I drifted back as she went quiet then suggested, “Let’s get a chair in here and Kara…”

Leanne interrupted asking, “Why are you asking so many questions?”

“Do you want me to record this session?” I asked.

“Yes. It is our life, our show, and we have asked you to be part of it just by asking you to record it.” Leanne affirmed and suggested, “Karen’s and Leanne’s gay film.” She laughed.

“Or Karen and Leanne’s coming out!” Karen said laughing and added, “Or even Leanne’s and Karen’s film debut.”

“Boy you are slippery. I asked you a question and you just slinked by!” Leanne sneered

“This is your exposé. I need you to relive the day.” I assured and added, “All usable titles, I am sure that the two of will think of something. But still it would be helpful to have some background especially the time you two first learned of your love.” I pressed.

With that Karen sat in the chair, and Leanne stood behind her with her hands massaging her shoulders and started telling their story of discovery. They talked so gayly; that it was obvious to me they were in love with one another, and not running away from a relationship like so many people do. I remember them sounding so happy as they giggled through their story, I just slipped into a dream. The little cabin turned into the dorm and I watched the story unfold.

Leanne; her roommate, walked in, voice ringing with cheer, “Hi. Done with your project?”

“Finally, for tonight anyway”, replied Karen her voice crackling with soreness as she stretched, groaning, “My back is so sore!”

“Well, if your nice to me, I’ll give you a back rub.” Leanne seductively said casting mousy glances at her roommate, and remarked, “You know, everywhere I went today people called me by your name.”

“Yea I know, ever since we got here people would ask me where I was, thinking I am or was you. It is starting to get confusing!” Karen agreed adding, “My back and neck are too sore to really think about it.” And suggested, “How’s this? I’ll let you sleep on the top bunk tonight and I’ll be the one to ask my Dad for some extra money for our dinners out this week.”

“Well… Ok, as long as I get to pick the place and you don’t snore”, laughed Leanne.

“I don’t snore!” grunted Karen, throwing a pencil at her, and then laughing.

“Hee-hee… oh sure you don’t.” Leanne teased and walked over behind Karen’s chair adding, “Nothing like my Dad, but you do snore”, and began to give the promised back rub.

“Well, so we’re twins, according to everyone on campus so I’ll bet you do too”, Karen hissed then smiled and added, “You know we think a lot a like, almost like we know what the other is thinking. We like the same clothes, music and food; we wake up at the same time. Hell we even have our periods at the same time.”

“Yea, we even get hungry at the same time. We are a lot alike.” Leanne agreed adding, We even have to go to the bathroom at the same time sometimes.”

“You don’t think they think that we are sleeping together do you?” Karen asked, a little ring of concern in her voice.

“No! And would it be so bad if they did? Really, does it matter what they, with their simple minds think about?” Leanne sarcastically remarked as she squeezed Karen’s sore muscles.

“After so many hours of typing, my back, neck, and sides were quite sore, and the back massage feels wonderful.” Karen admitted.

“Oh that feels wonderful”, Karen sighed dreamily and queried, “How or what should we do about the way we are being addressed? I mean they are calling me you and you me all the time.”

“Karen you are a ball of tight muscles”, Leanne whispered then rambled on, “I think you are letting this get to you, though I must admit that sometimes your classmates will just start rattling off a mile-a-minute in computer jargon, then they get this look on their face, like what is the matter with you. It is frustrating and…”

“Hang on”, Karen groaned as she undid her bra and slipped the straps off her shoulders and remarked, “You have started to ramble, that doesn’t look good for an English literature student.”

Leanne continued massaging the unhindered shoulders, she rubbed Karen’s sore neck muscles, until she felt them begin to relax, and Karen started breathing easier.

“Ooh, that feels wonderful Leanne. You are a wonderful roommate”, Karen cooed. Glancing at the clock, she realized Leanne had been massaging her for more than thirty minutes. “It’s time for bed”, Karen sighed.

“Yeah, and I get the top”, Leanne sang a little sarcastically.

Karen stretched, “Oh I feel so much better now. Thanks.” She hugged and cajoled, whispering into her ear, “You’re the greatest Leanne”, and kissed her on the cheek.

Leanne’s cheek flashed red and turned hot as Karen’s lips touched her face. She knew that Karen wasn’t ready to learn of her taste for women, even though she had caught her looking, with that more than a-roommate-look in her eyes. Leanne thought for a second, then tested, “What do you think we take turns at being each other; you know, like one week “we” be you, then the next week “we” be me?”

