The first rays of the morning sun streaked across the dark sky and illuminated the naked bodies of the two lovers. Richard opened his eyes and felt Joseph’s warm body spooned against him on the chaise lounge.

“Good morning sleepy head. I think we better get inside, clean up and get dressed. The sun is almost up.” Richard said prodding Joseph. “What would you like to do after breakfast?”

“Sleep, sleep. Oh, how I need more sleep.” Rubbing the sleep from his eyes and moving his face to Richard’s he said, “But first I want a big kiss. Ouch! We both need to shave.”

“Even with your beard, there is something so nice about waking up next to you. Feeling your body pressing against mine, knowing that the hard rod pressing against me is all mine and that it wants me.” Richard said as he kissed and hugged him. “Hey! I hate to spoil our fun but check out time is noon. After that we will have a few hours to kill because I don’t need to be back in town till eight tonight.”

“What’s doing at eight? Do you have another hot date?”

“Nothing really, just a casting call for a bit part. I need time to get my car back to Long Island. Then I have to catch the train back to Manhattan. It’s such a pain in the neck. Damn, I wish I could afford to keep the car with me in Manhattan, but it just costs too much to rent a garage and forget about leaving it on the street overnight. A car like that would not last more than a week before it wound up in some chop shop.” Richard said as the two of them shaved and showered in the bathroom. “But it would be nice not to have to run all the way out there, pick up the car and then come down here. The only good part about that is, I get to see mom and dad more often.”

“You’re not planning to come down here every weekend are you?”

“I would love to, sweetheart, but I can’t take that much time off from work. Besides I hope you will come up to the big city so we can spend time together and perhaps even go to visit my parents. Like I said they are dying to meet you. They even said we could room together in my old bedroom, providing, we don’t make too much noise.” Richard laughed. “That’s their way of making a joke, babe, those walls are pretty solid and you can scream all you want and no one will help you.”

“Your parents sound ‘A-OK’ and I can’t wait to meet them, but we are going to have to put it on hold for a while. I’ve been told that from now on the easy part of school is about to end. In a few weeks, when my Arabic is better, I will be going on trips into Paterson for a few days. They want us to spend time with Arab/Americans to get used to being among them and to soak up all the knowledge we can.

“Are you sure that’s such a good idea?” I don’t want to see you abducted and placed in some cheep male bordello.” Holding up one hand and counting off the reasons on the five fingers, he jokingly pointed out, “After all, one, you are blond. Two, you are an infidel. Three, you do have blue eyes. Four, you have a great body. And five, as of last night you are one hell of a cocksucker. So you be careful now!”

“I’ll be going with Ibrahim and we should be ok. Anyway, these are Americans and I’m sure the army has screened them…I hope!” Joseph said and blushing added, “Besides, look on the bright side, you never know one of them might be a young, good looking guy with dark eyes, silky black hair and nice full thick lips made for sucking my ‘Zip’. (That’s Arabic for cock.) Just my type, wouldn’t you say? There is also the chance that we might even go to a Mid-Eastern Cafe to study the art of belly dancing. I would love to see that. Ibrahim says that they even have male belly dancers. I might take a few lessons. Just imagine me, with that hot sexy Arabic music playing, gyrating my hips, chest, ass and my cock before you some evening enticing you into bed.”

“I created a monster!!!” Richard said swatting Joseph’s ass. “Just remember, you belong to me and I don’t want to have to start a war to get you back, so you had better remember to keep that ‘Zip’ of yours behind your zipped up zipper.”

They finished dressing and went down to have breakfast in the hotel dinning room. They also ordered a take out lunch of cold fried chicken and Potato salad with sodas, which they packed into the car. After checking out they took a drive out into the countryside and found a secluded picnic area off the main road. Alongside a slow moving stream was a picnic table where they were able to set out their food. The birds were chirping in the trees and the sound of the running water added to the peacefulness of the day. They ate and talked about making arrangements for future visits.

