She looks in the mirror, her mind wandering to just how he would react to what she wore. “Is this enough to turn him on?” she thought, “or should I wear the pink sweater and skirt? Might make me look a little more innocent…” No matter what her choice was, she knew that it would be enough to give him a bulge in his pants and that thought really excited her!

She’d been looking forward to this day for months and it had finally arrived. She decided on the pink outfit but adjusted it a bit. Looking in the mirror, she knew that this was the PERFECT thing to wear. She grabbed her coat, scarf and hat and headed out the door.

“He’s making his list, checking it twice, going to find out who’s naughty and nice. Santa Claus is coming to town!” she sang as she made her way through the snow to the dark little bar where she would finally be able to make her latest desire a reality.

When she arrived she noticed several other cars parked around the little country bar. She didn’t let that stop her though. She was on a mission and nothing would get in her way. She walked through the door and heard even more Christmas music playing on the jukebox. “Hmm… Alabama Slammer or a shot first?” Brooke thought. She decided on an Alabama Slammer and waited for the bartender to bring it over. She noticed that there were several groups of men sitting around the bar and they all seemed to be looking in her direction. Even the bartender! She smiled sweetly at them and crossed her legs as she sat on the barstool… making sure they could see as much of her long legs as possible. As she removed her coat, the bartender smiled and commented, with a wink, “You are looking exceptionally sexy tonight Brooke.” She giggled and said thank you quietly under her breath.

As she turned in her barstool… she saw HIM! Oh the wonderful smile he has… the deep blue eyes… the big hands that would soon be holding her! She felt a slight twinge between her legs and knew she couldn’t wait for long… she would have to walk over and see him! But she wanted to finish her drink first, if it were possible. One thing for sure… she really needed to touch herself. Brooke couldn’t imagine anyone minding if she did, but she didn’t want HIM to see it. Not yet.

She turned back around in the stool, quickly glancing around to see if anyone was watching. They weren’t! It was her perfect chance! She reached under the bar and let her hand slide under her skirt. Mmm wetness. He had turned her on so quickly… it just wasn’t right! Her fingers began to play softly with her clit, a soft moan in her throat, quickly forgetting about all the other gentlemen in the bar. She took a quick drink from her glass as she slid two fingers inside herself. Her legs parted just enough for her to be able to move the fingers in and out of her tight, wet pussy.

“Excuse me Ma’am… may I buy you a drink?” Brooke froze. She couldn’t turn to see who was speaking; she knew she had been caught playing with herself. She blushed a bright crimson red and turned to face an older gentleman. “Umm sure… if you would like… umm thank you… ” she stumbled through her words. As he ordered her drink his eyes darted up and down her body. Brooke blushed and very quickly moved her hand back up to her lap. The gentleman chuckled kindly. “No need for you to stop. I was enjoying the show.” Brooke looked down and noticed a nice bulge in his pants. She licked her lips and looked back up at him. “I can see you were. Mmm. That turns me on even more.” She whispered in his ear.

She reached down and took his hand, lifting it to the hem of her skirt and allowing him to slide it underneath. He looked a bit shocked when he realized that she wasn’t wearing anything underneath it. His fingers lightly touched her clit and she moaned as quietly as possible. Brooke closed her eyes as the gentleman leaned in closer to her, his fingers finding their way to her slit and slowly sliding inside. She couldn’t hold back any longer and she reached out and rubbed her hand roughly across the crotch of his pants. ‘Mmm,’ she thought, ‘I could start with him and that way I can relieve some of the tension till I am ready to talk to Nick.’

As this stranger fingered her tight pussy, she unzipped his pants and reached inside. Her fingers lightly stroking his rock-hard cock made him gasp and moan quietly. She noticed a couple of other men watching but couldn’t stop herself. Brooke was too turned on to stop! She watched as another gentleman stood from his chair and was walking towards her. He walked up to her and immediately began to lick across her neck, down to her heaving breasts. She was moaning a bit more loudly now and others could hear her pleasure.