Karen looked at Leanne as if suddenly aroused and a lewd smile beamed from her face and sang, “My god Leanne I think you’ve nailed it. We wear the same clothes from our hair style to our shoes and sox, even the same bras and panties.” Karen rambled as she walked to Leanne and put her arms around her and hugged her.

Leanne just stood there with her arms around Karen running her fingers through her hair for a few minutes then whispered, I think that is a wonderful idea. As she continued to softly stroke she heard a quiet but distinct gasp and felt a slight wiggle in Karen’s knees and Leanne cajoled as she whispered, “We can pretend that we are sisters, close sisters.”

Karen’s body shuddered perceptibly as Leanne’s hot breath whisked across her neck. Leanne felt Karen’s arms tighten around her waist, she leaned back and brushed the loose hair from Karen’s face then caressed her ears. She placed an open-mouthed kiss on Karen’s lips, while caressing her cheek with one hand and threading her fingers in Karen’s hair with the other, their lips meshed.

Karen’s conspicuously futile efforts to push her away faded quickly, and as her passions mounted, they turned into holding caresses. Karen’s first reactions were surprise, and shock, but they quickly gave way to delight, as she shuddered in the wake of the feelings of arousal sweeping throughout her body, from the joyful quiverings in her belly, to the ache she felt deep behind her clitoris that seemed to stretch into the depth of her womb and into her spine. She returned the kiss by sucking the upper lip, and then let Leanne’s tongue slip into her mouth.

The sound of Karen’s pleading breath pleased Leanne. Karen’s passions grew as Leanne’s tongue snaked about inside her mouth. As the two of them shared a passionate kiss, Karen began to swoon and Leanne tightened her arms and leaned into Karen’s weight holding her up. Sharing each other’s mouth, their warm saliva, as it welled up inside their mouths, both of them savoring it then swallowing it. They stood there, reveling in each other, and their newfound pleasures.

Karen leaned back embracing Leanne’s shoulders, and breathing heavily, she looked into Leanne’s eyes and knew she was feeling passion beyond lust and was confident by the look in Leanne’s eyes they were shared. It felt as natural as if she were making love to a man, only mysteriously more complete more natural.

Quietly she confessed, “I’ve never been like this with another woman, it feels so strangely wonderful yet the passion and yearning are just like my feelings for a man only more, much more.”

“In a sense we are even because I’ve never been with a man only women, I have never even been interested in men. And I am finding this feeling that we are sharing very thrilling and new.” Leanne confessed warmly as she purred into Karen’s ear.

They both eagerly peeled each other’s t-shirts off. As their shirts fell to the floor they began embracing, kissing, and pressing their identical bodies together. Their enamored hearts began pounding, and their bodies melted. Their fingers threading through each other’s long blond hair, and their bodies swaying to passion’s silent music.

Karen knew their bodies matched, in every way except one, the one thing that Leanne did not know about. They both watched as they playfully pressed their nipples firmly together; each other’s nipples felt like stones as they rubbed them together, each teasing the other.

“Time for bed I think.” Karen purred. “Lets finish getting ready for bed.” and headed for the bathroom that adjoined their dorm room, Leanne following close behind.

As Karen walked into the bathroom, Leanne rushed around her and sat on the toilet first saying, “I half to PEEE Baaad! Aaahh!”

Karen giggled, “I guess you did by the sound of that gush, I’m next, I half to go bad too. Here let me have your panties.”

“Take them off if you want them.” Leanne laughed coyly lifting her feet off the floor and waved them at Karen.

Karen leaned down and peeled the light blue panties the rest of the way off looking at Leanne and surrendering to her hunger for Leanne’s naked body in her arms. She lifted them to her face, and looked inside remarking coyly, “You’ve made a big shinny wet spot here.” She held them to her nose and took a deep breath adding, “You smell like like rose scented honey.”

“That’s really sweet thanks. Here your turn.” Leanne said as she stood turning away briefly as Karen sat, “Let me help you take those pink panties off.” she coaxed when she turned back and slid them off as Karen lifted her feet. While Karen peed Leanne asked, “Where did you get these? They are very expensive!”

“I took them from my Mom’s undies drawer”, Karen said coyly as she peed.

“OH! Karen you’ve made these really wet too.” Leanne mused as she buried her face in them drinking deeply Karen’s scent, “Tea yes, honey sweetened hot tea.” She whimsically likened, That’s it, your juices smell like sweet hot tea. Even when you’re having your periods, you still smell good.” She cajoled as she knelt down and nosed Karen’s curly blond pubic hairs, hands on her thighs.

