I didnt tell Taylor about that club “incident” when I talked to him on the phone, in fact I told him I was sick and could not go over to his house that weekend. I wasn’t lying about being sick, I just didn’t mention that it was “mental” illness that had come over me! I have been thinking about returning to the club where I met those men that virtually gang raped me and beat me up. I wasn’t sure about the idea, no, I KNEW that it was insane, but I have never felt so helpless in my life and I think I wanted more!

I just had to risk it all (literally) to find out!

The cab drivers name had stuck in my memory so I called the company and asked if he was available to take me somewhere, they said that he was on a call right then but could pick me up in half an hour. I rushed to put on high heels, stockings, garter, some thong panties and at the last second I saw the collar that belonged to my roomate’s dog sitting on top of the refrigerator. Yup, you know it, I had to put it around my neck and grabbed the leash that went with it! I threw a thigh length coat over myself and ran outside to wait.

Of course it seemed like hours but when he arrived there was a big smile! When I got in I gave him a twenty dollar bill and asked him to take me back to that club. He was quite surprised to hear that and asked if I was sure, I told him I might get beat up again but I had to find out something for myself. On the way down there I thought about him rescuing me the last time and the way he looked at me, like he really wanted some. I felt a need to offer him something in return.

He was stunned and pulled over when I told him that he could have me sexually any way he wanted before I went to the club. He didn’t decide until I opened my coat and twisted my nipples with my fingers, then it took just a few minutes to find an alley to park in. He turned around in his seat to look at me masturbating for him then I took off the coat, got out of the cab and went to his door.

As he stepped out I squatted down in front of him, resting on my heels and continued to finger myself for him to see. I stuck my tongue out and licked the bulge that grew in his pants before unzipping them and taking him in my mouth. He barely lasted two minutes. I helped him cum on my face and told him that it was just what I needed to start the night. I suggested that he could get a camera at some liquor store or something he could take some pictures of me dressed like this if he wanted to. Turned out he had a camera in the car in case of accidents and got it out of the glovebox in a hurry! He was still stiff and his cum was on my face so I put him in my mouth and looked up at the camera in a pose for him to take a picture from the top angle. I bent over a fender for a shot then got in the back seat with the door open for the rest of his “shoot”. That whole scene was maybe fifteen minutes and we were on our way again. I told him he must have me from behind next time we met, he liked the idea.

We arrived at the club and he wanted to return my money but I said no, I had no pockets to put it in. He laughed a bit then pulled away looking at me in the mirror, I was ready for a very rough evening to come my way as I went down those steps again.

I asked for “Kick” but they didn’t know who that was so I had to wander around in there for a while hoping to recognize a face. I knew I was going to have a hard time finding another group of men like they were, so easy to abuse a female and as a team too! I waited for nearly an hour, going in and out of the place hoping to see one of those guys then in walked one of them with two of his friends. I nearly ran to him and said hello. It was Harmon (the “finger”) but he didn’t remember my face and just sat down at a booth with his friends. I followed them to the table and opened my coat just a bit for them, which made him get up and head for that old corner booth in the back of the club! He told his buddies that I was the slut they had done in the garage last week then told me to open the coat again. I did in fact open it and let it drop to the floor right there but he told me to put it back on and not make a scene in the club so early. He was telling them about “the night” and one of the buddies asked if I was the one that got my ass kicked in the alley. I told him yes but it was actually my pussy that had been kicked and told him that kick to my sex had caused me to orgasm (a revelation I would later regret). They were amazed at that statement. Harmon went on to say that they did everything to this bitch (me!) and she liked it. He told of how I had been slapped and slugged and made to put a socket wrench in my ass and crawl around on the floor while they watched me in between “fuckings”.

What is wrong with me! Hearing those words about me just got me wet and I clipped the leash to my dog collar and handed the other end to him! I told him I would like to be their “Bitch” again! They couldn’t take it any more and one of them told me to get up and take off the coat again. I did this while Harmon held the leash and tried to dance sexy for them in front of the table, which got some hoots from other tables and some came over to see! Harmon yanked the leash and told me to “sit down bitch” so I quickly kneeled on the floor beside him but made no attempt to cover up. I must tell you that I so wanted to cover up and had to force the dancing at the table but I did it anyway. The second he said “sit down bitch” though, I wanted to be a dog bitch for anyone that would have me. In walked two more of the original five men and there was some talking and it was decided that I was going to get just what I had asked for.

I was told to stand and pinch my nipples for them. Just when I got each one firmly between thumb and finger, the manager came up and asked all of us to leave. The coat was draped over me and I got hauled out of the place, this time by a leash and collar! I got slapped when we were leaving because I took my hands away from my breasts. I was told to keep them pinched until told to stop, so I went down the street pulling my own nipples under the coat! This time I knew where we were going and was more afraid than the last time. The people in the street didn’t notice me as much this time but I really wanted the whole world to see me be used by these men! Three blocks away from the club, as I was being towed behind these guys I decided to drop my coat and see how far I would get before they noticed or someone brought it to their attention. What a dream! I was being led naked down a public sidewalk by a leash with my breasts in my hands! I made it twenty feet or so before one of the guys looked back saw me and went to get the coat. Harmon told him to not put it on me but just hold on to it as we walked the last blocks. Into the garage we went, Harmon lead me directly over to a grease rack and tied the leash up so high I nearly choked. I had to stand there on display while the men talked about me being crazy and poked at my body, testing my resolve to stay calm. Harmon was on the phone and telling someone they got that “bitch” in the garage again, to hurry over and they would wait. He laughed out loud and said “Ya, I’ll do that!” then hung up the phone and went to the toolbox and got out the socket wrench they had made me use on myself the last time I was here. He handed it to me and said “You know where that goes”. I knew. Of course I hesitated and got “tit slapped” hard! I stood there fastened by a collar and leash wearing high heels, stockings, panties, garter and a red handprint on my breast in front of five dressed men trying to work a socket wrench into my ass! I had my panties pulled aside with one hand and worked the tool in me with the other. I had to endure for nearly twenty minutes while we all waited for the rest of the friends to show up!

