I had a boyfriend who was always trying to get me to go to an adult x-rated theater with him. I always refused him but had always wondered what it was like and what went on inside an x-rated movie theater. He had told me stories about what went on inside, but he had a tendency to shall we say embellish the truth a bit, so I had no way of knowing if what he told me was true or not. There had been several adult theaters in Boston, MA where I lived and grew up. But I never had the nerve to go to one with or with out the boy friend. I was all ways worried that someone I knew may see me going in or coming out and god forbid if I should meet someone I knew inside. So for the longest time I had the desire but I put it off. That is until they closed the last adult theater in Boston, I still had the desire to go but there was now nowhere to go and I had missed my chance.(Or so I though)

The day this story took place I had been working for a law firm in Boston that had sent me to another city, Worcester, MA. I was to assist a client with a few legal problems he was having with the local city government. I would be there for a total of 2 months. On the second Friday afternoon that I was in Worcester I walked out of City hall around 5:P.M. after a long and tiring day. I decided that I needed a good cup of coffee and there was a coffee shop across the street. As I walked to the coffee shop I passed an adult book store that was called the New Arts Cinema (It to is now closed). I bought my coffee and as I stood outside the coffee shop sipping it, I was glancing around and I found myself looking in the direction of the book store more and more. I didn’t realize it at the time but I felt myself moving towards the book store more and more until I found myself right outside the front doors. The door and windows were covered so that you could not see inside, but there was enough traffic in and out that I was able to get a good view of the lay out inside thru the open and closing door. After standing outside for what seemed like hours but in reality was only ten minuets I made a quick decision and entered the store.

There was the usual assortment of magazines and videos and other assorted sexual equipment and toys for sale that I had been told were sold in a place like this. I didn’t know at the time that on the second floor there was a theater that showed hardcore XXX Rated movies. I looked around the shop and was amazed at the assortment of magazines and videos available, never mind the assortment of sexual toys and erotic clothing. Needless to say I was the only woman in the store except for the clerk. She was an older woman about 50 or so. She was wearing a halter top that did nothing to hide her huge breasts. They had to be well over 44DD’s, I couldn’t tell what she had on below because of the counter (I found out latter it wasn’t a hole hell of a lot). I noticed that there were several guys were watching me as I made my way around the store, but they did not approach or bother me at all. While looking around I noticed several guy’s come in and go to the counter and pay the clerk than go up stairs next to the cashiers both.I asked one of the men who was close by to where I was standing what was up stairs and he told me that there was a theater was upstairs. I though here I was inside an adult bookstore already, so why not indulge my old desire and go up stairs. Before I could change my mind I went up to the counter and tried to pay the female clerk for admission to the theater. She gave me a smile and told me that the store policy allowed ladies free admitance to the theater. She told me to enjoy myself and added that she would be up a little latter to see how I was doing. I found her comment to be a little strange but didn’t say anything to her about it. I thanked her and turned and made my way upstairs .

Before I go any further I should tell you about myself: My name is Mandy(no last name), I am a 32 year old, white, single female. I have blond shoulder length hair and green eyes. I stand 5’3″ tall and weight around 112 lbs. I have a 35-26-32 inch figure. with and My breasts are a C cup and sit high on my chest and are very firm with long pointed nipples that are in a constant state of being aroused. I have a hard, tight, heart shape ass that has turned more than a few heads as I walk down the street. My last couple of boyfriend couldn’t decided if my ass or my tit’s were my best features. I think it is a tie and let me tell you it takes many hours in the gym to keep them that way. I am not a virgin in any sense of the word but I am not what you would call a slut or whore either. I have had a good assortment of sexual experiences in my life, most have been very enjoyable and a few I would rather not repeat in the near future.

On this day that I am going to tell about I was wearing the following outfit: A gray two-piece suit with a skirt that was about two inches above my knee, and a black raw silk blouse, with buttons that ran down the front. Under it I had on black nylons held up with a black garter belt (I hate pantyhose) and a matching set of thin black lace bra and thong panty that showed more skin than they covered, add a pair of three inch black pumps and my black shoulder bag and I looked like I was, a well dressed business woman.

