Ten years ago, I was a 25 year old woman with a good job, good salary, nice apartment and no boyfriends. I had a few men who wanted to go to bed with me, and I did so more often than not because I was lonely. The problem is that I am not very attractive. I”m a big woman, not fat, just big. I weigh 160 pounds and I am 5ft. 10in. tall. I have enormous breasts (FF s) that get men to give me the once over, but I have a big nose and a complexion that I don t like and I tend to intimidate men. I was an attorney by education and working for the district attorney in town.

One Friday night, after a long day in court, I stopped at the gin-mill that the attorneys use and sat at the bar. A huge black man came up to me and asked if he could buy me a drink. This man was 6ft. 10in. tall and must have weighed 300 pounds. We had a few drinks together and as I began to loosen up, I said that if the rest of him was like what I was seeing, I would like to see it. He came up to my side and pressed his body so that the people on our right could not see him and he took my right hand and put it between his legs. I felt a cock that was about one foot long (11 1/2 inches, I found out later) and he said he had never been with a woman he wanted to fuck more than me. I asked if he would like to see my apartment and we got up and left for my place. I told him I have never fucked anyone without knowing their name and he said he was David. I told him my name was Jenny and we should go fuck.

When we went through the apartment door, he took me in his arms and kissed me and we were swapping tongues as he pulled up my sweater and unhooked my bra. He held both of my breasts in his huge hands and started sucking my nipples. Because I was so aroused, they both swelled to about one inch. Meanwhile, I had undone his belt and pushed his pants down to the floor and had his big cock in my hands. Even though I have big hands for a woman, I could not circle his cock with them and I wondered for just a second if I could get him in me.

After getting me and himself completely naked, he lowered me to the rug in the living room on my hands and knees. He positioned himself so that he could fondle my breasts as I sucked him. Sucking was not my favorite thing to do up until then but when I had his huge black cock in my mouth, it seemed like not sucking him until he came in my mouth would be very wrong. It took about ten minutes of my trying to get his whole cock into my mouth until he tensed up and started to moan as about a half-pint of his man-cream shot in my mouth and into my belly. It tasted like the best ice cream I had ever eaten! With me still on my knees, he put his head between my legs so that his face was looking up at my tits as my large cunt lips covered his nose. He licked me everywhere in my crack and licked my ass, which was a first for me, and stayed between my legs as I had about ten of the largest orgasms I have ever had. All that time, he was cupping my tits and rolling my nipples between his thumb and index finger.

He got hard again and we got up and went into the bedroom. He had me lay on my back and he spread my legs and put my heels almost touching my ears as he entered me. To say I liked his huge cock in me wouldn’t come close to describing the intense pleasure as his monster plowed in and out of me. He fucked me hard and fast for one whole hour while he put me in all kinds of positions. My favorite was when he would lie on top of me with his big body pressing me into the mattress as he slammed his dick in me. I cupped his face with my two hands and started to cry with pleasure. I whispered how I loved his big black dick and wanted him to fuck me forever. He was fucking me doggie style with us both lying on our side on the bed as he came for the last time of the evening.

We both fell asleep almost at the same time and I awoke about four hours later as he slowly fucked me doggie style until he had a nice orgasm. As he was fucking me he kept kissing my back and whispering how much he wanted to fuck me forever. I loved it! When we woke in the morning, I sucked him again to another big orgasm in my mouth, which he said he loved more than anything. We went into the kitchen for breakfast and after a cup of coffee, he bent me over the kitchen table and fucked me hard for a few minutes and then put his cock into my ass. This was another first for me and I surprised my self by loving it. I think this big man could do anything to me and I would love it. He said he had to go and do some things and my heart almost broke. When I asked how I could get a hold of him, he said he would call me. This was a classic brush-off line if I ever heard one, and I started to cry as he was leaving. His final words were that he would call me.

