“It’s a bit cool out tonight. Do you think you are going to need a sweater?” Joseph asked her.

“I have one in the hall closet. How about you? Are you going to be warm enough?”

“As long as you stay close to me I’ll be fine” Joseph grinned.

Joseph opened the door and they both walked out onto the porch. “It’s a beautiful night tonight. Just look at that moon. It’s so low and so bright almost orange.” She said.

“We call that a harvest moon.” he said as he placed his arm around her shoulder and they continued down the pathway together.

“There is a gazebo at the end of this pathway where I think we can have some privacy. It is hidden from the house by the twisting roadway.” She said and directed him down the twisting and turning gravel walkway till they came to the wooden structure. It was one of those latticework octagonal shaped affairs covered with vines. The entrance way was the only thing that was not covered with flowers or vines. Anyone sitting inside it was almost assured privacy. The two of them entered and Joseph took out his handkerchief and covered the wooden bench before he directed Kassie to sit down. He sat beside her his arm over her shoulder holding her close to him.

“My mother wants to know if your people came from France, She thinks you have French blood in you.”

“French blood? What makes her think that? It might be possible but I really don’t know much about my family history. My mother died when I was born and my real father gave me up for adoption right away.” Joseph told her.

“Well my mother said that she remembers her mother telling her stories of the French officers when they ruled Lebanon. They were very big hand kissers. Your kissing my hand reminded her of the stories.”

“Oh so your family is Lebanese?”

“Well, yes and no. Mother was a Lebanese Christian. In the mid 1980’s Syria took over all of Lebanon and my Father was a Syrian army officer sent into the country to restore law and order. He met my mother; they got married and had me. My father convinced her to become a Moslem and things were OK for a while. ” She said. “Then Syrian influence in Lebanon began to wane and my father lost his favored status. He became disenchanted with the government and moved our family to the United States to try to improve out lives.”

“It sure looks like Fazzi Muhammad has done very well for himself.” Joseph said as he moved closer to her. “I admire you and your family. It is not an easy thing to pick up and start life all over again. Not only that but he has become the epitome of the ‘Rags to Riches’ stories that we all read about. With all the hardships and bad times he must have had he remains a very generous man, much too generous. I really can’t accept that car offer from him.”

“Oh please do! Do it for my sake,” she said as she lowered her voice. “If you take the car then you can give me lessons and I will be able to get a drivers license. My father will not hear of women driving— but if you were to teach me — he would have to accept it, after all he would not have any choice once I am your wife.”

“What makes you think that I, as your husband, would approve of your driving?”

“Because you are not cruel and you would not want me to be kept locked up in a Harem. You are kind and not old fashioned like most of my father’s friends.”

“Well I would not want to go against your father, but I could never refuse anything reasonable you ask of me. Your dark lovely eyes just melt my heart.” He said pulling her closer to him and running his fingers up and down her sweater-covered arm. She shivered at his touch. “Oh! Perhaps am I being too quick for you.”

“No, I like the feel of your hands on me. It’s just that I have to tell you something.” She stammered. “I have never had a man this close to me. Our worlds, yours and mine, just happened to cross for some reason. You are a man of the world and must have been with many women. Most American girls by my age have had much more sexual experience then I have had. My father says that American men do not demand a virgin bride. Among us the purity of the bride is important. The Groom’s family will sometimes demand that proof of her virginity be presented on her wedding night to the husband’s relatives.

“Yes I have heard of that custom and if need be, there are ways to fake it, but we are not near that stage yet.”

“What stage are we in Yussef?”

Taking her in his arms and gently lifting her face to his he brought his lips to hers and kissed her. He said. “We are courting. It is an experimental stage where we will do many things that will help us to get to know each other. When the time is right, we will know what to do and when to do it. No need to rush.”

He kissed her again this time running the tip of his tongue over her lips trying to gain entrance to her closed mouth. Her lips finally parted and he softly pushed his tongue around and over her teeth and finally she let him into her mouth. His hands pressed against the back of her head, pulling her face closer to him as their kiss deepened and deepened. His tongue seeking hers. It darted in and out and found and touched hers lightly. It roamed over the inside of her mouth exploring ever nook and cranny. His mouth covered hers as her body melted into his. Her fingers pressed on the rear of his head and neck pulling him closer to her. Her tongue started to play with his and as he withdrew his tongue, hers followed his into his mouth and he began to suck on her tongue. Then they broke the kiss.

