Stacy, Mike, and Alyssa remained at the fire, chatting and joking. Every time Stacy had returned from the cooler or the outhouse, she’d sit a little closer to Mike. Before long, she felt his arm around her shoulders as he was telling a story. Stacy caught Alyssa’s eye and motioned discreetly toward the tent with her eyes. Alyssa got the message, but pretended not to, just to tease her.

After about fifteen minutes, Alyssa emptied her glass and stretched. The fabric of her sweater was stretched tight across her tits and the nipples left clearly visible bumps in the fabric. She stood up. “Well, time for bed!,” she said, stifling a yawn. “Can’t stay up all night waiting for them to get back!” She looked at Stacy, a mischievous glint in her eye. “You coming, Stace?”

Stacy shot her a dirty look. “I’ll be along later. I’m not tired.”

Alyssa grinned at them. “Ok. . .good night! Don’t stay up too late, now!” She went over to the tent and crawled inside.

Stacy and Mike sat by the fire, silently watching the flames. His arm was still around her shoulders. She shivered and moved closer to him. He held her tighter in his strong arms and rubbed her arm. “Are you cold?,” he asked softly.

“Just a little,” she replied.

“I should put Rick’s guitar away. Would you like me to bring you a blanket?”

“All right,” she said, almost in a whisper.

He stood up and picked up the guitar. “Be right back.”

Stacy smiled. “I’ll be here!” She watched him walk over and duck into the tent. She wished she had the courage to follow him inside, but despite all the alcohol, she couldn’t quite force herself to take the first step. He made her feel so, so. . . . horny, was the only word that described it. Sure, she’d been attracted to lots of other guys. But never had she experienced the kind of sexual desire she felt for Mike! ‘Could he be the one?’, she thought, warming her hands over the fire.

Mike emerged from the tent, a sleeping bag over his shoulder. She stood as he approached and allowed him to wrap it around her. Before they sat back down, she opened the sleeping bag so he could slip under it with her. He smiled and stepped closer, putting his arms around her tiny waist. He pulled her close, his breath warm on her face, then leaned down and kissed her softly on the lips.

Stacy had to tilt her head up to meet his kiss and she felt a shock like an electrical current when their lips touched. She felt his lips moving and she responded by wrapping her arms around his neck and moving hers. When she felt his tongue probing at her lips, she parted them and allowed him to push it into her mouth. As their tongues darted and flicked together, she began to feel a warm tingle deep in her belly. As the kiss became hotter and hotter, she felt herself surrendering to her passion. She gripped his neck tighter and kissed him hungrily, passionately, forcing her tongue deep into his throat.

Mike started rubbing his hands across her back and down over her small, tight ass. She moaned as he squeezed her round buttocks and pressed her body tighter to his. She could feel the bulge in his shorts as his cock began to react to her passionate kisses, and was amazed at how big it was getting. She slowly broke off the kiss to give herself a chance to refocus her thoughts; try to figure out how far she was willing to take this. She looked up at Mike and only then realized how much he had to bend over to hold and kiss her.

“I’m sorry!,” she said with a giggle. “Why don’t we sit down?”

Mike grinned. “That would be more comfortable!”

Then Stacy had an idea. “How about over there?” She pointed to a spot behind a fallen tree next to a large scotch pine with plenty of soft needles to cushion the ground. She had decided she was going to take it as far as it went.

Mike smiled. “Sure you won’t be too cold?”

She returned his smile, her blue eyes dancing in the firelight. “Not if you keep me warm!” She kissed him quickly, took his hand, and led him to the spot.

Mike spread out the sleeping bag on the soft needles. He glanced back toward the campsite and noticed that they were far enough away from the fire that they probably wouldn’t be seen if Rick and Jessie returned from their ‘walk’. Even in daylight, the fallen tree would provide them with limited privacy.