Once upstairs I noticed that the theater could hold a couple of hundred people if it was full. There was a wall about 4 and a 1/2 foot tall running the length of the back of the theater. With the seats arranged about twenty rows deep and split so there was 15 seat per row on the left, 25 seats in the middle and another 15 seats on the right with four aisles running to the front of the theater. I stood at the back of the theater leaning on the wall to let my eyes adjust to the dark. There was not that much light in the theater except for a few dim ones around the wall and what light was coming from the screen. After my eye’s adjusted a bit I noticed that there was only about ten or twelve people in the theater. And only one of them appeared to be a woman. So that meant we were outnumbered 10 or 11 to 2.

While I was standing at the back of the theater leaning on the wall waiting for my eyes to adjust, I felt someone walk past me from behind heading for the restroom. As he passed me I felt his hand brushed against my ass, at the time I though that it was an accident because of the darkness. But when the guy came out of the restroom he walked past me again and this time I felt him touching my ass again and there was no doubt that it wasn’t an accident because he gave one of my cheeks a good squeeze and gentle pat. He whispered in my ear that my ass was nice and firm while still holding on to my ass cheek. I didn’t know what to say or do so I brushed past him and sat down in the last row in the center, which turned out to be a mistake. No sooner had I sat down than guys started to move toward where I was sitting. The guy who had felt my ass sat down in the last row one seat away from me on my right side. Another guy moved to my row and sat one seat away from me on my left side. While two more moved to the row in front of me and sat so there was an open seat right directly in front of me and they were off to both sides. No one said anything they just sat there watching the movie and me, I did notice that the one’s sitting in the same row as me would rub there cocks thru there pants as they looked over toward me. Their movement sort of worried me but I tried to block them out and watch the movie. I found that it was not going to be as easy as that to do.

On the screen there was a big black guy that had the biggest cock that I have ever seen in my life. It had to be well over a foot long and as thick as my wrist. (I found out latter the actor was named Long Dong Silver and his cock was 14″ long) He was getting ready to fuck a very young looking white girl that didn’t look like she was more than 14 yrs old. I know the actors and actresses had to be at least 18 to be in these movies but she sure didn’t look her age. She was lying on her back with her legs raised and all the way back so that he little pussy was wide open for his huge cock. He was knelling between her legs and had laid his long hard cock on her pussy and across her stomach so that the tip almost touched her tiny little breasts. He was rubbing it back and forth on the outside of her pussy getting it wet from her pussy juice that was leaking out of her small pussy. The more he rubbed that huge dick back and forth on her pussy the more she was squirming trying to get him to put it in her. The scene was so hot with her begging him to fuck her and the though that he was about to put that huge cock into that little girl. The thought of the huge black cock being forced into the little white girls tiny pussy was enough of a turn on to me that I felt my own pussy starting to get moist. I hadn’t noticed but my own state of semi-arousal had caused my nipples to become fully erect and they were pushing out the front of my blouse to the point they were clearly noticeable. The bra I had on didn’t do much in concealing the state of my arousal in any way. I say I hadn’t noticed but the guys sitting around me sure as hell noticed. I was so involved in watching what that big black guy was doing and what he was going to do to that little girl that I hadn’t noticed that the guys sitting on both sides of me had taken out their own cocks and were rubbing them out in the open as they stared at my nipples and stocking covered legs. As I watched the black guy on the screen started to slowly push his long thick cock into the young girl’s tight little pussy I started to squirm in my seat a little as I felt my own pussy start to get wet. I started to feel my own breast thru my blouse and my othr hand was gently rubbing my wet pussy thru my skirt. Just as the huge cock entered the litle girl’s pussy I let out a small mopan of my own. The guy to my right saw this and took it as some sort of a signal to move over one seat so he was now sitting right next to me. I was so engrossed in watching the two on the screen that I didn’t notice what he had done until I felt his leg touch mine. When I looked down to see what had touched me I saw his leg against mine and I noticed his hand was stroking a good size cock right out in the open. I moved my leg away from his and tried to ignore what he was doing, but between what was happening on the screen and the size of his real cock it was hard to ignore. I could even smell the slight oder of his cock and what must be his pre-cum. I didn’t realize it but I was sitting with both hands holding the arms of my seat with my legs spread slightly apart and my skirt had road up to mid-thigh. My tits were pushed up and out in this position and you could clearly see my aroused nipples showing threw my blouse and bra.

