear toy?” He told her in a deep, firm, demanding voice.

She was shaking all over and moaning, “Crystal clear, M’Lord.”

He chuckled again, “Very good toy.” He reached forward and grabbed a shirt, thick leather spanking strap. He stepped to the side and started using it on her tits, hard and fast across both of them at the same time. Making sure to get it across her nipples. The strap lest fiery red marks in its wake.

She threw her head back, shut her eyes and moaned loudly, shaking. Her nipples were hard nubs as much from desire as the strap.

He stepped behind her and started using it on her already welted ass and inner thighs. Quickly, bother were bright rosy red and she was making a high pitched, keening wail, straining at the shackles. He grinned and started bringing the strap upwards across her pussy. The effect of that was immediate.

She threw her head back and let out an ear shattering howl, gripping the chains tightly, shaking uncontrollably.

He continued until her pussy was the same shade as her ass and thighs. He then quit and chuckled, an evil glint in his eyes. “Do you want to cum toy?”

“Yes M’Lord, very much.” She almost screamed, straining at the shackles.

He chuckled again, “Does my toy crave release?”

Her whole body seemed to throb. “I do M’Lord.” She whimpered, shivering so hard the chains were rattling.

He stepped closer to her and growled, “Not yet. You will absolutely not cum until I tell you you can. If you do it stops at once. Do you understand slut?”

She gulped and exhaled a ragged breath, still shaking uncontrollably. “I understand M’Lord.” She whispered.

He reached around and pinched both her nipples, twisting them roughly. In a deep, demanding tone of voice he whispered, “Not only will it stop I will punish you in such a way that not only will you not enjoy it but you will remember it for a long time to come. Do you understand slut?”

She was quaking all over. Whimpering, she said, “I do understand M’Lord.”

“Very good toy.” He patted her gently on the ass then reached forward and grabbed there sets of adjustable clamps off the bed. He draped them over his shoulder then started to pinch and pull on her nipples until they were rock hard. He then quickly attached a set of clamps to them.

She let out a loud wail as he tightened them down on her already sore and swollen nipples.

He chuckled evilly, “What’s the matter toy? Did that hurt a wee bit? No matter, it’ll get worse before I get done. He then squatted down and attached the next set to each of her pussy lips, ignoring her squirming around.

She let out a ear piercing scream when he attached the final clamp to her clit. Sweat was pouring off of her and she was taking great gulps of air while she tried to regain her self control.

He stepped back and leaned against the wall, arms folded across his chest, watching her, a smile playing at the corners of his mouth. He was waiting for her to calm down slightly so he could continue.

When she seemed to not be shaking so much and appeared to be breathing more normally again he stepped forward and added a small weight to each of the clamps.

She threw her head back, shut her eyes and let out a long, high pitched whimpering noise.

He chuckled long and low, watching her. He then stepped behind her once again, raking his claws down her back to her ass then from her knees up her thighs.

She arched up, threw her head back and moaned loudly, shivering all over.

He grinned and chuckled deeply. He then leaned forward and picked up the hairbrush. He stepped back and started to spank over her ass and inner thighs, hitting over the already inflamed welts.

She pulled the chains taut and started quaking. Her ass and thighs felt as though they were on fire, a delicious torment that had her on the verge of insanity. She wanted release but she also wanted more of what he was doing.

He gave her an extra hard smack across the biggest welt on her ass then grabbed her by the hair and yanked her head back. He growled in her ear, “Beg! You will beg me or it will all stop.”

She took several deep gulps of air then groaned softly, shivering. Begging was entirely against her nature, she never begged for anything in her long life but she didn’t by any means want him to stop so she said, “Please M’Lord.” So softly it was almost inaudible.

He chuckled again, “What was that toy? I didn’t quite hear you.”

She cleared her throat and said a little louder, “Please, M’Lord.”

“Please what toy?”

“Don’t stop M’Lord.”

He gave her an extra hard swat on the ass. “What did you forget to say? What’s the magic word?”

“Please M’Lord!” she almost screamed.

He chuckled, “Very good toy.” He yanked her hair harder, “You’re my toy, mine! I own you! This pussy is mine!” He reached down and yanked the clams off her lips then gave her clit a sharp slap, then pinched and twisted it roughly. He pressed his body tight to hers then growled in her ear, “Your boy is all mine and only mine! Do you understand that toy?”