Stacy was facing the fire as he finished spreading out the sleeping bag. He walked up behind her and placed his hands on her shoulders, then leaned over and kissed her neck while sliding his hands down her arms to her waist. She sighed and tilted her head to give him better access and put her hands over his as he caressed her flat stomach. His tender touches sent little jolts of electricity through her increasingly stimulated young body. She gradually moved his hands upward until they cupped her supple tits. She removed her hands, allowing him to freely fondle and caress them. As he did, the electric jolts intensified and the warm tingle in her stomach seemed to get hotter.

She turned around and kissed him hard and they both fell to their knees on the sleeping bag. She ran her fingers across his broad chest, feeling the hard muscles under his t-shirt.

She suddenly felt an overwhelming need to feel his bare chest and slid her hands under his t-shirt, her soft fingers caressing his stomach and chest. She pushed his shirt up and Mike raised his arms so she could pull it off. She leaned in and kissed his thick chest, licking around his nipples. Mike pulled her face up to his and kissed her deeply, his tongue probing her warm, moist mouth.

He broke off the kiss after a few minutes and held her face in his hands. His eyes were warm, but had a look of concern. He smiled warmly and said, “Are we going too fast for you?” She licked her lips, watching him, her eyes flashing. He continued. “I mean, we did just hook up a few hours ago!”

She kissed his hands. “I know. But I’ve had a feeling for a while, now.”

“A feeling? What kind of feeling?”

She raised her eyes to his and smiled. “A feeling that. . . you’d be the one.”

He looked puzzled. “The one? I don’t. . .” Suddenly, a look of comprehension came over his face. “You mean you’re still a . . .”

“A virgin,” she finished for him, then frowned. “Are you mad that I didn’t tell you sooner?”

He stared at her for a long moment, then seemed to come out of a trance. “No! No, of course not!” He smiled. “It’s just that. . . I really like you, and if you’re sure you’re ready, then ok. But if you’re not sure, I don’t want to do something you’re going to regret and end up resenting me for.” His eyes held a genuine look of concern and she knew in her heart that he meant every word.

“Mike,” she said with a serious tone. “I’ve been thinking about this for a while now. Since the first time I met you, I’ve been attracted to you like no other guy.” She kissed him, then hugged him; her cheek pressed against his chest, and whispered, “I know this is right!”

He pulled her away and kissed her. “If you’re sure. . .,” he said softly. She slowly unbuttoned her denim work shirt and removed it to reveal her firm, round tits inside her white bikini top. He ran his hands over her bare shoulders and down to her slender waist. Then, he reached behind her back and, looking her in the eyes, undid the clasp of her bikini top and pulled it free.

Her tits were round and full and quivered seductively when he pulled the garment from them, the nipples fully erect and centered in her dark areolas. He reached out and cupped one in his gentle hand, rubbing a finger gently over the engorged nipple.

Stacy sighed and smiled, her eyes closed. Mike gently lowered her to the sleeping bag and kissed her passionately, holding his bare chest to hers. He began slowly kissing along her jaw line and around to her earlobe, which he discovered was extremely sensitive. Stacy let out a small cry and squirmed as he sucked on it. He moved down to her neck and she tilted her head back as his warm lips slid across her neck and collar bone, down to the soft flesh of her perky tits. As his lips closed over her erect nipple, Stacy shivered in pleasure, another small cry escaping her lips. Mike sucked her hard nipple into his mouth and caressed it with his tongue. While he did, he was rubbing the other one with his finger, making slow circles around it. Stacy’s cries turned to moans of pleasure.

Mike’s hands moved down to the button of her shorts. He raised his head from her luscious tits and kissed her. She opened her eyes and smiled at him.

“That felt wonderful!”, she whispered. He smiled and unfastened her shorts, then lowered the zipper. She raised her hips from the sleeping bag so he could pull them off, leaving her dressed only in the skimpy thong bikini bottoms. He knelt in front of her, taking in her beautiful, sexy body. He could feel his cock growing quickly inside his shorts.

