“Are you going out of your mind? How could you ever agree to do something like that?” Richard screamed at the top of his voice. “You’re pulling my leg! You have got to be joking. Ibrahim is right; they are going to cut your throat. No! No! I won’t have you shacking up with some Arab bitch, even if it is for ‘God and Country’. We are one you and I, or at least I thought we were.”

It was late at night and they were sitting in Richard’s old bedroom out on the Island. “Can you keep it down? I don’t want your mom and dad to hear or know about any of this, yet.” Joseph whispered, placing his fingers over Richard’s mouth. “Just listen and keep an open mind. This may turn out to be the answer to our problems. We will be able to see each other more often then we do now and since I will work in the Metro area, I will not have to go overseas. I can serve out my duty time stateside and be with you.”

“Yes I see that, and that part is great, but what about HER?”

“To tell you the truth – I don’t know.” Joseph admitted. “I’m not going to lie to you. From what I was able to gather, she is very charming, but you know I love you and she is just a means of getting to be with you more often. It is just like agent Barns said, some men fight for their country with a gun at their shoulder —your gun is between your legs.”

“If I asked you not to do this…”

“Don’t, please don’t ask it and stop worrying it will be OK.” Joseph begged.

“But what if I were to insist! If I were to tell you that it was either give this thing up or give me up. Make a choice! What would you do?” Richard asked.

“In that case my love—–I would have to give it up. I would not do this without your blessing, Rich, darling, you mean too much to me now.”

Richard grabbed Joseph in his arms and kissed him hard. His mind going over every thing his lover had told him. He told himself that Joseph could have done this without even telling him. What would I have known? We just see each other on some weekends. He could have kept all of this to himself and just lived a double life, but he chose to confide in me and not hide anything. After all it’s not that he loves another man…. If I don’t agree to this I might loose him. And I don’t want that. It was then that Richard made his decision.

“Joseph I love you and only want you to be safe and happy. I trust you enough to know that you went over this and examined it from every possible angle and that you think you can pull it off.” He said. “I’m still leery of it, but at least I’ll have you within arms reach and not have to worry about you going overseas and being blown up on some street corner in some distant hell hole. My biggest worry has been that you would be killed and your body shipped back and that I would never know it. They only notify your next of kin, not your lover.”

“You need not have worried about that, my love, I have had you listed as my next of kin along with my adopted parents. So they will notify you as well in any event.”

Joseph had thought of this from every possible angle. After the conversation on Monday with Agent Barns, he had called the New York office of the FBI, Tuesday and was told that Barns was legitimate and that he worked out of Newark. He then called the Philadelphia office to double check and was told the same thing, that Barns was a certified agent and they were aware and supported what he was doing. Joseph then called the Newark office and was immediately directed to Agent Barns’s office where an appointment was setup to meet on Wednesday at 2 P.M. Everything was cleared with his C.O. and Agent Barns sent a car to pick him up.

At 2 P.M. he was ushered into Barns’s office where he was introduced to two other men. One of them was a Mr. Philip Jackson who was Barns’s supervisor. The other man was Mr. Steward Cook, the director of the north Jersey area office. After the initial greetings they got down to business. Joseph lost track of the time as the four of them talked for hours until about 6 p.m. when they sent out for dinner and moved the meeting to a conference room in order to eat and continue to discuss the situation. The four of them sat most of the time, except when the discussion got hot and then one or two of them paced back and forth. They tried to go over every possible problem. For one solid hour they discussed the pros and cons of Joseph leaving the Army and coming to work for the FBI. It was finally decided that this would be too risky and might raise the ‘Red Flag’ in some quarters. For now he would continue at the school. After graduation they could and would arrange for him to be posted to the School, where he would be carried as a part time instructor on detached duty to study Arab Culture. As an instructor, if he needed a car and an off base apartment it would appear normal for him to have these. His appointment to the position would also ‘appear normal’ as it was expected that he would graduate as one of the top students. The continuing need for teachers of Arabic almost guaranteed that he be retained at the school, where he could train others and not waist his talent overseas.

