I am a hispanic woman 37 years old. I have been told I have a nice body and I dreess rather skimpy when I go out. My husband and I have been married 15 years. We have a good relationship and have experimented in sex with others a few times. Our first experience was with the best man at our wedding. My husband and I talked about it for along time and I finally gave in. The three of us went out and had a few drinks and ended up back at our place. My husband made some drinks and my husband told us he was going into town to leave us alone. Our friend, Paul, told me he already knew what we were wanting to do and that he had been wanting to fuck me for along time.

Paul and I went into my bedroom and he began kissing me. Soon we were naked and he was fucking me as hard as he could. I told Paul not to cum inside me because I wasn’t on birth control. But he was already there and emptied himself inside my body. I didn’t protest and when my husband came home we all had sex till early morning. Paul had came inside me three times that night. After it was all said and done both my husband and I were a little worried about me becoming pregnant. Fortunantly that didn’t happen. But we didn’t have sex with others for about four years.

We began talking about it again and we went out to the local bar. I was in a pair of tight levi’s and a very low cut top. My husband had told a friend of his to stop by. I didn’t know who his friend was but was willing to meet him. After a couple of drinks a black man walked over to the table and said hi. It was my husband’s friend Daniel. We talked a while and Daniel went to the restroom. I told my husband I have never been with a black man and wasn’t sure about this. My husband said to relax and if it didn’t work out not to worry about it. I felt comfortable knowing I wasn’t being talked into fucking this man and decided to see what developed.

Daniel told us about him being from South Africa and having played professional soccer. He was now a cop in a larger city near by. Daniel asked me to dance and I said sure. We danced for a while and sat down. I looked at my husband and said,”Well these drinks are expensive we should go back to the house and make some drinks”. We left the bar and I told my husband that I would ride with daniel so he wouldn’t get lost. As we pulled out I saw that my husband went the opposite direction. I called him on the cell phone and he told me that he was going to another bar and that when he got home Daniel better be burried in my pussy. I told him I already planned on that. My husband has a thing about me fucking someone annd getting things started so I can tell him how bad I was while he was gone.

My husband had found Daniel on a swingers site. And he had said he picked him because he knew I loved my dicks huge. He said Daniel was very well hung and had a good body he said.

Daniel and I arrived at the house and I made a couple fo drinks. While I was making them daniel came in the kitchen and began wrapping his arms around me and began kissing the back of my neck. I told him to settle down as I reached back and grabbed his crotch. He felt very large and very hard. Daniel and I sat down and made small talk while we sipped our drinks. Daniel sat his drink down and began kissing my neck again. This time I turned and made contact with his lips. His tongue entered my mouth and his hand began unbuttoning what was left of my buttons and took off my shirt. Daniel began telling me I had beautiful tits and he helped me remove my bra. Daniel sucked on my nipples and I began taking off my pants. They were to tight for him to do it. Daniel stood up and undressed. I looked at his dick and my husband was right it was huge. Daniel stood there while I was seated on the couch. He pulled my head toward his dick which I wrapped my mouth around and tried to take as much as possible.

After a few minutes of this Daniel began playing with my pussy. He remarked on how wet I was and postioned himself on his knees while I laid back on the couch. He placed his dick at the entrance of my pussy and pushed in slightly. He reached behind my head and pulled me toward him and we began to kiss. I thought he would slowly push in but he pulled back till it was barely in me and shoved the entire length in me at once. I tried to pull back from the pain but he pushed and ground his pelvic bone against me holding himself all the way in me. I was now unsure if this should keep going and tried to break away. I asked him to take it easy Daniel told me he was going to fuck me as hard as he could and empty his cum in my fertile pussy. I begged him not to. My husband is fixed and I don’t bother with birth control. But I also knew that the timing was good and chances of me getting pregnant was slim. Daniel began his fucking of me and after about five minutes I began responding. It began to feel good and soon we were throwing our bodies against each other. Danile pulled out of me and I sucked on his cock till I had cleaned all my juices off of him. He then bent me over the couch and entered my pussy from behind. After a few strokes I felt him place his dick at the entrance of my ass. I knew this would hurt but wanted him to take me in every hole. He pushed slowly and gently. Unlike when he shoved his dick in my pussy. Soon he was all the way in my ass. Once I was comfortable Daniel began giving me the ass fucking of my life. I knew I would have a hard time walking after this but loved it. Daniel pulled out and turned me around. he began fucking my pussy again. My legs were spred and I loved it. About that time my husband walked in and began to immediatley undress. He placed his dick in my mouth and I sucked him fast and hard. Daniel pulled out and laid down. I climbed on top of him and began riding him hard. My husband got behind me and I knew what was going to happen. My first double penetraion. After taking Daniel my husband enetered me with no problem. After a few strokes he emptied his cum in my ass.

Daniel rolled me over and began fucking me. I wrapped my legs around him and came harder than I ever came. I heard Daniel moan a little an his pace pick up. I told him , “Cum inside me , cum in my pussy please don’t pull out”. My husband began to say that might not be a good idea. Daniel looked at him and smiled. He then bent down and kissed my lips and we began rubbing each others body. He then pushed all the way in and held it I felt his hot cum being pushed inside me deeper that I ever had some one cum inside of me. Daniel rolled off of me and my husband took his place. he was turned on by Daniel taking me completely. It didn’t take long and he came in me.

Daniel and I fucked twice more that night. Each time Daniel came deep inside of me. After we were done we talked about us fucking some more. He told me he wanted to bring me to his house and have some of his black friends fuck me. I told him it was up to my husband and he got dressed and the night ended.

My husband and I talked about the evening and he told me how much it turned him knowing that I wanted a black man to empty his cum in me. My husband also said I could fuck him whenever I wanted. He should be careful I may take him up on that.

– The End –