She panted and was sweating profusely. “Yes M’Lord.” Her eyes were glazed over and her body was coated with a thin sheen of sweat.

He growled long and low in her ear, causing her body to instantly goose flesh. “You will not cum unless I let you. You will not fuck unless I let you. Your cunt will not get fed unless I let it.” He reached down and stroked her pussy a couple times. He then whispered softly in her ear, “Do you understand me toy?”

She gulped audibly and shook, “I understand M’Lord.”

“Very good toy.” He ran one claw roughly over her pussy, “Is my cunt hungry?”

“Oh yes M’Lord, it is? Very much so!” She was whimpering and moaning softly.

He chuckled, “And just what is my twat hungry for?”

“You, M’Lord.”

He grinned, “Just me toy?”

She took a deep breath and exhaled loudly, “Your hard cock M’Lord.”

He raked his claws roughly up over her pussy mound. “Is my twat extremely hungry toy?”

She shook all over, her pussy streaming juice, “Yes M’Lord, very much so!”

He yanked her hair harder, “You’ve been a bad toy. I don’t know if you’re deserving of that privilege. I think you need to redeem yourself toy. You need to think of a way to redeem yourself, to regain that privilege. Think long and hard of how my cock feels in that twat then tell me how you’ll redeem yourself.”

She was shaking all over and panting. Her thought process was all a jumble, making it hard to think. Finally, she replied, “I’ll behave M’Lord.”

His eyebrows arched, “You, behave toy? For how long?”

She was whimpering loudly and shaking. “For as long as you wish M’Lord.”

“You better mean it toy if you want my cock in that pussy.”

“I mean it M’Lord!” She wailed.

He chuckled once more, eyes dancing, “Do you now? Somehow I fail to believe you toy.”

Her heart was hammering in her chest and her hair was drenched with sweat, she whimpered softly, “I’ll behave M’Lord.”

He raked one claw up over her ass cheek and grinned when he saw her flinch. “From my experience I still don’t believe you. But perhaps I shall give you another chance. You will behave better won’t you toy? You’re sure of that?”

It felt like lightning was dancing over her skin, setting every nerve in her body on fire, causing her to tremble. “Yes M’Lord, please!”

He sighed deeply the pressed his pelvis against her ass, the fabric rubbing against her welts. In a deep, commanding voice he told her, “You will do better toy, if you do not I will leave you like this, hungry, needing release.”

“PLEASE M’Lord!” she wailed.

He grinned to himself, “Just what is it you want toy?”

“Your cock, please M’Lord!”

“My cock? You want my cock? Do you deserve it toy?”

“Yes, M’Lord I do.”

“You deserve my cock? Beg me for it toy.”

“Please may I have your cock M’Lord, PLEASE!”

He reached around and yanked the clamps off her nipples then swatted her across both tits, roughly. He then stepped back and whipped her across the calves, up the back of her knees then to her thighs. Then whipped her extra hard across the ass. He then brought the strap up between her legs and started to beat her pussy. It made a wet smacking sound as the leather came in contact with her dripping slit.

She was moaning loudly and wiggling all over, the chains rattling loudly.

He stopped whipping her and stepped closer then grabbed her hair roughly again and yanked her head back. He then whispered in her ear, “Did you cum yet toy? For your sake you better not have.”

“No M’Lord, I didn’t.” She replied, panting heavily.

“Hmm,” he murmured, stroking the side of her face softly, “I believe I should check to make sure.” He reached down and roughly shoved one finger deep inside her pussy. He moved it in and out of her hard and fast, twisting it side to side. He then pulled it out with a distinctive wet sound and stroked it up and down her red, swollen pussy. He nuzzled his face into her hair and said, “Good toy, you didn’t cum. Do you want to cum toy?”

She was quaking and shivering, “Yes, M’Lord, I do, very much.”

He pushed his finger deep into her pussy again and started to rub her g-spot.

She started to moan loudly, gripping the chains tightly, shaking.

He then started to rake his claw back and forth over it.

She started shaking harder, unable to control herself.

He started to press his claw down harder, rubbing it back and forth over it.

She threw her head back and let go with a long, piercing wail.

He chuckled softly and eased his claw out.

She sagged against the chains, whimpering and moaning softly, shaking all over.

He grinned then pinched her clit between two claws and rolled it back and forth.

She was moaning uncontrollably, pushing onto his hand.

He chuckled deeply, “Do you still want to cum toy?”

“Oh yes, please M’Lord, please!” She almost screamed.