The main sore point and bone of contention, turned out to be the amount of control needed to ‘handle’ him. They discussed how closely they wanted to monitor him. He pointed out that his need for freedom of movement was vital to gaining the needed information. He insisted that he was not to be bugged or monitored in any way. He would report anything that he heard to them either in person, after setting up a meeting or if need be by phone. He would call Barns every day and by use of a catch phrase inform him if he was ok or if he had run into trouble by not using it. Above all the girl was not to be followed or interfered with. His romance with her was to be private. Again Joseph stressed that the father would be a problem.

“You are going to have to deal with that as best you can,” said one of the bosses. “You know what you have to do. We are all grown ups here and we know it is part of the culture.”

“Whose culture?” Joseph asked. “Arab or American?”

“Arab culture you idiot.” Philip said thinking that Joseph was fooling around.

“I didn’t know that Jay Edgar Hover was an Arab.” Joseph offered.

“Touche! Now that’s very funny. However, I’m sure Joseph will rise to the occasion.” Barns smiled and changed the subject. “Are you going to need a car?”

“I think so. Yes! I will need one. Something fast and fancy.” Joseph said, his mind toying with the idea of a fast sports car.

“Don’t get any fancy ideas. You’ll have to settle for something less conspicuous, like a second hand car with a good engine that’s in passable condition. These people are not fools! You show up, out of the blue, with a new car and someone is going to add one and one and come up with two. We would not want them to smell a rat would we?”

“OK, I see your point. Can’t blame a guy for trying? When is this going to start? Joseph asked.

“I think you should start as soon as you can set up a “date”. At least give her a call and arrange a visit –you know – to break the ice.” Said one of the bosses.

“That’s not the way it’s done. Everything must go through the father. This Monday I will call the father and arrange a meeting with him. I have to formally ask his permission, perhaps negotiate and set up the “ground rules”. He said.

“Why wait till Monday?” they asked.

“Sorry but I had already planned a trip to Long Island this weekend to visit a friend and his family.” He said. “And besides I need time to get adjusted to this new situation.”

“Ahhhh. Who is this friend and can they be trusted?”

“First of all, that’s none of your business!” he started to say, but was stopped by the questioner.

“Everything you do, and everyone you associate with from now on – is our business. We are not going to let you run around like a loose cannon. We will control your every movement.”

Before Joseph could protest, Barns raised his objection… “No Philip, not this time. It is not going to be that kind of operation. We have never ever had the chance to get anyone, this close into that community. No Arab, let alone a 100 percent American, has ever penetrated as deeply as Joseph has. The reason for this is that we strangle our informers and yes, even our own agents to such an extent that they cannot function. I want Joseph to be free to do what he wants, even to the point of being completely irresponsible. Just like a ‘normal’ sex driven young American GI who just happened to fall into this situation. It was that behavior that got him into this situation to begin with and to change it now would tip them off and place him in more danger. He’s my operative and that’s the way I see it going down.”

“Thank you, Bill, I really have no objection to your knowing who these people are – you just have to promise not to hassle them.” Joseph stated.

“Philip, I think Bill is right on this one. It makes sense, and since I am the one that will have to report to the director… that’s how it will be. Joseph you will report in to Bill and I expect reports every week or if you get something important bring it to me directly. The both of you will be careful – I don’t want this messed up. Philip, lets leave them alone to work out their plan of action. Results are what I want. Until now we have not had much luck with the usual methods. Let’s see what this ‘fucking method’ can do. If nothing else, we can chalk it off to having provided entertainment to one of our service personnel, before we ship him overseas.” He said, getting up and walking over to Joseph extending his hand to him and wishing him and Bill ‘Good Hunting’.

After leaving Bill’s office a little after 10:30 pm, Joseph placed two calls. The first was to Richard to set up the upcoming weekend visit. Joseph had agreed to the visit after Richard had assured him that both his mother and father had been told that Joseph’s homosexuality was to be kept a secret because of the Army. Once he was out of the service it could come out into the open. Richard was happy to hear that Joseph had finally decided that this weekend was going to be his first visit. He assured Joseph not to get anxious or nervous about meeting them. He rattled on and on about how much they would all like each other.

“Hey, are you sure that you are not the nervous one here. I think you are going to have kittens over this.” He jested.

“Right you are! I just want it to go smoothly for the sake of all of us.”

“It will, babe! Look I have to make another call before it gets too late— Talk to you tomorrow. Love you, sleep well byeeeeeeeee.”