As I was looking at the guy on my right stroking his big dick the guy on my left moved over one seat so he too was sitting right next to me. The guy on my left also had his cock out and was stroking it right in the open. It wasn’t as long as the guy on my right but it looked a lot thicker almost as big around as a coke can and it was not circumcised. I could see the skin moving back and forth over the fat head as he stroced his hand up and down the shaft. I tried to ignore both of them and looked at the screen as the black guy fucked more of his monster cock into the small pussy in front of him. As soon as the head of his dick was in her tight little pussy he made on big thrust and slid almost all of his massive cock into the young girl. She let out such a loud scream that it made me jump. As more and more of the huge cock slipped into the young girl I became more turned on. Turned on to the point that I was so involved in the screen on the screen that I hardly notice when the guy on my right placed his hand on my hand and off the armrest and into his lap and right on to his cock. I know I should have screamed and pulled my hand back or got up and run out of there. I like to think I would have if I was at home but for some reason I didn’t. I let him place my hand on his hard cock and move it up and down the shaft. I started to pump it up and downon my own and he was sure I wasn’t going to rip his cock off he sat back and let me jerk him off. The guy on my other side saw what I was doing and moved my other hand to his lap and exposed cock. I now had two strange hot, hard cocks in my hands while sitting in a porno-theater. This was a real red letter day for me, not only was it my first time in a porno theater but the first time I have ever had two cocks in my hands at the same time. I continued to watch the movie as I stroked both of the hard cocks in my hands. If that was not enough the guy on my left reached over and started to rub my hard nipples threw my bra and blouse. This caused me to let out a little moan, which caught the attention of the guy on my right who started to play with the other tit. One of the guys sitting in front of me let his hand fall behind his seat and it came to rest right on my right knee. He stated to rub his hand up and down my knee and leg, each time his hand was going a little higher until he had pushed my skirt up to were he was feeling my bare thigh above my nylons. He couldn’t reach all the way to my panties because my legs were closed enough but that problem was solved when the other guy in front reached over and started to rub my other leg and between the two of them they spread opened my legs so that the crotch of my panties was now showing. All four of them could see the growing wet spot on the front of my thong and the smell my aroused pussy and they were like sharks smelling blood in the water.

The two guys hands were getting closer and closer to my very wet pussy. The whole situation was getting a little out of hand it started to make me a little nervous and I let go of both of the cocks I had been playing with and tried to close my legs. But the two guys in front held them open and would not let me close them. Before either of them could actually move there hands high enough to actualy touch my covered pussy the guy on my left said stop in a loud enough voice so that everyone could hear. He told the guys to stop what they were doing. The two guys in front took one look at him and removed their hands from my legs and I was able to pull my skirt down and close my legs. While I was adjusting my skirt the two guys on each side of me had put their hard cocks away. i started to get up to leave when the guy on my right turned to me and said he was sorry if they had scared me in any way, he said his name was Jim and that the guy on the other side of me was named Tom. And the two guy’s in front were Pat and Paul, he asked what my name was and I told him it was Mandy. He asked if this was my first time in this theater. I told him that it was and that I had never been to adult theater before. He told me that they were sorry if they moved to fast and cause me to be scared or worried in any way. All of the guys here in the theater know that most woman who come in here do so because they want to. And they know most of the women who come in are looking for a good time, not all of them but most of them. And the guys know that the rule is the woman are the ones who set the limits of what they are willing to do or not do, just because it was a x-rated movie doesn’t mean that if a woman says no it doesn’t means no. He explained that there was no way that any one would do any thing to me that I did not want done to me. If anyone did or tried to do something I did not like or want, all I had to do was say stop. And they would do so if they didn’t by time I said stop the second time the others would make sure he did as I said. For some reason I felt reassured by Jim’s words and I thanked him. He assured me that nothing would happen to me that I didn’t want to happen while I was at the movie if I stayed and he said he would be right next to me the whole time unless I wanted him or the other guys to move. I though about what he had said for a second or two and thanked him again and told him that he could stay where he was and when he asked about the other guys I said they could stay too but to back off a little.

