I got a call from Chris and Christina again this time wanting to know if I wanted to go out on their boat to play. It’s been a few weeks since I had enjoyed their company so I readily agreed. We took their 19’ open bow out to a secluded lake and since this wasn’t a weekend we had pretty much the whole lake to ourselves. We goofed off a while boating and tubing and then had some lunch of sandwiches and chips and pop. We were sitting around just lazing in the sun when Christina decided she was going to remove her bikini to get some all over sun. It was obvious that this was the first time in quite a while those titties and ass had seen the sun as they were white as a ghost. 

Her tan lines were very hot and I volunteered to help her get suntan lotion on all her parts and bits so she would not burn. It was very much a pleasure to rub the lotion into her globes both front and back and once I started to rub some around her pussy Chris too removed his swim trunks. He mentioned to me that he needed some lotion also and I laughed when I looked over and saw him rubbing his hard cock in my direction. I squirted a large amount of lotion into my hand and took his hard dick in the other. I started with the underneath of his balls and worked the lotion into them then I rubbed a bunch onto his ass all the time holding onto his wang with my hand. When I had finished rubbing everything that was white with suntan lotion except his cock I looked up at him and said we had better get this thing out of the sun before it burns. I then proceeded to take him all the way down my throat. I looked up at him as he watched me take his whole cock into my mouth. I slid it back out a ways and then used my tongue to tickle the wet slit on the end of his pud. Now in one of our previous encounters Chris had let me cum in his mouth and I had been feeling guilty for not allowing him to cum in mine. 

I still wasn’t sure I could handle his cock shooting thick cum into my mouth or not but I was going to give him a great blow job anyway even if at the last moment I may remove him and let him cum on my face again. Christy was once again enjoying the show but I still had my bathing suit on. She couldn’t have that so she quickly removed my suit while I continued to suck her husband’s cock for all I was worth. When I got naked Chris reached over my back and started to rub lotion onto my white ass as well. Christina Said that she really needed a cock in her pussy and since mine was available I once again volunteered my services. She lay down on her back and Grabbed my rock hard cock and guided it into her pussy. 

So here I was sucking my friend’s cock while at the same time fucking his wife’s pussy. How could things be any better? Chris started to grab my head and he began to thrust his cock in and out of my mouth like it was a pussy. Christy looked up at me as I sucked her husband’s cock and said that if I let him cum in my mouth that I could just kiss her and she would gladly swallow it for me. I was jamming my cock in and out of her tight pussy and was also having my face furiously fucked by Chris. Chris started to moan and told me I was going to make him cum pretty soon. I was very nervous about taking a mouth full of cum but he had done it for me so why should I punk out. I took a hold of his cock and pulled my mouth off of it and looked up at him and said that I was going to suck him off and I wanted him to shot his whole load into my mouth and that then I would share it with Christy. Meanwhile I was continuing to plunge my cock in and out of her pussy. She started to cum very noisily and that brought Chris over the top. 

He grabbed my head and tried to force his cock down my throat. I managed at the last second to pull out far enough so that his cum shot into my mouth instead of down my throat. I wasn’t sure I would be able to contain all of his hot sticky spunk in my mouth but I managed and when his thrusts stopped he slid his cock out of my mouth . I immediately laid down on his wife and started to French kiss her while letting the majority of his cum slide into her mouth. She slid her tongue into my mouth and licked as much of his cum as she could get out but there was still a lot coating my tongue and teeth. I licked my teeth and then swallowed what was left in my mouth. Now that was one of the gayest things I had done as of yet but I had enjoyed it and I was very sure so had Chris. Ok now to prove I wasn’t gay I pulled out of Christina’s puss and rolled her over and slid by cock back into her in the doggy position.

