What happens when you disobey . . . .

(A story of a naughty wife)

I was told by my husband over and over not to use our credit cards. He had even gone so far as to take a class on how to manage money better, so he was dead set against me using my plastic. I ended up needing some extra cash one day, for one reason or another, and decided to sneakily pull out one of my visa’s and get a cash advance. I knew that if my husband found out he would be furious with me, but I was still willing to take the chance thinking that some way I would squirm my way out of it.

I came home one afternoon after working and he happened to be home on one of his days off. I walked in the door, just like I normally do every day and said hi to him, proceeded to put my things away. I noticed that he didn’t answer me back and when I looked at him in the other room he looked totally pissed off.

“What?” I demanded in a nasty tone.

Craig held up a piece of paper. It looked like some kind of bill from where I happened to be standing. “What is this?” He asked me slowly. I thought I would take the innocent approach, so I walk slowly over to him, take the bill, study it for a second and say, “What? The cash advance?”

“Yeah, that cash advance!” Craig yelled at me, “What have I been talking to you about all of these weeks? Do you think we will ever get ahead on things if you continue to spend money we don’t have?” I just sat there and didn’t answer him. I felt like a scolded child.

“Well, what do you think we ought to do about it?” Craig said standing up.

I got the feeling I knew where he was going with this, and I said, “Hey, don’t.”

The next think I know Craig has his paddle in one hand and me in the other and he bends me over his knee. He puts the paddle down for a moment and unbuttons my jeans and begins to tug them down along with my panties. I struggle and say to him, “Stop it Craig, this isn’t funny! Don’t you dare spank me with that thing!” After my panties are down and I have barely caught my breath, he begins to spank me very hard with this leather paddle he bought. I am struggling, because he is really starting to hurt me, but he keeps spanking me telling me that he would teach me to listen to him when he says not to use the credit cards. I begin to cry, “Please! Please! Stop!” But he still spanks me and spanks me and spanks me. I can feel how hard he is from rubbing against his lap back and forth. His big cock is making me tingle in my crotch as I rub myself against him. It seems my rubbing excites him all the more and he still continues to punish me for my bad choices. I tell him I will never do it again, but he acts as if he doesn’t even hear me. I really am getting turned on by his hardness rubbing against my wet crotch. I was so turned on from the spanking that I just wanted him to rip my clothes off and fuck me right there. But he must not have been done with my punishment yet, because I wasn’t getting my loving, I was getting a spanking instead. Finally, after what seemed to be 10 minutes or more of spanking, he released me and ordered me to take off all my clothes. He stares at me, just sitting in his chair, watching as I remove my clothing, or at least what’s left of my clothing. He had already removed my jeans and panties, so I didn’t have much to take off. I stood there looking at him expectantly. Craig stood up and looked at me with a smile, “How does your bottom feel?” he asked me knowing fully well how it felt! It hurt! But it had turned me on and rather than say anything back that might cause me further spanking, I just stayed quiet. Craig undressed slowly and I saw just how turned on spanking my bottom had gotten him. He was hard as a rock and staring straight at me with that thing. I was mesmerized by his beautiful cock. So big, and the way he knew how to use it. I was so turned on from the spanking, and he was so hard from spanking me, that when he got on top of me and put his hard dick inside me, we were both like crazed animals, fucking, kissing, scratching, biting. He even turned me over and spanked me some more, and then fucked me doggy style. I came and came and came. I decided it might be fun to be naughty more often . . .