As Karen stood, Leanne’s eyes blinked and grew wide then let out a loud gasping breath and with shock ringing in her voice exclaimed, “My god! I have never seen such a large clitoris and meaty hood and your labia are so thick and reddish!”

With a blush washing across her face Karen reached down for Leanne’s hand, and held it to her buttock and with her free hand cupped her cheek and with a warm smile cooed, “It gets bigger.”

“Bigger? God, how much bigger?” she whispered still dazed by her discovery as she laid her head to Karen’s thigh and kneaded her buttocks with her hand and holding Karen’s calf with the other.

Karen staggered as Leanne sucked her clitoris into her mouth, as she looked up at Karen. She plied it with her lips stretching it, then let it plop free. Her knees buckled slightly as Leanne sucked the hood through her teeth and let it pop out, repeatedly. She cried out and grabbed the towel rack as Leanne put her mouth over the entire clitoral hood and clamped down and sucked as she chewed. Leanne slid her hand up Karen’s thigh, and placed her thumb just inside her opening and wriggled it slowly.

Within just a few seconds, a shimmering glaze squeezed out, onto, and coated Leanne’s cheeks and chin. Karen’s belly undulated as Leanne ground her sensitive organ between her teeth, Karen’s breaths turned to trembling gasps as she cried out, and Leanne let it pop free and then sucked it back in holding it firmly. Karen leaned against the wall breathless, still gripping the towel rack. Her whole body sweated she softly ran her fingers through Leanne’s hair tenderly coaxing her to linger.

“Your scent has always aroused me, and I was by that confused and yet it attracted me.” Karen admitted.

“I am moving through some new feelings myself.” Leanne paused taking a few deep breaths and calmed her trembles, “I look at your clitoris and it is long enough and erect enough to enter me. I have never put anything or let anyone else put anything inside me. My hymen is still intact. I am eighteen and I am still virgin. I want you to take me! I know this sounds crazy but I may have been waiting for You all this time.”

“I will but not tonight. I want to treat you specially. Tonight I will just tease you and try to help you to cum, and we will sleep together.” Karen consoled and added, “Tomorrow I will seduce you, like you are my girl”, then gazed at Leanne with moistening eyes.

“I’m going to bed in the top bunk.” Leanne sighed and bolted for the beds.

“Leanne? Don’t you want to sleep with me in the bottom bunk?”

Leanne leaned back into the bathroom looked at Karen and with a beaming smile said, “Yes! I do! I just wanted to hear you say the words. I will be waiting for you to finish”, then poof she was gone.

Karen brushed her teeth and combed out her long blond hair. She felt a warm glow growing between her legs she felt her muscles behind her clitoris tightening then relaxing, subtle stirrings throughout her vaginal muscles, and the fruit of her passion slipping down her thigh. She looked in the mirror and she saw an eighteen-year-old woman knowing she was twenty. Her face flushed and her nipples became erect and her clitoris became ridged, at the thought of Leanne caressing her. Karen felt giddy and high as she mused on the act of kissing, and fondling her new found sister and shivered when she thought of kissing her sister’s sweet little lips between her legs.

We are identical in so many ways, we are supposed to be close, she thought. We have shared feelings since the beginning of school. We feel what the other is feeling. She felt a craving inside her vagina and her clitoris pulsing. She touched herself there, found she was quite warm and very wet, her clitoris was ridged and thought tomorrow night is going to be a very special night as she massaged her clitoris, and went into the room.

Leanne lay in bed with the covers pulled over her head parted just enough for one eye to watch the bathroom door. She had two fingers of one hand in her mouth while she swirled a finger from her free hand around her clitoris. She knew her twin sister was doing the same thing. Leanne shuddered as Karen entered the room.

“I see you.” Karen sang as she neared the bed, and laughingly asked, “Are we playing peek-a-boo?”

The bedroom was lit by the soft glow of the alarm clock and the streetlight softened by the curtains. Their bunk bed stood on the other side of the room from the bathroom. Karen could hear her Leanne’s breathing as she walked closer. An ache formed as her vaginal muscles tensed and her clitoris throbbed as it stiffened.

“Lucky us tonight.” Karen said, a slight tremble in her voice sliding between the sheets in the lower bed. Looking next to her, she found Leanne’s smiling lips waiting.

