Miriam wipes down countertops, picking up salt and pepper shakers, replacing ketchup bottles, straightening chairs and wiping grease off glass display cases. It is 2am, time for Fred’s Diner to close for 3 hours and reopen at 5am.

Miriam is glad she is not working what is called the nightmare shift, working until closing and then reopening at 5, which she has been known to do for an extra buck. Alone again to close the diner, Miriam sighs at her solitary tasks at hand. Smoothing a delicate hand over her blond hair and tucking a stray wisp back into a bun held in place by a hairnet, she begins again to return the room back to order and cleanliness. After what seems like an hour, she removes her apron and takes a final look around to ensure that everything is clean and neat.

Just as she is walking back to the locker room to change into her civilian clothes, she is startled by the ringing of the bells on the front door. She realizes that she may have forgotten to lock the door and spins around. “I could have sworn I locked it”, Miriam begins to say aloud and her voice trails off into the air conditioned atmosphere when she sees the man who has come in.

“Well, hello there pretty lady. Mind if I have a bite? It’s around closing time, I gather, isn’t it. Am I too late?” He smiles briefly and glances around, looking slightly uncomfortable.

Miriam is momentarily taken aback by this stranger’s ruggedly handsome looks. Tall, blond, wearing a white T shirt which shows off his well developed muscles, the stranger flashes a brilliant smile which sends shivers down Miriam’s spine.

“Uh, no, no. It’s alright, I was just finishing up here, but we still have cold food available and, um, I can warm up the coffee.”

“Well, well.” The stranger says, looking relieved. “Thank you so much. I ll drink the coffee cold if warming it up is a problem. Anyway, I am sure the coldest fridge in here can be warmed up by you in seconds flat.” He looks at her and his eyes travel from her face to her full breasts and shapely legs, then back again.

The stranger walks up to Miriam.

“I’m Jim.” He extends his hand, and looks into Miriam’s eyes warmly.

Miriam shakes his hand and is slightly aware of a brief yet noticeably pleasant tingle running through her body as he grabs her hand in his big warm one and firmly shakes it, lingering for what seems like a bit too long with her hand in his grasp.

“Um, you have yourself a seat at the counter, and I’ll get whatever you need. What do you fancy?”

“Oh, maybe a cheese sandwich, some apple pie, and coffee. You’ll warm it up for me right?” Jim looks at Miriam and winks.

“Sure.” Miriam turns away quickly, all too aware of the growing feeling inside her as she walks over to the gleaming pie display case and cuts a thick piece of apple pie. She moves over to the bread case and takes out two fresh slices, puts them on the plate and feels Jim’s eyes burning a hole in her back. She spins around.

“Um, Jim?”


“Would you like Mustard or Mayo?”

“Neither. Just a ripe, juicy tomato.”

Miriam feels a slight flush moving over her face. She bends down over the refrigerator to get the slab of cheese out to cut for the sandwich and hears Jim clear his throat.

“Miriam, you sure know how to whet a fella s appetite.” Jim quips, half jokingly. “The looks and the sounds of you moving around and chopping and slicing are music to my ears, especially since I haven’t eaten a thing in 12 hours.”

“12 hours!” Miriam exclaims, her back still facing him as she prepares the sandwich. “Why, what on earth were you doing that had you too tied up to eat?”

Jim chuckled. “I wasn’t tied up, I was driving my rig. Just got here from Santa Fe, took 11 hours. Record time, practically drove straight through without stopping. Betsy is a good gal. She stayed with me all the way, oiled and gassed up, ready to go.”

“Who is Betsy?”, Miriam replies, noticing the slight annoying feeling of jealousy creeping up on her.

“My rig. See, out there?” Jim turns around on his stool and points to a gigantic 18 wheeler parked out front.

“Oh!”, Miriam says, noticing she is slightly relieved that Betsy is a truck, for some odd reason.

Still puzzling over her mixed emotions over this person she has only known for all of 15 minutes, without a word Miriam continues fixing the meal, heats up the coffee and sets the food in front of Jim.

“By golly, what a spread!”, says Jim. Jim tucks into the meal ravenously. Miriam begins carrying the items she used to prepare the meal back into the kitchen.

“I’ll be in the back, cleaning up. Holler if you need something”, Miriam says, again noticing her body’s awareness of Jim’s presence. She hurries into the back, ashamed of her sudden arousal. She busies herself with the dishes.

Miriam hears the clanging of fork against plate, and slurps of the coffee. There is silence for a while except for the sound of running water and dishes being washed.

“Mind if I help?”

A slightly startled Miriam did not hear the kitchen door creak open, nor did she expect to see Jim standing there in all his rugged, handsome glory.

Mouth agape, she stutters, “Uh um sure.”

