I rented a summer house a couple of years ago in the south of Ohio. It is a small farm situated in a very rural area .I spent the next two months to have the house rebuilt inside and to get the surrounding garden in order. The house had been more or less empty for 5 years so there were a lot to do. I spent quite a lot of money to get a new kitchen and a roomy bathroom. The people in the small village to which this farm belonged were very friendly and were genuinely glad that I had shifted there and had spent money to rebuild it. They wanted me to move down there for good. Especially my closest neighbors took care of me and looked after my house and the garden when I was in Washington. We had become good friends. They were a little older than me. Next fall I shifted my whole things to this farm house. The people in the village were happy and wished me welcome back. They invited me over whenever there was something to celebrate, birthdays the most common. My neighbor Karin made it a habit to come over to my house a couple of times a week, “to look that I was all right,” she said. She often brought homebred buns and we had a cup of coffee. She also took the habit to look over my house and do things when she thought it necessary. She also now and them cooked for me and made so much at a time that I could put several meals in the fridge. She and her husband really looked after me and I began to feel comfortable and at ease.

The summer came with good weather. Karen’s niece Angle now and then accompanied her at her visits and I had fun talking to them. In the beginning of august Karin told me that she and her husband should go on vacation for two weeks. I could not help but feel a little disappointed and told her that I should miss her and her visits and cares. She smiled and was obviously pleased to hear that. The next day she said that she had asked her niece Angle to come and visit me in her place, of course if I didn’t mind. I was glad and told her so. She looked very pleased and said that she had asked Angle to take really good care of me. A couple of days later Angle showed up for the first time on her own. She had accompanied her Aunt a couple of times and I had met her at parties in the village.

Angle was in her early twenties and lived on her own in a nearby small town. She was ordinary good-looking, rather tall and with a good figure. She was friendly and very easy to talk with. She took up her aunt s habit of looking through the house to see that it was in order. She had brought fresh pastries although she apologized for not having baked them herself. We had a nice time in the garden having coffee, talked and enjoyed the good whether. Suddenly she said:” I saw that you have a whirlpool bathtub in your bathroom. I have never tried that. Can I use it some time? “Of course,” I said. “Come and I will show you how it works. We went up to the bathroom and she got a towel on her way. I showed her how to operate the tub and looked at her to see if she had understood

We went into the house and to the main bedroom, my bedroom, to get to the bathroom. On the way she showed a good knowledge of my house. She went to the right cupboard and got towels out. In the bathroom I began to run a bath for her. She stood at my side and I explained how to operate the different nozzles and how to direct the jet streams. I was standing there when she giggled and said “Now, I think you have to leave. After all I have to get naked to get in the bath. See you later.” I withdraw and went back out to the garden. She took a long time in her bath but after about an hour she came out with flushed cheeks and a happy smile. “Oh that was wonderful,” Angle said, “can I do it again another day? “Certainly,” I said, “as often as you like, But you should take care of your skin if you use it often. It can get dry. With that she left for the day. I went inside to the bathroom and I could smell her scent in there. I took up her towel and held it to my nose. It was nice. Suddenly my body shivered and I felt lonely. It had been so long.

Two days later Angle was back. Full of energy she went like a whirlwind through my house tiding things up. As before we ended up in the garden with coffee and fresh cookies she had brought. But she was eager to get into the bath, she told me. It had been so fantastic the last time. So off she went to the bathroom.

After a while I could not stop myself from going upstairs to my bedroom and stand outside the bathroom door listening to the sounds from inside. The bathtub hummed and the water splashed. But the splashing calmed down and I could hear moans and suddenly she cried out several times. When she started to empty the bathtub I withdraw to the kitchen busing myself with the dishes. When she came down I asked “Did you have a good time.” Angle blushed deeply but composed herself. “Yes,” she said giggling, “I really had a good time. If only you knew how a girl can use that tub. Nearly as good as a real man. Her cheeks were flushed when she helped me prepare dinner. But she didn’t want to stay and share it with me, which I regretted. I had become rather devoted to her. Angle came back the next day, late in the afternoon. She took care of some ironing before she wanted to use the tub. She went inside and after a while I again sneaked into my bedroom. I felt a little guilty but it was my bedroom and she was in the next room with the door closed. I could hear the water filling the tub and grinned to myself. I surely had been in a hurry to get there. I sat down in my easy chair to wait. Suddenly the door opened and she came out in the room. Naked as the day she was born. I took in her lovely nakedness for a second. When she saw me she laughed deeply and delicacy covered herself with one hand over her crotch and an arm over her breasts. But she was not overly cautious and was in no hurry when she went back into the bathroom.” Sorry to interfere in your bedroom,” she said giggling, standing out of my sight. ” But now that I can’t come out will you please give me my shower cream. I must be careful not to dry out my skin, remember?” I looked in her purse and found the cream. I went to the door and stretched out my arm to give it to her. But she came round to fetch it and gave me another short glimpse of her nudity. She looked lovely. She then closed the door .I went out for a while but could not restrain myself from going back in when I thought it would be safe. And, after all, she didn’t seem upset over my intrusion .I sat in my chair listening to her moans and at the end the satisfied cries. I don’t know what I was thinking about but stayed in the chair long after she was finished. It was my bedroom, wasn’t it? When she came out she didn’t really looked surprised when she saw me. I guess she had anticipated something of that sort because she was wrapped in a towel to give basic modesty. “Hi there,” she giggled, “expecting to see more? Sorry to have disappointed you. “She looked around for somewhere to sit down. She saw dressing table in the room but hesitated. “May I sit there and fix my hair?” she asked.