Stacy noticed the bulge in his shorts and got to her knees, facing him. Her hands reached out and stroked the hard member over his clothing. She raised her eyes to meet his, a look of surprise on her delicate features.

“It’s so big!,” she exclaimed as her small hands explored its length and thickness. Mike stood and Stacy found herself staring directly at the huge bulge. He reached down, took her hands, and placed them on the waistband of his shorts. She took a deep breath and slowly began to pull them down. The elastic waistband caught on his erect cock, then slipped quickly off of it, causing it to bounce out suddenly, bobbing up and down just inches from her face. She stared at the large purple head, which had a drop of clear fluid forming at the hole in the tip that was starting to ooze down across the soft flesh. She unconsciously pulled his shorts down and off, unable to take her eyes off of the long, thick phallus. It had to be at least eight inches long and very thick. She looked up at him, her eyes wide. “Can I . . . touch it?”

He smiled and nodded. “You can even kiss it, or suck it if you want to.”

Stacy looked at the large penis in front of her. There was a musky aroma coming from it that excited her. And the thought of having it in her mouth was somewhat intriguing. She felt the warmth in her belly again and her pussy leaked some juices onto her bikini at just the thought of it. Tentatively, she reached out and wrapped her small hand around the shaft. Its hardness surprised her. It was rough to the touch and her hand barely reached around it.

“Stroke it, sweetie. Slowly at first,” Mike instructed. Stacy began to move her small hand back and forth along the length of his shaft. He closed his eyes and sighed. “Yeah! Like that!” She continued her slow strokes, occasionally running her hand across the velvet soft head. The clear fluid that was seeping from the hole was seeping out in greater quantity now and her hand was wet from it.

She looked up to Mike’s face. His eyes were closed; his head tilted slightly back. It was obvious that he was enjoying her hand job. She looked down at the long thick cock in her hand and licked her lips. Slowly, still stroking it, she moved her mouth to the bulbous head and touched it with her tongue. He gasped and jerked slightly, then opened his eyes and looked down at her.

“How was it?,” he asked.

She licked her lips and smiled up at him. “Not bad. . .A little salty, but not bad!”

He returned her smile. “Then don’t stop. It feels incredible!”

She looked back at the purple head, pre cum oozing from the hole. She stuck out her tongue and gave it a good lick, starting halfway down the shaft and finishing up with a lollipop-like lick around the head. Mike’s pleasure was once again obvious. He moaned loudly and dropped a hand to the back of her head. Stacy licked and kissed all over the head of his throbbing tool, bringing more moans from him.

Now completely turned on by Mike’s reaction, Stacy opened her mouth and let her lips slide over the soft head, taking it into her hot little mouth. Mike sighed and began gently pushing on her head, urging her to take more of him inside her mouth. Happy to comply, she took it as far in as she could until she started to gag as it reached the back of her throat.

“Easy, now,” Mike gasped. “Not too much! Just start moving it in and out, sucking as you do!” Stacy did as he asked, remembering how the girls in the porno did it and trying hard to mimic their technique. She teased the sensitive organ with her soft tongue as she began pumping it in and out, moving faster and faster until Mike slowed her with his hand.

“Whoa!,” he gasped. “If you keep that pace up much more, I’m gonna explode!”

She popped it from her mouth and looked up at him with questioning eyes. “Was I doing it right?” She smiled and sexily ran her tongue across her lips. Mike smiled warmly and pulled her up, taking her small body into his arms.

“Are you kidding?!,” he exclaimed. “You nearly made me cum a minute ago! That was incredible, baby!” She smiled and kissed him. She liked him calling her pet names. Sweetie. Baby. It made her feel so close to him.