“MMmmm” she said, “I could get to like this experimentation. And you said you were not French. That was a French kiss was it not?” she sighed, then they both laughed. Joseph had her bring her legs up on the bench and lie with her head cradled in his arms against his chest. He continued to kiss her and ran one hand up and down her arm and lightly over her breast. Then he lowered her head so that it lay in his lap.

“What is that that I feel?” she whispered as she felt Joseph’s growing hardness.

“That, my Lamb, just happens to be my body showing you how much it wants you.’ Joseph explained. “Didn’t anyone ever tell you about men and their needs and sex?”

“You mean about your “Zip” and my “Koos? Yes they did. After my father and you came to terms, that Friday afternoon, my mother was directed by him to instruct me in the ways of the marriage bed. But it is one thing to talk about it in an academic way and another to feel your hardness. Except on animals, I have never even seen a real one, much less felt it. I must be a real disappointment to you.”

“OH no, no my lamb, you are what every man dreams of having… a pure young women. Someone with which to share what little knowledge he has. There is no need to try to discover it all in one night. Besides there is much that I too must learn and also that which we will have to learn together.”

“Oh! So much to learn and I want to do it all tonight, but, it’s getting late, we better get back,” She said. “Daddy will be waiting. Will we have lots of time together?”

“Yes Kassie, my lamb, lots of time. We will have years together.” He said as they got up and made their way back to the house.

They reached the front door and stopped one more time to kiss and hold each other. “Good night, Kassie.” Joseph said looking down into her dark eyes.

“Mesaa El Kair, good evening, Habibi.” She replied and opened the front door and went in. After checking herself in the hall mirror she took Joseph into the television room where Fazzi lay sleeping on the sofa.

“He was exhausted.” Her mother said in a whisper. “I’ll have to show you the way and make sure you are comfortable. Then I’ll come back and put my husband to bed.” Leading Joseph outside she asked, “Did you two have a nice visit?”

“Yes a very nice visit, but I was looking forward to again thanking both you and your husband for your wonderful hospitality. Now how will I know what kind of arrangements he has planned for tomorrow night?”

“I shall tell him to make the same arrangements as tonight.” She said as they walked to the garage. She unlocked the side entrance door and they entered a small vestibule containing a door leading to the garage and a set of steps that went up to the apartment. They walked up the stairs to the apartment door and she unlocked it. She turned on the lights and showed him where everything was and then gave him a set of keys. “Here these are yours. We want you to have a set of keys. This is your home, should you choose to make it so. Now tell me how did your first meeting with my daughter go? Was she all you hoped for?”

“Your daughter is wonderful. I think I am falling in love with her. But then who would not? You and your husband did a wonderful job bringing her up. I love her innocence. That is hard to find in American women. I will treasure that and respect that.”

She took his hand in hers and lifted it to her cheek. “You do not know how much that means to me Yussef. Sleep well and may Allah watch over you always. Then before leaving she made sure he knew how to set the alarm clock.

Joseph bolted the door got ready for bed quickly, turned out the lights and then called Barns to report in. He left a message that that he would call during lunch tomorrow and then went to bed.

Back at the house, after they finally got him up, Fazzi was furious with his wife and daughter for not having awakened him. “You both know it is my duty as a host to see that our guest is made comfortable!”

“But you were sleeping and besides I did it in your place and Yussef understood that you were tired and commanded us not to wake you. He said he was very impressed with our daughter and that he was falling in love with her and that he respects the way in which we raised our daughter. He said he planed to be here again tomorrow. Now don’t be such an idiot and be thankful that everything went so well. I like this boy and I think he will be good to and for Kassie.”

“Yes he is very nice, good looking and his head is on right. Allah is great and wonderful to have sent us such a prize in this land of infidels. We were lucky to have found him. Perhaps it is His wish to bless us this way.”

The next morning at 0630 hours there was a light knock on the door and as Joseph opened it he saw the driver waiting for him. “Good morning Sir are you ready?”

“Yes, I just have to rinse out this cup and I’ll be right with you.”

