I have been married to Tom for almost ten years and I recently came across a number of video tapes which show me as the centerpiece(no pun intended) in some of the wildest sex scenes I’ve ever heard of, and I have heard of a lot! How this all happened is an interesting story.

About three years ago, I had been having chronic head aches and Tom and I were fearful that they were migraines. He went to the computer and found, after looking for a long time, a process that assured headaches gone, after going through a painless hypnosis process for two weeks.

I was desperate for any help and so I asked Tom to send for the book and let’s try it out. To make a long story short, he hypnotized me very quickly (I was frantic to be helped) and darned if my headaches didn’t started getting better. After a hypnotic episode, the headaches would be completely gone for about 12 hours, but slowly come back. We worked out a schedule where Tom gave me a session just before he left for work, about 7am and another about 7pm when he came home and we had eaten.

When you are hypnotized, you will do anything the hypnotist wants, provided that it is not outrageous or completely against something you would do without being hypnotized. However, Tom found that if he was clever, he could get me to do anything. He first convinced me that I was another woman. In my growing up years I had a friend, Gloria, who became very wild and got involved with a man, then a group of men, and then animals and finally blacks with animals. I told Tom of this girl and admitted to him, in one of our “tell me your fantasies” times, that I envied her being so wild and able to do anything she wanted sexually. Tom used this information to have me become her so that anything I did after that, I was doing as Gloria. If this sounds unbelievable, it is only because you don’t understand being hypnotized. Also, he only had to say that I would remember nothing when I woke up to absolutely erase the memory from my mind.

Anyway, he started slowly, with my sucking him two or three times a day, as Gloria. As Ann, me, I didn’t like to swallow his cum but as Gloria, as I saw on the video, I gobbled up cum like it was sweet candy. He did that for a few weeks and then brought over a customer from out of town, to a hotel room we rented with me being Gloria, and I fucked and sucked each of them. Tom got a big order from that session and since then I have been with this man, or this man with other men, at least twenty times. Tom got promoted for bringing in so much new business! He never took his video camera to the hotel rooms but when we were in our recreation room, he had the camera going and it was hidden so no one knew except Tom.

The first video was with his best friend and neighbor, Ben (Ben’s wife, Lisa, is my best friend), where they fucked Gloria, fucked Gloria in the ass and got blown by Gloria, about three times each over the course of five to six hours.

John had a word he whispered in my ear, and when I heard it, I immediately became Gloria. You couldn’t really tell except I would do anything sexually. The word was “rascal”. If we were going at it for a long time, John would whisper “rascal” in my ear in case I was coming out of the hypnotic state. Apparently I would go right back to Gloria and continue what I was doing. To get me to become Ann again, he whispered “panther” in my ear and I became prim little Ann, John’s wife. At first, when I became Ann, I noticed my bottom, both pussy and ass being a little sore and he told me that I must have slept on the sofa and rested on my bottom in a funny way. He could leave me with any feeling he wanted, as I came out of the trance, and so he just said that I would feel no discomfort. When I woke up after the first time, I felt fine. I found out later that he would leave me alone, after a bout as Gloria, for about one hour so that the cum would ooze out of my ass and pussy and he would wipe it up so that I would not notice any cum in my holes. John had other men in our house from time to time but it was never anyone I knew. He wanted to protect the image of his sweet and demure wife. He had the best of all worlds. I would do anything he wanted as Gloria and be the adoring wife the rest of the time. One video started with my lying on the rug in our rec room with my legs spread and asking the men, Ben and John, to climb on board. Who comes over to lie on top of me and start to kiss me but Lisa, Ben’s wife! Apparently the two guys did the same thing to Lisa that they did to me. Lisa and I quickly got in a sixty-nine position and started to slurp each other’s pussy’s. Each guy put his cock in us and then they rotated holes as Lisa and I gave each other at least ten orgasms. There were endless hours of the four of us doing anything that four people can do together and I could tell from the video talk that Lisa joined me in several hotel orgies with a lot of men. Lisa’s alias was Rhoda. Same thing as me, Rhoda was her slut friend in school and she envied her for the many men she had.

The problem with all of this, is that I have no recollection of the events. I try not to “go under” when John says the magic words to me but I not only go under but I cannot recall what words he uses. I would like to tell John how much I would like to be myself but he continually remarks, while I am under and being filmed, that I would never do that for real, and I think it keeps our husband-wife relationship ok while I get my holes poked regularly. I approached Lisa and probed around to see if she has any recollection of our being together and she looked at me like I was trying to put the make on her. I laughed, to cover myself, and said she was attractive and I had never had a woman but if I did, I would want it to be her. I was surprised at her response, she hugged me and gave me a tongue-in-the-mouth kiss and said she felt the same way. One thing led to another and we were sixty-nining each other for several orgasms each which I enjoyed completely. We decided that we would do more of what we had just done. I took a big chance with Lisa and told her about what the men had been doing to us. I told her that there were tapes of the four of us and she wanted to see them. When she saw the two of us licking each other’s pussies and then the men taking whatever woman’s hole they wanted, she started to rub herself and came and came. We decided, at least for then, to keep a secret that we both knew about the fucking our husbands were getting us. We both really believe that the men want their sluts, Gloria and Rhoda, to be available but they want their sweet wives to be there most of the time. If that is what it takes to keep a happy husband, it is OK with me. I only wish I could remember the orgies I was in. But with the tapes, I can see what they are doing to me and it is almost as good as being there.

– The End –