SantaClaws: Hi, how are you tonight.?

Lost Lady: Bit bored, still getting over flu, how about you?

SantaClaws: I’m ok went for a few drinks after work, been a long day.

The usual ritual of chatroom conversation was commencing. Sometimes they chatted for hours, usually late at night. When they managed by day, it was only snatches in between phone calls at their respective offices. They had never met, been talking for over 6 months. They got on very well, she was alone and liked the unusual form of company and he was happily married just looking for an innocent diversion in the evening. The underlying tension was there though, the curiousity aroused.

Sometimes he broached the subject of meeting she usually avoided it. She liked him, really liked their chats. Why ruin it, after all he was married. The strange thing was they had met in an adult chat room – what a lucky night that had been. For her anyway, she stopped chatting to nameless one night stands, although only on keyboard, but that’s what a lot of them were. He claimed he only chatted to her, but she doubted that, but was very tempted to find out about the man who made her laugh.

SantaClaws: Think I should give up my job?

Lost Lady: Why?

SantaClaws: Then you and I could meet for that lunch you keep promising me.

Lost Lady: No, don’t give up your job

SantaClaws: We could meet in the Park, you know the one we have talked about?

Lost Lady: Maybe, I suppose I am off for the rest of the week.

SantaClaws: Your decision, I will be there, told you I go there every day. Got to go now, speak to you later.

Lost Lady turned from her pc. She would be notified if he signed back in. Her mind was racing. He had already sent her a pic, if it was him, he didn’t know what she looked like so she could actually go to the park and have a look to see what he was like, he would never know her. He was quite attractive looked like a nice guy.

He didn’t get back on that night and the next night was Tuesday, he went to the club that night so there was no communication.

On the Wednesday she felt a lot better and decided to go online. If he wasn’t in a meeting he would have signed on and that meant he would definitely make the park at lunchtime. Curiousity aroused she was very, very tempted. Lucky Lady: Hi Santa, how are we.

SantaClaws: Lousy day, need to get out for some fresh air. Head down all day since I arrived, very detailed work, hope to finish it this morning then we will be left alone To skive all afternoon, ha ha, shame you have flu or you could have come along.

Lucky Lady: Off to doc’s shortly, you get that head back down and we can speak this afternoon, ok?

SantaClaws: Missing you already and looking forward to teasing you a bit.

Signing off she went to pick her outfit, she wanted to look nice – you just never know what might happen. She had no intentions of letting him know who she was but hoped it was him in the pic. Then she could easily recognise him! She drove along…. Not in the direction of the doc’s. No intention of going there. She parked on the street at the far end of the park, entered through the side gate and followed the path to the pond. She picked a bench and sat reading the magazine she had brought along, around 12.20 she looked up and saw him, yes it was him in the pic, heading down towards the pond, O’Briens bag in one hand – sandwich lunch. He sat on the opposite side of the pond and she had an excellent view, he looked even better than he had in the pic. Tall, slim, dark hair and yes, a nice smile. Hmm she liked him in fact he was quite a turn on, or maybe that was just the situation that was turning her on.

Suddenly it started to rain, huge heavy drops of rain. She grabbed her magazine and ran behind the bench to shelter under the nearest tree. She turned and looked across, where had he gone? She looked around but he had vanished. The rain was very heavy and she would get soaked if she tried to make a mad dash but in which direction? Just have to wait it out. Ten minutes passed before she could move and she headed home. Maybe another time.

Janet turned up as usual straight from work, ‘Brought two bottles of wine tonight, that should help your cold.’ Spaghetti Bolognaise, home-made of course, Garlic bread and crisps and dips for the wine. A perfect night, movie for the evening was Disclosure. Janet chatted about work and lovelife which lead to a discussion about the park, Janet knew all about the chat-room and thought it perfectly harmless. The conversation ran like a game of tennis – back and forward ‘What if he had seen you?’ ‘He wouldn’t have known me’ ‘Would you have talked to him if he’d waited?’ ‘Never know now’ ‘What if he’d tried to kiss you?’ ‘He wouldn’t, he’s happily married’ ‘but what if he had?’ ‘I wouldn’t have objected’ ‘What if he’d taken it further?’ ‘Depends on how good he kisses’ They both fell about laughing. Then they watched the movie and finished off the wine. As Janet left she said ‘Glad I’m going home to my man, that movie gets you going, what about you?’ ‘I’m going online, maybe that will help’

She watched Janet get in the taxi and closed the door.