He pulled her tightly against him, growling long and low into his ear. “The only way you are allowed to cum is if you make me cum first. Understand toy?”

“Anything you wish M’Lord.”

“Make me cum and do an excellent job of it and maybe you can cum.”

She whimpered loudly, “Yes, M’Lord.”

He backed away from her and unbuttoned his shirt, took it off then tossed it on the bed. He then unbuckled his belt and undid the buttons of his jeans, pushing them and his underwear down over his hips and let them drop to the floor, He kicked them aside then moved back behind her then pressed tightly against her ass, letting her feel both of his rock hard cocks pressed against her ass cheeks.

She stiffened up and shook, feeling his naked flesh against hers. She quivered in anticipation of feeling his cock curried deep inside her once again.

He reached out and ran one claw roughly up and down her ass crack, making sure to rake it roughly across her clenched asshole.

She bit her bottom lip and whimpered loudly, shivering.

He growled loudly, “Like this toy?”

She pushed herself back onto him slightly, “I like it very much M’Lord.”

He raked his claws across the welts on her ass, pinching them roughly here and there.

She shuddered violently, arching up as her abused ass seemed to catch fire.

He slid both his cocks between her legs and over her pussy.

Her eyes flew open; she shuddered, not believing what she was feeling. She thought he was playing a trick on her.

He rubbed them back and forth between her spread lips, letting her juices cover them, getting them slick, teasing her.

She was pushing down onto him, trying to get him to rub against her clit, starting to wiggle around.

He pulled back slightly and lined them up with both her holes. Tickling the entrances with them.

She moaned loudly, and pushed back onto him, trying to drive them into her.

He grasped her hips and held them tightly, not allowing her to move. He chuckled loudly and grinned.

“PLEASE M’Lord!” She screamed.

He chuckled long and low, “Please what?”

“I want them M’Lord, PLEASE!” she replied softly. She had never had to beg for a mans cock before.

He chuckled again, “You want them?” He wiggled them around the entrances, teasing her.

She bit her bottom lip and whimpered softly, “Yes, I do M’Lord.”

He pressed his body tight to hers and stroked up and down her sides, sliding both of his members against her holes. He pressed his cheek to hers and flicked his tongue against her ear then whispered, “Didn’t know I had two cocks did you? The night we met I was in human form and had merged them into one.” He chuckled again, grinding himself up against her. “They aren’t like human cocks either. They are, how would you say, adjustable. I can make them grow or shrink at will. They can give you the mot exquisite pleasure you have ever experienced in your life or the worst pain you have ever felt, dependant entirely on how you chose to behave my toy.” He nipped her ear playfully, reaching around to cup her tits in his hands, grinding his members up against her. Then he stuck out his eight inch prehensile tongue and tickled her chin with it, chucking when she gasped and shivered. He squeezed her tits tightly and wiggled his members against her. “Does it excite you to find these things out toy? Does it make you crave me more?”

She moaned loudly and pressed back against him, “Oh yes it does M’Lord.”

He growled softly in her ear, pulling her tighter to him, pushing the heads of his cocks into her, one into her pussy and one into her ass.

She quivered all over as if she had touched a live wire, moaning, shutting her eyes tightly.

He chuckled long and low then pulled them back out until just the tips were in her. He wiggled them around slightly then held still.

She threw her head back and screamed, “PLEASE M’LORD!”

He growled in her ear again, “Have you been good enough to get the reward of being fucked by my cocks’ slut? Are you worthy of that privilege?”

“Yes M’Lord, PLEASE!” she whimpered.

He eased the heads back into her, “Are you sure toy?”

She groaned and wiggled around, “I’m sure M’Lord.”

He reached down and held her hips firmly then slammed himself deep into her ass and pussy, hard, then held still. She screeched loudly, as every inch of him entered her holes, filling her completely. She felt the exquisite pain as she was filled to the max in a way she had never been before.

He slammed in and out of her once then ground himself deep into both her quivering holes.

She moaned loudly, gripping the chains that held her so tightly her knuckles were white.

He picked her up off the ground by her hips and started slamming in and out of her hard and fast, jarring her body roughly.

She held onto the chains so tightly that her fingers were starting to cramp, whimpering uncontrollably. Her body was shaking all over as if with fever.

He reached up and grabbed her hair once again and yanked her head back, holding tightly to her hips with the other, digging his claws deep into her flesh. He snarled into her ear, “Good toy. If you behave this is your reward.”