She reached over and unzipped the new strangers pants. She pulled both the cocks out and began to stroke them right there in the bar! She was SO turned on that nothing mattered at the moment. She felt as 3 fingers were inserted inside her tight hole. She began to move against them and closed her eyes in ecstasy. It felt wonderful! Two hard cocks in her hands, fingers fucking her, mouths all over her!

Then it happened. She sat there shocked, unsure as to what to do. She opened her eyes and there were 8 men standing around her barstool! One of them had her hair tightly wrapped around his hand and was pulling back on it hard. Another had his hand around her throat and was lifting her towards the dance floor. She began to struggle against them, knowing it wouldn’t do any good, but it seemed to turn her on to try. Brooke tried to push them away, asking them to please stop. She had the look of a frightened child on her face. But that seemed to turn them on more! Two of the strangers grabbed her legs as two grabbed her arms. They carried her to the nearest pool table and held her spread-eagle there. The first stranger that approached her walked up to her again and began to stroke his cock slowly. The grin on his face frightened Brooke and she began to struggle again.

“Stop fighting or you’ll make it worse. Be a good little girl and you’ll be rewarded,” she heard whispered in her ear. When she opened her eyes she saw HIM standing over her! ‘Oh no!’ Brooke thought, ‘he is going to think I am a horrible person! I should have been good until he was ready for me!’ She felt a tear fall from her eye as laughter erupted from the group of strangers.

“Don’t worry… you’ll enjoy it as much as we do, sexy,” she heard one of them say. The four gentlemen holding her down tightened their grips. She couldn’t move at all. That first stranger then climbed onto the pool table and slapped his cock across her face. They all began to laugh again. “Open your dirty little mouth, slut.” She held her lips tightly closed and shook her head defiantly. “Open it NOW,” he said.

When Brooke didn’t do as he said, another man leaned down and bit on her nipple so hard she cried out. “No! Plea…” But it was to no avail as his cock was shoved into her throat. She gagged on it while attempting to catch her breath. As this huge cock was being forced down her throat, she watched as another man climbed onto the table and straddled her. He reached under her skirt and grinned. “Tis what the slut wanted tonight. A good fucking. She wore no panties!” All the strangers began to laugh and make comments about how they were going to make Brooke’s desire come true.

He ordered the two men holding her legs to spread them wider and they did. Brooke cried but could not scream due to the huge hard cock in her mouth. It was moving in and out of her mouth and the stranger was moaning loudly from his pleasure. She looked down at the man straddling her and watched as he pulled his cock from his pants. It was the hugest cock she had ever seen! She began to fight harder, to get away… but it was no use… she couldn’t go anywhere. He grinned at her again and slammed his cock so hard inside of her that her head was pinned against the bumper of the pool table. He was fucking her so very hard and she felt another hand playing with her clit. Another cock appeared next to her mouth and they began to take turns fucking her face. Harder! Harder! Moans filling the entire bar. Even her own.

Brooke was in so much pleasure she didn’t even realize that all 8 men had their cocks out and either inside of her or stroking them over her body. “Get ready to drink it all slut!” one of the strangers said. He forced his cock deep into her throat and began to moan very loudly. His cum was filling her throat! She couldn’t breathe! “Drink it now!” he screamed at her. Her hair was pulled harder than before and she opened her throat to scream, the cum sliding down her throat, the taste filling her mouth… filling her body with even more excitement!

Brooke knew it wouldn’t be long till her own body exploded. But she didn’t want that. She wanted to save it for HIM. But she realized the only way to get to HIM is to take care of the strangers first. The hands had long since let her go, but she was enjoying herself so much that she hadn’t moved. After this first cum, she climbs off the table and goes to her knees in front of the 2nd cock. She begins to suck him as hard as she has ever sucked any man before! Until his cum also fills her mouth and she swallows it all. ‘I am being a good girl,’ Brooke thinks, ‘I’m swallowing it all!’