“Look,” Joseph said. “You can’t keep coming down here every week. First of all, like you said, you need the money, and weekends are when you make your biggest tips. And secondly, lets face it, there is not too much to see and do here in south Jersey.”

“Oh! I wouldn’t say that, there’s a lot to do here. Besides just being with you is enough. However, you are right about my having to earn money. There are few jobs where I can earn enough money to live like I do, without pedaling my ass.”

“How is the acting coming?” Joseph asked. “Any jobs around?”

“Like I mentioned this morning just bit parts and maybe a modeling job or two. Don’t be shocked if you see me in one of those underwear ads. My agent said he has something lined up for this week. I would love to land that. That’s how some of Hollywood’s biggest stars started out. The royalties from that type of work could pay for full time schooling.”

“I really don’t know if I want to see your body plastered up all over the place.” Joseph admitted. “But if it brings home the bacon, I guess I will have to get used to it.”

“HEY! That’s what I do for a living!” Richard said. “You kill people and I pose near nude for a living. If I can live with your work—- you are going to have to adjust to mine.”

“Well I can learn to live with anything you come up with, but it would be nicer if you could be that P.O.W. that you were last week. It would give me a chance to practice my special interrogation techniques on you.”

“Ohhh yeahhhh,” Richard said, as he placed both his hands on the top of his head. “I surrender and will be a good little captive. What do you want to know, Master?”

Joseph looked around and checked to see if there was anyone around and seeing no one he said in the most authoritative voice he could muster, “Stand at attention when you talk to me, pig! I want to know what you have hidden in your pants. Do you have a pipe bomb or some other explosive device hidden there?”

He got up and slowly circled around his quivering prey several times, finally stopping and standing behind Rich. Then he nudged Rich’s feet apart and started his ‘pat down’ routine. Running his hands up and down his victims torso, under his arm pits, over his hips and down his legs. Finally returning to the crotch area where his fingers felt something hard and round almost like a pipe. “Yes! I thought so – this requires further investigation!” He ran his strong arms around the front of his captive’s body pulling it up against his own chest while he ground his own crotch into Richard’s ass. With one arm holding him tight, Joseph’s other hand moved under the shirt and over his chest, nipples, and ribs then down to his belt buckle, which he opened. Unzipping and reaching into the pants and boxers, his fingertips fondled the semi-hard penis. “Just as I thought, you do have a concealed weapon hidden in there. One that could explode at any moment.” His fingers probed around feeling the cock getting harder and harder. Joseph quickly spun him around and pushed him back up against the edge of the table causing his upper body to lay on the picnic table with his legs dangling over the edge. Kneeling between the out-stretched legs he lowered the pants and boxers down to expose the concealed weapon now dripping with pre-cum. As his tongue licked his lips, he opened his mouth and devoured the raging cock. Richard moaned and pumped the head of his cock deep into the throat. Joseph swallowed the cock, down to the root like an old pro. Richard reached and grabbed his ears, and holding them he ‘face fucked’ him. Richard’s body soon stiffened and he shot ropes of cum down Joseph’s throat.

Drained dry Richard said, “Out here and in public no less.” And until now I thought you were the shy one. Someone might see us.”

“You’re right,” he said, cleaning off the overflow and licking Richard’s cock clean. “I’m glad that one of us has some brains. Some kid might come along or even a Cop. Fuck it all! If you were some slutty girl or a whore and you were giving me head there would be nothing wrong with it. ‘G.I. Lucks Out. Caught with raven haired beauty his cock deep in her throat, in the woods’ would be the headline and story if the newspapers even bothered to print it.”

“Yes, True but with two men it would be headline news. I can just see the headline in one of two ways! Either it would read ‘Man Drugged and Deep throated by Sex Crazed soldier’ or ‘Soldier Deep Throats, In Deep Woods’.”

Both of then started to laugh till their eyes filled with tears. They moved away from each other and Richard got up, pulled his pants up and closed his fly.