I moped around for a while and then did my laundry and house clean-up like I do every Saturday and began to do a little work in advance of next week. The doorbell rang and I had no idea who it could be. I rarely had unannounced company. When I opened the door, there stood David with another black man who was as tall and big as he was. I was embarrassed that I had on only my robe and had not gotten dressed. This is my younger brother, Will. You were so wonderful last night that I couldn’t stop talking about you and Will said that he wanted to meet this wonder girl. I was so happy to see David that I went to his arms and kissed him as passionately as I could. I ground my crotch into him shamelessly, knowing that his brother could see how much I was in heat seeing David again. They came inside and I got them both a beer and we sat down, David and I on the sofa and Will in a large upholstered chair. I put my arms around David and in a few minutes he had his hand down my robe and was caressing my breast. My nipples got like rocks and David finally pulled both of my tits out and asked Will if he had ever seen a more magnificent pair of titties. I was very embarrassed and also very excited with my boobs being admired by two huge black men who obviously would like to go further. Feeling very daring, I asked the two men if I could take David in my bedroom for five minutes alone and then Will could come in and join us?

David and I were practically fucking as we went to the room. He lay on the bed and pulled me on top of him. He slipped in me easily because I was dripping with desire. I got on my knees and started rocking his big cock in and out of my pussy. Soon I heard Will come in the room and the next thing I knew, he was sliding a cock that was at least as long as David s into my asshole. He had put on some lotion he found in the bathroom on his cock and he slid right up my hole with ease. They started a rhythm of motion in and out of my holes that was so pleasurable to me that I think I fainted with desire. These men fucked me in that position for about one hour and I have no idea how many orgasms I had but it was like nothing I had ever experienced. After they shot their huge loads into me, they lay me on my back with my ass on a pillow so that they could watch the cum oozing out of both holes.

They commented on how sexy that was and my magnificent tits, and as Will said fanfuckingtastic body and tits. Legs up to her asshole and enough tits for four men. David added that when I have given Will a blowjob he would be not believing any woman could be so good in bed in every way possible. As we lay there, David said that I must find a woman for Will. Will said she had to have some meat on her and has to have tits as big as yours. I told them I had the perfect woman and I was almost positive she would be interested. I told Will that she was big like me and a little fatter, but she had my same sized boobs and was so horny all the time that I knew she would love him. As we lie there on the bed, I started to lightly rub my clit and started to get aroused. My lips are very large and my clit sticks out about ¾ of an inch. David pointed out my arousal to Will and both men put their heads near my pussy to get a better view. With them looking and commenting about my cunt, I got very horny, quickly, and wanted to resume our fucking.

David had Will get on his back and I got above him on my knees and he slid into my wet cunt. David then pushed into my asshole and they started their rhythm again. I did my usual swoon of pleasure and they fucked me for at least an hour until they both came again. It was now about 3PM and I asked if I should try and see if Barbara, my secretary, wanted to come over. My legal secretary is a woman of 24 whom I hired three years ago as my first secretary. She is also a tall girl, 5ft. 9in., and is fairly hefty and must weigh 190 pounds. I know because we are always complaining about our looks, size, lack of men friends, and how horny we both are and rarely have any good sex stories to tell. We laugh about the fact that if tits were the attraction, we would be overrun with men. They both thought that was a great idea and I called her. I told her that I had two brothers in my house each with a 12 inch cock and they had been fucking me silly and I wanted to know if she would like to help me relieve them. I didn’t say what color they were, because it really didn’t make any difference to me and I was sure Barbara would feel the same way. She said she could be there in two minutes unless I wanted her to hurry. In fact, she rang the bell in thirty minutes.

She had worn a dress that showed off her huge tits while hiding her waistline and was short enough for you to see her legs which were quite sexy. She was very nervous as I opened the door and when she saw the two brothers, both naked and hard, she sat down on a soft chair and stared at them all the while chanting “oh my god, what huge cocks” over and over. Will came to her side and introduced himself and said he thought she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. With his cock about two inches from her face, she smiled and took his big head in her mouth. David and I went to her and helped her out of her clothes and all the while she didn’t miss a stroke of his cock.

Will asked her to stop so that he could lick her pussy and then fuck her. He had her fall back in the big chair she was on, and he spread her legs and started to suck her clit. She was large in the pussy department like I am and loved what Will was doing. After some time, Will got up and buried his foot long cock up Barb s pussy. She was apprehensive at first, but after about three strokes, he was buried to his balls in her hole and she was moaning like she was in heaven. Meanwhile, David was doggie fucking me while we watched my friend get royally fucked by his brother. As soon as they both came, they swapped places and Will started to fuck me and David started to fuck Barb. It seemed so logical that neither Barb or I thought it was odd and we enjoyed our two cocks of the night. We fell asleep in a pile on the front room rug and as each woke up cold during the night we fell into the king-sized beds in the two bedrooms; David with me and Will with Barbara. David woke up and fucked me during the night and about the same time I heard Will and Barb going at it.

