The first thing she did on our return to the flat was to water and feed the tomatoes, then she went up to change out of those incredible trousers and into the only slightly less sexy denim mini skirt that I’d said I really liked.

A light blue shirt with the top three buttons left undone contrasted beautifully with the short blonde hair and I told her she should’ve been a cover girl,

She giggled but I could tell she was pleased,

“I’m nipping out for a couple of minutes mum” an idea had just hit me and, as impulsive as ever, I had to act on it.

It actually took me half an hour and cost me just over a hundred pounds, but I was as excited as I could ever remember being when she sat on my knee and unwrapped it.

“A Polaroid!” she laughed and parted her knees as I slipped a hand between her thighs,

“Yup” my fingers found the slightly damp nylon of her panties,

“As in instant pictures”

“Yup” a finger wormed it’s way sneakily into her panties,

“And no nosey photo developers to see what the subject is”

“Yup” the finger delved into a soft, velvety warmth and she moaned into my ear, “I want a picture of your cock in there”

“Oh yeah”

“And in my mouth too”

“Fuck yes mum”

“Morning Tommy”

Mum leapt off my lap, giggling and pulling her skirt down as the postman handed me a letter,

“I know it ain’t for you mate, so it must be for this gorgeous little lady here”

Mum looked so bloody sexy as she lowered her eyes and blushed,

“A Polaroid eh? I bet you’ll have some fun with that mate”

He winked at mum as he handed her the letter,

“Well, must get on, tarra mate, tarra darling”

“Bye Joe” I laughed and pretended not to look as she used a long fingernail to slit open the letter.

“Oh Tommy” she smiled crookedly at me, “It’s from Jill, the girl in prison”

She held up a ten pound note and a birthday card and again there was a dampness in her eyes, it seemed to be her day for crying!

“She’s sent it to me care of Arnold for my birthday, the silly cow, that’s two weeks pay Tommy, that means no tobacco or make up for two weeks, oh the daft little bitch”

“You must have been good friends mum, for her to do that”

I put an arm around her shoulders,

“Well I told you we were lovers, but bloody hell, the silly little bitch, she thinks I’m hard up”

“Do you think Arnold could fix a visit up this afternoon?”

“Oh Tommy, would you?”

“No I just thought I’d tease you, of course I will mum, go and ring him, see if he can wangle a permit”

She dashed upstairs to the phone and came back laughing a few minutes later.

“He’s going there himself to see a new prisoner Tommy, he says he’ll pick me up in twenty minutes”

That wasn’t what I wanted, in spite of our earlier mutual assurances, I was still unhappy about him, but I wasn’t going to burst her balloon, I’d learned the value of friendship myself in the institute and I could see hoe excited she was at the prospect of seeing her friend again.

“Right, go and get ready, I won’t be a minute”

She ran excitedly up to the flat while I went to Mr Patel’s shop and bought four two ounce packs of rolling tobacco and a packet of condoms (the condoms were to wrap around at least one of the packs of tobacco, so she could hide it in the safest place possible!)

I was a bit perturbed to find mum had put make up on, but hadn’t changed her skirt, I thought better of mentioning it though, she was positively glowing,

“Give her this mum”

I handed her the little parcel and added a ten pound note to it,

“You’re a bit special Tommy, you know that don’t you?”

A car horn tooted outside and I kissed her,

“Go on and give her a kiss from me”

“Read the bracelet Tommy” she shouted as she dashed downstairs to where the old man sat in the back of his chauffeur driven limousine.

“Shit, shit and double bloody shit” I said to myself as I looked down and saw the short skirt ride up over her thighs as she got into the car!

She was gone for just under four hours, three hours, forty nine minutes and a few seconds to be almost exact but it seemed even longer.

She looked happy when she came into the garden where I was sitting smoking a joint.

“Hi” she smiled and kissed me, a long lingering, soul searching kiss that made my toes curl.

“That was from Jill” she laughed and took the joint from my fingers,

“Wow, did she kiss you like that?”

Taking my hand, she guided it beneath her skirt and I felt the wetness in her panties,

“She did that too” she giggled and took a long pull from the joint.

I watched as she inhaled the smoke and held it for several long seconds in her lungs, before breathing it out slowly, a wide smile grew across her face and she parted her legs lewdly.

“Beautiful” she laughed, “That went straight to my cunt”

She grinned in approval as I picked the camera up from the table,

“How do you want me?” she asked and ran a finger lazily up along the outline of her slit

“Like that” and I pressed the shutter,

That was all the encouragement she needed, she posed and pouted for me, eased a breast out of her shirt and touched her tongue to the nipple, she reached up to a low branch while I squatted and took a snap of her gorgeous little bum cheeks, dissected sexily by the brief white panties.

With another giggle, she eased the panties down around her thighs and posed like that with one knee slightly bent, both hands over her groin and a surprised look in her beautiful face, the photograph showed absolutely nothing sexual, just her panties around her thighs but even as I watched it develop, I thought it was mind blowingly sexy and I still think so now!