“I would love to satisfy you too, my lov, but it’s getting late and I better be heading back to the city. I only wish I could stay longer but if I stay any longer…I’ll never want to leave. What about next weekend do you think you will be able to come to the city and spend time with me? Maybe we can visit my family.”

“Rich, I’ll have to let you know. Now that I have that cell phone I’ll be able to call you and we will set up something.”

They cleaned up the picnic mess and Richard drove them back to town.

“Hey let me off here. I can walk from here. It’s only a few blocks to the main gate. We can say our good byes here, private like, away from the prying eyes.”

Richard pulled over to the curb, stopped the car and leaned over and kissed him.

“I’ll miss you like crazy.” Joseph said when their lips parted, “Make sure you give me a call when you get home tonight…just so I know you made it with no problems. Good luck with the casting call and your underwear ad! I hope you get both jobs.” Then he reached into the rear for his canvas bag and got out of the car. He watched as Richard pulled away and headed the Mustang for the interstate and home.

Even though they spoke to each other two or three times a day, it wasn’t next week or even two weeks later that he was finally able to find the time to see Richard again. Richard had gotten both the commercial ad and an understudy roll. That plus the fact that things at the school had started moving faster kept each of them busy. There were whole days now that Joseph had not used English. It became a game where no one paid any attention to you if you used English. Even after school Arabic was used as much as possible. Everyone started calling him Yusef, the Arabic version of Joseph. A time came when he did not answer to the name Joseph. He woke up one night startled to realize that he had even started to have dreams in that language. It was hard on every one and the class had dwindled by forty percent.

Then the day trips started. Joseph loved the excursions into the Arabic speaking areas. Little by little the conversations and different accents became understandable. He particularly loved shopping in the many gift shops there. He purchased several items for Richard and himself there. He soon learned the art of how to bargain with the owners over every little item. He quickly realized that the asking price for something was just the starting price. He became a hard haggler and the owners loved the way he insisted on only doing it in Arabic. One Friday, Joseph and Ibrahim attended Mosque together and were invited to spend Friday with some of the congregation. A few of the people even tried to get Joseph to study about the Muslim religion. They would get into semi-heated discussions about Islam.

One family even offered to adopt Joseph (as it turn out they had marriageable daughters)…. It was then that Joseph learned about the custom of ‘The Bride Price’. The discussion took place after Friday prayer services in the spacious and richly decorated home of the father. He was not only a revered religious leader but a community leader as well. All the men sat around a large coffee table set with cups of steaming coffee, sweets and fresh fruit. The wife and eldest daughter served them, and then retired to a small alcove where they sat behind ornate latticework shyly looking out and following the discussion and bargaining. The girl, who was nineteen and a half, was still unspoken for. By that age most Arab girls have long since been ‘contracted for’. The father, being rich thought that he must find the very best match for her possible and so had turned away scores of eligible young men. So many had been turned away that the men had soon stopped asking and went elsewhere. Because of his inability to choose her husband, his beautiful daughter was fast approaching the point where it would be hard to make a desirable union. Joseph entered into the bargaining with gusto. Even for someone not versed in the finer points of the language he found himself able to participate in the delicate negotiations and was enjoying the whole spectacle.

“No, as much as I would love to marry your beautiful daughter, right now it is impossible. I can’t take on a wife at this time, not till I get out of the Army.” Joseph told the father. “What would happen to her if I got killed or if I was sent to some god forsaken place? We might not see each other for years. Besides on my army pay I could not afford the Bride Price that such a beauty deserves.”