“There is no need to do that, sir, or to make your bed up or do any housework. In an Arab house the women do those things. Mr. Muhammad also is fortunate enough to have maids to do that too, sir. As long as you are here they will clean up the apartment before noon. Just leave everything alone and throw your washcloths and towels into the bathtub, the maid will take care of everything. They will also do your laundry for you. You can bring it from the base. Your stuff will come back clean, starched, mended and pressed.” He said, as he took Joseph’s overnight bag from him and then they went down and got into the car.

As they pulled away from the house he told Joseph, “Mr. Muhammad left a message for you to tell you how sorry he was that he fell asleep last night and was not able to fulfill his host obligations. He also said to tell you that I would again pick you up at the usual time tonight. If there is any change in your plans you are to give him a call. Here is the cell number you are to use.”

Joseph took the number and entered it into his cell phone log. He then leaned back and slept as the limo made excellent time back to the base arriving in plenty of time for class.


During lunch Joseph called Barns and reported what had happened the night before. Bill was delighted that things had gone so well and he became really excited about the fact that Muhammad might be looking to invest some money with Worthington’s company. He wanted to know how Joseph knew the man.

“You remember I told you I was going to visit some people this past weekend. Well that was Worthington. His son and I are friends and I was invited out to meet his family. His dad, mom and I got to be really friendly and when he found out I was studying Arabic in the army, he offered me a stockbroker job when I got out. Anyway when Fazzi found out I knew him, he said he and some of his friends had some money to invest and would love to have someone of Worthington’s stature handle it—- so… I told him that I would try to contact Mr. Worthington and arrange the account.”

Bill then suggested a meeting between Joseph, the Wall Street mogul and himself. “I could lend the authority of the US government to this and protect Worthington from “Money Lau

ndering” charges — if that’s what it turns out to be. Anyway it will be interesting to see just where and how much money Muhammad has.”

“He must have plenty, by the looks of the house, servants and the car that he is looking to buy for me.”

“WHAT! What was that about a car?” Barns screamed.

“Just sort of a little pre-engagement, pre-graduation gift.” Joseph told him and then related how it had all come about. “They also offered me the use of the apartment over the garage, if I wanted it. I could use it to observe who comes and who goes.”

“Just be careful. This is going too well. And when that happens, I get worried. Something always goes wrong. Whatever you do – don’t screw it up. I just can’t believe our luck.” Barns said.

“Could it be that the man is just what he says he is; a father looking for a son-in-law and also a little male companionship on the side?” The soldier asked.

“Careful Joseph, be very careful, this man and for all we know the entire family including the daughter, is dangerous. I did not give you all the information we have on him.” Barns said, speaking slowly to add emphasis, “What originally got us interested in Fazzi Muhammad was his connection to Syria. He was and most likely still is a Syrian intelligence officer. They are and can be very rough, brutal and above all, they are NOT stupid. They would not think twice about killing you if they found out you were an agent. Do you remember what they did to our CIA agent in Lebanon and to that poor Marine Corps Officer they hung, what was his name? Oh yeah Col. William Higgins and he didn’t even work for us. Do you still want to go on with this? It’s not too late to pull out even now.”

Joseph thought awhile, then said, “Hell no! Just when the fun is beginning? Not on you life! I’ll call Worthington and arrange a meeting for this weekend, most likely this Sunday after lunch, at his home on the Island. Can you make it? If you can, I think it would be better if we took the whole family into our confidence. I think they can be trusted. Boy this is getting exciting.”

“If Worthington can’t be trusted, I don’t know who could. I’ll make a full report and consult with Mr. Cook on this. I want this on paper and in the files. Meantime you arrange the meeting. I’ll be there, just let me know the time and place.

Next he called Richard Worthington Sr. and told him he would like to speak to him about a business deal and asked if he and his wife would again be willing to have Rich and him as guests over the weekend? There might also be an extra visitor coming for a few hours on Sunday. When the man pressed him for details, Joseph told him it was all hush-hush and that he would inform him of all the details when he saw him on Saturday.

Joseph then called Rich and arranged to see him that weekend. He was delighted and somewhat surprised when Joseph asked if they could spend the weekend on Long Island and that he wanted to talk to his father and mother again. When Richard pressed him for the reason, he told him that he might have some business for his father. “I know you must have questions but they will all be answered. I’ll call again and let you know when I will be in. I have to get back to class now. I have a lot to tell you, babe. See you Saturday, I love you.”

