I Had arranged a night out on the town with the girls today Friday.

My husband was watching the kids whilst I got time to have some well earned fun after a hard weeks work.

My name is Lucy and I m 28, I have blonde hair, firm ass, nice firm tits, and catching the attention of the male sex has never been difficult for me, and I have to admit, I have more than a few times slutted it around town. Tonight I felt particularly horny, so I dressed sexy. Short black mini skirt, boob tube to show off my firm tits, 6 inch high heel stilettos, and suspenders. I applied some make-up, put on my sluttiest lipstick, and walked out the door with my husband wishing me a good night. Little did he know I was going to have a GREAT night.

Me and the girls were all having a great time, dancing, drinking and flirting. My friend Suzy asked me during the night whether or not I had ever fucked a black man. Suzy dates a black man, so she had the inside knowledge, and she urged me not to miss out. I have always been unsure about it, but said I was willing to give it a go one day, if I could find a black man.

As luck would have it, me and the girls were getting checked out by a hunky load of black men in a nightclub. I plucked up the courage, and walked over to them, introduced myself. I sat between 6 of them, this got me horny as fuck, and my pussy was wet.

I felt one of them start touching my arse, and another started feeling my tits. Another whispered in my ear, ok slut, you fancy taking black cock , this got me begging for more. I licked my red lips and said I wanted his cock tonight.

With that, we carried on dancing and drinking and the usual. By the end, closing hours were soon around, and we all had to leave. Sure enough, the black guy, whose name I did not even know, got into a car and we headed off to his. He had 5 mates with him, and they were all laughing. I felt a little intimidated, dressed like a slutty tart, and surrounded by all these men.

Back at his, I thought it was gonna be one on one, I was wrong. I came out of the bathroom after reapplying my lipstick, and I was greeted by 6 huge black cocks. I was scared but excited. So, I wiggled my hips, walked upto them all and said, ok boys, which one of you is going to make this white cum slut cum first , with that, they all started pawing at me. My boob tube came off, and my tits were loose. Someone pushed my skirt to my waist and was fingering my cunt. They pushed me to the bedroom on the bed. My heels to the air, the first stuck his cock in me, it was the biggest I had ever had. With that, another cock was pushed into my mouth, he started fucking my face. My lipstick was everywhere, I must have looked a right tart.

The cock in my pussy exploded his cum, it felt so hot. With that, another cock took over, frantically fucking me, he shouted as he fucked, you like this you dirty slut, you cheap whore. I was so turned on! The guy fucking my mouth cum in my mouth and I swallowed all I could. Then another guy wanking off cum over my face, it was in my hair too. My pussy was filled again and was overflowing with cum. I lay there fucked and said, Someone fuck my ass, I want a black cock up my arse, with that, I was impaled on a cock up my ass, two guys were pulling me up and down by my arms onto the cock up my ass. I was screaming, oooohhh yess, ooohh yes, fuck me, fuck this slut, fuck this trashy cheap whore, , again someone cum on my face and it ran down my tits. The cock in my ass exploded its cum.

Then, I was told to get on all fours. One guy got under me, one behind me, and one in front of me, they shoved their cocks in one by one, my ass, my pussy and my mouth all filled with cock. Every hole was filled, I was cumming again, just thinking what a dirty slut I must have looked made me cum again. And then, I felt it, they all shot their loads inside of me except the guy I was straddling who was in my pussy. I continued to fuck him and ride him hard, my tits were bouncing all over. Finally he shot his load up my pussy.

I lay on the bed, with my skirt around my waist, and just my suspenders and high heels on, covered in cum and well and truly fucked.

I cleaned myself up, got dressed, applied my lipstick again, tottered back home on my high heels and went to bed with my husband none the wiser.

Friday nights out with the girls is a must every weekend now.

– The End –