His next call was to Fazzi Muhammad, the father of Kasemah the lovely girl he had found so appealing. He punched in his number and waited for the phone to be answered.

“Hello, this is the Muhammad residence, how can I help you?” Answered a heavily accented male voice.”

“This is Joseph Benson. I know it’s late, but is Mr. Muhammad at home? I would like to speak with him.”

“Nobody just calls to speak to him like this, not at this hour. What is it that you wish to talk to him about, perhaps I can help you?”

“I think not — It is about his daughter — If you just tell him my name — Joseph Benson, I’m sure he will want to come to the phone.”

After a few seconds, “Yussef, ‘Kyf Halk,’ how are you? A voice asked. “Fazzi here. It is so nice to hear your voice – at last. I was beginning to wonder what had happened to you. Did you forget about us?”

“A thousand apologies to you, your family and your daughter. What can I tell you? I have been working so hard that I have had very little time to myself. However both you and your daughter have not been far from my thoughts. Can you find it in your heart to forgive me?”

“But of cause I forgive you. When one is young and how you Americans say it, hot, like you— OHHHHh youth is so wasted on young people.” He said trying to sound like a modern man. “But tell me, when are we going to see you again? Both my daughter and I have looked forward to your coming to call.”

Thinking quickly, Joseph responded, “I would have contacted you earlier, but I have no easy way of coming to Paterson. It is such a hassle to have to go into New York first and then take a bus to Paterson. With the bus schedules so uncoordinated I think it would be faster if I walked there from here. I have been looking around for a cheep car to buy. Once I have a car I will be able to drive up there almost everyday after work. Then I can really get to know you and your family and court your lovely daughter the way she should be courted. As much as I would like it to be sooner it looks like that will take a week or two.” And then in a saddened voice added, “Maybe the weekend after this coming one.”

“Is transportation the only problem you have?”

“Well aside from a visit to relatives of a friend on Long Island this weekend, I have no other commitments.” Joseph told him.

“What time do you finish school during the week?”

“I’m off from 1600 hours till 0900 hours the next morning, why do you ask?”

“Well let’s see, — from your base it takes about an hour and half to get to Paterson by car, is that right?”

“Yes I should think so.” Joseph informed him.

“I was just thinking,” he said. “I can send a car and driver down there to pick you up and bring you back here. You can have dinner with my family and me and we can have our “talk” and then perhaps you could visit with Kasemah. You can spend the night in our Guest house and the driver will drop you at the base in the morning. How does that sound, Yussef?”

“That’s most kind of you – are you sure it would be no trouble or a problem.

“None whatever, only too glad to do it. I would however suggest one thing. You pack the clothes that you will need for class on Tuesday morning. That way you will be ready and able to go right to class. I know how rough teachers can be with late students. Mine used to take a strap to my backside.”

“Well here in the army I would most likely draw a kitchen police detail for punishment. However, that suggestion of yours sounds wonderful, and should save my backside! How does this Monday evening sound? Will that be good with you?” Joseph inquired.

“Yes that is good, Monday night it is then. Give me all the directions about where to pick you up and I’ll make all the arrangements tomorrow.” Fazzi said.

After giving him the information and making sure he had it right, Joseph said, “One thing more. Would you permit me to speak to your daughter now? I would like to reassure her that I have not forgotten her or her beautiful eyes. They have been in all my dreams.”

“I’m sure she would love to hear that, but it is past her bedtime and she is preparing for bed now. I will convey your message and I’m sure she misses seeing your blue eyes, perhaps even as much as I do. ‘Mesaa El Kair’ good evening Yussef, Till Monday then.