He pushed her back, breaking their embrace, and licked his lips, grinning at her slyly. “Now it’s your turn!,” he said and dropped to his knees in front of her. Stacy watched as he hooked his fingers in the waist band of her thong bikini and slowly pulled it down to reveal her cleanly shaven pussy, damp from her juices. He slid it down her slender legs and she lifted each foot so he could take it off. She now stood completely naked in front of a guy for the first time in her life.

Mike looked up her slender, sexy body; taking in every inch of her as he slowly moved his eyes up her legs to her moist pussy, glistening with her juices; across her flat stomach to those amazing firm, round breasts; then to her pretty face with the blonde hair curling to her shoulders. She was watching him, her hands twitching nervously as if she was trying to decide if she should try to cover herself. He smiled up at her, his eyes locking on her brilliant blue ones.

“You are so beautiful!,” he said, almost breathlessly. She smiled back apprehensively. He reached out and grasped her firm round ass, pulling her to him. Leaning in close, he gently kissed her navel, then moved lower. He pushed her legs a little further apart and breathed in the scent of her moist sex. Her tiny pussy opened slightly, revealing a little pink flesh inside. He leaned in again, this time lower, and kissed up her inner thighs, first one, then the other. He stopped just short of her slit and looked up at her. She was looking down, watching him intently. He shot her a playful grin, then stuck out his tongue and licked the entire length of her slit, pausing to flick his tongue across her sensitive clit a few times.

Stacy sighed in surprised pleasure, her breath coming in short gasps as Mike’s tongue teased her little love button. He licked again, and again, each time pushing his tongue a little further into her untouched hole. She closed her eyes and made small mewling noises each time he did it. When he stopped, she waited a few seconds for him to continue. He didn’t and she looked down to see his grinning face looking up at her.

“Was that ok?”, he asked.

She nodded emphatically. “Uh-huh! Why did you stop so soon?”

He took her hands and pulled her to her knees. The kissed passionately, their naked flesh pressing together.

“Lie down,” Mike said. “I’m going to show you something you’ll really like!” He licked his lips seductively. Stacy was nervous, but she knew she could trust him. She lay back on the sleeping bag, her knees bent up and together. Mike could see how nervous she was.

“Don’t worry, Stacy,” he assured her as he knelt at her feet. “This won’t hurt at all. It’ll only feel real good!” He put his hands on her knees and pushed them apart. She relaxed a little and allowed him to spread her legs wide, opening her virgin pussy to the cool night air. He lowered his face to her hairless little pussy, breathing in the musky-sweet scent of her. He stuck out his tongue and once again licked her slit from bottom to top.

“Oh, yes!,” Stacy gasped. “Don’t stop!”

He had no intentions of stopping. He continued licking away at her wet snatch, pushing his tongue between the folds of her labia and into the virgin hole hidden inside. He licked up to where he erect little clit was poking out from under it’s little hood. He pressed down on her mons and pulled back the hood, revealing the little pink sex organ. Then he began flicking his tongue across it lightly. Stacy cried out, her body twisting.

“Oh, shit! Yes! Do that again!”

Mike grinned and went back to her clit. He alternated between it and her pussy, bringing her close to orgasm with her clit, then moving back to her wet pink hole to sustain and build on her impending orgasm. Stacy writhed and panted, wishing he would just make her cum instead of teasing her like this!

Finally sensing he’d kept her waiting long enough, he locked his lips around her clit and sucked it between his teeth. He started flicking his tongue across it while he continued to suck on it; all the while rubbing her wet slit with his finger.

Stacy’s response was immediate and intense. She let out a low wail which got louder the more Mike worked on her clit. Her breathing became shallow; her upper chest and neck flushed a crimson red and she rolled her head from side to side. The warm tingling she’d felt earlier was back, only now it was more like a raging fire radiating from deep in her womb to the outmost extremes of her body.

“Oh! Oh! Ohhhh!,” she cried. Her body twisted and bucked as Mike continued his assault on her little love bud. “Oh, shit! I’m gonna. . . !” Her words ended in a loud groan as her orgasm peaked then released. Her body jerked and spasmed as Mike fought to keep his lip-lock on her clit. She was making loud guttural noises from deep in her throat as the orgasm coursed through her small body.