Her little ass is awesome to watch and soon I felt the familiar feeling of cum boiling up in my balls. I asked her if she wanted me to cum in her pussy and she said that I may get her pregnant if I did because Chris had gotten snipped and she was no longer on the pill. I told Chris to rub some of that lotion onto her ass so I could fuck it instead. He grinned and did just what I wanted and soon her hole was gaping open from his administrations. I told him to guide my cock into her ass and he took a hold of my wang and pushed the head into her ass. I slid in with a pop and very soon I was able to push my cock all the way into her pooper. God this felt good and Christ also took a hold of my balls and was softly squeezing them as my cock slid in and out of his wife’s asshole. Christy started to moan and my balls started to swell with the load that was waiting to burst out into her ass. I grabbed her hips and thrust my cock into her ass all the way to the hilt. Chris gave my balls a little harder squeeze and I started to pump my cum into his wife’s ass. We all three fell into a heap on the floor of his boat and my cock slipped out of her ass. Chris reached down and took a hold of it and said that he hoped I wasn’t done for the day. 

Christy rolled over and looked at us and then suggested we all jump in the water for some skinny dipping. She jumped in first and I followed her over the side. Chris stood on the boat looking down at us with his cock standing at semi hard on attention. I mentioned that he must have enjoyed the show of me fucking Christy and he grinned and said that he knows how good she feels to him and that he was more than happy to share her with they guy who had just sucked the cum out of his balls. He then jumped in with us and we spent the next ½ hour groping and fondling each other’s bodies. Soon both Chris and I were ready to go again and we all three climbed into the boat. Christy said she wanted us to start out in a 69 with each other so she could watch us suck each other’s cocks. We were happy to do what she said as we both really enjoyed making the other feel good ourselves. We worked on each other’s cocks for about 10 minutes when I said that I really wanted to eat Christy’s pussy and that she looked like she needed some attention. 

We got into a 69 and she started to suck my cock as well. I dove into her pussy and greedily started to suck her lips and clitty. She took my whole cock into her mouth as well and I started to fuck her face so that my nuts slapped her forehead. I felt something cool on my ass hole and figured out that it was Chris squirting some suntan lotion onto my ass. He then used his cock to smear up my hole and then stuffed his hard cock into my ass. He felt so big and I thought he may be going to rip me open but he took it slow and made sure I was ready for him before he started to really fuck my ass. Christy picked up the pace on my cock and I just buried my face into her quim and used my whole face to fuck her with. Chris fucked my ass for about five minutes when he said that he was getting close to cuming again. 

Hearing this brought Christina over the edge and her pussy exploded in my face and Chris crabbed my hips and just plowed his cock into me like a jackhammer. He grunted and stiffened and started to jerk in my ass and I felt his hot sperm spray out of his cock into my ass. At about the third squirt of Chris’s cock in my ass I started to cum in Christina’s mouth. She took my whole load and after about 30 seconds all three of us had cum ourselves silly and we all lay exhausted on the boat floor. Chris pulled his cock out of my ass and I felt some of his cum run down my leg and Christina licked it off of my inner thigh. We all three fell asleep and didn’t wake up for about forty minutes. Thanks goodness we had thought to put suntan lotion on beforehand or we would have all burnt stuff that we don’t want burnt! 

We all jumped into the water again and got cleaned up and then we noticed that there were now several boats getting in the water so we had better get dressed and get the hell out of there he he. We got a few funny looks when we got to the dock but we ignored that and loaded the boat up and took off for home. While we were going home we pulled up besides a semi and got the attention of the driver and I pulled Christina’s bikini bottoms off and started to frig her pussy to another huge cum on her part. The guy in the big rig almost went into the ditch as he watched her cum on my fingers and then we shot off ahead of him to leave him to beat his meat we figured LOL. We got to their place and I gave Christy a big kiss on the lips while squeezing her nipples through her bikini and I knew that Chris was probably going to get raped as soon as I left. I called back later and found out I was right and he told me she had fucked him once again to a third nut of the day. I then told him I was jerking off while he was talking and he described what they had done and I jerked myself to a hard cum too. We hung up and I ran to the shower to get cleaned up before my Old Lady got home!