She stripped off her clothes and slipped into her robe, then switched on the pc and signed on. Good he was online.

SantaClaws: Hi, how are you? Cold any better.

Lucky Lady: No, got caught in the rain. Just had some wine with a friend so feeling very good.

SantaClaws: I got caught in the rain too, in the park. Had to make a run for it.

Lucky Lady: Did you get very wet, I had to rush home and strip my clothes off.

SantaClaws: Bet that was a nice sight.

Lucky Lady: We could go on webcam and you could see for yourself. Do you have one?

SantaClaws: Yes but don’t often use it. Take it you have had a few glasses of wine to be that brave.

Lucky Lady: Uh-huh, Let’s switch on, that is if it’s ok with you.

SantaClaws: Ok but only for twenty minutes then you’re later tonight and I’m afraid my presence will be missed – other half beckons.

Lucky Lady: Ok don’t waste any more time. She untied her robe as she switched on the webcam, might as well make the most of the twenty minute countdown. He’d never seen her so at least he would find out she wasn’t too badly put together. Her webcam came on first and she angled it so he could see her figure clearly but only part of her face. She was actually shy about him recognising her.

SantaClaws: Wow, that’s rather nice but can I see your face? His webcam was very slow connecting and came on after a few minutes and although his face was shadowed she could make him out. She didn’t change the angle of her camera.

Lucky Lady: Your lightings not too good so I can’t see your face clearly either so we are quits. Lol

SantaClaws: So you’ve had a few glasses of wine, what else have you been doing?

Lucky Lady: Dinner cooked by moi, then my friend and I watched Disclosure, quite raunchy in parts, wish I could play that part. And have to admit to several glasses of wine.

SantaClaws: Wow, are you as horny as that, thought you were a nice girl! Lol. Lucky friend to have shared that with you.

Lucky Lady: Yes I am and no she wasn’t, she has gone home to her male partner to get rid of her hormones!!

SantaClaws: Shame, you are all alone. You’ve never mentioned if there is anyone you are interested in.

Lucky Lady: Only you, and we are down to ten minutes.

SantaClaws: Ooops you are timing me, do you time everything?

Lucky Lady: Sometimes, but tonight I won’t last long

SantaClaws: ???? What are you doing??

She hadn’t realised that she was rubbing her hand over her nipples and suddenly felt them harden through the cloth. She slipped one of the straps down and then the other, she started to twist them, pulling them and then lifting her breasts to the webcam.

Lucky Lady: Like them? It’s been a while since a man sucked them, I wish you could do it.

SantaClaws: I love them, you shouldn’t do this. I would love to …. Oooooh they are lovely.

She played with her nipples then raised up and bent over so they were hanging down for him. She did this at different angles then she moved the webcam slowly closer to each nipple then she sat back and licked her fingers and ran them over the nipples.

Lucky Lady: Would you, if you were close enough, would you?

SantaClaws: I wish I could, perhaps if you lived nearer we could meet. I have to be honest I think coffee might be as far as I could go.

Lucky Lady: Ok, I understand, just slip my straps back up. The thought was there that’s all.

SantaClaws: Don’t mean to offend, of course I want to, I mean I think I want to. I mean…. Wow you do have a lovely body.

Lucky Lady: So you would. Look you better go, see you tomorrow.

SantaClaws: I’ll be online after lunch.

She switched off her pc. You will be online she thought – after lunch and I am going to be with you for lunch!!! She went to bed, her rabbit was never far away. She was very wet after the teasing, She lay on her back and opened up to her beautiful pink toy. Slipping it inside the sensations tingling as the two tiny tips ran over her pussy up to her clit. Oh, to be fucked like this, it was vibrating and the tip was slowly turning, slipping it in and out, teasing her pussy, her body rose up and down from the bed riding the rabbit, she moaned as she brought herself closer to orgasm, then backed off and started to tease again. The tips on her clit were demanding and she started to buck against it and her hand moved faster and faster as she felt her orgasm rise. She thought of him as she came, she shouted, ‘fuck me harder, I want you to fuck me again and again’. She shuddered several times before very slowly slipping the vibe out and slipping it back in again a couple of times. She then brought the vibe to her mouth and sucked it. Boy she was looking forward to lunch.