Saturday afternoon, after barracks inspection, Joseph had taken a bus into the city where he met Richard and the two of them had taken a train to the Long Island home of Richard’s parents. They had been so nice and accommodating. His father had started a Bar-b-Cue and was cooking all kinds of goodies. His mother busied herself making them drinks while they sat on the back porch deck enjoying the cool September day. Rich and Joseph were sitting in the porch swing holding hands and rocking back and forth, looking out at the clean white sand of the shoreline. His mother handed them each a Seven and Seven and they all became comfortable with each other. Richard told his parents how they had met; naturally leaving out some of the details, and Joseph answered their questions. Once more he and Rich stressed the importance of keeping their private lives secret. Richard’s parents assured both of them that as far as anyone else was concerned, Richard and Joseph were just good friends. After eating, they decided to go for a walk on the beach to watch the sun go down. Joseph insisted that Richard’s mom and dad join them. Leaving their shoes behind, barefooted, the four of them walked for what seamed like hours enjoying the cool sand filtering through their toes as they playfully splashed each other and dodged the water lapping up on the beach. About 11 p.m. Richard Senior took his wife back to the house leaving the two lovers alone on the beach.

“They are really great people. I love them. They made me feel like I was their son.” Joseph whispered to his lover as they headed back toward the house. “We better get to bed also, but first I have some news to tell you. It might even cause our first real fight.”

“It will keep till we are in bed. If we are ever going to have a fight I want it to be in bed. That way we can make-up by having hot wild sex afterward.” He jested.

And so it was after they were alone sitting in Richard’s old bedroom that Joseph told him about his trip into Paterson. Rich, at first was angry, confused and hurt, but after ranting and raving a bit, he came to accept the situation and to see the possibilities.

“Now that we have had our ‘fight’, is it time for the making-up part yet?” Richard asked.

“You bet your sweet ass it is,” Joseph said as he reached out and pulled Richard to himself kissing him deeply. His hands roamed over the body of his lover as his lips followed his fingers. Kissing and licking and taking little love bites. Both of them were gasping and moaning. “God you taste wonderful. I could feed on you 24/7. That ‘Old Spice’ cologne of yours drives me wild. Grrrrrr. You know that for a long time after that first weekend we spent together, every time I thought of you, that odor flooded back into my brain.”

“Glad you like it baby, I wore it just for you. Are you feeling horny?” Richard asked, as he started to remove Joseph’s clothes, piece by piece. He knew the answer already because his fingers brushed against Joseph’s cock, which was as hard as, steel and was already leaking precum. Richard’s fingers became covered with the nectar that covered Joseph’s cock head and he placed his fingers against Joseph’s lips. Joseph sucked them in, licking the precious fluid off of them. Then Richard took a taste for himself, smearing the stickiness around his own lips and then pressing them against Joseph’s. Joseph ran his tongue over Richard’s lips and let his own pre-cum scented saliva flow into Richard’s eager mouth.

Richard took Joseph’s hands in his and guided him toward the bed. Joseph, lying down naked on the bed pulled a pillow under his ass, drew his legs up and spread them wide. “Take me baby,” he whispered.

“Oh Babe, I love you so much,” Richard whispered to him and striping himself naked he reached into the night table drawer, and removed the lube and condoms he had stored there. Joseph taking two condoms placed one quickly on his own cock and then very slowly and seductively unrolled the other onto Richard’s hard cock. Richard taking the lube applied some to his condom covered fuck stick. Lifting Joseph’s legs onto his own shoulders he positioned his body so that his cock was pressing against Joseph’s waiting pulsating man pussy.

Joseph shuddered as he slowly became fully impaled. He felt Richard’s cock move steadily but slowly into him until he could feel the weight of his lover’s hairy balls on his ass. “Aawww. Oh, baby,” he groaned, reaching up and running his fingers through Richard’s chest hair, searching out and finding the hardened nipples that erupted like mountain peaks above a dark forest. He touched them, lightly scratching them with his nails, then ran the tips of his fingers around the nipples circling them. Richard shuttered and moaned as Joseph pinched and grabbed the hard, erect points at the same moment as he squeezed Richard’s hard cock with the muscles of his ass. Richard gave a shuddering moan and began to ‘long dick’ his partner slowly.

Richard bent down and kissed Joseph on his lips, ears and face as he continued to grind deeply into him. Rising again, with Joseph’s arms around his neck, he began to thrust in earnest. Deeper and deeper – faster and faster. Then stopping and backing away from the brink, as time after time they reached the pinnacle. Then there was no turning back – no retreat as they both found themselves in free fall. Control gone, like rutting wild animals.

“Cum.” Rich screamed as he rose toward his climax.