“Uh! Uh! Uh! P. . .please! S. . .stop! I. . .can’t . . .t. . .take anymore!!,” she panted through clenched teeth. Mike reluctantly released her pussy and she flopped to the sleeping bag, her body still twitching as the orgasm subsided. Finally her body went limp as she lay back on the sleeping bag. She gasped for breath, her chest heaving; the nipples rock hard. She managed to catch her breath after a few minutes and stared serenely at Mike.

“W…wow! That was. . .” She closed her eyes, swallowed, then opened them again, searching for the right words. They didn’t come to her and she just repeated, “Wow!”

Mike crawled up beside her and smiled at her, his face wet with her juices. “I told you you’d like it!”

She reached out to embrace him. He took her into his arms and they kissed passionately. She broke off the kiss and licked her lips, tasting her own juices.

“So that’s what I taste like,” she mused. “Hmmmm. . . not bad!”

Mike reached down and slipped a finger between her legs, causing her to gasp and jerk. “Whoa! Just a little sensitive down there!,” she cried.

He grinned at her as he brought his cum soaked finger to her lips. “Sorry, babe. Here. Try some more.”

She nibbled on her lower lip, looking at the wet finger for a few seconds. Then she grasped his hand and stuck his wet finger into her mouth, sucking it clean. Mike stared longingly at her. “My god, that’s sexy!,” he exclaimed.

“Mmm,” Stacy said, licking her lips. “I could get used to that! Maybe it’s. . .” She stopped in mid-sentence.

“Maybe it’s. . .what?” Mike was kissing and caressing her soft breasts. He paused when she didn’t answer him and looked up at her.

“Nothing. Just forget it,” she said, avoiding his eyes. He sat up and looked at her troubled face.

“Stacy, what’s wrong? You can tell me. I won’t say anything if you don’t want me to!”

She sighed. Secrets were no way to start a relationship. “If I tell you, you have to promise not to tell anyone! And I do mean anyone, ok?”

Mike nodded, not taking his eyes from hers. “Of course, honey! I’d never tell a soul!”

She took a deep breath. “Well, it’s just that. . .” She paused, collected her thoughts, then went on. “I saw Jessie and Alyssa. . .kissing.” He looked at her quizzically.

“Kissing? Don’t girls kiss each other sometimes?,” he asked.

Stacy shook her head. “No, no. I mean they were kissing! Like we were doing!”

Mike’s jaw dropped. Stacy continued. “But they don’t know I saw them, so you can’t breath a word of this to anyone!” He shook his head, still staring at her in disbelief.. Stacy kept talking, seeming not to notice his shocked expression. “I just couldn’t see how they could be attracted to other women.” She looked back at Mike. “But now I’m thinking maybe it could be . . .fun!”

Mike blinked and shook his head as if to clear it. “Are you telling me that you want to have sex with another woman?!” Then his eyes got wider. “Wait a minute! You saw them kissing!? You mean they’re. . .”

Stacy leaned over and gave him a quick kiss. “Information overload, huh? Sorry, sweetie.” She smiled to herself at her use of a pet name. It felt good to say it. “Here’s what happened.” She quickly related to him what happened earlier that day in Jessie’s basement.

When she finished, Mike shook his head in disbelief. “Wow. I would never have thought Jessie would do that. Alyssa. . . maybe, but Jessie?” He shook his head again. Then he thought of something. “But Rick and Jessie seemed to be getting along good.”

Stacy shrugged. “Maybe she likes both men and women.” She raised her eyebrows. “I think I can understand how she feels!” Mike looked again at the pretty naked girl laying next to him under the stars and grinned.

“So you think it might be. . .fun, huh?”