I sat back in my seat and watch what was happening on screen, the little blond that had taken the huge black cock was still being fucked by the monster cock but he was just about done because he suddenly pulled out of her no longer tight pussy and started to shower her whole body with spurt after spurt of thick white cum. The poor thing was covered with cum from her head to her knee, I didn’t think a man being could produce that much cum. All of a sudden the scene changed and the little blond is back but this time she was taking on three guys. The black guy with the huge cock was lying on his back and she was lying face down on him with his cock all the way up her stretched pussy. There was a white guy who had a massive cock of his own who was ramming it up her ass and a third guy who had a good size dick in her mouth. I must have made some sort of a sound because Tom reached over and took my hand and asked if I liked what I was seeing. I gave his hand a little squeeze and told him that it was exciting and I did like it. I let go of Tom’s hand and being bold as all hell moved my hand over to his lap again and felt his stiff cock thru his pants, there was no doubt that he was enjoyingthe scene as his cock was as hard as a rock and pulsing under my hand as I gently squeezed and stroked it.

While I was rubbing his hard cock Tom asked if he could feel my breasts. I told him to be gental and started to feel and rub the hard nipple over my bra and blouse. Jim seeing what Tom was doing leaned over and asked if he could play too. I told him to go ahead but be gentle and he started to rub and fondle my other tit and nipple thru my blouse and bra. So as not to let him feel left out I reached over and started to rub his cock thru his jeans. Both Pat and Paul were almost turned around in their seats watching Tom and Jim work on my tits and nipples. Tom moved his hand from my breast and started to rub lower until he reached my lap. When I didn’t stop him and I let out a little moan, his hand and fingers started rubbing my pussy threw the skirt and panty I had on. it was feeling so good that my hips and ass was rising off the seat to meet his rubbing hand and fingers. By this time Pat and Paul both were rubbing my legs again but keeping their hands below my skirt hemline. Tom on the outside of my pussy and Paul and Pat rubbing my legs while Jim kept up what he was doing to my tit’s was too much. I came right there in the seat with four men’s hands on my body. I don’t know what came over me but I took hold of my skirt and I lifted my ass from the seat and pulled it up and over my hips so that it was lying around my waist. My lower body was completely exposed except for the panties and garter belt and shoes and hose. Paul and Pat returned there hands to rubbing my legs. This time they didn’t have to open them I did it on my own, I even went so far as to place one of my legs over both Tom’s and Jim’s legs causing my whole crotch to be exposed to whom or what ever. This was not wasted on Tom as he placed his hand right over my pussy on the outside of my thong and was rubbing me right into another massive orgasm. When my orgasm first started washing over me I tried to stifle my outcry as much as I could. Jim helped by giving me a kiss that muffled most of the sound mainly because his tongue was so far down my throat that I thought Tom would feel it with his fingers as he played with my pussy. While Tom was building me up to another earth shattering cum, Jim had un-buttoned my blouse all the way and unsnapped my front opening bra letting my tit’s to spill out. I know there were only four guys near me but it felt like there were dozens of hands touching my body all at once, they were all over my sensitive nipples and breasts. My legs felt like a thousand fingers were running up and down from my knee to my crotch. So far my pussy had stayed covered and only touched threw the panty but it felt like a thousand electric shocks every time someone would feel it or squeeze it threw the panty. The whole crotch and gusset of the panty were soaked with my own juices; I could even feel a pool of my juices under my ass on the seat.

Paul was rubbing my thigh real close to my pussy when he asked if I liked oral sex, I didn’t hear him clear and asked what he said. He said do I like to have my pussy eaten. I told him that I loved having someone go down on my pussy but it was a little too crowed to have it done here. He said no it wasn’t and suggested that we all move to the front row. I looked at Jim and he said why not it will be fun and you will be as safe there as you are here. I pulled my blouse closed but didn’t button it up and when I stood up to pull my skirt down Paul who was still turned around in his seat told me to wait a minuet. I stopped pulling my skirt down and he reached over and pulled my thong down to my knees and I made it fall to me feet, Jim bent over and helped me take them off the rest of the way and told me he would hold them for me. With my skirt down and my blouse pulled shut we made our way to the first row.

As we passed what I thought was another woman who was sitting in the first row but in the center, I noticed that she was bent over at the waist given a guy a blowjob. She was dressed in a skirt & blouse That was wide open like mine had been a good size set of tits exposed . I noticed that her skirt was up around her waist just like mine had been a couple of minuets ago and there was another guy kneeling on the floor between her spread legs. But unlike me there was no wet thong or pussy between her legs, but a hard throbbing cock that the guy on his knees was devouring. In the low light of the theater I would have sworn that she was a woman. Jim had stopped behind me and whispered in my ear that his name was Jane. He said he gave a real fantastic blow job to both men and women. He also said that the fantastic set of tit’s that were sticking out of his blouse were real tit’s, not implants. He said Jane was just waiting to save enough money to have the surgery to make him into a complete woman. He asked if I wanted to meet her, I told him maybe later but right now I could feel something more pressing poking at me. He laughed because he realixed it was his cock that I was talking about; it was right against my ass while we stood there watching Jane and her two friends.