Joseph grunted, squeezing Richard’s stick with all his might. “Aaahh, ahhhhhhhh yessssss, nowwwww,” Richard screamed, his back arching as he felt Joseph’s ass sucking and pulling his dick deep into his bowels. His cock throbbed and was drawn deep into Joseph’s gut, his cream shot from the tip, filling the condom. Joseph’s back arched too, and he felt a thrill rush through his every nerve as he cried out, his voice blending with Richard’s.

“Ohhhhhhhhh yesssssssssss! Together!!!” Joseph shivered and trembled as waves of passion washed over his body and his own cum filled his condom-covered cock trapped between their sweat-covered bodies. Finally, as tears filled their eyes, Richard lowered himself to his lover’s heaving chest and Joseph wrapped his arms around him and both fell asleep, Richard’s cock still clutched in his ass, until it finally softened and popped out.

They slept late that Sunday. When they did finally get out of bed and make their way to the kitchen Sarah, Richard’s mother was helping the maid prepare breakfast. Both Rich and Joseph were in their bathrobes and sat down to steaming cups of coffee.

“Thank God! Your mother makes a better cup of coffee than you do.” Joseph said. “Sarah, would you please teach your son how to make a decent cup of coffee?”

“How about some “Eggs in the Hole” boys?” Sarah said.

“Now I see where your son gets it from.” Joseph said looking over at Rich, “That was the first meal you made for me. Won my heart at the get-go.”

“See mom, the cooking lessons you gave me paid off, didn’t they?” Rich said, then turned to Joseph and said, “when I was very young, whenever I asked her to teach me cooking – she would tell me to find a nice young girl to cook for me. Little did she know that it would be the cooking that would help me get ‘MY MAN’ and the love of my life.”

“Too much information Junior!” she laughed.

“You know Joseph, when you are through with the army, my company could use a man of your talents. You would have to get a brokers license, but I don’t see any problem there.” Richard senor said. “You seem to be a bright young man and we could use your Arabic skills. With all the oil money floating around these days they are looking for good investment companies to handle their portfolios and what better way to grab some of that money, than to have a stock broker that speaks their language on our staff.”

“I swear I had nothing to do with this.” Rich said holding his hands up in mock defense against Joseph’s rath.

“No he didn’t Joseph. He did not have to. I know there are just going to be lots of people looking for someone with your talent and I just wanted to be one of the first.” Rich’s dad said. “I just want you to know that you have a job to come back to—if you want it.”

“Well thank you. I will give it lots of thought – lots of serious thought.” Joseph said. “It’s nice to know in addition to your son, that I have a lot to come home to.”

Later on the way back to the city, Joseph again told Richard, “They are really great people Rich. I love them. They made me feel right at home babe. No wonder you love them so much. And you are their son, and now I know why I love you.”

They said their good bye in a secluded area and Joseph made his way to the Port Authority and caught the bus back to the base.

The next day after applying for an overnight pass, Joseph dressed in civilian clothes and packed his fatigues in his canvas overnight bag. He took the Base transport to the main gate where he found a limousine and driver waiting for him. “Mr. Muhammad’s compliments Sir.” The driver said as he held the rear door open for him.

Joseph got in and the driver told him that he could help himself to anything in the bar. “I feel so out of place in this thing, but damn it’s nice to go ‘First Class’, for a change. I could get used to all this.”

The driver put on some Arabic music, and told Joseph to sit back make himself a drink and relax they would be at Mr. Muhammad’s home shortly. He made himself a Rye and Seven and relaxed as the limo moved through the roads and countryside. The ride was quick and comfortable and they made great time. Arriving at the Muhammad residence on the outskirts of Paterson, the driver drove up a circular driveway and pulled to a stop in front of a mansion of a house. The driver got out and opened the door for Joseph and directed him to the front door, which was opened by Kasemah’s father.

“Welcome to my home Yussef, Salam.” The father greeted him by extending both his arms and embracing Joseph and kissing him on both cheeks. “You are to consider this as your home, my son. Was the ride comfortable? The driver was told to make sure that you were made comfortable. Come let’s go into the living room, my wife and Kasemah are waiting to greet you there. But perhaps you would like to freshen up first after your trip?”

“Perhaps if I might use your facilities and make myself presentable first.” And he was shown the hall washroom. “This is most kind of you, Sir.”‘

“No more with the ‘Sirs’ please, I’m Fazzi and I will call you, Yussef. After all if things go well, you will be a part of this family.”