He then called back Bill and told him to meet them at the Worthington house at about 2PM Sunday afternoon.

Right after his last class Joseph rushed back to the barracks, picked up his overnight pass and changed into his “Class A” uniform. He packed his fatigues and a civilian shirt and jacket, just in case he should need it. He hopped the bus to the main gate and got out looking for the Limo…It was not to be seen. A few minutes later a white BMW convertible pulled up across the street and a familiar voice called out “Yussef” over here. He walked over to the car and to his shock Fazzi was sitting behind the wheel with a big broad grin on his face.

“Get in Yussef, I hope you don’t mind but I decided to pick you up today myself. I had to come down and apologize in person for not seeing you off last night.” He said as Joseph opened the door and put his bag in the rear and then slid down next to Fazzi. “I also had a few things that I wanted to discuss in private with you.” As he pulled the car away from the curb and headed for the interstate he continued, “MMmmm I’m glad to see that you took my suggestion and choose to wear your uniform. There is something about a man in uniform that sets my blood afire. Did I ever tell you that I was in the Army also?”

“No you never mentioned it, but I thought so all along and Kassie mentioned it to me last night. Army men have that look about them. It is not necessary for you to apologize about last night. There have been many times that I have fallen asleep after a hard days work.” Joseph said. “This is some car, it looks brand new. Did you just get it?”

“You really like this car?” he asked. “It is new. It was delivered just 2 hours ago and I wanted to try it out. Would you like me to stop and put the top down for you?”

“No, it’s a bit windy and cold for that now.” He said running his fingers over the dashboard. “It’s one hell of a machine. A man could really enjoy owning this.”

Fazzi, no longer able to contain himself, chuckling burst out with, “I was hoping you would like it – it is yours! I purchased it for you this morning.”

‘Mine, you are kidding. I don’t know what to say.” He said flabbergasted.

“Just say YES. You better say yes because Kassie and I spent all morning shopping for it. She picked it out and you do not want to disappoint her… Do you?”

“BUT A BMW! I never expected anything like this. I really shouldn’t.” He stammered. “I can’t take it. This is way too much. How can I ever repay you?”

“You can start repaying me by accepting my gifts without fighting me.” He said as he reached over and placed his hand on Joseph’s crotch and playfully squeezed it. This is only the beginning of the many gifts I intend to shower you with, my son.”

Joseph leaned over and kissed Fazzi’s cheek and said, “Shokran, thank you, father!” then added. “Ya rab, please god, may I be worthy of your gifts to me.”

“Yussef, don’t worry, you will be. I am sure of that.” He said as he again squeezed and rubbed Joseph’s groin.

Joseph placed his hand on Fazzi’s hand and lifted it away from his crotch and said, “Urhhhh Please keep both your hands on the wheel. Let’s not play around in “MY” new car — It would look bad if we got stopped by the Police or wound up in an accident.”

Fazzi moaning said, “You are right. Perhaps later you will be pleased to show me your gratitude in a more appropriate manner.”

“Fazzi, I hope I am not misunderstanding you. I have very little experience in these things. Are you giving me these gifts because you want to have sex with me?

“No! No I give them to you with—, how do you Americans say it, ‘no strings attached’,” he said, “but I am, never the less, a very demonstrative and passionate person and I sometimes can not control my passions. You have been in my fantasies and dreams since you sat next to me after services that Friday.”

“I don’t know what to do– I am torn between what I know is right and what is wrong. I do not want to hurt you, your wife or Kassie.”

“There is nothing wrong here. It is just your Christian upbringing that is telling you something is wrong. My wife gave up that nonsense and you too will see it as such in time.”

“Perhaps you are right about it being nonsense, but its all happening so fast and the whole thing scares me. If we were to get caught– do you know what the military would do to me? Regardless of the ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t tell’ policy my army days would be numbered. It would be on my ‘record’ and follow me for the rest of my life.”

“If we were to take it slow and keep this only between ourselves would you mind as much?”