With a nuzzle to her cheek Leanne whispered, “I want you, I want you tonight.”

“I thought you wanted to…”

Leanne leaned over her and placed a soft lingering kiss on Karen’s mouth, and rolled underneath pulling Karen on top, kissing her eyes, and cheeks. As she moved toward her mouth, her tongue slid into the corner and under her upper lip, and lifted it into her mouth and suckled as she nibbled, and stretched it, pulling it with her teeth.

Karen murmured quiet sighs, between kissing her bristling nipples, as she parted Leanne’s smooth legs and slid between them. Leanne’s tongue swished over Karen’s lips, as she rested her feet on Karen’s hips. Their lips met and Karen’s tongue slid deep into Leanne mouth. Karen’s body thrilled to the taste as it danced inside, and she responded by caressing Leanne’s face and hair. Leanne pulled back just enough to look into Karen’s eyes and purred, “I do want you”, then melted to Karen’s sweet manipulations.

Karen began caressing Leanne’s breasts and teasing her nipples with hers. They both found this delightful, each pleasuring the other’s nipples with their own by rubbing their breasts together. Karen began slowly wriggling her body giving Leanne short soft kisses as she slid along the top. Moving down kissing her neck and shoulders, giving each of Leanne’s nipples lingering kisses and suckles. Leanne was beginning to writhe with her feet pushing into the bottom of the top bunk as Karen’s body danced on top of her. Karen’s tongue flitted about and her teeth pinched as she bit, sucked, and kissed her way towards Leanne’s hot wet vaginal opening.

Leanne tenderly embraced Karen’s head by weaving her fingers into her hair. She began trembling, and beads of sweat formed as Karen reached her bellybutton. Leanne began breathing loudly and gently coaxing Karen’s mouth closer to her impassioned vagina. Leanne shuddered, and let out a loud rasping sigh as Karen’s hands pressed her thighs to the bed spreading her legs wide. While she nibbled and sucked Leanne’s bellybutton, Karen slowly slid her hands along Leanne’s inner-thighs, closer towards her vagina. Loud raspy sighs rushed past Leanne’s mouth as Karen began biting Leanne’s pliant flesh near her buttocks. Leanne cried out loudly as Karen’s mouth closed over and started sucking Leanne’s clitoris through her teeth, stretching it and letting it pop free several times, sometimes gripping it hard and sometime softly, but always firm.

Leanne’s toes splayed to Karen’s licking, suckling, and nuzzling of her moist vulva. The world began to spin and Leanne’s body started undulating to Karen’s fevered licking of her vaginal lips, suckling of her clitoral hood. Leanne’s moans became desperate when Karen slid back atop of her heaving body, and placed a wet kiss on her lips stifling her cries. Karen started making circular motions over Leanne’s vaginal opening and pressing her enlarged, ridged, clitoris onto Leanne’s with each circle. Leanne’s stomach tensed as Karen passed over her swollen vaginal lips.

Karen’s own wetness was now mingling with Leanne’s and her moans were yet stifled with Karen’s tongue as she slathered inside Leanne’s mouth. Karen teased Leanne with each slip over her labia. She suckled and bit Leanne’s lips as she slid a thick round pillow under Leanne’s buttocks then placed her hands to Leanne’s thighs behind her knees, and lifted her weight off Leanne. Then she lifted her face back and gazed at Leanne’s face, and left her erect clitoris poised at Leanne’s reddened vaginal opening.

“Leanne, Leanne. Look at me.” Karen warmly coaxed.

As her eyes opened she whispered, “What is it?”

“Hold me. Hold me tight. I want you to look at me.” Karen coaxed with a soft tone in her voice as they each gazed at the other with a slight downward turn of her hips Karen’s clitoris slipped in rolling Leanne’s labia inward and causing Leanne’s body to wince.

“Yiiee! Owe! That kind of burns a little. Please keep it in me.” Leanne hissed as the hurt eased. They didn’t break their gaze. Leanne looked right at Karen as her eyes filled with tears. Then she slid her hands to Leanne’s buttocks and kneaded it as she nuzzled to her ear and whispered pleadingly, “Grind it in me. Keep slipping it inside me like you were a man please.”

Karen kept it inside making a very small circular motion as she cupped Leanne’s head with her hands and held her cheek to cheek. The two of them sighing quietly as Karen firmly ground into Leanne’s labia.

“Oh! That feels so good. It feels like it has gotten bigger!” Leanne purred.