After coming out, Fazzi took him by the elbow and directed him into the living room where the girl and her mother were waiting. Joseph walked over to the mother and greeted her in the most formal Arabic he could muster. She smiled at him and lowered her eyes. He walked over to the daughter and reached for her hand and lifted it to his lips and lightly kissed it. “Habibi, it’s nice to see you again. I hope that your father explained the reason for my inability to come to see you before this. Then in English, he said. “When I called, he had told me that you were already sleeping and that he did not wish to disturb you. You look beautiful tonight. I hope we will have time to talk together later. I look forward to getting to know you better.”

Joseph and the family sat and talked together for about a half hour. At first it was the father that put him through an interrogation, asking him about his life before he entered the army. Wanting to know why he joined the army and if he liked it? Did he plan make the army his career? The father put him through a real third degree, so to speak. The mother and daughter listened, asked some questions and then excused themselves to go see about dinner. Fazzi and Joseph were left alone in the room. Fazzi got up and sat down next to Joseph. “I have to tell you,” he whispered. “My wife and daughter were so excited when I told them that you were coming tonight that they must have changed dresses about a dozen times.”

“I, too, was excited and I could not decide on what to wear. I finally chose to wear these civilian clothes.” He said. “I hope they are OK.”

“They are fine. I would have loved to see you in uniform. You know the affect a uniform has on people. But even in your civilian clothes, you look very handsome.” He told a blushing Joseph. “Now you tell me about this car you are thinking of buying. I have friends in the auto business. It always helps to have contacts you know. Besides I can’t have my daughter riding around in some ‘yalopy’, is that what you call it in English. What would my business friends say?”

“Yes, but the word is pronounced with a ‘J’, jalopy.” Joseph correcting him said. “Perhaps they will say that you are beginning to embrace democracy and admire your Americanization.”

“Don’t rich Americans like expensive cars and want their daughters to marry well?” Fazzi asked. “I was under the impression that that was the ‘American Way’.”

“Yes they do, but the really rich ones could not care a fig what their neighbors think. They know who and what they are and are so comfortable in that knowledge, that other peoples opinions of them just don’t matter.”

“And how would a ‘fellah’ from upper New York State know this?” Jested the father.

“Well as matter of fact, if you remember, I told you I was visiting some friends this weekend. They have a rather nice home in one of the nicer sections of Long Island. He is the president of a firm on Wall Street, so I think they can afford almost anything they want. Yet while they live well, they remain ‘Fellahin’ at heart— their son lives in a small apartment in the village, works as a waiter in a cafe and can’t afford a garage for his car so he leaves it on the Island. His father has even offered me a position in his firm when I get out of the Army. He says that he is looking to attract some Oil money from Arab investors and my Arabic will come in handy.”

“I’m sure it would. Your language skill is almost unbelievable. The only thing that needs a bit of work is your accent and that will improve with time.” He said and then asked. “What is this man’s name? I and my friends may want to do some business with him.”

After Joseph gave him the name, Fazzi almost fell through the floor. “Worthington, The Richard Worthington, you know him? My, my, he has one of the biggest firms on the street!”

“Well then Fazzi, if you are serious I will have him contact you and perhaps if you get along well, he can set up an account for you. If I do go to work for him, I could, in time, perhaps over see it for you.”

“Please, my son, have him call me at his convince.” He said grabbing Joseph and pulling him to him and giving him a big bear hug. “Or should I just call him and say that my future son-in-law said I should do business with him.”

“I think the expression, ‘future son-in-law’, while I hope it does come to pass, may be a bit much. I would like him to think that we became acquainted because of my studies and I convinced you to go with his company solely by my salesmanship rather than getting you to sign up because we are going to be a related.”

“Besides everything else-I’m getting a diplomat with a handsome head on his shoulders for business.” He said slapping his hand down on Joseph’s thigh and squeezing it. Joseph smiled; this time he did not try to remove the older man’s hand but just moved his leg closer to Fazzi’s and gave him a big grin.

“Dinner is ready you two.” Kasemah said from the doorway. Joseph got up and walked over to her and took her hand and lifted it to his lips, kissed it and asked if he might accompany her at dinner. “If you can tear yourself away from my father I will be most happy to have you sit next to me.”