Jim led me to the front row on the left side of the theater and we sat in the middle of the row. It was just about the same seating arrangements as before except Paul wasn’t sitting infront of me. He was on his knees waiting for Jim and I to sit down. Before I could sit Paul told me to wait; he raised my skirt to my waist exposing my ass to everyone in the theater and proceded to rain kisses all over my exposed ass. He than told me to sit down which I did if only to hide my naked ass from the eyes of the rest of the movie patrons. I didn’t know it than but the little showing of my ass did not go un-noticed by others in the theater. Once I was sitting Paul placed one of my legs over both Tom and Jims legs, he also took hold of my hips and pulled me a little lower in the seat so that my pussy was right at the edge of the chair. While he was doing that Tom and Jim had opened my blouse and were playing with my tits and nipples again, they had also moved my hands back to their laps and hot hard cocks. Pat was now standing behind me watching everything that was going on, he had his cock out and was stroking it. Because I was so low in the seat my head was even with the back of the chair and I could see Pat playing with his good size cock. As I was looking at Pat’s cock the other three attacked me with their mouths at the same time. Jim and Tom both took a tit and nipple into their mouths just as Paul stuck his long tongue up my pussy. I let out a gasp and moan of pleasure and surprise. The three of them were sucking on my body like they was no tomorrow and this was the last time that they were going to have sex in their lives. I don’t know what Paul did for a living but he could become a professional cunt lapper and make a good living at it. I have had my pussy licked by a few people in my lifetime both male and female and I want to attest that Paul was the best that I have ever had. He was holding the lips apart with his fingers and I swear that his tongue was going so far in my pussy that he was touching my “G” Spot. It may have been the situation of where I was and what I was doing or it may have been Paul’s talent, but my pussy was in a constant state of orgasm. I swear that poor Paul’s jaw was going to be black and blue from my pelvic bone raising up with my hips every time I came and hitting him in the jaw. Every time I tried to use my hands to pull his mouth closer to my pussy, Jim and Tom would bring then back to their laps and put them back on their dicks.

It was just about this time that Pat stepped closer to were my head was resting on the back of my seat, his cock was right next to my face. I could smell the manly scent of his cock and pre-cum, I tilted my face toward him and he rubbed his cock across my lips, I stuck out my tongue and tasted him as he pulled it across my lips again. I liked the taste of his hard hot cock, so the next time he went to rub it across my lips I opened my mouth and let his hot cock slip right in. It was about 7″, long but not that big around; he had what I considered to be the perfect size cock for sucking. I was able to take his whole cock into my mouth and not gag or have problem breathing. Don’t get me wrong I do like big cocks, there is nothing like the feeling of a real big cock fucking in to my pussy or even my ass on special occasions. But for sucking Pat’s was a perfect size. I will say he was lucky that I didn’t make it any smaller by biting it off; Jim, Paul and Tom were making me come over and over again. Just as I felt Paul stop sucking my pussy, Pat took hold of my head and pushed his cock all the way in my mouth and down my throat. He let go with a flood of hot cum, he must have fired 4 or 5 spurts right down my throat. He pulled his cock back far enough so that I could taste his cum on my tongue. I was so sexually charged at this time that his cum tasted like nectar from the gods. After I licked the last of his cum from the end of his cock I brought my attention back to what was happening in front of me.

Paul was trying to fit his cock into my pussy but wasn’t having much luck. I was at the wrong angle and he was just too excited because the next thing I know he is shooting off all over my pussy and thighs, he let out a moan of disappointment that the whole theater must have heard. I told him to stand up and I took my legs off the other two guy’s legs and leaned forward and took Paul into my mouth. He tried his best to get hard again but it just would not happen. I told him that I would try to make sure he was taken cared of before I left. He told me that the last thing that I would be doing before I left the theater would be spreading my lovely pussy lips so he could suck my pussy and clean me out. I told him there would not be much to clean out except for my own juices because I was not going to fuck anyone with out a safe. Jim said in that case what are we waiting for and took out a half a dozen safes from his coat pocket. He opened one and slipped it on his hard cock. He took my hand and helped me up, he than had me kneel on the seat facing the back of the theater. He lifted my skirt out of the way so that my ass and pussy was exposed again for all to see.