Next morning she rose and wondered what he was thinking surely he was thinking of her or more to the point – her breasts!!!!! Well if nothing she was going to meet him today, nothing would come of it but she was going. She looked outside – it was still raining – what if he didn’t go to the park? Oh well – she would be no worse off than yesterday. She had a long relaxing bath, took her time with her hair and make-up. She wanted to look nice. She picked out a nice wrapover skirt and matching top. The wrapover top showed just enough cleavage that he could partially see her full breasts, unfortunately you couldn’t wear a bra but they looked better without anyway. Without thinking she put on crotchless panties and hold-ups. They were nice panties and the fact they were crotchless didn’t matter, he wouldn’t see them anyway. The wrapover skirt moved as she walked and when it split, it opened to the lacy tops of her stockings, showing off her long legs. Here a dab of perfume here and there and she looked pretty good!!! Well here I go , hope he’s there, she thought.

The rain had gone off as she left but it was threatening to come on again. Heavy as it had all day. Fingers crossed she thought as she started the car. The drive was uneventful and it was still dry as she reached the park and parked as per the previous day. She strolled around the pond as the benches were still wet. The one where he had sat was partially covered by trees and a corner was dry but she thought she would take her time walking around to it. Then she heard his footsteps, he turned the corner and walked to the bench, brown bag in hand as per yesterday. She approached and he looked up ‘You really got your Claws into that, and I thought I would be the Lucky Lady’. He smiled, really pleased to see her, standing up he bent slightly to give her a kiss ‘It’s really you, you’ve come for lunch’.his lips brushed hers and she felt her pulse quicken. He was genuinely nice and she liked him, really liked him. Suddenly thunder came on and lightening sent her into his arms, she didn’t like lightening. ‘Hey, it’s okay scaredy cat, I won’t let it hurt you’ He held her tightly as guided her into a small garden, there was a bench which was surrounded and kept dry as it was covered by trees, it was lovely. This was where he must have disappeared to yesterday. ‘There isn’t this nicer, relax’ he said. She liked him holding her tight, she liked the smell of him, the feel of his body against hers, she didn’t want to lose the moment. ‘I want you’ she whispered. ‘What did you say’ he said leaning closer towards her to comfort her.

She raised her mouth to his, ‘Kiss me again’ He hesitated and she raised her mouth to his, he kissed her slowly at first, warming to her, tasting her, feeling her body against his. She knew she wanted him but was frightened of rejection, she had to take the risk, had to know, she let her tongue find his and the passion started, they could feel it between them, both feeling the fire begin. She had to get him to the point of no return.

She pressed her body against his, kissing him passionately, feeling his passion in return, his hand slid to her breast he opened her top and took her breast in his hand. ‘I couldn’t believe how lovely they are, and they’re lovelier in the flesh’ she whispered to him ‘taste it, please taste it’ he licked her breast slowly all over, his tongue whipping over the nipple and back again, then he let his mouth rest on it, his teeth closed over and nipped it lightly, the pain making her ache more for him. She arched her body into his. He continued to play with her nipple in his mouth and she let her other breast loose. ‘Don’t neglect the other one’ she said. He groaned and moved back to look at her breasts he then cupped them both and bent over to lick them both from one to the other, biting them and tweaking the nipples, pulling and biting them, she let her hand fall to his crotch and felt his arousal, he wanted her and she was going to let him know how good it could be between them. There was no going back for her.

She lay back on the bench and he looked down on her, her breasts were marked where he had bitten them and her nipples were hard waiting for more. She pulled open her skirt and he could see her pubes and her lips were open to him where the crotchless panties split open for his pleasure. ‘Taste some more, just this once’ she pleaded. She opened her legs wide, lifting one over the back of the bench. He knelt on the edge of the bench and his tongue lightly ran the length of her lips. She shuddered and prayed he would not stop. He continued with his tongue, lightly down one side then back up the other, stopping only to apply light pressure to her clit. He continued to do this and she became wetter and wetter as he did. He let the tip of his tongue play with her clit pressing on it and then licking it gently, he let his tongue run through her pubes and then back to her clit. He was driving her wild. She was holding his head down and pressing her pussy into his face. Then her parted her lips with his fingers and let his tongue slip inside her. As the delicious feeling swept over her she pushed his face into her pussy covering his cheeks in her juices, she rode his tongue as it fucked her, then she felt her orgasm rising. She held his head firm as her body rose up to his face. She screamed as she came ‘Fuck me’ she wanted to feel his body in hers and knew this orgasm would prepare her body for the next. As she relaxed her hold on his head he raised his mouth to hers and kissed her, she tasted her own juices on his tongue and felt her wetness on his face. ‘I can’t make love to you, I’m wrong to do even this’ he said.