“With you and your families permission, may I call you Kassie? It is less formal and I think I would like to become less formal with you.” He said smiling and taking her arm in his and letting her lead the way to the dinner table.

“I like that name. Yes Yussef, you can call me that. And as soon as I can think up a pet name for you I will do the same…..

“May I suggest, “Habibi?”

“In due time.” She said in English in a whisper.

“Tonight you will sleep in our guest apartment. It is away from the main house. It is over the garage and there is a bathroom, a sitting room and a nice big comfortable bedroom. There is also a small kitchenette and refrigerator which I stocked with milk for cereal and juice. You can even make a cup of coffee.” The mother said. “That way when you leave in the morning you don’t have to worry about making noise or that you will disturb anyone. The driver informs me that you should be dressed and ready by 6:30 A.M. If you leave by then, he should have you back at base in time to get ready for school. I have taken the liberty of having your overnight bag placed there. I hope you don’t mind.”

“Mind? No madam. You have been most kind, both you and Fazzi.” Joseph said. “It is well known that the attribute of hospitality among your people is legendary, but you are going overboard. I don’t know how I can ever return your hospitality.”

“By being kind to our daughter – always.”

“This I promise!”

They entered a large formal dinning room. The center of which held an expandable rectangular table now set to minimum size; Fazzi sat at the head, his wife on his left side near her husband and Joseph sat to his right with Kassie sitting on the same side as Joseph to his right. At times Joseph could feel either the father’s hand or his leg touching his leg under the table. Joseph would move his leg away a bit but give him a nice smile. They talked about many things and Joseph held Kassie’s hand as much as possible. From time to time he would raise it to his lips to kiss it. He noticed that each time he did this her chest would heave a sigh and he loved to watch her breasts rise and fall. The father watched Joseph like a hawk and approved.

“You will be able to come here every night?” the father asked.

“Well once I get a car, I will be able to get away most nights. I will have to allow some nights for study. I must keep up my studies if I intend to pass out at the top of the class. If I do, they have promised that I can become a teacher at the base after graduation. That would mean that I would be posted to the base permanently. I would not have to worry about going overseas and I will be able to live off base, if I wanted to.” Joseph said to Fazzi and turning to the daughter he said, “Then we could really think about our future, Kassie.”

He then turned back to Fazzi and continued, “As of now, weekends are somewhat of a toss-up. There are many army details that I am responsible to perform and then there will be those trips to visit with members of the Worthington family. I must maintain a good relationship with them if we are to become future business associates.”

“Yes, Yussef, we must keep that connection alive and well. That would be wonderful, Yussef.” Fazzi said. “You know what, maybe you could use the apartment over the garage and commute from here.”

“Yes! yes.” They all said as two servants served dinner.

“Perhaps yes, it might work out,” Joseph said looking at Fazzi. “but a private place would be better for my studies and with the romantic distractions right next door, I’m not sure that I could or would want to study.” He said as he reached his hand under the table and ran it up and down Fazzi’s leg.

His eyes smiling Fazzi, using his left hand took hold of Joseph’s hand and pressed it to his crotch. Almost gasping as the soldier squeezed his cock, he said, “We will work that out later. Anyway, I will send a car for you tomorrow again and don’t worry about looking for a car. First thing tomorrow I will contact my friend in the auto business. I am going to present you and my daughter with a combined Graduation and future Engagement gift from the Muhammad Family. Don’t argue. Not another word. NO! NO! Do not say anything. Consider it done!” He reached over and placed his right hand on the rear of Joseph’s head and pulled his face to him and kissed the side of his cheek close to his lips. “There! I approve of you and welcome you to our lives my dear son.”

They finished dinner and Fazzi and his wife went into the television room to watch the evening news. “Why don’t you and Yussef go for that walk now. Spend an hour or so together. No need for the two you to keep the old folks company any longer. Get some night air. Soon the summer will be over and winter will come. You will not be able to enjoy walking for much longer. Go! Get out of here. You are too young to waste your time watching television. When you are done Kasemah, I will show Yussef to his rooms over the garage. I want show him where everything is and set up a schedule for his visit tomorrow…”