One of my best friends won the jackpot. She was going steady with Neil, god of water. He was the quintessential hot bodied swimmer, perfectly smooth and yet defined. He had faint outlines where a six pack would be if the 5′ 11″ stud weighed more than 140 pounds. And although he was lean, any weight he had came from thick muscle. Like I said, he was the jackpot. And I always let her bring him whenever she and I were going to hang out. Oddly enough I always motioned for going to the lake or to the pool.

But one Friday I invited them over to watch movies. We would meet at the pizza place and after dinner go over to my house and stay up all night watching whatever movie came to mind. Once we were all collapsing we’d get out the old air mattress and they’d camp out in my room.

She worked until 6 that Friday and Neil would meet us there from his house. After I got off work at 5 I went around town, killing time. I figured I’d go shopping, as I needed some clothes before school started in the fall. I went into a department store and made a beeline for the men’s department. I found some nice shirts and two pairs of plaid shorts, but my best purchase was the set of silk underwear on sale. I would be living the high life, let me tell you.

Well by now it was ten ‘til 6. So I made my way over to the Pizza Place. As I walked up, I saw Neil pull in. I waited for him at the steps, and after some informal greetings, we made our way in to wait for her highness, which was making us wait. At 6:20, she called as Neil was ordering our food. She said her mother’s car broke down at her work, an hour’s drive from town. She told me to go on without her, and she would try to make it later.

Well I was too hungry to object, but I was sad that she wouldn’t be there. Mostly because that meant there would be no buffer between me and Neil, that is, if he still wanted to continue the evening. So when he returned with the food, I broke the news to him. He looked annoyed, but said that he wasn’t doing anything else. So we ate our food in relative silence and then I led the way to my house.

Much to my surprise, my parents were not there. My siblings, I knew, had made plans and would be elsewhere for the evening, but I figured my parents would be here. I eventually found a note saying that they were staying with my dad’s friends in the bay area, and that they had tried to call me but my phone had been off during work and I always ignored voice mails so I didn’t get that. They had left money for food and the fridge was full so I should be okay and that I needed to remember to keep the house clean.

Well now I felt uncomfortable. Neil was just sort of standing around. So I told him what was up, and that he could leave if he wanted. He replied by saying that he was already here and had gotten permission to spend the night, so he might as well. So I got us some drinks and he went to look through the movies.

As I was pouring coke into a cup, I accidentally dropped the two-liter bottle onto the ground. I yelled crap and then dove to pick it up before too much of it spilled out. Then I ran over to the paper towels and began to mop it up. As I was down on the ground, Neil came over and started helping. We dabbed and soaked up the coke, and eventually the floor was clean again. We started picking up the paper towels, and we reached for the same one. My hand hit his, and I quickly pulled back while he continued un-phased.

When that was all done I went and washed my hands. Then I headed to my room to change my shirt. I picked up some green shirt, but then remembered this black, tight-fitting shirt I got at a concert and figured why not. So I donned that, and headed back out to the living room. He had selected some action movie filled with medieval style fight scenes and a couple pretty intense scenes of an intimate nature. If the third member of our party had been there, it would have been a British romantic comedy instead, something more of my style, but I really didn’t care that much. I looked over at him during one of the intimate scenes, as he watched quite intently. I noticed what looked like a bulge forming, but hey, this was a pretty erotic scene, at least for a normal heterosexual male.

I got bored pretty fast and eventually the movie was over. I looked at the clock and saw that it was now 9:30. I asked him if he wanted to go swimming in the pool out back or something. His first reaction was that he didn’t have a swimming suite. I turned to him and said that either he could wear one of mine, or go in his shorts. He opted for the shorts, so I changed, grabbed some towels, and we went outside. It was just past the full moon and clear out, so it was pretty bright out.

We jumped in and swam around, doing strokes and little races and stuff. Most of the time I stole glances at his body in the moonlight, the shadows on his body accentuating his muscles. But his shorts kept sliding down. I said something about it, and he said eph it and just took of his shorts, and then his underwear, which apparently he had neglected to remove. He threw them on a chair near the pool then slid back into the water. His Speedo tan line stood out, drawing attention to his ass as he faced away from me. Oh it just looked perfect.

But I didn’t want him to think I was a prude or something so I slipped my suite off and through it onto the same chair his shorts were on. Then we simply returned to swimming. It took all I could do to hold down my growing hard on. Somehow I managed, or at least, he didn’t notice. After we tired out a little, we grabbed floats and just talked. I asked him about water polo, and he told me about how hard it was, and how difficult it was to play. Especially when the other team held you and the referee didn’t notice.

I figured there must be some way to slip out of a grip and asked him about it, and so he came up behind me and held my arms behind my back. I freaked a little and fought. He let me for a couple seconds, and then he calmly explained how to slip out. After I did, I was a little flushed, not to mention horny as fuck. I figured it was time to get back into the house so we got out, wrapped towels around us, and grabbed our wet items. We walked up to the house in silence.