Jim walks towards the sink, plates and cup in hand. He brushes against her and she feels the rising heat again, this time unmistakably between her thighs. She is up to her elbows in suds, and she removes her arms from the dishwater, wipes them clean on a towel and takes the plates from Jim, who is now standing next to her.

“You know, you are far too pretty to be doing dishes.” Jim says softly and brushes a soapy strand of hair from her eyes. A droplet of soapy water rolls down her neck to her breast, exposed in the unbuttoned area of her uniform. Jim takes the towel off the rack and gently wipes her breast clean, gazing into her eyes the whole time, stroking her breast softly with the towel.

Jim puts the towel back on the rack and turns again to face Miriam, and begins to stroke the flesh again, this time with his bare hand. Miriam closes her eyes and moans softly as his hand strokes downward in gentle circles towards her hardened nipple. Little electric shocks go off below Miriam’s waistline and Jim bends down and kisses her, first gently, then hungrily.

He cups her breast with his hand, pinching the erect nipple through the fabric. Miriam feels his manhood rubbing against her thigh and she presses against it. Jim groans as his hands squeeze both breasts and pinch both nipples. Miriam, beside herself with desire, reaches a hand down to stroke his hot bulge.

Groaning again, Jim picks Miriam up. She wraps her legs around his waist and he carries her to the large wooden table in the center of the kitchen. Seating her on the edge, he begins again to kiss her and unbuttons her uniform down the font. Miriam gasps as he pulls one of her round, fleshy breasts free and suckles the rose red nipple. His other hand unzips his fly and takes out his hard throbbing cock and begins to stroke.

Miriam looks at his member and gasps at the length and girth of it. The space between her thighs aches with need, for this stranger, this hot, horny, wonderful stranger to bury his cock deep within her and send boiling pots of cum into her throbbing depths. Miriam frees herself from his grasp and takes off all her clothing as Jim looks on, all the while stroking his cock and moaning. Miriam spreads her legs wide and Jim buries his face in her sopping wet pussy. Miriam cries out with lust as he swirls his tongue around her pulsing hardened clit and inserts two fingers into her throbbing lovebox.

“Cumming!”, Miriam exclaims as she moans and squeals with delight, feeling waves and waves of exquisite pleasure wash over her body. Jim moans, smelling her womanly essence and licking up her delicious sweet love juice. He feels her pussy contracting on his finger and his cock almost cums without penetration.

“I need you, now!”, Jim grunts as he stands up, and positioning himself directly over her, plunges into her.

“Ungh, yesss”, He moans as he begins to thrust in and out, deeper and deeper, harder and faster. Miriam is practically screaming with desire. She cries out, “I’m cumming! Oh god, cum with me!” And Jim feels her pussy sending warm wet rivers of cum forth, drenching his cock and balls. He thrusts into her deeply one last time and lets out a roar as his cock swells and shoots what seems like gallons of hot seed into her still throbbing hot pussy. “Uhn, uhn, uhn.” Grunting and panting, he stays inside her enjoying aftershocks that seem to go on forever.

He finally pulls out and, still erect cock in hand, invites Miriam to dine. More than willing, Miriam gets off the table and kneels in front of him. Legs spread, one hand fingering her still horny clit, Miriam begins to suck on his still throbbing hard manhood, tasting the remnants of his seed on the bulbous head, she swirls her tongue around it as Jim moans and thrusts his hips forward. Miriam slowly begins to take the length into her wet, eager mouth and drools all over it. Stroking it from the base, Miriam takes his hard cock all the way in to the back of her throat and gags and drools, as Jim moans and grinds into her mouth. Miriam sucks on his cock, deeper and deeper and tastes precum. She removes her mouth from his cock and still stroking its pulsating length begins to suck on his balls, which are already tightened against his body and filled with hot cum.

“Umgh”, Jim grunts and groans as Miriam sucks his balls gently into her mouth, temporarily soothing the need to release the large quantity of seed that is waiting to boil over. Miriam is still fingering her sopping wet pussy and Jim reaches down to stroke a nipple.

“MMM”, Miriam groans as she begins to finger furiously. Jim pulls Miriam up and gently lays her down on the table, head first. He climbs up over her and spreads her legs wide and hunkers down to bury his face in her pussy, Miriam yelps as he bites on her clit and, reaching up, pulls his cock down to her mouth.

In no time at all, Miriam’s legs are wrapped around Jim’s neck and she is cumming in his face.

“Uhn uhn uhn, ooh yesss.” She cries as she is cumming. All of a sudden, she feels Jim’s body stiffen and his loud moan as shot after shot of salty hot sperm is sent down the back of her throat. She swallows the whole load. It is delicious.

– The End –