The next stranger grabs her up by her hair and forces her to bend over the table. His cock slams into her from behind, causing her to squeal. This turns him on even more and he continues to fuck her harder and harder, faster and faster! Until his body convulses and she feels his cum deep inside of her! ‘Mmmm what an amazing feeling!’ Brooke thinks.

“Back to your knees slut!” the next strangers demands. Brooke falls immediately to her knees and begins to suck his cock deep into her throat. His hands grab handfuls of her hair and he begins to fuck her face. Moving her on and off of his cock as he desires. This continues until he also explodes… but he pulls out and cums all over her large breasts!

‘Just 4 more to go and I can go to HIM,’ Brooke thought, as she is forced to her feet. One gentleman is lying on the table now and she is pushed onto it also. He pulls her down on top of him and slides his cock inside of her pussy. As she rides him, she feels another stranger sliding up behind her. His finger is on her ass and she feels something being poured down her back. Beer! It s pouring down her back and over her asshole, his finger sliding in and out carefully, stretching her slowly. This continues for a few moments and she begins to feel his cock pushing at her hole!

She begins to scream loudly and fight to get away! She has always thought of double penetration but was afraid because her asshole has never been fucked before. They pin her down though and as this hard cock is penetrating her pussy as deeply as it can, the other stranger slides roughly into her tight virgin hole and begins to fuck it!

This continues for what seems like forever and Brooke feels she will pass out soon if they don’t stop. It feels wonderful! A mixture of pleasure and pain! But it s too much for her young body to handle. All she came here for was to see HIM and that’s all she wanted to do now.

Almost in unison, her face is covered from two directions. The last two strangers who were stroking their cocks waiting their turns couldn’t wait any longer and they came all over her face! She was being covered in cum! The stranger in her pussy let out a loud scream as her pussy was filled with his warm cum, his fingers gripping tightly onto her hips… her body reacting by tightening muscles… including the ones they are violating. This causes the stranger in her ass to fuck her even faster and then moan loudly as he fills her ass! Her entire body is filled with cum! From strangers!

The strangers whisper amongst themselves and thank her for the good time, all the while laughing about how they taught the ‘slut’ a lesson. “She’ll watch how she comes dressed in here again,” “She should have worn panties and we would have known she wasn’t such a slut.” Those were the whispers she heard as she picked herself up from the table and walked towards the bar again.

She picked up her purse and walked to the bathroom. She began to splash cold water on her face and straighten her clothes. She brushed her hair and put on fresh lipstick. Brooke wasn’t sure how she felt about what all had happened but she knew one thing for sure… she was extremely turned on and had to get off somehow!

Brooke walked back into the bar and looked across the room. There he was. Sitting in a chair. Watching her. A huge smile was across his face. He motioned for her to come over and Brooke began to walk towards him. She felt herself blush as she neared him. He took her hand and pulled her into his lap. “Quite an impressive show there, Brooke,” he said. “Seems we have quite the little slut on our hands, don’t we?”

Brooke blushed again and shook her head. “Not really, Sir. But I was so turned on today when I saw you and one thing just led to another…” He looked up and down her body, admiring it.

“You looked so sweet and innocent when you walked in here. Your little pink sweater and skirt. Knee high stockings and heels. I wasn’t sure if you were going to be fun or not.”

“Well, Sir, did I surprise you then? I hope this doesn’t mean I’ve been really bad. I just can’t help myself sometimes.” She giggled and looked away shyly.

“Oh no Brooke. You have been really bad… but in such a good way. I could never punish you for that. Well, unless you enjoyed my punishment.” He winked at her. “Now why don’t we get down to the reason you came here today. That sound ok to you?”

Brooke nodded excitedly, squirming in his lap. She turned to look into those beautiful eyes and listened as he said…

“So Brooke. Why don’t you tell Santa just what you want for Christmas this year?”

She tugged on his white beard and giggled as his gloved hands slid under her short skirt.

– The End –