Once there Neil asked me if he could borrow some clothes, as he now only had a shirt, which too was wet as it had been in the same chair as the other wet items. So we made our way to my room and I rooted my drawers for something Neil worthy. I found a pair of shorts and a shirt that was far too small for me. Then I grabbed some clean underwear from the top drawer. I handed them to him and he commented on how silky they were. I had put the new silk boxers in my drawer when we got home and had handed a pair to him without thinking.

It was just like a locker room in my bedroom, with us changing and whatnot. We dropped our towels and slipped our underwear on (I too donned a silk pair). We got dressed then went to watch another movie. This time it was a British romantic comedy. We both sat on the couch and ate some popcorn form the same bowl, our hands hitting every once and a while. I seemed to be the only one who noticed as he never reacted. As the movie was ending I started nodding off.

I had a very confusing dream about skinny dipping in a pool naked with Neil, which led to making out then various positions of sex. As I had an orgasm in the dream I woke up. I felt a little wet, but that was not as surprising as noticing that Neil was gone. I got up and pulled my shirt down to cover the spot. Then I looked around for Neil, finding him on the computer looking at porn of some kind.

I snuck up on him easily as he was focused on what was happening on the screen. His hand was in his pants and he looked like he was thoroughly enjoying the experience. I tip-toed back out of the den and then walked back to the living room. I called for him from there to give him time to stop jacking off and come to me. I heard him jump up and he was before me in a flash.

I said I was going to go to bed, and that I could either set up the air mattress or we could share my queen bed if it wasn’t a big deal. He was still coming down from his experience and said sounds great, just let me go the bathroom real quick. I knew what he was going to do, and sat on my bed imaging it while he was in there. I touched my self a little bit, but heard him close the bathroom door, so I stopped.

I put in a movie and changed into my pajamas, which consisted of boxers and a white undershirt. I slid into bed to the side closest to the wall. As the movie stared Neil slipped off “my” shorts and then crawled in next to me. After about twenty minutes, he took off his shirt as he said it was too hot. He told me he usually slept in the nude and even the silk boxers where quite warm.

I figured it was time to be forward. I told him I really didn’t care if he was naked during the night, as I too usually slept without clothes on. So I pulled off my shirt and then we both slid off our boxers and threw them to the floor. We settled in to watch the rest of the movie. Once it finished I looked over at Neil who was still wide awake. I asked him if he wanted to watch something a little more intense. He said sure, so I went and got a porno from my dad’s “secret stash”. The one I chose was my favorite, as my dad had ordered it accidentally. It was a bi porno, with three guys in it and one girl.

I put it in and we watched it. He didn’t say anything, just sat there and masturbated. I followed suite until I noticed how into it he was getting. I got a little worried because I didn’t want him to cum all over my sheets.

I told him this and he asked me what he was supposed to do instead. So I reached over and grabbed a hold of his dick. He started to pull away until I started rubbing him. My other hand moved over and I grabbed all eight inches of his thick slab of meat. I rubbed it slowly, feeling every inch of skin. Then he started to buck a little so I bent my head down and took in as much of it as I could.

I moved my mouth slowly up and down his shaft. I rolled my tongue around it, and massaged his balls all the while with my hand. The other was stationed at the base of the shaft, to help direct. I worked him out, and he started to fuck my face pretty quickly. Before I knew it he was yelling that he was going to cum, and I simply replied with a muffled go for it. My mouth suddenly flooded with his silky man juice. Squirt after squirt filled my mouth, and I swallowed what didn’t run down my face.

I rolled over tired as his breath returned to normal. His first words were thank you. I panted back a you’re welcome, and then got in a more comfortable position. I looked up at him and he reached around my shoulders and pulled me in close. I rested my head on his perfectly toned chest and my hand moved up onto his peck. I rubbed it as I fell asleep, imagining all the possibilities.

I awoke in the same place I had fallen asleep. The main difference was that Neil was snoring mildly, and oblivious to my position. So I pushed off of him and moved over as far as I could. He stirred, and reached out and pulled me back. He whispered how he loved me so much, and nibbled on my ear a little. Then he said his girlfriends name amidst the sweet talk, so I realized he was merely half asleep. I tried to wiggle away again, but he pulled me back, this time planting a huge kiss on the nape of my neck.

I decided to just let him get it out of his system. He pressed harder into my neck with his face, his arms pulling me closer into him. Then he started to give me a hickie, sucking hard on my neck. I just let him, and I have to admit that the sucking sensation was quite a turn on.

Then he winded down and rolled back over. Yeah, he only did it because he though I was his girlfriend but whatever, I was happy. I felt around with my feet until I grabbed a hold of my boxers. When I pulled them up I noticed they were the ones I’d given him to wear. But hey, they were mine so I slipped them up anyways. I then groped around until I found my shirt and I put that on too. I looked over and saw Neil’s morning wood rising up, holding the blanket eight inches into the air. I couldn’t restrain myself, and I started to jack him off.