“I have not even told you the price yet. That is something we can talk about and try to come to some mutual accommodation.” Placing his hand on the rear of Joseph’s neck and pulling his ear to his lips he whispered. “Besides she is getting on in years and I would like to see her married to a nice young, good looking, strong man like you. Once she reaches 25, her ability to produce many sons will diminish and we will have to give her away to some old man. God knows what he would use her for. Even though she is only a woman, she is still my daughter and I would not like to see that happen. I think you and I could make some sort of deal.” Then lowering his hand to Joseph’s leg he playfully squeezed Joseph’s inner thigh and continued, “With you as her husband I would not have to worry, you look like you would take good care of her… I might not even demand much “Bride Money”, because you bring something that not one of our people can offer in this union.”

“What is that?” Joseph inquired placing his hand over the father’s and gently preventing him from moving it up his leg to his crotch.

“American citizenship and my having a handsome blond son-in-law with the bluest eyes I have ever seen and someone that will give me many grandsons is a big down payment on the ‘Bride Money’,” The father said with lust in his eyes while his fingers continued to rub and squeeze Joseph’s leg.

“Ahhhha, but with the American citizenship would come freedom for her. She might not want to stay with me,” Joseph added and then in an effort to gracefully get away from the man’s probing fingers he asked, “May I hear what she has to say in all this?”

“You may, but what she may or may not say will have nothing to do with what she will do… She is my daughter and will obey me until you become her husband, then like a good Moslem wife, she will obey her husband!” Then he saw the man make that gesture that Moslems make when they start to pray. Lifting his hands in front of himself with the palms up and smiling broadly as if he was trying to hide nothing from Joseph or Allah, he said. “Go…. I give you permission to talk to her. Besides her great beauty, you will find that she knows English much better than I do.”

Joseph looked over at the pretty girl with her long black hair, long lashes and her dark eyes turned downward looking at the floor and asked, “What do you think of all this? Is it your wish to marry at this time? Do you want me to ‘buy’ you and take you to my bed?” He got up and started to walk over to her.

“It is as my father says and I will do what my father wants,” she answered in Arabic with her eyes still downcast. Then lifting her eyes to look at Joseph she continued in English. “I would not mind getting to know you better; you know like going out on a few dates, but my fathers wishes are commands and I will do what he thinks is best for me. You look like a very kind, understanding and patient young man with a good heart and I most likely could not do any better on my own or among my own people.” Then lowering her eyes she whispered, “I would hope that you would treat me well and not beat me too hard as most of our men beat their wives.”

Joseph standing in front of her reached out and ran the tips of his fingers over her face and lifted her chin so that her big black eyes were visible to him and her ruby red lips slowly parted into a shy smile showing her bright white teeth. “If I ever raised anything but my voice to you, you would have my permission to leave me. Habibi. Has anyone ever told you that you looked like a little lamb?” He asked as she broke into a big smile. “Before I went into the Army, I was a farmer. My parents still have this small farm in upstate New York. Do you think you would like living on a farm someday?”

“I was raised in cities, I don’t know anything of farms or farm work, but I could learn—- If you would teach me.” She said her eyes looking deep into Joseph’s and then diverting back down to the floor.

Joseph’s bright blue eyes roved from the tips of her gold painted toes, slowly up her slim figure taking in what appeared to be a hint of two full breasts under the dark modest dress she was wearing, to the olive color of her face and skin, took her hand in his and said, “I would love for us to get to know each other better. You find favor before my eyes, my lamb. Would you care to explore the possibility of a union with me? Perhaps to ‘Date’ and see what happens? But I must tell you right out that I am not prepared to take on a wife at this time.” She looked into his eyes and her answer became apparent as her face broke out into a big smile.

Joseph turned to the father and said, “Along with the ‘Bride Price’ of American citizenship I demand something from you… That this girl and I be allowed to get to know each other before the BOTH of us decide what we wish to do. In America both men and women make their own choices. I am honored that you want to give her to me, but we do not give or take human beings here. We make our own minds up. Sometimes we make the wrong decisions… but they are ours to make.”

Ibrahim, who was nervously watching and listening to the conversation, smiled and tried to smooth out the feelings of the people involved. “Your honor, he really means no disrespect,” he said to the father. “He is not a Muslim. He is an outsider and therefore does not know our customs, please do not be offended.”