“Mind, well to tell the truth, I do mind. I feel guilty about all this. On one hand I know it’s wrong. On the other hand, I cannot hide the fact that I too become aroused when you touch me. At those times I think I may be gay and I ask myself why should I mind? After all I’m getting the better of the deal. Both your daughter and you, two for the price of one! Both of you are wonderful people to whom I have become attached. But yet I know it’s wrong and dangerous. I fight with myself and say what would be so wrong, or even harmful if we kept this secret and were very careful and safe — it would be so wonderful.”

“Yes, our little secret. Only you and I, careful and safe!” Fazzi said, “We will be very careful in public. No one will know. I can see many happy times ahead for us. And, Yussef, you will learn to love me as I love you. I will make you very happy, and don’t worry; I will treat you with kindness and love. You will never regret your time with me, my son.”

Fazzi drove on and they talked about the car and Joseph asked if he could use it to take Kassie out this evening to a movie. Joseph also told him that he was planning to go out to see Mr. Worthington this weekend and that he planned to talk to him about setting up a meeting with him and his investor friends.

“See.” Fazzi said. “You have already earned the car. You must use it this weekend. It will impress him that I have confidence your ability. Yussef, if this works out you and I will be very rich and perhaps you too will be able to buy your sons, my grandsons, cars like this, “IshAllah, Ya rab”, if it is the will of Allah, please god.”

They pulled up the driveway and instead of going to the main entrance he continued around to the garage. Fazzi pressed a button on a clicker and the electric overhead garage door opened to admit them into one of the parking spaces and the door closed. “We are alone now Yussef.” He said leaning over to him and placing his left hand on his crotch he groped for his manhood. Finding the object of his search and caressing it, he said, “Just one small kiss then we can go to the house.”

He pulled Joseph to him with his other arm and as their lips met his fingers ran up and down the back of his neck, sending chills through Joseph’s body. Joseph returned the kiss, hugging him. They kissed long and deep and then parted.

“MMMmm now that’s more like it. That’s what I call a very nice thank you, Yussef.” He said as he reached over and opened the glove compartment. “Here in the glove compartment is the registration, and insurance and here are the keys. Everything is made out to me, but we will have it changed in a day or so. I did not have all the information needed to do it this morning and I just could not wait another day to see the look on your face when I presented it to you. After you give me the information, I’ll have it transferred over by tomorrow. In the meantime you can drive it feeling that it is yours.”

“Thank you again. I’m going upstairs to unpack and I’ll meet you at the house in a few minutes. I will hurry because I also want to thank Kassie and your wife, Mary, for the car.”

When he got to the apartment he found that his bed had been made up and that there were fresh flowers all over the place. There was a letter on his nightstand from Kassie, which he opened and read.

My dearest Habibi, Please do not be angry with me. I hope you like your gift. May it bring freedom for the both of us. Love you, Kassie

He opened his overnight bag and quickly unpacked it. Besides the changes of clothes, which he hung up, there was a six pack of beer which he placed in the refrigerator and a supply of condoms and KY which he put into the bedside table drawer, just in case. He went into the bathroom to relieve himself, then washed and ran a comb through his close-cropped hair and then left for the main house. On the front pouch, he almost ran down a maid who said she was on the way to help him unpack.

“I already did that, but thank you anyway.” He said.

“Well the next time you come, just leave your bag on the floor by the bed and I will put everything away as well as iron or steam the wrinkles out of your clothes and hang them up.” She said smiling. “That’s my job and I’ll be happy to do it for you. If you want to bring your dirty laundry from the base that’s fine with me – just leave it in the bathtub and it will be washed, dried and ironed for you the same day.”

Joseph smiled back at her and said, “Thank you, I’ll try not to be too much of a bother to you.”

“No bother at all, glad to do it for our servicemen. I was on my way up to turn down the bed for you…is there anything else I can do for you.”

“No, nothing that I can think of, perhaps just make sure my stuff is hanging right and make sure the wrinkles are out.” he said and reached into his rear pocket and pulled out his wallet and tried to give her a tip, which she refused and excused herself to go about her duties.

Joseph entered the house and Kassie spotted him and ran over to him all excited. “Did you like the car? Were you surprised? I hope you are not angry with daddy and me.” She said throwing her body at him and her arms around his neck, pulling herself up to place her lips on his.

Kissing her and holding her, he tried to tell her how thrilled he was and that he was not angry at all. As a matter a fact he wanted to take her to dinner and to a movie to celebrate. They could try out the car together.