Stacy blushed a little and shrugged, a half smile on her lips. “I dunno. . .Maybe. With the right girl. Do you think it’s weird?” He smiled and kissed her.

“Uh-uh. I think it’s about the sexiest thing any woman has ever said to me!” They kissed again until Mike broke it off.

“Actually, Alyssa’s over there in the tent all alone right now!” He grinned. “Want to go see if she’s still awake?”

She giggled and pulled him closer. “How about if we take it one step at a time, ok?” They held each other close and Stacy whispered, “I’m so happy we got together, Mike!.” He leaned back and looked into her sparkling blue eyes. She could feel his stiff cock rubbing against her thigh and parted her legs so it slipped between them, the hard shaft rubbing along her wet pussy.

He grinned at her. “Are you trying to tell me something?”

She giggled and kissed him, then whispered in his ear. “Teach me. Teach me how. . .to make love.” She rolled over onto her back, spread her legs wide, and beckoned seductively to him.

“You’re sure about this?” She nodded, chewing on her lower lip. He reached down and stroked her still very wet cunt. “You sure feel ready!” He crawled between her spread legs, his arms holding his body over hers. She could feel his cock lightly brushing against her swollen labia and it sent a shiver through her. He leaned down to kiss her and as he did, the soft head of his prick slid along her slit. She sighed into his mouth as they continued kissing hungrily. He began moving his hips so that his cock slid back and forth along the length of her wet lips. He applied more pressure so that the head slipped in between her folds and pushed against her tiny virgin opening.

Stacy broke off the kiss and buried her face in his shoulder as he pushed harder, forcing her vagina to stretch enough so the soft head could slip inside. She gave a little cry as he pushed inside her tight pussy, her soft walls expanding as his thick shaft was driven deeper into her warm, wet tunnel. She was very wet and there was no pain, really. Just the odd sensation of a foreign object being forced into her body. She clutched at his body and suddenly stiffened as he reached her barrier.

Mike also felt her body stiffen and the additional resistance as his cock pushed against her hymen. She gripped him tighter, but didn’t cry out.

“Just a little pain, baby. It’ll soon be over,” he whispered soothingly. He felt her nodding, but she didn’t reply. She just kept her face pressed into his shoulder. He pushed harder and felt the resistance increase as her barrier stretched, then tore. Stacy whimpered a little, but didn’t tell him to stop, so he kept feeding his prick into her until it was completely buried inside her tight pussy.

He raised his head and looked down at her. She tried to give him a reassuring smile, but the pain on her face was evident. “Are you ok, Stacy?”, he asked, concern showing in his eyes and his voice.

She pursed her lips tight and nodded. “Just. . . hurts a little!”, she replied through clenched teeth.

He stroked her fine blonde hair, brushing it from her face. “I’m sorry, sweetie. If there was any other way. . .”

She shook her head. “No, it’s ok. It’s not that bad. Really, it’s not!” He could feel her vagina walls squeezing and contracting on his hard cock and wondered how long he could keep from cumming inside her.

“Just let me know when you’re ready to continue,” he said, watching her face intently.

“I’m ready,” she said. “Just go easy at first, ok?”

He nodded and began to extricate his throbbing dick from her tender vagina. She winced and sucked in a deep breath between her teeth, but told him to keep going when he stopped. He pulled out so only the head remained inside, then slowly pushed back in. She gripped him tightly and pulled his body to hers, once again burying her face in his neck. Except for the occasional gasp, she made no sounds to indicate he was hurting her.

They kept up a long, slow pace until he felt her start to relax a little and her vise-like grip on his cock eased He started to move a little faster and she responded by moving her hips in rhythm to his. Gradually, he increased the tempo, his cock sliding easily in and out of her hot, wet pussy. She matched his thrusts with her own until their bodies were slapping together as they fucked furiously.