“We are most definitely not offended. This is America, and I guess, in time the old ways will perhaps change,” The father stated with sadness in his voice and then smiled. “I am pleased that he would even consider my humble offer. He conducts himself well and I just wanted to show him that I consider him worthy to be my daughter’s husband as well as a member of my family. It is good that he wants to see her more. For now I agree to their ‘dating’ each other, but under careful controls however. Perhaps he will even learn to accept the way of the prophet in time. His ability with our language is such that I think he must have been an Arab in a previous life. Come let us eat and let the future take care of itself. Perhaps it is ‘Qismet’, perhaps not. Only the future knows and we are not privileged to know that until it becomes the past. As long as he honors our customs and doesn’t abuse our hospitality he is welcome at my table and in my house. You as his friend will continue to instruct him in the proper ways.”

Later when they were alone Ibrahim asked him if he knew what he had done. “Dick head! Didn’t you realize that you were almost married there? Her father, as a religious leader could have just announced that you were man and wife. As it is, you are sort of engaged, I think. She is a beautiful girl and you could not have done better, but for Pete’s sake, keep it in your pants, she is the daughter of an important community leader. What you do from now on is your business—I don’t want to be involved in any way. I’m warning you…. behave yourself or some evening in a dark alley you could find your throat cut and your ‘Privates’ cut off and stuffed into your mouth.”

“I guess I just got carried away, but she is beautiful and I want to see her again. Anyway like all of you said, I could do worse. I guess we are engaged to be engaged.”

Back at base on Monday, Joseph was surprised to be called into the School Commander’s office. He entered the office and saluted and said, “Private Benson reporting as ordered, sir.” He noticed that there was a stranger in civilian clothes sitting across the desk from the C.O.

“At ease and have a seat, Private Benson, Let me introduce you to Mr. Smith, he works for C.I.D. and they would like to have a little talk with you.”

Joseph shaking the man’s hand asked, “What does the ‘Criminal Investigation Department’ want with me? As far as I know I have not done anything wrong.”

Mr. Smith smiling returned the hand shake and joked, “Why is it every time I’m introduced to someone they think I’m here to arrest them? I guess it just goes with the job.”

“Well if you are not here to arrest me, what can I do for you?” Joseph said warily.

“Would you like to take a ride with me for about an hour? I would like to talk to you and ask you some questions.”

“Do I have a choice?”

“Yes you do have a choice. I’m not here on any criminal business. At this time I will not insist that you come with me, I think you just might be interested in what I have to say. However, if you don’t want to accompany me, I will leave and you won’t see me again. I just want to have a talk to you—- that’s all.”

“Well seeing as you asked so nicely and it appears you have my Commanding Officer’s permission, I guess it should be O.K.”

Mr. Smith got up, thanked the C.O. and said good-bye. Joseph stood, came to attention saluted his C.O. and asked for permission to be excused. He then followed ‘Mr. Smith’ outside.

A driver holding open the rear door of an army sedan met them outside. After they both got in the rear seat the driver got behind the wheel and quickly drove away leaving the school area behind. They drove to a secluded area of the base where the driver came to a stop and asked if this spot would do. ‘Mr. Smith’ nodded, and then opened the door got out of the car and told Joseph to follow him.

“Walk with me, Benson. I want to have a private conversation with you.” He said. And the two of them strolled out of the drivers sight and hearing. “We are hearing some wonderful things about you, Joseph, may I call you that.”

“That’s my name.”

Smiling he continued, “You seem to be doing very well in and out of school. I am informed that you are one of a rare breed that has the knack of picking up not only the vocabulary but you are able to string together words and thoughts almost like a native. Also, so I am told, you have that ability to blend into the culture. Someone even remarked that you were like that fellow, the one they called Laurence of Arabia. From what I hear you were even offered the daughter of a important Arab community leader.”