I nodded my approval. Angle sat down but was still for a while. Then she smiled and looked straight at me .”OK,” she said, ” I will let you have another look at me but there are two conditions. First, you stay in that chair. Second, you must tell me your inner, secret thoughts when you look at my naked body. Agree?” She saw that I hesitated.

“Don’t be shy,” she said, ” I like being watched. When being abroad on vacation I have taken part in stripping and nude beauty contests. Once I came first in a miss nude beach competition in the Canary Islands. But at home I have to be more careful. Word goes around very quickly in this small community.”

I made up my mind. I could not resist being allowed to have a long good look at this girl . “OK, ” I said, ” agreed.” Angle stood up and unwrapped the towel slowly and gracefully and draped it over the chair. She pirouetted a few times and then sat down .”Tell me,” she giggled, “what are your secret thoughts when looking at me in the nude? ” Oh my,” I said, “this will not be easy to describe you in words that will do you justice. But I will do my best.” Angle had started to brush her hair, arms lifted. Her breasts were swinging lovely. My first impression of you was your big red hair, blue, curious eyes, high cheekbones, a generous mouth and a big, friendly smile. These define your character. You are an extrovert person who wants to be seen.

When I saw you now my first impression was a lovely woman with a sexy body. I did not see the details to begin with. Then I saw that the lady was strong with a well-muscled body. Next I saw the lady’s strong, broad shoulders. But her ample breasts made her upper body seem very proportionate. Then I saw your breasts and they took my breath away. I love woman’s breasts. Yours are full and soft and sag just enough to show they are the real things. You make them swing and bounce when you move. And your pink nipples invite to be sucked. It’s lovely .”Angle had stopped brushing her hair. She listened intently and when I talked about her breasts she moved her body and shoulders to make them bounce. She also cupped them and squeezed them.” After your breasts I let my gaze go down to your belly and hips. The belly is so nicely rounded. Your belly button is adorable and I think a thumb would fit snugly in it. Your hips are wide which makes your waist look slim. With wide hips you can make it very comfortable for a man lying on top of you. This part of you is very womanly. Then I took a long look at your pussy or what I could see. I love bald pussy, and I got the impression that you take good care of yours. Your bush is thick and dark brown and with long silky hair. I nearly feel the soft touch in my palm. I guess that you brush your pubic hair regularly and very careful trim it so the hairs don’t grow in all directions. I also think that you don’t shave at all. Ah, now I can see that you don’t. As I said I like a hairy pussy too, although the access is easier if you shave around the lips, both for licking and screwing. No hair gets in the way.” When I was talking about her pussy she wriggled in the chair and repositioned herself to let me see her more frontal. She also shifted her legs slowly giving me a look at her cunt lips, not in full but enough. “I also got some thoughts about your legs,” I continued after a pause. ” You have nice curved long legs that attach well to your body. And your thighs are most impressive. Here comes the strong lady back. Your thighs seem to be very muscular and strong and your inner thighs are soft and silky I guess. It must be marvelous to have your thighs clamped around the head when licking your pussy. I can also nearly feel how you lock them around the waist or the bum of your partner when making love and drag him into you and hold him there.”