“Yes M’Lord, yesssss!” she moaned.

He wrapped his arm around her waist and quickly yanked both his cocks out of her. He growled long and low in her ear, “And this is what happens when you misbehave, nothing. You get no cock for your cunt or your ass. Do you understand that toy?”

She panted and whimpered loudly, “I understand M’Lord.”

He chuckled, “Are you sure of that toy?”

“Very sure M’Lord.”

“Good toy.” He said, slamming back into both her holes.

She moaned loudly, pushing back onto him.

He put both his hands on her shoulder, digging his claws in and started to hammer into both her holes rough, hard and fast. Jarring her body every time he slammed into her. Grinding into her as hard as he could, growling.

She threw her head back and screamed loudly, “Please more M’Lord! Yes! I can’t get enough of your cocks.”

“More of what toy?” he snarled, slamming into her extra hard.

“Of you M’Lord.” She whimpered.

“Of me toy?” he growled.

“Of your cocks M’Lord.” She whimpered again.

He growled long and low then started slamming into her harder for a few minutes, and then abruptly pulled out.

She whimpered softly as she felt him pull out, her whole body quivering from head to toe.

He quickly swept everything off the bed with one arm then stepped behind her and unshackled her arms and legs. He then picked her up by the waist and threw her onto the center of the bed roughly, sending her sprawling. “Get up on your knees slut. I want to see that ass in the air.”

She quickly obeyed, kneeling on the bed, her ass in the air and the side of her face pressed to the mattress, quivering all over.

He got up on the bed and knelt behind her. He raked his claws down her sides hard, leaving ten bright red welts behind. “Spread your legs further apart slut! I want to see that dripping cunt!” He roared.

She quickly obeyed, spreading her legs as far apart as she could. Her whole body shaking.

He sat back on his haunches for a few minutes, staring at her pussy, watching the juice run out of it and drip down onto the bed. E gathered himself, trying to maintain his self control. He was as turned on as she was but he didn’t want to show it. Everything he had heard about the legendary sex drive of a she-devil was true. She was driving him to the point of losing his self control. He just wanted to stick his cocks in her and fuck her long and hard, not caring if she obeyed or not. He knew though, to maintain what he wanted with her eh had to keep his self control.

When he felt he had taken enough time to regain his self control he got up on his knees behind her, lined his cocks up with both her holes then slammed them both home in one strong, hard stroke, then started to hammer into her hard, fast and rough.

She wailed loudly as he re-entered her sore pussy, gripping the sheets tightly in her fists, panting and moaning.

He continued to slam in and out of her hard and fast. Then he reached down between her legs and pinched her clit hard between two claws. He heard her squeal loudly and chuckled. Then he raked his claws hard back and forth over her clit, causing her to shiver and shake all over.

She was moaning and unable to hold still, not able to stop herself. He had her so turned on she didn’t care what he did to her just so she got to cum.

He reached forward and grabbed her hair, pulling her head back, making her back arch. He slammed into her hard, growling, “You’re my toy! Mine! I own you!”

“Yes, M’Lord.” She moaned, “You own me. You and only you.”

He growled and bared his fangs. “That’s right! And don’t you ever forget it slut!” He leaned forward over her back, propping himself onto his hands. He bit her neck, hard, and growled. Pounding into her, slamming hard against her. Filling her ass and twat to their limits.

She screamed loudly when he bit her, rocking back onto him. “Oh yes M’Lord, it feels so fucking good! Please don’t stop!”

He pounded into her more, growling. “Make me cum toy! Work my cocks and make me cum you slut!” He slapped her hard across the ass for extra added emphasis.

“Yes M’Lord, anything you wish.” She tightened up both her pussy and ass onto his cocks and slammed herself back onto his cocks, fucking him.

He continued to pound into her hard and fast, growling loudly. His wings start to emerge and unfurl behind him until they were fully extended. He started to project his full demonic presence outward, letting her feel the projection of his lustfulness.

She howled loudly, shaking harder than ever. Slamming back onto him as hard as she could.

He gripped her hair tighter and reached down with his other hand and started to pinch on her nipples. He then raked his claws down over her belly and over her hips and gave her ass a resounding slap. He continued to pound into her hard and fast.

She threw her head back and howled at the top of her lungs. Her tail quickly emerged from the base of her spine. He wrapped it around his waist and let the tip of it snake between his legs where to started to stroke the back of his balls.