She couldn’t let this stop here. He was on his knees on the bench and she sat up letting her hand go to his zip, quickly she opened it and let her hand slip in, his hard, very hard cock was waiting for release and as he made to pull away she slipped her mouth around it. ‘Ohhhhhhhhh’ he sighed, he was going nowhere as far as she was concerned. She pulled back and licked the tip, pulled back the foreskin and licked the top avidly, she loved sucking cock, honestly loved it, she saw the precum on the tip and let it touch her lips, sticky juices covering her lips as she pulled back enough for him to see. Then she sucked the foreskin back over the tip and let her tongue slide up and down the shaft from tip to balls. Pushing his underwear down she took his balls in her mouth and sucked them hard, she licked them and sucked them individually and together nipping them with her teeth and licking all over, meantime allowing her fingers to play with his shaft feeling the throbbing from the big vein that was there. She played with his cock gently, not wanting him to cum before she was ready for it. She let her lips slide back up his cock onto the tip again and licked it slowly and teasingly letting her tongue linger on the tip as her fingers played with his balls at the same time. She rose up to meet his mouth again, she kissed him deeply and pulled him on top of her as she lay back and opened up to him, she took his cock in her hand and guided it into her wet and welcoming pussy, they maintained eye contact as they did, never letting one look away from the other.

She was daring him and he was allowing her to lead him into dangerous territory. He lay still and she began to ride him, she rose steadily up to him, holding his buttocks firmly on top of her with her hands. Her nails were digging into him as she forced him into her and she knew he would be marked but at this moment it didn’t matter to either of them. She wrapped her legs around him and although he still wasn’t moving voluntarily his cock was deep within her and she was shafting it faster and faster. She felt his climax start to build and she pulled him deeper then felt his release within her as he could hold back no longer the deep need within him. There seemed to be loads of spunk running out of her as he slipped out she slipped out from under him and knelt between his legs, taking his spunk covered cock in her mouth and drained the last dregs from him. She continued to suck him as he lay there, then climbed on top of him so that he could suck her pussy as she sucked his cock. She knew he would get hard again but it would be up to her how long it would take and she could already feel him stirring in her mouth. She moved up so that his cock was now between her breasts and she began to tit-fuck it, now he was getting a semi and this time it was different, he was in control! He slipped two fingers into her pussy and finger-fucked her as she tit-fucked his cock. Oh so much pleasure, giving and receiving. She was almost ready for him.

Suddenly, he moved her off, bend over the bench he said, she bent over and he spread her legs. Her tits were hitting off the back of the bench, he put his hands on her shoulders and bent her further over. He spread her legs and she felt his spunk run out of her pussy as his cock slid into her once again. He pushed her down hard and she felt the full force of his body as he rammed his cock into her, riding her hard, he was animalistic in this, then his hands slipped under her body grabbing her tits and pulling on them, she loved it, it was so wild. Again and again, sliding it out of her and ramming it up her hard, he was twisting her nipples hard. Then she felt it, her orgasm and his, she bucked against him as hard as he was fucking her, both of them losing control, wanting to devour each other, needing the release and suddenly it was there. She screamed and he groaned as release hit them, she pressed down hard onto his cock as he shot his load spurting deep into her pussy.

They collapsed onto the bench and he slid out of her, she let her hand rest on his cock as they recovered slowly. ‘I have to go back to work’ he said ‘And your wife’ she replied. ‘This can’t happen again’ he said ‘it won’t’ she replied as she stood up and walked away, just as slowly as she had when she had arrived. It had stopped raining, funny they hadn’t noticed. She smiled as she remembered the dismay on his face and she had said ‘it won’t’ obviously not the reply he wanted was it? She had a feeling that she had just arranged a regular lunch date.

– The End –