The next morning we talked about the swapping and how the two men just assumed it was ok. They told us that all of their lives they had shared the various women they had and no one ever complained. Barb laughed and said what woman would refuse two foot long cocks under any circumstances. They both added that it was not uncommon for them to bring other men over and share their women with the men. When I asked how many men they were talking about, they guessed about another five or six. I thought to myself, two days ago I was dying for even a little cock and now I m probably going to be getting seven to ten big black men on a regular basis. When we were alone doing the dishes, Barbara said almost the same thing. Obviously, we both thought the idea was great.

Barbara and I were led into a life style which included having sex in all three holes with two to seven big black cocks every day. Most days it was just the two brothers but they had friends dropping in two to four times a week and we always ended up fucking the friends. Since both of us are double F sized breasts, our tits were the center of attraction. We got so many hickies from our men that it looked like our tits were getting banged around a lot. Also, both of us have permanent one inch nipples from having them sucked on at least two hours a day.

One day while David and I were fucking in a rare moment alone, I whispered that I would love to have his baby. He shot a huge load in me almost immediately and I said that I had rung his chime on that one. He said that he loved the idea of my being pregnant but he also like the idea of my being bred by all of the men so that we would not know who the father was. I didn’t understand his logic but I have learned to not question a black man s logic too much or you are wondering about it as he is long gone. After I thought about it a while and talked it over with Barbara, we both decided that we could have a baby and not know who the father was. As a matter of fact, we both thought it would be a big turn-on and the breeding party sounded like a lot of fun. David arranged for the next week-end to be our breeding party. He said that we would be constantly fucked from Friday PM until Sunday PM by eight brothers or until we called uncle.

The week-end was almost a blur to me. I was fucked so many times I lost count and after the eight men lined up and each shot a load into my pussy, they got in line with Barb and did the same. In the meantime, they put a pillow under my ass so that the cum would not leak out but stay in my hole so that a sperm would run up to my womb. I would guess that I took about fifty to sixty loads in me that week-end and so did Barbara. I missed my next period and sure enough I was pregnant. Barbara had her period and they set up another breeding party for her. In the meantime, I found that when I was pregnant I was constantly horny. I liked to fuck before, but now I had to get laid. Except for the week-end of Barbara s breeding, they all came over every day to fuck me and I hungered for it in my ass and mouth, also.

As the time went, I got enormous. My tits got so big that there were no bras that would fit and we went to a black woman and she tailor made some bras for me because to carry my tits hanging down, gave me a backache. I got fucked an average of ten times a day and that doesn’t include the blowjobs and ass fucks. My cunt was insatiable. I stayed that way right until I had the baby. I had a little boy and I m sure he will be well hung like his father, although I have no idea who he is. I nursed Dickie for three years and at most he took only a fraction of the milk I had. My men loved to empty me and we figured that with three suckings a day, I was producing at least two gallons of milk. A cow doesn’t do much more than that. If I was horny pregnant, I was really horny as the men sucked my nipples. It seemed like my left nipple had nerves that traveled directly to my pussy and as soon as a mouth started sucking, I would climb on top of the man, put his dick in my cunt and my nipple in his mouth. They worked out a rotation for my tits, three times a day, to make sure I was empty. Once in a while I would hear one of the guys complaining that he couldn’t make his sucking appointment, for one reason or another, and he would make sure to reschedule himself so that he got his suck in during the week.

The second breeding party for Barbara worked fine and she was pregnant about two months after I was and we both got fat together. Since we were both so horny and together during the day with no men around, it was inevitable that we started pleasing each other. We loved to eat each other with the men watching. In fact, we both got extra excited and licked each other’s asshole while we slurped one another. The men loved it! David loved to film our fucking, especially the gang-bangs. He told me he showed them to his black friends and they all marveled at his having two women with huge tits. When Barbara and I got pregnant and got quite large, it seemed like every time we ate each other or were being fucked in the same room together, the camera was on. David must have taken many tens of hours or even hundreds of hours of all of us fucking. This life is not for all women but if constant fucking by huge cocks interests you, I suggest you get yourself a big black man and let him use his imagination.

– The End –