“Yes yes yes. Lets tell mom and dad, they are in the TV room. I’m sure they will not object to our going out together.” She said pulling Joseph into the room after her. “Mom, dad we are going out to eat and maybe for a drive and the movies”

“Mrs. Muhammad, I want to thank you for the lovely gift, it is really too much. As I told your husband, I don’t know how I shall repay you.”

“Mrs. Muhammad is too formal, Mary is my name and you can call me that, unless you wish to call me ‘Ema’, mother.” She said as she kissed him on the cheek.

“Ema, it will be then.” He said as he returned her kiss. “Will it be O.K. with you if Kassie and I go out for the evening? The weather is mild and it looks like it will be a lovely evening, I thought we could take a drive out into the country, along Rt. 80 and find a cafe to eat and perhaps a movie.”

“Yes it would be fine, just be careful.” Fazzi said, “That car is a powerful piece of machinery. Drive carefully.”

“I will sir. Would you know of any restaurant where we could get a good meal not to far away?”

“Yes as a matter of fact I do, several of them. However, you will have to stay off Rt. 80 and go along Rt.46. There are diners and restaurants all over that road and out around Parsippany there is a movie house also. You remember Kassie; we went there a few times. You should be able to show Joseph the way.”

“Yes, I remember now, the movie has many pictures to choose from. Yes it is a good idea. Don’t wait up for us we might be late.” Kassie said.

“I will try to get her home at a reasonable hour, after all I have to be back at base early to get a parking permit.”

“You children have a good time and in case I don’t see you, Yussef, have a safe trip back.” Fazzi said then turning to his wife said, “I have to go back into the office to catch-up on some work after dinner. It must have pilled up since I was sort of busy this morning with more pleasant pastimes…” Turning to Joseph and Kassie, he added, “You two go and have fun, but not too late now… I would like your cell phone number in case I ever have to get in touch with you for some reason.”

Joseph gave it to him and after saying good-bye again he and Kassie left. They got into the car and the soldier was able to find the road and they drove along, heading west, till they found the cinema and then looked for a place to eat. Kassie recommended a vegetarian place right near the move house. Joseph objected, but Kassie insisted. It turned out that she was right, the food was excellent and he could not get over the variety and taste. They ate and then went to see a movie, during which they ate popcorn and did what any young couple on their first date did — they necked and kissed and later in the car parked in the driveway of her home Joseph discovered that aside from a beautiful face she had a wonderful body as well.

“I better let you get inside before I do something that both of us are not ready for yet.” He whispered into her ear as he kissed and sucked on her ear lobe.

“Please, Habibi, when will we be ready?” She gasped as she reached for his crotch and her fingers traced the outline of the cloth-encased penis. When will you show it to me?”

“I fear that once I do that there will be no turning back and we are not ready for that, yet.”

“But I want to do it now,” she said reaching for his zipper and slowly lowering it and reaching in for his cock. Her fingers finding the opening she reached into his boxers and touched his manhood. Her fingertips touched his foreskin and she gasped as his cock started to expand. She circled his cock and pulled the half hard appendage out, holding it in her hot fingers. “It’s so big and warm.”

Joseph kissed her and forced her away from him. “We have to stop… now. If we keep this up we will both go too far. I want you too… Hell Kassie … I want you really, want you, but I can’t … we can’t do this now. It has to be done when we can take our time and do it right. Now is not the time — not in front of you Father’s house.” He said as he stuffed his half hard cock back into his pants and zipped up. He got out of the car, opened the door for her and took her to the door where he kissed her and said good night. She kissed him back.

“I’m falling in love with you Yussef, not because daddy says I must but because you are wonderful and because you want to wait for me. Do you know what would have happened if you had not acted like a gentleman in the car just now?” She grinned, “It might have been the last time we went out together. I don’t think I could have ever trusted you again.”

“Kassie darling, I am a human being and I cannot guarantee that I will be able to control myself in the future. I am falling for you, but I am a man and I don’t want to lose you. Good night Kassie. Sleep well habibi, see you tomorrow.” He held her in his arms and kissed her deeply, then watched her as she went into the house.

Joseph got into the car and pulled it into the garage and closed the overhead door and proceeded to the doorway where he froze in his tracks as an all to familiar voice asked him “Did you have a good time tonight?”

-To be continued…-