“Yes, I am getting close to climaxing again.” She murmured into Leanne’s ear then kissed it.

I want you to try and gently bounce your clitoris into me. Leanne directed as she moved her hands gripping Karen’s shoulders over her back.

Karen lifted up on her knees and hands and started rhythmically bouncing, never really parting just jostling Leanne’s body.

“Ooo! That’s it Yesss esss!” Leanne hissed. Then she arched her hips upward and let out several loud breaths, and went limp.

Karen quickly slid up Leanne’s body hissing, “Suck it! Suck it like the first time please!” And sat down right on Leanne’s face. As Leanne’s mouth closed on it Karen started spilling her juices on Leanne’s face, and in her mouth. Karen let out a rested sigh as her orgasm ebbed.

“The two of us pulled the sheet over our bodies and went to sleep contented. That is the first time that we both knew, we were in love. No one on campus really knows for sure.” Leanne said confidently with a hint of pride in her voice.

“That isn’t all!” Karen interjected, “sure tell the embarrassing stuff about me and leave the embarrassing stuff about you out!”

“Karen don’t you dare!” Leanne hissed, as her face turned red she pinched her nose and looked away.

“Now girls, Leanne it is only fair that Karen tell her little ditty, besides I am curious.” I pleasantly mediated.

“Any way it is more cute than funny.” Karen started, “We were laying in each others arms when Leanne started to sob, it’s a girl thing, I cried a little too. I cradled her face and started to stroke her face and ear to comfort her when she started to cry and act sort of panicky saying, “Oh Leanne I feel really strange inside like I’m wide open and it’s starting to really burn again. Look down there make sure I’m not bleeding she pleaded.” I guess the frightened look in her eyes reminded me of when I was deflowered. So I lifted the sheet and Leanne pensively spread her legs, I looked and smiled, she had bled, but only a little. “I said you will be fine but just to make sure lay there while I get a hot washcloth and sponge you down. Okay?”

“Yea.” Just having her look at me kind of made me feel better. The washcloth was so hot I almost peed when she touched me with it. She cleaned me gently and the burn went away. She kissed my clitoris and belly then showed the washcloth to me. I was relieved to see I wasn’t bleeding to death, and we went to sleep. Nobody ever really knew we were sleeping together and they don’t know now!”

“Yea.” Karen chimed and confirmed, “They do talk but they’re just guessing!”

“But the other night at the gallery you walked out arm and arm?” I questioned.

“Silly! You were the only one to see.” Karen pointed out.

Leanne giggled as she asked, “Did you like the show? Our butts side by side as we sauntered.” She beamed a very impish smile at me and added, “You are the first to know for certain that we are sleeping and sharing sexual pleasures with one another.”

“We wanted you to watch. We knew you would enjoy it.” Karen said her face reddening.

“I did, I watched till you were out of sight. My only regret was that I didn’t have my camera; I might have missed the shot any way. I drooled as I gaped but only a dribble slipped. Still I want to say the show was grand.” I answered satisfying their wish. The one question that I had thought of during the story; that I had forgot and kept remembering, finely came to me again, “Please forgive?”

“Oh oh here it comes.” Leanne mocked playfully, then pressed, “Spit it out before you choke!”

“I am burning with curiosity. Karen how did you get your clitoris inside Leanne!?” A tone of distressed curiosity sounded and I felt my face turn hot as I blushed.

“Leanne! Have you ever seen a man blush like that!?” Karen remarked teasingly and asked, “You want to tell him Leanne?”

“It is our clitoris, but you have lived with it longer than I have, so you tell him Karen.”

“Well”, Karen started and paused, “Well obviously my clitoris is deformed because of its size, The reason it sticks straight out when erect is because there is a knot that bends as it grows, the hotter I get the bigger it gets to a point.”

“We women like you boys have sacs that fill with blood during arousal causing our organs to grow. Well I have more of those sacs than most women, a lot more and they are much bigger, both in width and length. As I become aroused it grows in length quite a lot moving outward the knot gets stuck on something and starts turning upward as the outward movement continues and vole, magic it stands up and pushes outward.” Karen explained quite clearly and smiled quite proudly.

“I’m sorry I still don’t understand”, I stated in a puzzled tone.

“Oh well, for the lack of a better descriptive phrase; you’ve heard people say that how some things are just the tip of the iceberg, well what can be seen is only ten percent. True for icebergs and true for me at least in theory. At rest my clitoris is and I’m guessing three to four inches and grows to eight or nine inches with four to five inches jutting past my pelvis just like a penis.”