Stacy had felt pain as they started to fuck, but it was gradually replaced by a feeling of pleasure and complete oneness with him. The warm feeling in her belly returned and she began to build exponentially toward another orgasm. She grunted and moaned as their bodies came together faster and faster. She wrapped her legs around his body, pulling him all the way in with each stroke.

“Oh, Mike!,” she murmured. Then louder, “Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah!! OH YESSSS!!!!” Her body went rigid, her words fading to a strangled cry as the orgasm gripped her, then exploded. Her tiny body jerked and thrashed as wave after wave of the most intense orgasm she’d ever experienced washed through her. She squeezed her eyes tightly shut and bright lights exploded behind her closed lids. Her pussy squeezed Mike’s cock so tight he couldn’t move. It felt like she was trying to literally milk the cum from his balls. He felt the familiar tingle and knew it wouldn’t be long before he came too.

“Oh, shit! I’m gonna cum!!”, he cried in a strained voice. He started to withdraw his cock, not wanting to cum inside her. But she locked her feet together behind his back and held him tight.

“Cum with me!”, she panted, still feeling small orgasms every few seconds. “Don’t worry . . . I’m on the pill!”

A few seconds later, Mike groaned loudly and his body shuddered as he poured load after load of hot semen into her tight cunt. Stacy felt his hot seed splash against her sensitive pussy walls and it triggered another huge orgasm. As they climaxed together, her pussy once again clamped down on his cock, squeezing the cum from it. They remained locked together in pure ecstacy as their bodies spasmed until they finally stopped cumming and Mike collapsed on top of Stacy.

They both lay there for what seemed like a long time, trying to catch their breath and come down from their mind-numbing simultaneous orgasms. Stacy could feel their mixed cum running from her pussy around Mike’s slowly deflating cock to the sleeping bag under them. She gently rubbed her hand across his back and kissed his neck. He raised his head to look at her, an exhausted, but very contented look on his face. She smiled at him and gave him a kiss on the lips.

“Are, are you ok?,” he gasped, still trying to catch his breath. She nodded.

“Very ok!,” she said quietly. Then with more enthusiasm added, “That was awesome!”

He smiled and kissed her warmly. “It sure was!” He moved slightly and his semi-flaccid cock slipped from her soaked pussy, releasing a flood of semen mixed with her own juices to the growing puddle on the sleeping bag. Stacy sighed as her pussy attempted to grip the cock that was no longer there. Mike rolled over and lay next to her, both of them staring up into the star-filled night sky.

“I don’t think I’ve ever cum like that in my life!,” Mike exclaimed, wiping the sweat from his forehead with his hand.

Stacy looked over at him, an amused smile on her face. “You mean it’s not always like that?”

He chuckled softly and turned to look at her. “Baby, it’s never been like that!” He kissed her, then added, “At least not until you came along!” He raised his eyebrows and looked up at her, pretending to look serious. “I’m afraid I may have to hold onto you for a while and, uh. . . conduct some more research into this phenomenon!” He grinned widely.

She pulled him to her and hugged him tightly, then said quietly, “Careful. I may not want to end the experiment!”

“That’s what I was hoping you’d say,” he replied, looking deep into her eyes. They embraced and kissed passionately for a long time, enjoying their newfound closeness and intimacy.

Finally Stacy pulled away and said, “I’m sort of lying in a puddle. Could we move over a little bit?”

He guided her over to a dry section, then flipped the sleeping bag over their naked bodies. They snuggled together in each other’s arms, Mike spooning her back. He leaned over and kissed her cheek. “Good night, sweetie. Sleep tight.”

“‘Night, baby,” Stacy replied, kissing his hand, then holding it to her breast. They were both asleep in minutes.

Alyssa left Mike and Stacy by the fire. She walked to the tent and unzipped the door, then looked back at them. They were both still sitting by the fire, Mike’s arm still wrapped around her shoulder. She sighed and ducked into the tent.