I felt him move behind my exposed rear and fit the head of his hard cock up against the lips of my hot wet pussy. Just as I felt Jim slip a good bit of his big dick into my hot pussy I had turned my head toward where Jane was sitting. To my surprise she was being fucked up the ass in the same position that I was,only a huge black guy was fucking her/him. Who in the low light of the theater looked like he had a 12-inch cock? And it was shoved all the way up Jane’s small little ass. Jane was howling that it was too big that it was killing her. I couldn’t pay attention or worry about Jane’s problems because I had Jim running his big stiff cock in and out of my hot pussy causing me to moan and gasp with every thrust. His wasn’t the biggest cock I have hadup me, but boy was he good and he really knew how to use that piece of meat. Before he could fill that condom with his seed I had cum three times and the last two were very loud. In fact I was so loud that Jim told Tom to stick his dick in my mouth to keep me quiet. Let me tell you Tom had no problem with that request, before I could even say if I wanted to suck his cock it was all ready half way down my throat.

So it went on for several minuets with Jim pushing into my pussy and Tom pushing into my mouth, we got a pretty good rhythm down and there was not any minuet that I didn’t have a cock being shoved deep into my body. Pat & Paul were not idle while Tpm & Jim were using my body, Both of them had latched on to one of my tit’s and were sucking away like a couple of new borns. I am even surprised that they didn’t get milk from there efforts. It wasn’t long before Jim grabbed hold of my hips and rammed all the way in my cunt as deep as he could and just held himself there. I could feel his hot cock throb, and felt his hot cum filling the condom as his cock pulsed over and over again, I tried to help by squeezing my pussy muscles as hard as I could to milk the last drop out of Jim’s cock. I came again as I felt the last spurts of his hot cum enter the rubber. He slipped out of my wet pussy and colapsed into his seat. Just as Jim let go in my cunt, Tom let go with his load into my mouth. I clamped down on Tom’s cock with my lips not wanting to miss a drop of his hot salty seed. After 3 or 4 good spurts Tom’s thick cock started to get soft in my licking mouth. I was about to turn around in the seat when I heard this deep voice saying it was his turn. I took Tom’s cock out of my mouth and looked back, there was the huge black guy that had been fucking Jane up the ass ready to stick his cock up my exposed pussy. I heard Jim and Paul both tell him that he had to ask first and if I said yes he had to wear a safe. The Black guy said he didn’t have any safes left that he had used his last one on Jane’s butt-fuck, Jim offered him one of his but the black guy just looked at them and laughed. He said that they wouldn’t fit him and if he did get one on he would more than likely rip it while fucking me or worse yet loose it up inside of me. I had turned around by now and told him that I was sorry but with no safe there was no sex. He smiled and said he understood that maybe next time I was here he would have a chance to make love to me I told him that if there ws a next time and he got a chance, he would not be making love to me with that huge cock he would be fucking me plain and simple. I reached out and felt his massive cock and told him that I had no idea when and if I would ever come back to the theater, even though I was having a great time. As he stood in front of me I felt that massive cock and even tried to suck it a little but I couldn’t get muck in my mouth. About this time the rest of the guys in the theater started to filter towards the front row where we were. I told Jim that I was ready to leave but if he had the time and wanted to come back to my hotel suite with Tom and Pat and Paul he would be more that welcome. I told the black guy he could stop at a drug store to get some safes that fit if he wanted to come too. He thought that it was a great idea and asked if he could bring Jane along, I told him why not and gave him my hotel name and suite number. I told the others that I had to leave but to meet me at my hotel at 10P.M. They all said they would be there and helped me dress and make myself look decent. Paul handed me my panties and I told him to keep them until tonight, I gave the four of them a kiss and thanked them for the fantastic time. They all thanked me and told me that they couldn’t wait until they saw me again tonight. Jim and Tom walked me out of the theater just incase one of the other guys tried to cop a feel on the way. I walked out of the theater with a nice feeling in my wet pussy. I don’t know what had come over me to make me do what I had done. But I knew it would not be the last time I did it.

– The End –