He growled deep and rough into her ear, “That’s it slut, work that twat on my cocks! Fuck my cocks slut or you will not get to cum!” He grabbed onto both of her shoulders and pulled her back onto him as he slammed into her.

She started slamming back onto him with the same force he as plowing into her with, growling and snarling loudly, eyes flashing.

He started to grind his hips in circles as he hammered into her hard and fast, growling loudly, his fangs bared.

She sifted around slightly, moving her left leg around then planting her foot flan on the bed, thus spreading herself more open, allowing him to get deeper into her. Her tail stroked his balls softly, and then moved back to stroke between his balls and asshole. Finally, moving back to softly tickle his asshole with the very tip.

He ground into her harder and faster, stroking between her legs and started to play with her clit again. Twisting it back and forth between his fingers, flicking his claw across the tip of it. Then he moved his fingers up and down the sides of it, like he was jacking it off. He leaned across her back and bit her neck roughly again.

She was panting, sweating and wiggling all over underneath him. She bit into the bed, whimpering.

He held onto her waist, slamming into her, spanking her ass as hard as he could with one hand. He was grinding and groaning, his teeth clenched tightly. Sweat was pouring off of him.

She slammed back onto him as hard as he was into her, growling and grunting loudly, teeth bared. Her eyes rolled back into her head. She was on the verge of cumming and was trying not to. She knew she couldn’t hold out much longer despite her powerful self control. She was going to cum whether she wanted to or not. She was holding on the best she could but was almost there.

He pulled all the way out except the tips then slammed all the way back in as hard as he could, holding her hips tightly. He threw his head back, his eyes screwed tightly shut and started to explode into both her holes. “Cum now toy!” He yelled at the top of his lungs.

She felt is ice cold cum start to flood her ass and pussy then threw her head back, let out an ear piercing yell and let herself cum. It was the most powerful orgasm she had ever had. She came so hard she lost all the self control she had learned over the centuries of her long life and changed instantly, howling at the top of her lungs. Her long, sharp claws ripped through the sheets and dug into the mattress it’s self.

He kept slamming into her hard and fast even after he had finished. He watched, fascinated, as she fully shifted. She had tightened down on him so hard he could barely move but did the best he could. He bit her on the neck yet again, marking her as his property.

She kept cumming hard, slamming back onto him so hard she almost knocked him over. Her claws were digging long rips into the mattress.

He held onto her waist and hair while she buckled. It was like being in a small boat in the middle of a class five hurricane.

She finally gave a last gasp and collapsed on the bed, shaking and shivering, changing back immediately.

He lay on top of her and continued to thrust into her until he saw her change back. He then pulled out and shifted full, standing to his full nine feet, looking down at her, eyes glowing bright red.

She rolled over and looked at him, panting, her eyes still slightly glazed over.

He looked her in the eyes, “You’re my slut, my whore, my fuck toy, my pet, my toy, my cunt, my bitch. I own you, all of you. Every inch of your body is mine, my own personal playground. You will do nothing without my permission, nothing. You will not touch my cunt without permission. Do you understand me toy?” He asked her, his voice a low rumble.

She gulped loudly, her eyes looking him p and down. She then looked up into his red eyes. “I understand M’Lord.” She replied softly.

His eyes raked down her naked flesh; looking at all the bruises and welts he had left on her. He grinned and chuckled then turned away.

Her eyes followed him as he yanked open her drawers and pulled out some clothes.

He threw her a t-shirt, pair of panties and socks. “Put them on.” He then shifted back to his human form and dressed himself.

She slid down to the foot of the bed and sat on the footboard, wincing as the wood came in contact with her bruised and welted flesh, and then slowly dressed herself.

When he finished dressing he stood back, watching her.

When she finished she looked up at him.

He folded his arms across his chest and looked down at her, eyes twinkling. “Somehow I feel I can’t leave you here alone and expect you to behave yourself. So, I have decided not to let you out of my sight.” He stepped closer to her, reached onto the bed and yanked the blanket off. He then stepped back, “Stand up toy.”

She stood up and looked up into his eyes.

He wrapped it around her then picked her up with one arm around her back and one under her ass. He smiled down at her and held her close. “Since I can’t trust you alone I guess you’ll have to stay with me. Alright toy?”

She smiled and laid her head on his shoulder, “Yes M’Lord.”

He held her tightly as he carried her to his car.

– The End –