Angle now had forgotten everything about making her hair. She was sitting in the chair slightly bent forward, her breasts swinging free, legs apart and her elbows rested on her thighs.” Well, then we have your backside,” I went on after another pause to look intently at her charms. “Although you turned around a few times, I must say I was so occupied of your front that I didn’t catch enough to remember. Yes, now I can see. “She had raised and turned her back to me. Slowly she bent forward a little, feet slightly apart, and ended the movement with her hands on the table for support. She wriggled her ass slowly up and down, and from side to side giving me a great view. “Your ass is heart shaped with full buttocks and there is a two finger hole between your upper thighs. I can see your pussy hair through it. Lovely! Muscles wall your spine in. That and the shoulders indeed make your back look strong. And you are great to look at and I can see how you won the miss nude prize. “Angle sat down and resumed brushing her hair a little absentmindedly. I was silent for a moment thinking about what more to say. The atmosphere was sensual but relaxed as well. “Well,” I went on. ” I have described you in parts. Hoped you liked it. But the most essential is the total view. You are a strong woman with a great body and you are self-confident. You are proud of your body and like to show it. You are statuesque and sexy at the same time. I adore looking at you. “I had come to the end. I had never been so outspoken with a woman before, never talked about a woman’s body in such a way. She sat still for a while, thinking.

“Wow,” she said thoughtful.” Thank you. That was far more than I had expected. And it was quite flattering. I liked it even more than showing off. It was very intimate to hear you describe what you see and like about my body. And also to see the lust in your eyes and hear it in your voice. “Angle was silent for a while, slowly brushing her hair without really noticing what she was doing. Then she sighed deeply, shrugged her shoulders so her breasts bounced and said .”Now I think you have to leave and let me get dressed. It has been lovely but I think we should stop here. So please leave. I will see you soon.” I just left the room. I guess I had hoped for something more to happen but I didn’t want to press myself on her. It was up to her if she wanted more. I sat in the garden in the warm summer evening, waiting. Angle soon came out, gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek .”See you tomorrow,” she said and was gone.

The following times she came after lunch and stayed the whole afternoon. She used the tub every day but I kept myself away from my bedroom. However, she gave me much to look at all the same. The weather was warm and sunny and she wanted to be outside and get a tan. Immediately when she arrived she put on bikinis. They got more and more skimpy. The first day she had small bikini panties and a push up bra that made her breast look real tasty. The second day there was another outfit with even smaller panties in a see through mesh material. Her brown pubic hair was visible through the material and at the sides. She had a rich bush. Her bra was again a push up but with half cups that barely covered her nipples. The killer came next. It was a string leather bikini. The “panties” were only a small triangle of thin, soft leather kept in place by thin twisted strings through the crack of her cheeks and round her waist. The triangle was of the same color as her pubic hair and so small that most of her bush was free to see. The impression from a little distance was that she was naked. The “bra” was made of two small triangles covering little more than her areolas and they were held in place by thin leather strings. She looked marvelous. This bikini was certainly not meant for use in this very rural part of Sweden. Perhaps not for any other public place either. But in my secluded farmhouse garden it was OK and gave an exotic and erotic touch. Even if she was sunbathing she made a number of walking around collecting things now and then. It was fantastic, seeing this good-looking female showing off only for me. Her breasts and ass cheeks bounced and the push-ups made her bosom very protruding. I could only sit back and admire. Which I did and let her see my admiration. And since there was no need to pretend not to look it was even better. She mused and did her best all the time.

On the Saturday Angle came a little later than usual, in late afternoon. She brought food with her and asked if she could cook dinner for us both. I was happy that she wanted to stay for dinner, it was the first time. “Before dinner I want to take my bath,” she said. “And I want you to sit in the bathroom with me and talk. Will you do that? ” I happily agreed. Although I had been allowed to see so much of her body during the last couple of days I wanted to see more. She was gorgeous and especially in the way she carried herself and her self-esteem .After a few preparations of the food she went upstairs. I didn’t know when she wanted me to join her and lingered around outside my bedroom. I guess she heard me because she called my name. “Come on, I don’t think we have to be shy any more,” she said. I went into the bedroom and only saw her pile of clothes on a chair. The bathroom door was open and I peered inside. She was standing by the bathtub bending down to control the temperature, with her back to me. She was naked. “Come on in,” she said again. “And look, I took your advice and shaved around my pussy lips.”

Angle spread her legs a little more and bent over. With her hands she pulled her cheeks apart giving me a good look at her crack and pussy from behind. And she was clean-shaven and her pussy lips were free to see. The whole area looked very smooth and clean. “Like it” she said giggling, closing her legs and raising up. She stepped into the tub and sat down and started adjusting the controls. The most of her was under the bubbling water and thus invisible. Her breasts now and then surfaced, looking lovely. I sat down and we made small talk. After a while I noticed that she didn’t listen to me. I looked at her and saw that she had a concentrated, inward look. She started to moan and adjust her body in the bath. I realized that she was working on her orgasm. She moaned loader and bucked her hips making the water splash over the sides of the tub. She reached out and grabbed my hand holding it tight. When suddenly her orgasm hit her she nearly dragged me down in the bath. She smiled happily and the after-effects rippled through her body.

-To be continued…-