“I don’t think he understands yet.” Leanne lasciviously purred into Karen’s ear. “It is time to show him”, and she kissed her ear and cheek as she just shivered a bit and smiled.

“Yea, I think it is time!” Karen warmly said in a whispery voice.

So, with the cameras rolling I watched them seductively removing each other’s clothes. Taking turns one item at a time, and the two of them playing the kissing game. For those of you, who do not know the rules of the game they are; one kisses the other, the other kisses the same place and then chooses a different place with a kiss, for the first one to kiss, and so back and forth it goes till one stops or every little place that can be kissed gets kissed and all the clothes are off.

Here we are, the two of them a mirror image, clad only in their white cotton panties. Both still standing meshing their breasts and bellies, wrapped in each other’s arms kissing. Their hands traveling, from their hair to their buttocks, and to their breasts teasing their nipples with each other’s, and the room filled with the smell of hot tea, honey sweetened hot tea, their scent together.

My penis was throbbing and my own belly was being soaked with seminal juices. I had stopped watching the screen and was watching them do passions dance. It wasn’t until Leanne slid both of her hands inside Karen’s panties that I noticed the pulsing bulge in the front. There was a satiny cream weeping past the elastic leggings. Shimmering gems were forming on the inside of Karen’s thighs. It was then that the camera operator woke up and I grabbed my cameras.

I watched through my lens as Karen’s knees wobbled and her belly undulated as Leanne moved her hands farther down and side-to-side slowly lowering her panties, and quite clearly fondling her clitoris. I could see that Karen’s crotch was pasted to her wet genitalia. I glanced from my camera for only an instant to check the camcorders and my split screen and yesss! Yes, we were operational, so I went back to clicking my lens methodically and rhythmically as I did my own dance all over the room.

Then down slid her panties to her ankles and back the two of them fell into the cushioned chair behind them. Leanne pulled Karen on top of her face up and wrapping her arms around Karen’s chest, fondled her breasts kneading the pliant flesh around her bristled nipples. Karen as she slipped into Leanne’s arms, flipped the foot her panties were on and flung them right into my face. I could see Leanne’s cotton panties, they too were wet, so wet that the cloth clung to her skin revealing the out lines of her vaginal lips and anus.

“You Keep’em, Trophies.” Leanne laughed coyly as she watched me put them to my nose. I’m not sure but something clicked; the scent was so overwhelming I breathed in wildly through my nose. The room started to spin and I couldn’t tell the difference between up or down, right or left. My nose tingled and my heart pounded in my throat and my penis felt oh so good, and so warm and my testis felt electric. As I regained some of my composure I said, “Thanks!” and noticed that I had an audience, and numbly asked, “What?”

“Look!” Karen sighed through her rapture and pointed at my softening penis with her foot, then directed, “Come on. Let us see, now open your legs.”

I looked and my jaw dropped the same time I heard the girls giggling happily; my penis now flaccid had snaked its way down my leg and was sitting in a pool of sperm. My thigh was soaked from my crotch to my knee. I fanned my leg to the left as directed and looked at them looking at me, we all laughed.

“It looks like you had a spontaneous ejaculation.” Leanne playfully observed with a big warm smile and asked, “How do you feel?”

“I feel a little spent”, I said.

“Well breaks over back to work cameraman. Karen is going to deliver soon.” Leanne warmly directed and quickly went back to playing with Karen’s genitalia that had become deep red and very wet.

I quickly dialed camera one into a tight close up of the shimmering cream flowing from Karen’s bright red dilated vaginal opening. Then pulled back to a tight view of her, very thick meaty labia fanned wide glistening with her creamy jewels, leading to her penis shaped erect clitoris, and forming a wrinkled bright red hood around the crowning clitoris and fanned outward like the petals of a blooming flower. Karen’s clitoris had to be bulging out clearly a full four inches and still growing. Certainly long, enough to penetrate Leanne’s vaginal opening and the core was much thicker than my thumb.

I had never seen such an animated clitoris or a vagina dilate as open as Karen’s did. As I gawked watching Karen’s clitoris pulse and dance I saw Leanne motioning with a nod of her head, as she wrapped her fingers around it and started to milk it like it was a penis. Karen’s legs spread and rose as her toes splayed, and her breathing became laborious. Her body was covered with beads of sweat. She placed her hands near Leanne’s, leaving them free to work their magic.

To Be Continued…