I slowly slid the blanket off so I could appreciate his naked form. His body began to move in rhythm to my stroking, and then his hips started to gyrate. I had a feeling that he was going to cum soon, but I didn’t really want to risk deep-throating his cock again. Before I really knew what was happening, he started shooting cum all the way up to his chest and a couple squirts hit his face, he moaned and it shocked him into waking up.

His eyes were wide as he realized what was going on. He felt around for something to wipe his face off, and managed to grab the boxers. He wiped slowly in silence, I guess to just take everything in. Then he turned to me and said that he guessed that he owed me for the favors. I said that the pleasure was definitely mine and that I was in a mind to make a fantastic breakfast.

So I got up and made some delicious waffles with a giant pitcher of fruit smoothie. We ate while I played Sirius Top 40. He was funny while he ate; every bite was calculated and graceful. Once he was finished, told me to turn the music off. I obliged, and then he started explaining what he was feeling.

He was pretty confused, as he still loved his girlfriend, but the previous night had been a real turn on for him. I showed him the hickie and told him that he looked pretty turned on this morning, too, of course neglecting to mention his sweet nothings. But I then told him that I would rather this have been casual than ruin his chances with her.

He looked stunned, and a little hurt, but his face lightened as he thought about it some more. He got up and walked around the counter and grabbed both sides of my face, guiding my lips to his. We kissed, and then I too stood up, and began tugging off his clothing. Mine was close to follow, and we made out slipping to the kitchen floor. He pulled away a little and told me it was time for him to return the favor. He reached down and grabbed hold of my dick, gently rubbing it and sending shock waves of orgasmic delight throughout my body.

Then I lay flat on my back and he moved to be in position to suck me off. I asked him if he was sure he wanted to do this, and he replied by swallowing most of my cock without trying. His natural athleticism and grace made him amazing at performing a blow job, and he just new how to most effectively pleasure me. There’s something a guy sucking you off, because he knows what makes himself feel good.

He sucked away, his hands supporting him on the tile. Up and down he went, his tongue performing miracles in his mouth. I told him I was going to cum, so he pulled his head off and jerked me off fasted and harder. Some of my cum shot straight up and hit his face, while the rest of it landed back onto my body.

Oh this is what heaven was. He stood up and grabbed some paper towels, so I was able to clean myself off, though we both tasted it. I don’t think he was really ready for it. But I looked up at him and said that what would make this perfect would be to go skinny dipping in broad daylight. We jumped up and ran out the door and down to the pool, grabbing at each other the whole way, and then jumped into the pool. Once in, we felt each other up and we wrestled and we got all tangled up together.

He pinned me with my stomach to the wall, and held me there with his dick pressed onto my ass cheek. He was getting harder by the minute, and I tried to turn around to face him, but he held me there. He whispered in my ear that he wanted to really know me, and the only way he felt he could do that was to try and fuck my hot ass. Just hearing this dirty talk coming from a demigod got my hard-on to nearly poke a hole through the pool.

I felt his hand slide down my back and come to rest on my ass, and then the arm that pinned me slid down to join it. He separated the cheeks and then moved his dick toward my crack. I felt the head meet my hole, and counted to myself the seconds it took for him to start to enter. Slowly at first, he pushed, entering my ass and proving his dominance over me. Oh, I loved it. I felt it enter, and then the quick give as he pushed through. He was then able to move back and forth easily, making me twitch with delight.

He moved fasted and faster, his hands now on my hips holding me steady. His fingers gripped my hip bone, and I swear I felt pubs hit my ass at some point. This was very notable as they were short from him shaving them for the swim divisional. Before I knew it, he was slowing down as he finished pumping his warm cum into my willing ass. He slipped out, and then moved to the front of me. Though my ass was a little sore, I reached back for one of the floating air mattress pads and pulled myself onto it. Neil came forward and swallowed my cock, and it took him only three hard sucks to send me over.

I laid back and he crawled up onto it with me. We fell asleep in the warm, but not hot sun, managing not to get burned. By the time we woke up it was nearly one, and Neil had planned to meet his girlfriend at two at the pizza place, for a rain check. I told him to go ahead without me and that if he ever wanted a repeat performance all he had to do was call.

So we went up and got dried off, and I got him situated with some more of my clothes. He pulled them off much better than me, so I took a couple pf pictures. He got into it and started stripping as I moved the camera to the video setting. I took a 15 minute video with sound of him seducing me and stripping. But then I looked over at the clock and told him that if he didn’t want to mess things up, he had better get going. I walked him out to his car, carrying his clothes from the day before, and gave him a parting kiss, my left hand grabbing his ass. I waved goodbye as he pulled away, and I went back inside and watched the video, many, many times.