The next one was of her stepping out of the panties, one breast peeking out of her shirt, another one of her kissing the rather obvious damp patch on the gusset whilst looking directly into the lens, followed by a couple of rear views of her with a finger between her cheeks ended the film cassette and we sat down to look at them.

“That” I said, holding up the one with her panties around her thighs, “Is a work of art, it’s a masterpiece”

“I must admit it’s sexy” she said, “It shows nothing, but suggests everything”

“Let’s buy an album” I suggested and she agreed immediately,

“Come on, let’s see if we can get one round here, will the pub be open yet?

That was something else she’d obviously missed, during her four years of incarceration the powers that be in England had dragged the out dated licensing laws kicking and screaming into the twenty first century and allowed all day opening for pubs!

“Yeah, good idea”

“I think I’ll go commando” she giggled and pushed her panties into my pocket.

“Oh no, no, no, no” I roared with laughter and threw them on the table,

“Short skirt and no panties yes, fucking hell yes, but if you think I’m going to offer them to the barman again by mistake, you can think again!”

She wrapped her arms round me and laughed with me,

“I forgot about that”

“I bet he bloody hasn’t” and off we went arm in arm laughing together, at peace again with each other.

We found an album in the local chemist’s shop where I’d bought the camera earlier on, so while I was there I bought two more films, they were (and still are) very expensive for only eight exposures but for what mum and I had in mind, I’d have paid treble that amount!

“He knows” she whispered as we left the shop, “He knows what you’re doing with the camera”

“How can you tell that?”

Looking for all the world like a conspirator in some international plot, she looked to see if anyone could overhear her,

“He smiled at me”

“He probably knows you’re not wearing panties mum”


“Mum you’re brilliant mum, absolutely brilliant”

“Yes, but I’m telling you he knows”



“Shut up”




“I love you”

“We could take some good flashing pictures in here you know” she said as we sat at a table in the pub.

“Like what?”

She eased the mini skirt up over her thighs until just a hint of her sexy little slit peeked out from beneath the hem.

“Like this, or even like this”

She put one foot up on the seat and rested her chin on her knee, exposing herself completely to my lecherous gaze.

“Jesus Christ mum” I nearly choked on my pint,

“This would be good too”

I watched and drooled as she sat right on the edge of the seat and spread her knees as wide as she possibly could,

“Fuck mum” I hissed and sat forward for a better look at her glistening wet pussy.

“I’ve not finished yet” she whispered, “Remember when you said you wanted to see me pee?”


“And I said that it turned me on too?”

“Mmm yes” my jeans seemed to be awfully tight all of a sudden as she reached for her glass of lager and took a deep drink of it.

I thought she was just going to pose and even that was bloody horny, but when I actually realised what she really was going to do, I nearly came on the spot!

“Well the thought of doing this has always turned me on too”

And taking her half empty glass, she held it beneath her cunt.

It was only a little trickle but I was mesmerised, stunned even as the few little drops of urine dropped into the glass.

“Oh my God” I gasped, “Jesus mum, that’s bloody mind blowing!”

“I thought you might like it” she giggled and closing her knees again, raised the glass to her lips.


And she drained the contents without stopping!

“Oh I’m sorry darling” she said in mock surprise, “Did you want some?”

I could only just manage to nod my head and she giggled, sending a shiver down my spine, God how I wanted her right at that moment!

“Would you get me another one darling please?”

I stood up and reached for my own half empty glass, intending to drain it, but she shook her head and smiled,

“Leave it here Tommy”

I watched through the mirror behind the bar, but all I saw was a slight forward movement as she shuffled to the edge of the seat and for a moment she seemed to be looking down at the floor.

“Her you are” I said and burst out laughing as I saw my almost completely full glass sitting exactly where I’d left it!

The early evening drinkers coming in put paid to that little game so I contented myself by fingering her sopping slit under cover of the table as she pressed her breasts sexily into my arm and every so often whispered a delicious little obscenity into my ear.

“Jill and I did that once or twice you know” she said softly, almost wistfully.

“What, the peeing bit?”

“Mmm, yes, she was really into it!”

“Wow, that’s something I’d love to see, two women together, peeing if possible but just watching them together would be enough”

“She comes out this weekend you know”

“You serious?”

“Yes she was told this morning, Arnold’s going to try to find her a flat if he can”

“I know where there’s a flat mum”

“You do?”

Her voice was rising with excitement,


“Mr Patel’s other shop, the one his son runs, the only snag is that it’s in London about thirty miles away”

“Why is it a snag?”

“Well you know” I felt uncomfortable again, “You wouldn’t be able to see each other every day”

“Oh Tommy” she laughed and squeezed even closer to me,

“I’m not a raving lesbian you know, we just relieved each other a few times, that’s all, yes I liked it and I’d love to take it further, just like I’d like to have more pissing fun, but not every day”

She giggled as it dawned on me at last,

“You’re more than enough for me Tommy, but a little taste of pussy every once in a while wouldn’t go amiss at all, thirty miles is perfect darling”

She put her lips to my ear,

“And you’d get your wish too!”

– To Be Continued… –