During the wait I was talked about in the lowest terms, but no one touched me. Outside I heard a car park, the door to the garage opened and two more men I have never seen before walked in, greeted the others, then circled around me, joining in the nasty talk with the other men. How many men would I have to please tonight I wondered. My nipples got pinched by both of the new arrivals and it hurt so I whimpered a bit which got me another handprint on my face. That hurt even more but I kept silent and just looked into his eyes. I hoped he would understand that I only wanted to please the men there and the act of being used as they chose was my reward. The door opened again and the guy called “Kick” came in. He came over to me and asked who’s idea the collar was, I told him how I was only a dog bitch for them to use any way that gets them to cum. Of course they all cheered that response and Kick untied the leash from the rack. He pulled me over to the rail and bent me over it then stood on the leash. He tied my hair in a tight knot and then told me to work the tool in my ass until I came! I did try but a few minutes later I still was not having an orgasm so asked if someone would please slap my ass. Oh so many volunteers! Some took turns spanking me and I came as loud as I could in just minutes! Harmon told him how I’d said I got a cum from being kicked in the pussy! Kick said to me “So that’s what you’re all about”. He took an extension cord from a fan on the desk and tied my wrists together. I was pushed to my knees and immediately got a huge cock stuffed down my throat! This man held my head and raped my face good while I tried to look into his eyes, then another man with a smaller but still sizable dick was in my mouth as soon as the first pulled out! As each was down my throat I choked and gagged and finally on the third, threw up! For that I was slapped several times and heard someone tell me “No one said you could puke bitch”. My hips were lifted and one of them plunged his tool in my puss without mercy! I was so close to passing out from it all and mind you the assault on my mouth had not subsided so the man plunging into my womb was forcing the man in front further down my throat! I did try to stay on my feet but there was no point, they held me up right where they wanted me and there was nothing for me to do but hope for air in between men.

I had no sense of time anymore and was just in a haze which was broken momentarily as some huge member was plunged up my poor ass. I do not know if I came several times or just one long one while they did what they could to split me open at both ends. Of course there was no point in counting how many of them participated in the onslaught and I am not sure when it became standard proceedure to slap and in fact slug me with closed fist in breast and belly but one hit caused me to throw up (or try). I was taken to the rack and nearly hung by the collar then whipped with a belt or two for an unknown period of time!

I did go unconcious and awoke on the floor some time later with welts everywhere! Hands still tied I was told to climb up on the tire changing machine and “Hump it, Slut hole!”. The big steel shaft slipped in me with no effort as I was just a collection of gaping holes from the relentless reaming I’d taken. I squatted on top of that machine with my knees apart and went up and down while they all watched. My hands were untied and I was told to squeeze and slap my own breasts while I slid down the cold steel post, after a few minutes they wanted me to take it in my butt. More commands came as my rear was punished, I was told to talk to the machine like it was a man, saying how good it felt “Baby” and harder “Please, Sir” still slapping my own breasts. I had to howl like a dog for them and when I was told to get off of the machine, I had to crawl around the room from man to man being led by the collar and taking each up my rear while I barked. I guess the first round of abuse was coming to a close as each man pulled out of my butt I was pulled around to face him by the collar and told to whimper like a dog as each came in my mouth. I was told to not swallow OR let it drip out untill each one had emptied himself. The head of each cock was held just inside my lips as he came and I licked the little slit on the end as it unloaded! I had to show the mouthful as each took a look. There was a different taste to each load and some were not as good as others but the taste of my own ass was getting to me and then the last one finally gave me his sperm. I tilted my head back with the assistance of a strong grip on my hair and gargled for them like I was told then tried to blow bubbles in the sperm at their command. Harmon told me to let it drip down my chin across my tits but when it dripped off of me, I was slapped in the face hard, pushed down and made to lick it all off of the floor! I was booted and slapped all over until the drippings were cleaned up and I had swallowed it all. For a job well done I was rewarded by being tied to the base of the tire machine by the collar, on all fours with my face on the floor and my waiting ass in the air.

They tried to come up with more fun things to make me do for their entertainment and I had a few hours to think about myself while there on the floor, that had been quite the workout and I was just worn out. They got on the phones and tried to get more guys to come see me. More men came and two guys brought women with them!. The women walked around me there on the floor and talked about how miserable and pitiful I was. One of them asked me why I was there and I didn’t really want to tell her so I just said I deserve it.

There was another smaller round of abuse with women cheering the men on, then I was tied to the floor again and eventually fell asleep.

To be Continued…..