“Ibrahim, I’ll strangle him.” Joseph said. “He had no right to tell anyone about that.”

“Ibrahim?” Who is that?”

“My learning partner.”

“No! It was not from him. We had an informer who was in the room while the father and you were bartering for his daughter.” The C.I.D. man said. “In fact, even though this informer has a wife, he had been looking forward to the time when the father would “sell” her to him as his second wife. I understand that they sometimes do this when the girl is older and a better match cannot be made. Rather barbaric isn’t it?”

“Perhaps so, by western standards, but from what I can see… the women tend to go along with the system. Well I’m sorry to upset you and your informer’s plans. I only said that I would like to date her. And for now that’s all I intend to do!”

He said in a low voice, “Look I’ll be truthful (or at least as much as I can be), as you might have guessed my name is not Smith. It’s William Barns, Agent William Barns. I am not C.I.D.; I am FBI Homeland Security Division. Today all the agencies including the C.I.A. are working together or we should be. Look, here are my papers, if you want you can call the FBI office, they will confirm everything I say. Just tell them Agent Barnes told you to call. Or you can visit the FBI office in town and inquire in person if you want.”

“I will do that, but just what is it you want me to do?”

“Well for starters we want you to become real close with the father and date the girl. Really romance her. We want the father to feel completely at ease with you. Become part of the family. But first and foremost we want a reliable agent in that community. We want to know what they are doing, what they are saying and what they are thinking. Who they are giving funds to and just about everything else you can tell us about them. If you have to marry the girl to get this information, Do it!”

“I couldn’t do that.” He said “I don’t want a wife at this time. And then there is one other problem that I don’t think you know about. I don’t know if your ‘friend’ reported it to you or not, but, I think the father has his eyes on me for another reason. The old fart has roving hands and if I had not stopped him when I did… he would have been into my pants before I even got a chance to bed his daughter.”

“As far as wedding the girl there is no need to worry about that, if need be, we could arrange a ‘marriage’. Just think, you can screw the girl and serve your country at the same time and get an expense account to boot.” He jested. “Just like James Bond ‘007’. Only difference is — you will have a license to screw, instead of a license to kill. As far as the father’s perverted advances to you go…. nothing was reported to us. Now that’s what I had in mind by your being able to get information to us. To our “friend” that sort of thing might have been all within the culture and not worth reporting. It is very, very interesting… If push came to shove… Err…do you think you could handle it?”

“He is a very powerful man, but I think I could ‘handle’ him. I don’t think I will have to ‘bed’ the both of them. But you never can tell and the girl is a beauty,” Joseph could not help pass up the opportunity to make a joke, “And it just might be worth letting the S.O.B. enjoy a feel now and then, if that’s what it takes to get into her pants.”

“Be serious! We know it’s asking a lot and we have no right to even suggest, much less order you to engage in that sort of thing. It could even be dangerous, however, I think if you take proper care and precautions –you can handle the old pervert. Will you at least consider taking on the project? We will clear everything with your commanding officer. If you want we could even have you moved out of the school and transferred to us. We could get you a car and special quarters off base to live in if you think it would help.”

“Man you must really want this to go down. What happens if I decide not to play this game?”

“Again no threats,” he smiled. “But we must have our ‘man on the inside’ and he must be there soon. That could either be you or the contact that I told you about before. For our part, we would rather that man be an American, and not one of them. To that length we will be willing to accommodate you as much as we can. However, if you say no – we will insist that you never see or contact her again and that you stay away from that community. We do not want to be forced to have you transferred so that our informer, who is an old lecherous son of a bitch, can make his move. Look at it this way—If you are in, then you can not only screw the girl to your hearts content, but you can protect her from being hurt too much.”

“Well, I will think about it. It does sound very tempting. When do I have to let you know if I want to do it?”

“Let’s see, today is Monday and you will need time to check me out… Let’s say by Wednesday!”…