She folded back her sleeping bag and lay on it to pull off her shorts. She then removed the flannel work shirt she was wearing over her t-shirt, followed by her bikini top, which she pulled out the arm of her t-shirt. She flopped back on the pillow in her t-shirt and bikini bottoms and folded her hands behind her head.

‘Dammit!,’ she thought. ‘I’m too horny to sleep!’

She heard someone approaching the tent and crawled over to the door, unzipped it a few inches and peered out. She watched Mike walk by and go into his tent carrying the guitar. Stacy was still sitting by the fire, watching him.

‘They can’t be going to bed already!,’ she thought. Then Mike emerged from his tent with a sleeping bag and went back over to Stacy. She watched them wrap up in the sleeping bag and start kissing. Alyssa smiled to herself. ‘Way to go, Stace!’ As their kiss became more passionate, she reached down and began rubbing her pussy over her bikini. They pulled apart and seemed to be talking, then Stacy pointed away from the fire and they walked off in that direction into the darkness. She lay back down and continued rubbing her pussy while slipping her other hand under her shirt to play with her nipples. After a few minutes, she was starting to get really turned on so she removed her bikini bottoms and began to finger-fuck herself, using two fingers. She heard a faint cry and paused in her masturbating, straining to hear more. All she could hear were a few low murmurs. Damn! She wanted to see what they were doing!

‘I could sneak over there and watch,’ she thought. ‘But that would be wrong!’ Then she heard Stacy cry out again. ‘Aw, hell! Who’s gonna know?’ She unzipped the tent door as quietly as she could and crawled out, clad only in her t-shirt. Her tight, round ass was visible as she crawled out, her swollen pussy easily visible between her legs. When she stood, her t-shirt barely reached to her legs. She quietly crept over to where she could see Mike and Stacy. Their moans and sighs made them easy to find, even in the darkness. The full moon offered just enough light to see them as she stood in the shadows next to a large pine tree, only fifteen or twenty feet away. They were both topless and Mike was in the process of removing Stacy’s shorts when she found them.

She resumed fingering her pussy as Stacy rubbed Mike’s cock, then removed his shorts and began stroking it. Her jaw dropped as she watched shy, innocent Stacy lick, kiss, then suck on his huge cock! Alyssa closed her eyes and began rapidly working her fingers in and out of her wet cunt, biting her lip to keep from crying out as she came.

She opened her eyes in time to see Mike lower his head between Stacy’s legs. Alyssa watched in fascination as Mike licked her pussy, bringing Stacy to orgasm again and again. Alyssa’s fingers were once again pumping in and out of her pussy and she came again at the same time Stacy did. Looking over, she saw Mike pull his hand from between Stacy’s legs and hold a finger up to her mouth. She watched in amazement as Stacy took his dripping finger into her mouth and sucked her juices from it. She heard them talking and Stacy was saying about how she might be interested in sleeping with girls. Alyssa’s jaw dropped in surprise, but she froze when she heard Stacy tell Mike about her and Jessie’s kiss that afternoon.

‘So, she did see us!,’ she thought. She thought for a moment, then smiled. This could be fun! She took in Stacy’s hot little body, then gave Mike the once over, paying particular attention to his long, thick cock. ‘Yes,’ she thought. ‘This could be lots of fun!’ From the intensity of Stacy’s orgasm, it seemed that Mike knew a thing or two about eating pussy! And Stacy certainly seemed willing to learn!

Her thoughts were interrupted when Mike moved on top of Stacy and began to slowly push his big tool into her virgin pussy. Her fingers went back to her pussy and she reamed herself along with them until they all came together. They covered up with the sleeping bag and it appeared that the show was over, so Alyssa quietly slipped through the trees to her tent. She pulled off her shirt and slid naked into her sleeping bag. Her masturbation had eased the ‘too horny to sleep’ problem, but she lay there awake for a long time, thinking about what steps she could take tomorrow to fulfill some favorite fantasies, and maybe come up with some new ones!

– To Be Continued… –